Kibini Tenors

Cum Between

RN takes him to Kibini

The 3Gs came to the end of their song. They were practicing for the Christmas Carol Service coming up in just over four weeks. Lizzie took the tenor part because she thought it sounded so good.

She had always loved to listen to the tenors in the main choir belt out their notes. In fact there was a Sunday she thought that she had run mad. She sat down to find her panty had become wet from the sheer pleasure of hearing them go. At the first opportunity she got she slipped out to wipe herself, fearing that someone had picked up on her scents of arousal. As she bent to get the wet wipes on her cunt lips, she wondered that the pleasure of music could bring on such a reaction. Then she was startled to realize there was a particular man whose tenor never failed to excite her. Am I, a happily married woman, getting horny on the voice quality of another man? Then she startled herself anew when she realized that his speaking voice was so much like her husband’s, who could never hold a tune. How intricate this was all getting!

She wished there was a way she could sing alongside him. If only these women could allow a man to join their ranks. But she and the other two were holding up the tenor part so well, that any excuse was completely erased. She forced herself to be completely honest. If she could engineer a situation where she could perform with him, she would be so happy. Could she do a duet with him at the upcoming Carol Service? How proud she would be!

It hit her with such force it was like being run over by a runaway truck. ‘Of course! How could I have been so dense never to have thought of it? Don’t I go to run a course at Kibini every month for a weekend? I should have been taking him with me!’

She could have kicked herself. At Kibini they would be together for two whole days. What couldn’t they do, including practicing for that duet. And the trip was coming up in a week and a half! Perfect. ‘I will put it to him gently, she resolved.

“Someone once told me you were an IT man. Did they tell me truth?” Lizzie asked Robert the next Tuesday as they gathered outside the Choir Room before practice.

“Well, they did, in part,” said he.

She forced a laugh. “What does that mean?”

“I have not earned from IT in nearly six months, but before that I worked for twenty-six years.”

“Six months only? I would say you are still very current!” She felt very encouraged that she had made this guess. She had only heard about his working life tangentially, and was not sure she remembered correctly, but now she felt vindicated. “Do you know about the church’s Vocational Training Centre in Mashuru area?”

“Yeah, the one at…is it Kipini?” he asked.

“Exactly. Kibini. They received a donation of a wide-screen TV, but nobody knows how to work it properly. If I could use it to project my lesson notes, it would be very useful. Other trainers may then benefit from its use.”

“What equipment came with it?”

“I have no idea, but if you saw it you would be able to advice us if there is anything more we need. When can you go? I can organize with the driver to take you when he is going. Then you can bring me the report.”

He paused for a moment, then seemed to have come to a decision. He had a strange smile on his face. Lizzie wondered what wicked idea he had formed in his mind. “Excellent idea. Except for a small problem. Nobody there knows me, nor do I know any of them. How will they allow me to handle such sensitive equipment? I would not even accept your making Antalya Escort an introductory call. If there were anything wrong, it would make for complications with the donor claiming it was delivered in working order, and the staff not wanting to be implicated in doing something to it since it arrived. No, I would prefer you to be present.”

She was impressed by his approach. She was now confident that she was dealing with a professional. Had he accepted to go alone with the driver, she would have scuttled the whole scheme with flimsy excuses. She dug into her handbag in a show of consulting her diary. She knew full well when she was to go to Kibini next. “Lets see, how about this weekend? I will be doing a course on Saturday. Would you mind going in my company, since you have shunned the driver?”

His smile grew sunny. “No problem. I had a Saturday engagement, but that can be moved forward to Thursday or Friday”

Lizzie’s trap snapped shut.


The trip down to Emali was uneventful. The driver knew the way so well he could tell where every pothole was. Lizzie, to avoid over-engaging Robert went over her notes, while Robert, in the back seat, worked on his iPad. At that town they turned off the highway and took the road to Mashuru and Kibini. After a while it became a dust road. Billows of it sought to enter the car, but except for a small crack in the floor near the driver it was kept well out. They arrived at the Centre, with aching bodies from the rough ride.

Supper was in the dining room where all the resident tutors, support staff and students took all their meals. The two were given seats at the tutors’ table. Robert kept to himself as the only person he knew was Lizzie, while she had had occasion to deal with all, even the kitchen staff. After supper, she took him to the lecture room where she had instructed the support staff to set it up but not to connect it to power or network. They had built the bracket to hold the large screen onto the wall, and network cables extended near the power sockets. Robert bade the support person not to leave yet, while he looked over the screen and its connections.

“Please connect the power and switch it on.” The man did as he was told. The screen flashed its startup graphics and then displayed the ‘Home Screen’. Robert surveyed it moving from one area to another. He seemed satisfied. He dismissed the worker, who looked so very relieved. He wanted to get to his cubicle and sleep and had not relished the idea of fiddling with systems all night long.

“Do you have your notes for tomorrow’s lesson with you?” he turned to Lizzie.

His manner impressed her so much that she kicked herself inwardly again at having not brought him here before. “Yeah I type them on my phone’s Office app.”

First he tried the screen’s proprietary connection software built into the TV. It seemed to expect a different type of phone than Lizzie’s. He next tried to connect his iPad. That went smoothly and his photos, videos and notes showed up flawlessly on the screen. Lizzie was excited about seeing the enlarged images, thinking that her own notes would show up the same way. She could hardly wait. Then a thought arrested her.

“Does this mean we need to buy an iPad for the centre?”

“Yes and no.” His replies could be infuriatingly cryptic.

“Why no?” she pursued him.

“We may be able to get them across in another way.” He navigated to the screen’s network setting and activated WiFi sharing. Antalya Escort Bayan He then connected Lizzie’s phone to the screen’s WiFi. Using that, while avoiding using her network bundles, he asked her to log onto her email address, then send the notes as an attachment to herself.

