Kira’s New Adventures Ch. 01


My wife Kira didn’t appear very often in my latest stories. I decided to “offer” her several new adventures in Asia.

– – –

After the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the Indian federation government had decided to organize a series of international events there, just to show that business was back to usual condition. One of these events was a South Asia medical congress trying to attract eminent specialists from India, China, Thailand and nearby countries. The five hundred or so attendees came from the whole continent with a few world class specialists coming from USA and from Europe.

The congress was honored by the presence of a few Indian ministers led by Prince Kyrhan Singh. There was a welcome reception in the Taj hotel on the first day under the auspices of Kyrhan Singh and his well known wife Kira. For the occasion, Kyrhan wore the rich outfit of a Rajahstan Maharajah, while his wife wore a quite classical silk saree that enshrined her luscious curves. Both of them were obviously the center of attraction of the whole assistance.

The hearts of many women beat faster whenever the Prince turned his gaze on them and even more when his eyes remained longer than a fleeting second focused. Kyrhan was broad shouldered, with not an ounce of fat on his well toned body. He walked with a lithe assurance of a tiger in his forest. He was the heir of a long family of princes and kings and the aura of authority around him was quite obvious. Nobody would have dared displeasing him.

If Kyrhan was the center of dreams of almost all the female attendants, his wife Kira drew likewise the attention of most of the men around. She was about young enough to be his daughter but she looked even younger than that. She clung so closely to his side that nobody would have doubted she was deeply in love with him and the loving glances they exJuned from time to time were a quite clear sign that their eight years old marriage was still very happy!

Kira chatted quietly with a group of close friends. One of them seemed very nervous. It was clearly the first time he was among so many important people. He often met Kyrhan and his wife as he was the prince’s personal MD but he was more at ease in his laboratory than there among strangers. Kira had patiently coerced him into submitting something about the drug he had developed that stimulated women’s embryo production. Kira had received the shots and had offered her husband since then six pairs of twins. Three of them were living in the palace and three had been adopted by close friends.

Kyrhan had made sure that all the usual tests had been performed before he had decided his beloved bride could receive them. The prince was absolutely sure of Ghopal’s absolute devotion to him and his family but he was aware that stage fright could make Ghopal lose his abilities. He had to act and to act immediately to bolster the man’s spirits. He turned toward his wife.

– I think our dear friend is getting nervous. Perhaps, you could help him relax a bit. His presentation will be the second technical one after the official opening speeches!

Kyrhan’s voice had a special urgency that only Kira could decipher. She understood immediately that her husband was giving her a free hand, a carte blanche as her French husband Dan named it! The princess already knew how she would deal with this emergency. She placed her arms under his, just as if she wanted to steady herself and drew him toward the elevator. Ghopal followed obediently, completely dumbfounded. He realized a few minutes later that she had led him to the Prince’s own suite.

– But the Prince is at the reception! It’s improper! I can’t…!!

– Ush, doc! You have often examined me and we were alone, weren’t we?

– Yes. . . but I was on duty!

– Then consider me on duty, too. I’m on my husband’s orders!

Kira used as an excuse that she needed to go to the toilets. As soon as she had closed the door, she took off her bra under her choli. She was now naked under her saree, except for her petticoat as Kyrhan had always toldd her not to wear knickers : he wanted her always completely available whenever they were together! As usual, she wore her saree very low, exhibiting proudly her glorious belly and her navel to the view. Now that her strategic plan was about to come into action, she felt her breasts swelling and her nipples gettint stiff and taut with excitement. She opened the door, filling her lungs to make her breasts even more prominent and joined Ghopal. He was waiting patiently at the door.

– Ghopal, You appear to be quite tense! Lie on the massage table : I’ll take good care of you! It’s time I exercise the skills our dear Leena has taught me.

Leena was another girl in Kyrhan’s harem. She was also the wife of a very powerful English businessman and the slave slut of her nasty Indian greengrocer, back there in BirminghamL

Kira told him to take off his jacket and his shirt. She noted the tenseness of his muscles and started Uşak Escort to massage his back. After ten minutes of action of her deft fingers and hands, she sensed the relief in Ghopal’s body. She told him to turn and lay on his back. She massaged first his temples, then his neck and his shoulders. When she reached his chest, Kira noted his breath was getting more labored. She smiled discreetly. He was now really awake and more receptive to her sex appeal. When she reached down to his navel, just above his briefs, there was a significant bulge in his trousers. She stopped for a second and let the pallu of her saree fall down.

