Kenshin and Chiharu Pt. 003

Big Tits

From the Writer.

On to Part Three now where Chiharu and Kenshin are considering what had happened with their friends Sayako and Hirohiko. Having sex with another couple had been a huge step for them so now the question remained; Would they do it again?

There is a lot of sex in this story and I feel that perhaps I rushed over it too quickly. Maybe making it longer or splitting it into another part would have given me room to expand some of these scenes. But then it could be argued that our purpose is to move on to further adventures.

I was too excited with Part Four to spend any more time here. I’ll let you be the judge of that.


* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Finding Out About the Letters Group.

* * * * * * * *

The day after their adventure with Chiharu and Kenshin, Sayako rang Shanti. Hirohiko and Sayako had discussed what happened and decided they should tell Shanti they had broken the rules and had sexual activities with their friends outside the group. It hadn’t been intentional or that they were misleading Shanti. It was just the night got away with them and they turned sexual with this other couple.

She wasn’t sure how Shanti would accept this or what her reaction would be. Hirohiko had said at the best she could say it was ok and even invite Chiharu and Kenshin to join the group. At the worse they could be asked to leave the group and leave all the fun they were having, something Sayako didn’t want to happen. Since joining the group, she had been having so much sexual fun with their new friends and the sex within their marriage was great too. But both Hirohiko and Sayako knew, they had to be honest with Shanti and tell her.

Surprisingly, Shanti took it ok, she was fine, actually. She understood that things could happen during an evening of passion and excitement. She admitted it had happened before and would probably happen again. In fact, they, Hirohiko and Sayako at the waterfall had been an example where Joseph and Lizamoa had broken the same rule. But she did say that they owed the group the story of what happened that night. (What you are reading here.)

“What happens from here, will depend on this new couple,” Shanti said.

“How do you mean, depend on them?” Sayako asked.

“If we can be sure they haven’t had other partners for at least the last year or so then it’s no harm done. But if they are active sexually with others outside our group then it would be different. You’ll need to drop out for a while until you both are tested as clear.”

Sayako knew what Shanti was getting at and said, “It’s my understanding they have never done anything outside their marriage before. But that can be confirmed if you want.”

“Yes, Sayako, you’ll need to do that,” Shanti agreed. “If they are close friends of yours, we can take their word on that, you’ll know if they’re being straight with you. Now, where do we go from there? The next question is:- Would they be interested in joining our group?”

“I’m not sure but I think they might be open to it. Should I ask them?”

“Sure, Sayako. That would be the next step. Tell them a bit about the things you and Hirohiko are doing, even show them your story in the Letters Books if you like. If they seem interested, then ask them if they’d wish to join too.”

“Ok, we’ll get together with them and tell them.”

“Make sure the husband is there too. They must both want this; both be open to the idea of swinging or it’s a no-go. You could even spend another evening with them to make sure this is not a one-off. If they respond and easily slip into swapping, that will be a very positive sign.

I would like to talk with them. No, perhaps it would be wise if they meet some of us. I want to meet them, so perhaps you could bring them over for dinner on Friday. We have to push this along as the Indians will be here soon. Give me Chiharu’s phone number. I might ring her and sound her out. Perhaps we can get this all sorted before the other two groups get here. We don’t have much time at it would be a shame if they missed their fun.”

“Ok, I’ll try for Friday. See if that works for them.”

“Great Sayako. If that goes well then maybe a small couples party at our house can follow. See how things go. As I said, we have to move this along as the other groups will be here soon.”

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

Meeting at the Hot Pools.

So Hirohiko and Sayako decided to meet Kenshin and Chiharu and talk with them. The meeting occurred two days later, on Sunday evening. An afternoon trip to the West Coast beach of Muriwai to see the Gannets and then on to the Parakai hot pools. Shanti had suggested that they should talk in a non-sexual situation where there wouldn’t be the distraction of sex.

Sayako had decided on a one-piece swimsuit rather than her bikini. She noticed Chiharu had done the same. Actually, at this point, Chiharu didn’t own a bikini, only having worn Tukiko’s bikini that Friday night at Sayako’s house. Ümraniye Escort While not showing the flesh that the bikinis had shown, both women still looked hot with their swimsuits hugging the shapes of their bodies, especially when they got wet. Both men were taking notice as the women came out of the changing room, unwrapped their towels from around their bodies, and walked to the steps of the pool. As they stepped down into the water, others nearby took notice too.