“Done?” he was smiling. Next he connected to her email address using the TV’s network connection, asking her to type her password using the TV’s remote. She almost gave up on the awkwardness of that method. “You can always get a keyboard and mouse for the TV system so you don’t have to use this clumsy basic one.”

“How much?”

“Not more than about 5,000shs.” She sighed with relief, both at that news and also at seeing her inbox displayed on the large screen. “Open that new message.” Again the navigation begged for a proper mouse, but there was the document she had sent herself moments ago. She opened it and there were her notes in brilliant colour and visible to anyone at the back of the room! What a joy it will be to teach the class tomorrow!

She jumped at Robert and hugged him, jumping around in joy. He responded by hugging her back and kissing her forehead in a protective manner. Now they could go to bed, knowing that a revolution had been worked at Kibini. What a waste that the TV had lain in its box for so many weeks!

Robert pulled his face away from hers and looked into her eyes. She melted. She had never known that quality of his eyes, radiating kindness and also now sexuality. She wanted him so much that she could feel her juices begin to run.

They continued their hug, but it had changed quality subtly. Now it was not so much about a job well done, but desire that had been bottled up in the city, and among people they knew so well. List boiled to the surface. “My, my, you have a wonderful body Liz!” she was surprised to hear. He ran his large hands over her back, hips, and tummy. She felt like fainting with pleasure that his hands were exploring her body, which cried out for more.

She led them out of the lecturer room toward the sleeping quarters. There was no-one about so he took the liberty of holding her around the waist. They walked to his room, where ordinarily they would have hugged each other goodnight and she walked the few steps to her room. But he simply unlocked it, and both entered as if they had always done this. It felt very natural to them. He locked the door on the world. Now it was just the two tenors in their tiny world.

He threw off his clothes very efficiently, came back to her to hug her again. This time he kissed her right on the mouth. She, as if expecting it, opened her mouth and received his tongue to explore her every nook and cranny. He unbuttoned the dress from the back, drew the zipper all the way down. He slipped the sleeves from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in bra and panties. He paused a moment to admire her trim figure. Her hips were full, swelling to thick thighs.

“Thunder thighs, darling!” he whispered. Her slipped her panties off, lay her on the bed and positioned himself between the TTs. Plying them gently apart he buried his face in her. Licking the inner thighs caused a tremor to run through her.

He licked closer and closer to her hot centre, burning with desire. She had had no idea that he desired her; and thought she would have to work to convince him. Only to realise he was probably working on a plan of his own to get her to give up her delights to him. Her own plan had come to fruition first. Escort Antalya

He let his tongue slide up her slit. She jumped at the powerful sensation. He did a few trips before pushing the lips open. He licked her wet inner lips. She pushed her cunt up into his mouth, willing him to take all of her.

He followed the trough all the way down near her asshole causing her to clamp her legs over his ears. ‘How does he know that its so sensitive there?’ she wondered. He sucked her and then began a trip up her slit. “Ngaii! she screamed.

‘I have not even approached your clit, you delicious woman. Wait for it,’ he thought. Slowly he parted the thick lips, stopped just short of her swollen clit, went downwards again. She moaned in frustration. He did this a few times until she held his head in her hands as if she would force him to her supersensitive centre. Instead he rolled his tongue and thrust it into her opening, while clamping her outer lips between his fingers, enclosing her clitoris. A few movements of the fingers and of the tongue inside, and she toppled over the edge.

Holding his head in a vice-like grip between her thighs she let loose. She came for a long moment. He let go of her clit and lips. Pulling the tongue from her hole, he flattened it doggy fashion, drew it up in a long, deliberate stroke. When he neared her clit he took it along one side, then moved onto it, and slowly reversed his stroke down the other side of the clit.

“Ooooh, have mercy, please!” she wailed under her breath so as not to disturb other sleepers. He repeated this treatment of her clit two or three times driving her to the point of craziness, before biting it between his upper lip and lower teeth. He pulled it into his mouth and pushed out again, inflaming her mercilessly. She slammed into another orgasm during which he only slowed his torture of her nub of pleasure. As she began to subside, he picked up pace again. She went sky high and climaxed violently. She thought she was going to die from excess of a pleasure that was almost pain in intensity.

“Will you please fuck me with that delicious cock?” In reply he dragged his flattened tongue over her wide open cunt again. “Aiieee!” she screamed between clenched teeth.

He slid his body along, bringing his mouth to hers. She tasted some of her own juices on his lips. Meanwhile his cock, unguided, found her entrance and nosed its helmet between her engorged lips. “Mmmhh!” she moaned her welcome, thrusting her hips to meet him. He slid almost halfway before pulling almost all the way out, only to thrust again. He repeated this over and over, sometimes knocking at her cervical entrance, sometimes giving her shallow strokes. “Is that what you were asking for?”

“Yesss!” she hissed. She felt him pick up speed stroking her with his full length. She climbed up the same pole she had thrice done before and reached another orgasm. When she subsided, she was amazed to find his cock as rampant as ever inside her.

“Do you want a sewing machine needle?” he asked.

“What is that?”

“This…” and with that he thrust in and out so fast that indeed it felt like a tailor at work!

“Tsrree..!” she tried to hold back her screams of pleasure. She came again as she felt him tense and hold himself deep inside. His whole body then convulsed repeatedly as he poured round after heated round into her depths. Just as suddenly his body went limp.

“Aaah, that was awesome!” he enthused.

“You are beyond awesome, my darling! I have been married all these years, and have counselled young women about marriage, yet it has taken you to show me that I can hit several orgasms in the same round! How crazy is that!”

“That sounds like a vote of confidence,” and kissed her. “Good night, my love!”

The two tenors collapsed into a deep slumber.

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