Sometimes, playing with the pallu and letting it drop down to reveal completely the choli and the naked skin of the belly is a way of teasing men and it was exactly what she intended. She was massaging his belly muscles, insisting around the navel and his trousers were forming a very satisfying tent. Sheet her hand brush inadvertently along the taut cloth. At the third time, she laughed :

– It seems you’re enjoying what I’m doing to you, my dear Ghopal!

He blushed crimson.

– Princess! I’m sorry but…

– Don’t say a word and let me entertain you!

– But…

– No but, now!

She bent forward and opened the zipper of his fly. She was quite accustomed with European garments that Ghopal was wearing for the occasion. She slipped her hand into the opening and grabbed his swollen cock in both her hands. Her fingers started moving up and down over his glorious manhood. She passed her tongue along her lips. His cock was magnificent, smaller than Kyrhan’s for sure but about the size of Dan’s her French husband (Kira is married twice under two different identities : see her other adventures) It was better than she’d hoped, at last eight inches long and enticingly thickening rapidly as she worked it.

When he was as big and hard as he could be, Kira picked up the hem of her saree and lifted it, tucking into the string holding her petticoat. Her shapely legs were proudly displayed up to the middle of her thighs to Ghopal’s eyes. He had tremendous difficulties to tear off his gaze from what was offered just before his eyes. Kira slowly straddled him and lifted completely the front of her saree and her petticoat to show off her shaved cunt. She took his cock in her hands and aimed it toward her cunt slit. When the tip of Ghopal’s cock arrived in contact with the entrance of her love tunnel, she lifted her head, looking for his eyes. Their eyes got glued together and neither of them wanted to divert their gaze.

Kira caved in her belly and gradually lowered her hips to impale herself on his rigid pole. Her belly was dying to plunge on its prey and swallow it completely but she managed to keep the speed of her penetration as slow as she could. The feelings were excruciatingly pleasant but her slowness made it a maddening torment. When his shaft was embedded to the root into her, she stopped for a minute to enjoy the feeling of being deliciously stuffed by a new very hard cock. She pushed up ever slowly to free herself, just keeping the knob inside her. She teased him again, wriggling her hips, dancing on his cock. Ghopal couldn’t know whether she was about to pull out or keep this little game. His fear made him grab her hips to prevent her from getting herself free but she had no intention of doing that. When she was fed up playing with his nerves, she clamped her vaginal walls around him and let herself glide down his very satisfying cock.

For Kira, it was a very interesting variation : Kyrhan or Dan were more in command and directed her moves for their mutual pleasure but Ghopal was less authoritative and he let her conduct their mating as she wanted. She was gradually increasing her rhythm, pressing the stiff tips of her nipples againsy his chest, alternating upward movements with her sphincter clamped around him and downward gliding in the most liquid and loose cunt sheath he had ever enjoyed with his cock. Their tempo was getting faster and faster when, suddenly, as Kira had sheathed herself totally around Ghopal’s triumphant cock, a voice stopped them in their tracks :

– A nice show, for sure!

Kira stopped dead in surprise but Ghopal was mesmerized : it was Kyrhan’s voice coming from near the door. He had found them in this quite explicit position! Ghopal was chivalrous and tried to keep the blame on himself to protect Kira :

– Prince! I’m sorry but I forced myself on the Princess!!

Kyrhan considered Ghopal’s plea for an instant. The poor fellow’s cock shrunk in fear inside Kira’s hot cunt. Something was strange : she didn’t seem frightened at all. She was even trying to revive her lover’s stamina by massaging his cock with her internal muscles. Ghopal was sure that the Princess should be mad with fear but she seemed quite at ease with the situation with an encouraging smile on her lips as she resumed her up and down movement. Ghopal was bewildered when he heard Kyrhan’s Uşak Escort Bayan powerful laugh.

