Kelsi And Her Boyfriend’s Roommate


Bobby shifted slightly in his seat on the sofa allowing his left hand to slip around Kelsi. His hand found what it was seeking, sliding into the sleeve of her shirt and he cupped her left breast, lightly pinching her nipple through her thin lace bra. “You naughty boy,” Kelsi whispered. “Your roommate will see.”“He can’t see anything,” Bobby whispered back. “We’re covered with the blanket. Besides, he’s watching the movie.” Spazzy did seem engrossed in the movie. Covered in his own blanket, he sat across from them on the sectional sofa, staring at the screen. Bobby moved his other hand to the hem of Kelsi’s short denim skirt. He pushed the skirt up, bringing his fingers to her pussy. Pushing her thong to one side, he rubbed a finger across her slit. Kelsi shivered and spread her legs, allowing Bobby better access. Bobby ran his finger up and down Kelsi’s slit several more times, toying with her clit at the top of each pass before sliding into her now rapidly moistening pussy. Kelsi let out a quiet moan.“That feels good,” she whispered. “Let’s go to your bedroom.”“No, baby,” Bobby replied. “I want to see the rest of the movie.” Kelsi squirmed as Bobby fingered her, nervous that Bobby’s roommate Spazzy might notice. Glancing over to check on Spazzy, Kelsi realized that his eyes were closed. He had fallen asleep watching the movie. The knowledge relaxed Kelsi, and she let her legs open even wider and slid her own hand into Bobby’s lap rubbing his erection through his sweatpants. Kelsi slid the waistband of Bobby’s pants down, revealing his hard dick. She stroked it slowly, feeling his hardness.Kelsi and Bobby had been dating a while and had plenty of sex, but this game was new. They were both completely covered, but having someone else in the room added a sense of danger that was exciting both of them. Sliding to the floor, Kelsi moved her blonde head under the blanket and between Bobby’s knees, taking his hard cock into her mouth. In this position, Kelsi was able to take Bobby’s dick down her throat easily. Kelsi licked and sucked Bobby as quietly as she could and it wasn’t long before she could feel him stiffen, and with a quiet moan, he filled her mouth with his warm cum. She swallowed his load and carefully cleaned his dick with her tongue making sure that none got on the blanket.Returning to her seat, Kelsi checked on Spazzy. He had shifted but still seemed to be asleep. His head rested on a pillow, eyes shut, mouth open. She licked her lips and, shifting in her seat, reached under her skirt to pull off her thong. “Finger me,” she whispered in Bobby’s ear. Bobby willingly obliged, pushing one, then two fingers into her now sopping wet pussy. Kelsi squirmed in her seat as Bobby fingerbanged her, her pussy making squish, squish noises. Nervously Ataşehir Escort she again looked over at Spazzy and snapped her legs shut as he rolled over.Bobby chuckled at her reaction. “You don’t need to worry about Spazzy,” he told her. “He can sleep through anything.” It was true, one time in college, Spazzy had slept through a fire alarm only to be awakened when EMTs had rolled him onto a stretcher after being unable to wake him.  Kelsi looked more carefully at Spazzy, checking for any sign he was awake when she realized that the blanket had shifted and the head of his penis was visible under the bottom of his shorts. “Bobby, look, Spazzy’s dick is peeking out.”“That’s hilarious,” Bobby laughed. “let’s get a picture, we’ll call it ‘Perv on a couch’.” Bobby grabbed his phone and, leaving his spot on the couch, took a picture. Then, looking back at Kelsi he called to her “Hey, Kel, come get in the picture.”“What? Why?” she asked.“It’ll be the closest his dick has ever come to a girl, and he’s sleeping through it,” Bobby replied.Kelsi rolled her eyes but she knew Bobby wouldn’t let it go until she complied. She slid off the couch and dropped to her knees next to Spazzy. Bobby snapped a picture “Get closer, get your head right by it,” he told her. As she got close to Spazzy Kelsi realized that his cock was the biggest she had ever seen. Other than Bobby, Kelsi had only been with a couple of other guys. One way back in high school and another in college. Bobby was about the same size as her first boyfriend but Spazzy’s cock, even while he was soft, was bigger than any of them. The smooth black skin intrigued her. “Does it feel as soft as it looks?” she wondered.Spazzy knew something was up when he saw Kelsi’s head go under the blanket. He also knew that if Bobby and Kelsi thought he was awake, they wouldn’t stay in the living room where he could watch. Keeping his eyes open just a slit he could just see the blanket move in time with Kelsi’s head bobbing. Then he heard Bobby’s muffled moan as he came in her mouth. He could feel his dick getting hard as Bobby finger banged Kelsi and, worried a rising tent would give away that he was awake, shifted onto his side, unaware he had unwittingly exposed himself. He almost gave himself away when Kelsi mentioned it but managed to keep still. Now he could feel her close by. It was torture keeping still but he knew that if he moved or said anything the game would be over.Bobby continued taking pictures as Kelsi examined Spazzy’s dick. “That’s great,” he told her, “Now give it a little kiss.” Mesmerized by Spazzy’s dick, Kelsi puckered up and leaned in toward Spazzy. “Oh wait,” Kelsi stopped as Bobby spoke. “You ought to leave him a little present. Put on some lipstick.” Ataşehir Escort Bayan Even Kelsi had to admit the idea of Spazzy waking up with a lipstick print on his dick was kind of funny.