Both women were about the same age and being Japanese, had a similar body shape too. The smaller Asian breasts, while being older and both having had children, their waists weren’t as slim as they once were. But they were still good-looking women, you’d almost think they were sisters. But as said above, they were certainly still looked good enough to attract looks when wearing their swimsuits.

As Chiharu stepped down into the pool Hirohiko was watching her. The green one-piece hugged tightly to flatter her body showing the swell of her breasts and lower down her pussy mound between her thighs. She looked great like that. As she took another step that caused her pussy mound to disappear, she looked up and saw him looking. She smiled at him, knowing exactly what he had been looking at. She was happy he was still interested too.

* * * * * * * *

They stayed in this pool for a while and Hirohiko discovered, Chiharu liked the water and was a good swimmer. In a challenge to the other side of the pool and back, she almost beat him. Sayako liked swimming but has never been a good swimmer. It seems Kenshin is the same, so they stayed together, watching as Chiharu and Hirohiko explored the pool more, even going down to the deep end, way over their heads. Yes, Hirohiko discovered Chiharu was very confident, even in the deep water.

But soon Hirohiko realized they had paired off and after what Sayako had told him about Kenshin, he decided that wasn’t ideal. “Let’s go back to the others and we can move to a warmer pool where we can talk.”

He also wanted to move on, get to the purpose of this afternoon/evening with this couple.

“They’re ok,” Chiharu had said. “We can carry on swimming.”

Chiharu felt a bit disappointed. She was having fun being with Hirohiko. Her husband Kenshin had Sayako with him so why should she be worried about him. But when Hirohiko moved in that direction, she had no option but to follow him.

Hirohiko noticed that hesitation and thought his wife might be right. He even wondered if Chiharu was forming an unwelcome attachment to him.

* * * * * * * *

As he had told Chiharu, Hirohiko suggested they go to a warmer pool, they all followed him. The boys going first and the girls following behind. Picking up their towels they moved to the other pool. Since Chiharu was wet, she didn’t bother wrapping the towel around her, just held it with her beach bag in her hands. It left most of her body on show, but she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, she was decent. Comfortable with her body in this swimsuit. No need to wrap up moving between pools.

The men were already in the water when the girls reached the pool. They knew the men would be watching again as they entered the water. Chiharu was particularly interested in seeing if Hirohiko was watching. She had even chosen the side closer to him to give him a better view. He was closer to the steps this time and was looking too.

As she dropped into the water, she could feel how warm it was. Almost hot.

“This is lovely,” she said as she joined him.

“Yes, very lovely,” Hirohiko said. “You look great in that.”

“Hirohiko! Were you checking me out again?”

She knew he was, but she still asked him, to show she had caught him. It was said with a smile to show she didn’t mind, but rather welcomed his looking at her.

“Sure, I was,” he replied. Then with a lower voice added, “Especially your tits and pussy.”

“Naughty!” she quietly said back to him. “Did you like what you saw?”

“I liked the nipple bumps up top and the nice crease down below.”


“Yes, where your cunt lips are. Now you’re wet you have a nice crease there. A camel-toe it’s called.”

“Really? I didn’t know that showed,” she said, a bit shocked.

By now they had caught up with Kenshin and Sayako. “What were you two talking about?” Sayako asked.

“My camel-toe,” Chiharu replied with a laugh.

“Have you got one? I didn’t notice.”

“Hirohiko did and he told me.”

“Trust a man to notice,” Sayako laughed.

“Yeah, they all like looking. Don’t they?”

“Your husband’s been checking out me too.”

Kenshin looked a bit guilty at having been caught too.

“If you want, you can put something under your suit there, like another layer to hide the crease,” Sayako said.

“I don’t mind, if Hirohiko can show the outline of his cock under his wet shorts, I can show the outline of my cunt under my wet swimsuit.”

That shocked all three of them. Sayako was surprised she’d say that. Escort Ümraniye Hirohiko was surprised he was showing so much. Kenshin was surprised at his wife’s openly boldness. But what she said was also a party stopper too because the subject died after that. Probably becoming too hot to continue in a public place.