– You have no reason to feel sorry, my dear friend and don’t fear anything from me : I sent Kira to bolster your spirit with total leeway on the means to use. She chose certainly the most pleasant for you and for me! I would just be sorry if your fear prevented you to honor my wife with the fucking session she is clearly deserving!

– But, prince! Aren’t you jealous? It’s impossible!

– I would be jealous if my wife fucked strangers without my assent, especially if I’m in the vicinity. You’ve been in the palace for many years. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice someone like Dan or Peter comes often and spend a long time on occasion in my bedroom?

– Yes but I assumed you had long discussions with them!

– Yes we had and usually about Kira and she entertained both of us often all the night, I can tell you!

– Oh my God! I can’t believe it!

– If you can’t believe, you’ll see it. We have about one hour before we must get to the main hall. Would you mind if I joined in?

– No Prince! You order and I obey!

– So we’ll share my delightful wife. You’ll stay in her cunt and I’ll use her back passage. I prefer to bugger her whenever it’s possible! It makes her so much mellower afterwards!

Kira just changed position still impaled on Ghopal’s now back to a turgid hardness as he was quite relieved of having been forgiven by the Prince… Kira turned her back toward her husband, took both of her ass cheeks in her hands and parted them as wide as she could in order to facilitate his entry. It was not entirely a welcome gesture as Ghopal realized that Kyrhan was really huge! Accommodating him into her anal passage was really an impressive feat for such a lithe frame woman. Ghopal offered to withdraw in order to help her receive Kyrhan but she declined the offer adamantly. If her husband wanted to join in the fun, she wouldn’t deprieve Ghopal of a second of the treat he had been offered.

– Hurry up, luv! We’ve so little time!

Kyrhan didn’t like to be ushered but his wife was right. He lubed himself hastily with a cream e found in Kira’s bag and in no more than five minutes, Kira was dutifully skewered to the hilt, sandwiched between her two lovers who were already trying to find the adequate rhythm of their trio. When the grunts of the men and the delicate moans and screams of the woman became rhythmic, in full accord, Ghopal realized that they had found it. He had never felt such bliss but he had never expected to share a woman with another man and certainly even less, the Princess herself with her husband!!!

Kira encouraged both men to increase their pace and they seemed quite happy to comply. Their screams of ecstasy rose soon to a crescendo. None of them even thought of thwarting their mutual climax. Both of the men spewed their jizz deep into Kira’s welcoming belly. When she had regained her self control, she disengaged cautiously and lovingly cleaned both of them with her mouth. Long ago, she would have been disgusted to perform such a shameful act but she was way past it now!

Kyrhan and Ghopal put on back their clothes and left hastily for the convention center. Kira took a long and hot shower and covered hastily the circles around her eyes before rejoining the hall where Ghopal was about to present his speech… He made a very good talk, showing the interest of his treatment to help women who tried to have babies. The only side effect was that they would need to be careful for the next ten or fifteen years to prevent unwanted pregnancies. His presentation won wide applauses and Kira was very proud to have taken a little part in this success. Kyrhan congratulated her effusively and Ghopal even confided that he would probably have withdrawn his presentation as he wouldn’t have been able to pronounce it.

After the dinner, Ghopal announced he wanted to retire to his bedroom and to leave the conference to go back home the next day, Kyrhan opposed to it :

– In such scientific conferences, you may meet interesting people in the poster sessions and find new ideas for other research even if it doesn’t concern your own present research topics. Everything has been paid by my department, so I want you to stay with us all the week.

– As you want, Prince! It’s true I had interesting discussions with some fellows during tea breaks! I’ll now leave you together! Good night!

– Not so fast, Ghopal! You had a short bout with Kira this morning but I’m pretty sure that my dear wife Kira has plenty of other skills to demonstrate to you!

– I wouldn’t want to impose!

– Nonsense, my friend! Now, you’ve had a first taste of my wife. Whenever you meet her, feel free to ask her whether she is available. I’ve first pick for sure but someone may have arranged something with her. If so, she’ll give you an appointment if it’s possible.

Ghopal reluctantly agreed. He went back to Escort Uşak his bed room in the early hours of the morning, completely drained out, for a long shower and a small nap before breakfast.

