Kiki’s Public Diaper Pee Pt. 01


After my story was rejected twice, I’ve decided to include a disclaimer that MY STORY DOES NOT FEATURE ANY UNDERAGE CHARACTERS, DOES NOT FEATURE AGE PLAY WHATSOEVER, AND DOES NOT EVEN SUGGEST THE IDEA OF EITHER. I figured that I wouldn’t have to include this disclaimer as a simple read through of the story would make that pretty fuckin’ blatant.

None of my stories will ever, or would ever, include age-play content, simply due to the fact that I find it sickening and appalling.


She had been preparing for this for a year; slowly growing her courage and confidence to get to this point. She’d seen something similar online, and had long wanted to do it herself, but she’d taken it slowly to make sure she did it right. And to make sure that she didn’t get caught…

Whenever she had been able to find time to, Kiki had done small experiments with peeing. Peeing in her toilet went to the tub, and then her sink. She ventured from the bathroom to a potted plant in her living room, to the kitchen sink, and dirty dishes going into the dish washer.

A pulled out drawer of clothing, laundry basked, or straight into the washing machine. Then she got to furniture, with her computer chair, couch, and finally her bed.

Peeing her bed was a milestone, as she had gone to sleep with a full bladder and woken up wet. It had brought a casualness into the fun that wasn’t there yet. Everything before her bedwetting had been meticulously planned, and still completely in her control. Sure, Kiki had planned on wetting that night, but she was asleep and couldn’t decide exactly when she would go; it just sort of happened.

And that changed how she went moving forward; she brought a new casualness to her escapades. Drinking a lot during while watching a movie and peeing where she sat without looking away from the screen, or washing the dishes and just letting go. Playing video games in her room and letting the game distract her into not noticing herself wetting, or while holding a particularly relaxing yoga pose.

But the videos she had seen were women in public, with people around and outside. Those were two things she was after, and now that she had become comfortable enough with peeing, she knew it was time to raise the stakes.

First she took it outdoors. Going Bornova Escort into her backyard late at night and peeing in her bushes and while nude sunbathing at noon.

Then she needed people around. So while her best friend was at her house she excused herself to the bathroom, and then Kiki peed into the sink. Just knowing her friend was nearby made it exhilarating.

This stage lasted the longest. She really wanted to get comfortable peeing with people relatively nearby, and outside. But overtime the desire to do more got stronger, and another itch started scratching at her. There had been many times when she was wetting that she hadn’t taken her panties, or even her pants, off. Something about peeing in her clothing had been deeply satisfying, and Kiki really wanted to explore that more in public.

Most online porn that contained public wetting never showed if they got caught or not. Sure, it’s assumed that they didn’t get caught, but she couldn’t be certain about it. The only exception was geeky-pixie, a creator who regularly uploaded videos of herself peeing in all sorts of places without ever getting caught. However, eventually she stumbled across a new video.

It was a wetting video, but it was something a little different than normal. The woman in the video shared her interest, and had found a solution.

The woman said, “Hey hey! I know a lot of you out there are like me and love wetting, but don’t want to risk it the way I do! So, I came up with a solution, for those daring enough to try!”

The woman went on to show off how absorbent an adult diaper is, and that as long as you get past the stigma, it would work perfectly to fulfill her desires. She also showed how to hide them under skirts and loose pants so that no one would even know you were wearing one.

Kiki’s heart races when she found that out, and then everything really began. She had ordered a small box of diapers online, and had tested them out in her room and round the house. Getting used to how they felt while standing, sitting, and moving. She also made sure to master hiding the diaper, and what clothing she could and couldn’t wear with it.

She went through the first box fairly quickly, peeing around her house with them on. Seeing what positions would and wouldn’t leak, Bornova Escort Bayan with one diaper or two, and how much she could pee before it would overflow. She learned that they could actually hold quite a lot, and that she could pee two or three times without changing if she didn’t drink much. She could maybe pee twice in a single diaper with full bladders, but then couldn’t sit down afterwards.

And that leads us to today, where she is now.

Kiki found herself at the mall, and her heart was racing. It was a Saturday, so the entire place was packed with people. She was wearing a crop top, a thigh length skirt, and pantyhose, but underneath she wore two diapers, one over the other. The first had two small slits in it so that the pee would attempt to overflow into the second diaper before spilling out of the sides.

As she entered the mall she realized just how many people were around. It was deafening, and that was partially to her advantage. Hopefully no one would pay her any mind, hear her diaper crackling and crunching as she walked, or be able to make out the sound of her peeing when she had to go.

Right away Kiki headed to the first coffee shop she could see, and ordered a large iced coffee. It was the middle of summer and she was already getting warm just a few minutes after being there; especially with all of the people and the several layers. She really regretted the calf high boots she’d worn in case of any pee that might leak and run down her legs.

After leaving the coffee shop, she started wandering from clothing store to clothing store. She wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, but was mostly focused on drinking as much as quickly as possible. Already she could feel her bladder twinge, and while in the middle of another clothes store she had a devious idea.

She grabbed a nearby pair of form fitting jeans that, honestly, she’d been eyeing anyways, and headed for the changing room. Once inside, Kiki pulled off her skirt and stared at herself in the mirror. She observed how the diaper formed to her hips and thighs, and how the pantyhose squeezed it to be smaller than it otherwise would be. Biting her lip nervously, she steadied herself to let go. Her bladder wasn’t desperate by any means, but she knew there was Escort Bornova enough, and it would be her first time peeing this publicly.

And so with a deep breath, Kiki squatted down so that her legs would be wide spread, and she pushed. It was difficult, trying to overcome the decades of knowing to never pee yourself, especially in public, but after a minute of trying she felt a small trickle into her diaper. She gasped and immediately clenched down. She stared fixedly at her crotch with ragged breath, and then pushed again.

This time the trickle was easier to come, and was stronger. It rapidly strengthened into a full stream, and she could hear the absolute slightest sound in the relatively quiet changing room. Her breathing became more ragged, and one of her hands couldn’t help but slip under her shirt to tease her nipple.

She watched as the diaper grew ever so slightly, and felt her crotch and ass get wet with piss. Her entire midsection was already slick and warm with sweat, but now she was even warmer than before. Kiki felt it continue to get heavier as she continued to fill it with warm liquid, and watched it continue to grow in size. With the second diaper, the color didn’t change at all, but she knew the first one was surely stained a yellow color.

There was something so terrifying, yet exhilarating, about the prospect of nearly being caught. There were people walking back and forth right outside of her small cubicle of a changing room, and at any time an employee could knock on the door and ask if she was okay. Even though the sound of her peeing was almost mute, she still was terrified of someone hearing just outside the door. The combination of that thought, alongside the ecstatic relief from her bladder, and the sheer taboo of peeing somewhere she shouldn’t, in public, turned her on to no end. It continued on for a little longer, and then slowly the stream started to sputter out. The sound, already barely audible, silenced alongside the stream.

She pulled her hand out of her shirt, and stood up carefully. There wasn’t any leakage, thankfully, but she did have to consider the weight shift. Her brain was a little cloudy with desire and lust, but she still fumbled with her skirt until she got it on without making the diaper leak. Kiki realized there was no way that, after her next pee, she would be able to put on her skirt again, and so she’d have to keep her skirt on. She double checked in the mirror to make sure nothing was visible and left the changing room. Kiki was turned on as hell, and ready for her next endeavor…

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