* * * * * * * *

In a quiet corner of the pool, Hirohiko brought up the events that had happened after the card games. He asked them how they felt about it now.

“Are you guys ok, after what we did that night?” Hirohiko asked.

Kenshin and Chiharu looked at each other and then both nodded. “Yes,” Kenshin said. “We’ve talked about it a couple of times and we are both comfortable with what happened. With what we did. We’ve both decided that it was just sex. There was no love involved. There was no threat to our marriage. Just friends having fun together.”

‘Just friends,’ Hirohiko thought. ‘Was Chiharu like that too?’

He looked at her but couldn’t tell from her face.

Sayako was pleased with this positive attitude as this was exactly what she had told him. Having this coming from him was a very promising sign. Talking about it between them had been an important step and coming to an agreement on how they felt was important too.

“Now, the question remains; Would you do it again? Either with us or someone else.”

“Yes,” Chiharu said without any hesitation, joining the conversation for the first time. “Yes, we would both be open to doing it with you two again. With someone else… Well, maybe… We’d have to know them first. I don’t think we should jump in with strangers like we did that other night. We’d need to know them first.”

“What about you guys,” Kenshin asked. “Are you guys ok too? Have you ever done this before?”

Hirohiko knew this was the big question. He was surprised that it had come up so fast. But he and Sayako had decided that they should be honest with Kenshin and Chiharu and explain more of their sexual activities.

* * * * * * * *

Sayako took over and began telling them about the sexual adventures they had been involved in. She started with that time over a year ago when they met a park ranger and his wife at Mokoroa Falls. She described how they’d ended up having sex with this couple. Kenshin and Chiharu were surprised how quickly they’d done that with complete strangers and even more surprised that their daughter Tukiko was involved too. (See Tukiko Ch. 01 and Tukiko Ch. 02)

Chiharu was wide-eyed at all this.

Sayako told them about getting together with Joseph and Lizamoa again and then going naked with their sex group at Te Henga Beach. (See Tukiko Ch. 06) She ended by saying it was a regular thing, now. They had been with most of them.

Kenshin and Chiharu were quiet for a while, probably trying to take all this in. They had just discovered something about their friends they had never known before. Their friends were into this swinging lifestyle. That was a surprise.

* * * * * * * *

Chiharu wanted to know more about some of the sex things they had done. So Sayako and Hirohiko went on to tell them about some of the sex sessions they had been into. Hirohiko had shocked them by telling them most of their adventures were written in a series of books.

Chiharu had quickly said she would like to see those books which led to Sayako asking if they would like to come back to their house for a drink and they could see these books. They didn’t stay long after that as all four wanted to get back to Hirohiko’s house to see what the evening would bring.

As they had come together in one car, the conversation on the way back was interesting, to say the least. On the drive home, the subject continued. It seemed Chiharu was more interested in Hirohiko and Sayako’s sexual adventures. She certainly had more questions to ask. Sayako noticed that Kenshin seemed to be a bit quiet.

Hirohiko told them about how a group from India and Australia were due in New Zealand for a few weeks. They were all part of this Letters Group and would be taking part in sexual activities and parties while in New Zealand.

“Will you two be joining in too?” Chiharu asked.

“Sure, why not?” Sayako replied.

“But aren’t they strangers? You’ve never met them, right?”

“We’ve only met the ones from New Zealand,” Sayako explained. “Some will also be staying in our house. We’ve made two extra bedrooms in the back of the garage for them.”

“So will you two be… You know… Doing it with them?” Chiharu asked, a bit surprised.

“Of course. I expect so. It will be fun to try with some new people. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Is that safe?” Kenshin asked.

“Yes, they are all safe. All members of this closed group. No one goes outside our group.”

“But you did it with us the other day,” Chiharu said. “We’re not part of your group.”

“That’s what we need to talk with you about. That was a problem,” Sayako said. “I talked with the leader of our group, and she wants to Ümraniye Escort Bayan know if you are safe. We need to ask you if you’ve had any sexual contact with others besides us in the last six months.”

“You know we haven’t,” Kenshin said. “That was the first time ever for us.”

“We kind of knew that but the question had to be asked,” Hirohiko said.