“Go get it for me,” She told Bobby. “There’s a red tube in my bag, right by your bed.” Bobby scurried into his room and Kelsi leaned close to Spazzy’s face and whispered in his ear, “I can tell you aren’t sleeping Spazzy.” Spazzy’s eyes snapped open. “I don’t want any trouble,” he whispered back.“I know. Are you okay with this?” Kelsi asked.“Sure, I don’t mind.” Spazzy’s mind was reeling.“Okay, keep pretending to sleep and we’ll have some fun,” Kelsi assured him with a wink.Spazzy’s eyes snapped back shut just as Bobby came back into the living room. Bobby passed Kelsi the tube of lipstick and she dashed into the bathroom where she applied a thick coating to her lips. Returning to the living room she once again knelt beside Spazzy and wasn’t terribly surprised to see more of his dick outside his shorts. “He’s getting hard,” she told Bobby.“He is!” Bobby confirmed, “You’re so hot you can get him hard even when he’s asleep.” Kelsi grinned at Bobby and pushed her D-cup breasts together.“Maybe I should see how hard it will get,” she suggested.“Yeah, good idea,” Bobby agreed. Kelsi carefully slid the leg of Spazzy’s shorts up, thankful that they were worn and loose-fitting with space for his big dick. She grasped his cock and slowly stroked him.“Bobby, he’s so big,” she whispered.“It really is. Imagine, him with that big pecker and no girl to use it on.” Bobby had known Spazzy since elementary school and had never known him to get close to a girl. He was nerdy, with thick glasses and an awkward demeanor that ensured he never got any action. Kelsi brought Spazzy’s dick to her lips and slid her mouth over him. “Kel, what are you doing?”“I’m getting him hard,” she explained.“You could do that with your hand!”“You always say I give great blowjobs, I figured this would get him harder.”“I guess that makes sense.” Bobby seemed unsure.“Besides, it will leave more lipstick marks on him. He’ll never know where they came from.” Kelsi could see Spazzy’s eyelids quiver and she gave him a quick wink that Bobby couldn’t see.Bobby just nodded. Kelsi kept sucking Spazzy. She had wanted to suck his dick as soon as she saw it. Now that she had it in her mouth, she realized how much bigger than Bobby Spazzy really was. While she could easily take all of Bobby’s dick into her throat she could barely fit the head of Spazzy’s cock in her mouth. She clamped her lips around the head and stroked his shaft into her mouth. Now that he was fully hard she guessed he was twice as big as Bobby.As she stroked him, Kelsi decided she just had to get Spazzy’s Escort Ataşehir cock into her pussy. She needed to know what it felt like to get fucked by this huge dick, but how was she going to get Bobby to let her do it? She was surprised when Bobby provided the answer. He snapped another picture, “Beautiful,” he breathed. “You’re my own little pornstar.”“You like?” she asked, and rubbed Spazzy’s dick on her lips, smearing more of her lipstick onto him. Bobby nodded. Kelsi sat back on her knees, slid off her top and unclipped her bra, exposing her tits for the first time. “How about now?” She could see Bobby’s hard cock straining through his sweatpants. Standing, she slid her skirt down and now stood completely naked before Bobby and Spazzy. Her neatly trimmed blond bush on display. She stroked Spazzy’s dick again. “You like your blond girlfriend stroking this big black dick?”Bobby nodded again, his hand rubbed his own dick through his pants. Kelsi enjoyed knowing Bobby was getting aroused from her performance just as she was soaking wet from handling Spazzy’s dick.Kelsi knelt beside Spazzy again. “Get a picture of me rubbing my tits on his dick.” Spazzy had rolled onto his back, his dick was standing vertically now as Kelsi wrapped her tits around it. Kelsi stroked up and down his shaft a couple of times while Bobby snapped pictures. “You like me being a dirty girl?” she asked. He nodded, “Do you really want a pornstar girlfriend?” Bobby nodded again. “Tell me,” she demanded.“I want a pornstar girlfriend.”“You like seeing me with this big black dick?” Bobby groaned quietly, his cock twitching in his sweatpants. “Tell me,” she prompted again.“I like seeing you with that big black dick.”“Tell me to ride it.”“What?”“You didn’t think I was going to go this far and not get laid, did you?” Bobby was taken aback. He’d enjoyed seeing Kelsi play, but letting Spazzy enter her seemed a step too far. “Oh, Bobby doesn’t want his girlfriend to really be a pornstar?” She mocked him.“It’s not that…” Bobby trailed off.“This is what pornstars do isn’t it?”“I guess.” Bobby’s stomach felt tight, he’d liked seeing Kelsi play with Spazzy’s dick, he figured they’d go back to the bedroom and fuck. Watching Kelsi get fucked was not something he had planned on.Kelsi reached out and rubbed Bobby’s dick through his sweatpants, her other hand still jerking Spazzy’s huge cock. She pouted, “It’s so big, baby, I need to try it, I need to feel it stretching me out.” Kelsi turned back to Spazzy, threw a leg over him and rubbed his dick head on her pussy. She guessed his dick was a foot long and as thick as a soda can. As much as she wanted it inside her she was also scared that it wouldn’t fit. “Isn’t that hot, baby? Don’t you like seeing that big black cock rubbing on me?” Bobby had to admit Kelsi looked hot. The contrast of her pale skin with Spazzy’s dark shaft made his mind go fuzzy. He felt a jealous tightness in his stomach but along with it was a kind of voyeuristic thrill for live-action porn. A desire to see Kelsi getting fucked, a desire he couldn’t quite suppress.

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