Kissing A Dream Ch. 01


I have stayed up late many nights because of you, and tonight is no different. You slip in and out of the shadows; in between the sheets of many lovers; and habitually flit through the pages of romance novels. I’ve been prowling the bookstores, the subways stations, and motel lobbies searching for you. Finally, I see you and I can’t even pretend to be suave. I dart across the street–jaywalking really–to get to you before you disappear for the remainder of the night. I’m addicted. I have to have you. Just a small whiff of your aspartame tainted breath; a nip at the skin just below your ear lobe; or light caress of your short and polished finger nails across my cheek as you teasingly say “my silly boy.”

I call out to you, while shoving aside dawdling passengers, and grab you by the elbow before you enter into the train station. You pull out the ear buds the hide the world from you. You tip your chin up arrogantly and then smile genuinely when you realize it is me. Although our woolen coats and scarves are a barrier, I swear I can feel your heart beating against my chest and the heat rising from skin. You don’t speak, but the way your body melts into our embrace tells me the whole weary tale. I wrap my arms fully around you and rest my chin on the crown of your head. “Let’s go,” you whisper into the folds of my scarf. “It’s been too long,” you say slightly shamefaced as you pull back and give me a lopsided grin that makes me chuckle. “Let’s,” I respond in the most polite tone I could muster. I wanted to scream “Fuck yeah.”

You’re dancing in front of me with no real rhyme cebeci escort or rhythm. It’s more of a lazy and impatient sway. Something to do with your body until we’re together. I like looking. I scoot to the edge of the arm chair, rest my arms on my knees and stare at your features–the voluptuousness of breasts, the soft feminine muscularity of your arms, and the round squeezability of your hips and thighs. “You look beautiful.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” Your joke cuts me to the core because its based in truth. However, when I say it to you, I absolutely mean it. It is is absolutely the truth.I wish I had paid attention in English Literature so I would be able to come up with a less pedestrian term.

“With you, I mean it.”

“Of course.” The doubt it your voice is palatable but I bear it. No one has commented on your beauty enough.

We’ve shed our outer clothes, and they lay in an almost post-coital heap by the front door–crumpled, on top of each other, sleeves intertwined. I run my finger along the rim of my glass, and imagine us a few hours from now in the same position. You sit on my lap and lay your head on my shoulder. I steady you by wrapping one arm around your plump waist. Maybe it is my male ego, but I could swear you just shuddered and purred. “What are you thinking?” Ah, the enemy of every man’s thought process.

“About you.” I squeeze you tighter and kiss you softly on the lips.

“Really?” You shift your round bottom on my lap and my cock stiffens. I see the çukurambar escort devilishness in your eyes. God, you are such a tease. After I have my way with you, I will teach your ass such a lesson. “What about me?” You remove the glass from my hand and place it on the floor. You straddle me now–a leg over each side of my lap, and cross your arms behind my neck. Your delicate fingers traipse up the nape of my neck, and then grab a handful of my hair. You pull my head back so my neck is fully revealed. Soon, your mouth is hot on my skin–my jugular vein pulsing against the tip of your tongue. You roll your hips like a pro lap dancer, and I want to fuck you just like this. Hard. Fast. Deep and wholly possessing your body while you writhe on my lap.

“I’m thinking I want to go down on you.” The words are barely out my mouth before you are panting in my ear. You are so incredibly beautiful when you’re horny. “I’m good at it, you know?” Now, it is my turn to torture you. You stop squirming on my lap and give me a hard stare. You are incredulous. We haven’t been together that often, at least, not often enough for me to lose myself in your pussy. I’ve teased you before. We’ve promised such sexual delicacies in the past, but time is a cruel mistress. Most of our encounters have been quick screws in some closet, alleyway or somewhere….

“I’ve been told I’m excellent.” I lean in to kiss you. I run my tongue over your lips, suck the tip of your tongue delicately as though it were that sensitive clit of yours, and finally demetevler escort I ravage your mouth with mine. I hold your body close to me even as you try to pull back and struggle for air. When I finally release you, your hands fly up to your face. Your fingers gingerly flutter about your lips. I can see the hot rush of blood coloring your skin. You are an absolute believer now. I can read your eyes. You want my mouth on your pussy now.

“Do it,” you rasp. I push you backwards onto the floor and I’m on top of you in a flash. I unzip your boots, shove up that ungodly midi skirt, and press my face into your cunt. I don’t even bother to pull down your hose or panties before I start licking you. You are squirming beneath me. You want to get out of your underthings yet you don’t want me to stop licking. I solve the problem violently as my baser instincts takeover. My longing for you won’t allow for any niceties. I tear at the sheer hose with my incisors, and widened the hole with my fingers. I rip it from your body like a crazed killer. Your lower back and hips arch up as I pull it from you. Next, I pop the strings holding up the bikini panties. Your scream gives me pause.

I sit back on my haunches, holding bits of the destroyed underwear in my hand, and look down into those wide brown eyes of yours. What are they saying? “I’m scared” or “I’m orgasmic.” Suddenly, you give me a wicked grin and whisper “those were my favorite knickers.”

“You cheeky bitch. I’ll buy you a new pair. A thousand new pairs!” I don’t wait to see if you have a witty retort for I’m down between your thighs again. I inhale the hot musky scent of your cunt. It is damp and ripe from arousal and from being trapped in those pantyhose all day. I nearly cum in my briefs like a inexperienced school boy from the delicious smell. Speaking of cumming, I take to eating you for each moment lost in thought is one less moment my tongue gets be inside of you.

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