Kenshin nodded to say he understood and wasn’t offended by the question.

“Now, I was talking with, Shanti, the Leader of the group in New Zealand, she said wants to meet you both. She has invited us and you two for dinner on Friday evening,” Sayako asked. “We would like you to come with us.”

“You mean, we go to their house for dinner?” Chiharu asked. “Is it just dinner or will they expect more?”

“Only dinner. Shanti just wants to meet you both,” Sayako said. “If you feel comfortable, they might go swimming. Skinny dipping might be possible but anything else would only happen if everyone is comfortable with it.”

“Skinny dipping? Naked? Then there could be sex then?”

“No, not necessarily, Chiharu,” Sayako said. “People can enjoy each other’s company naked without it turning into an orgy.”

“Well, later, after dinner, there might be some sexual things,” Hirohiko added. “But again, only if things go well over dinner and everyone is comfortable with taking it further. They will ask if you’d like to join the sex group. If we agree then maybe, further sexual things might happen.”

Now Chiharu and Kenshin were really shocked that their friends wanted them to join this sex group like this. This was a big step. Not entirely unwelcome but a big step. Perhaps for him rather than for her. Kenshin was getting the feeling that his wife was more open to this than he was. He felt that perhaps they were rushing into this.

“If you decide just to be with us then you still need to join the Letters Group, but you can limit yourself only to us. Even not meeting anyone else other than us. They will be fine with that on the understanding that you won’t stray outside the group.”

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

At Hirohiko’s House for More Fun.

They arrived at Hirohiko’s house and after putting their wet things into their car, Kenshin and Chiharu were ready to follow Sayako and Hirohiko into their house. Kenshin stopped to talk with his wife.

“What do you think about this, Chiharu?” he asked her.

“I’m not sure,” she replied. “It is a bit bold. A bit exciting too.”

“Do you think you might be interested? If not, we can tell them ‘No’ right now.”

“I don’t want to say no! I am a bit interested. I would like to see these books and learn more,” Chiharu said. “What about you Kenshin? Are you interested too?”

“I’m not sure,” he replied. “But no harm in seeing the books and even meeting this woman, Shanti.”

“But we must both be sure before anything beyond Hirohiko and Sayako happens,” she said.

“So, what about tonight? They are inviting us in for a drink. They might want more. Might want us to stay the night.”

“I’m ok with that, Kenshin. I’d like to be with Hirohiko again,” Chiharu said. “But only if you want to, as well. We must both be willing for this.”

“I’m fine with that. Sayako was fun. I’d try with her again.”

“Ok, let’s go in now and see where things go. Maybe we’ll see the books and maybe even be with our friends for the night. After that we can decide what happens next,” Chiharu told her husband.

He was happy with that. Getting with Sayako again would be fun. But going further, he wasn’t so sure.

* * * * * * * *

Inside the house, Sayako and Hirohiko were watching from the window. They could see their friends were talking and they were sure what this couple would be talking about. It was a big decision for them, they had to take it slowly, be completely open and not put any pressure on their friends. Whichever way this went, they still wanted to remain friends.

Finally, the couple outside seemed to come to a decision and turned towards the house.

“That’s it then,” Sayako said.

“You think so.”

“Sure, of it.”

When Kenshin and Chiharu came inside, Hirohiko led them through to the dining table. Soon Sayako came through with the drinks. Passing them around, she returned to sit beside Hirohiko.

Hirohiko began to speak, “I know we have dropped something big on you guys tonight. Are you both ok with this, so far?”

“Yes, we just talked about it now,” Kenshin explained as he looked over at his wife. “Yes, we are fine so far. But not sure if we would join your group.”

“I understand that. It’s a big thing for your marriage. You must be sure. I think Shanti will propose a couple of options. First, if you join the group, you could be open to taking sex with anyone or you could join and limit yourselves to only a few; for example, Hirohiko and I. But if you continue with us, you must join the group, otherwise, we’ll be asked to leave the group.”

“You mean we could only choose to be with you two?” Kenshin asked.

“Exactly, but since we are active with other group members, Shanti still needs to meet you first. Again, it is all about being safe. Having safe sex, but she needs to be sure about you as she is responsible for everyone in the New Zealand part of the group.”

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