On the Wednesday lunch, Kyrhan was locked into a discussion with other members of the conference management team and Kira excused herself as she wasn’t concerned at all and her presence just slowed down the exchanges. The restaurant was overcrowded and the waiter proposed her to share a table with another female customer or wait for at least half an hour. Kira was quite ready to share her table with someone else. In fact she was somewhat bored and a companion would be a welcome June!

The woman was very pleasant and attractive. Kira was surprised to discover that she was always trying to take poses that showed her off to advantage. Her curves were voluptuous but her manners were faultless and she had incredible class. Her name was Debbie. They soon chatted quite amiably. Kira learned that Debbie was accompanying a Chinese acupuncturist from Singapore who had helped her a lot after some trauma (see A new life for Debbie Ch.7). Her skin was somewhat tanned but her accent was giving her clearly as coming directly from England.

Debbie told Kira she had had a job in personal entertainment in Singapore for now two years and she was really enjoying it. Her high quality outfit with a silk outfit straight from a high class designer revealed she was wealthy. Kira knew exactly what was personal entertainment for the jet-set society : Debbie was most certainly a call-girl, a whore for wealthy customers, more precisely an escort girl, someone who had a very comprehensive culture, able to discuss politics, economy or here medical subjects and was sufficiently attractive to focus the public attention on herself for her beauty and cleverness, her style and her manners.

Debbie would clearly be an asset to any man (or on occasions any woman) she escorted. Kira didn’t mind about Debbie’s job. She remembered a quotation from some author saying something like : “everything considered, a wife is nothing but a whore with just a single customer!”

Their friendly discussion lasted until around 4 PM and at that time, Kira knew that the acupuncturist Debbie was accompanying was scared of having to speak in front of five hundred of his peers on a platform in full view with a camera following him at any time. When Kira learned that Debbie had paid herself the conference fee for both of them and that she had insisted for Dr Jun’s participation, the Princess found a deep similarity between their situations. She had no more reluctance to explain how she had bolstered Ghopal’s spirits. She just didn’t tell Debbie about Kyrhan’s participation.

Debbie opened wide eyes when she understood what Kira had done to encourage her own protégé.

– Oh my god! Do you mean you have. . . All the way?

– Sure! There was nothing more I could have done!

– You’re really devoted to him! I’ll try to emulate you!

– It’s usually not a burden for us, poor devoted women, don’t you think so?

– You’re right. See you later, maybe with my dear acupuncturist!

Debbie ran to Dr Jun’s bedroom. She went to the ladies’ room where she rearranged her outfit, rectified her hair and verified her makeup, choosing a redder lipstick and redder tones of eye shadow. When she knocked shyly at the door, she thought that she looked rather like Cleopatra coming to seduce Marc Antony. She had changed to a violet close fitting silk top, about see through, worn without a bra underneath and an equally flimsy long silk skirt that emphasized her figure. She was dressed to kill and Debbie hoped that the good Dr Jun wouldn’t turn her down.

He half opened the door, realized it was Debbie and immediately noted the June in her general appearance. He let her in : a first victory, a small one but it gave her the upper hand for the next few minutes in the seduction game she had decided to play. It wasn’t the first time he had fucked her. In fact, he had used her each time he had visited her, in his own office or at the Chinese whorehouse where Debbie exercised her art. She was a rather expensive call girl.

When they had first met, Dr Jun had treated her pretty rough, calling her slut or whore but she hadn’t cared at all. He had also met later her daughters, who were also in the same trade in the same establishment. In order to thank him for the complete success of her treatment, Debbie had offered him a full night with herself and her three children, the youngest was now twenty three and she had had three babies already. All of them were copies of their mother with buxom breasts, narrow waist, luscious bottoms and long hair. Dr Jun had felt quite lucky, indeed! He had always been fascinated by such hour glass beauties and long hair was a special thrill for him.

The acupuncturist had had to take three Viagra pills during the night but the four girls felt utterly satisfied at the end. He was rather old but sinewy and firm. His cock remained rock hard during all the evening. He was very wise and seasoned. He had driven the four of them to several mind shattering multiple climaxes that left them stunned and dying to feel him again deep inside their pussies!

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