Kelsey’s World Ch. 37


New York City comes alive in the springtime. In the evenings, in Central Park, walkers and joggers breathe in the perfumed scent of flowering trees. On morning streets the smell of freshly washed pavement dampens the dawn. Winter is just a gray memory.

Most animals breed in the spring, and humans are no different. After a long cold winter it feels so good to shed those extra layers of clothing. Something as simple as walking down the street becomes an exhibitionist activity, and the voyeurs in a city of eight and a half million are legion. Kelsey and the girls noticed it as soon as they got off the train and climbed Penn Station’s steps to 8th Avenue.

“Damn, girl!” a young man on the street said, when he saw Kelsey’s bra-less tits bobbling under her thin shirt. “Can I show you and your friends the sights tonight?”

“We already got plans, Honey,” Kelsey said. “We got three computer geeks to fuck the shit out of.”

“You from upstate?”


“You should move here,” the young man said as he walked away. “You fit right in.”

Ten minutes of people watching on the street was fun, but the girls started to wonder if Raymond would show up to meet them as expected. A few texts let them know what was happening.

“You guys, he’s stuck at work,” Kelsey said to the girls. “He gave me the address and said to meet him at his apartment in a couple hours. He said he’ll pay for the cab.”

“A couple hours?” Brie said. “We could shop, but I don’t see anything good around here.”

“We could get a drink and ask the bartender,” Charity said.

“Let’s ask that cute guy in the suit,” Kelsey said, gesturing at a handsome older man trying to hail a cab. “He’ll know where good stores are.”

The four-way at the man’s apartment was short, but epic. It was a quick cab ride to get there, and Kelsey was naked moments after arriving.

“You live alone, Honey?” she asked, walking casually to the big windows overlooking another building.

He didn’t answer. Kelsey smiled at the stunned look on his face. Brie and Charity tossed the last of their clothes on the pile.

“Whats your name, Honey,” Kelsey asked.


“Think you can make three girls cum, Will?” Kelsey asked. “I’ll give you a hint. It won’t be too difficult.”

“You’re not gonna charge me a thousand dollars when we’re done, are you?” Will asked.

“No, Honey!” Kelsey said. “Is that what the girls do down here? Don’t they fuck ’cause they like to?”

“Sometimes. But I mean, this isn’t what normally happens to me.”

“So that’s cool then,” Kelsey said. “Just enjoy it, Honey.”

Charity unzipped his expensive suit pants. She had a sexy little smile on her face. Brie smiled, too, when a nice, erect, upturned cock came into view.

“You’re hard as fuck, Will!” Kelsey smiled. “This’ll be fun! You know guys your age aren’t supposed to be as hard as teenagers, right?”

“You know guys my age aren’t supposed to be in situations like this, right?”

Charity took the honors of the first mouthful. Will groaned like the luckiest man in the city.

“Your apartment’s super nice,” Kelsey said, standing casually at the window again. “Do all the neighbors watch each other?”

Will looked up from the beautiful sight of Charity’s blowjob, amazed that Kelsey was standing naked for all to see. “I hope they’re watching right now,” he said.

“We’ll give ’em somethin’ to talk about, right Will?” Kelsey said.

“I…guess so.”

He groaned again when Charity swallowed him whole, the first time a woman had done that to him. He watched in disbelief as Brie joined Kelsey at the window, kissing and fondling like lovers who knew every inch of each other. Kelsey assumed a fuck-me position, with her hands on the cool glass, her back arched and her sweet little ass sticking out. She widened her stance and Brie’s hand slid through the dirty parts, already slippery and wet with arousal. Will nearly lost it in Charity’s mouth when Brie squatted and planted her face between Kelsey’s ass cheeks. He could see Brie’s tongue lapping at the pink pussy.

“Fuck yeah!” Kelsey said, looking out at all the nearby windows. “This is so hot! You’re gonna fuck all three of us right here, Will, so everyone can see. You know that, right?”

Will’s heart raced. Charity took him into her throat again. He was spurting warm white cum when she pulled off.

“Fuck yeah,” she said calmly. “I like this cock.”

As he softened in Charity’s mouth, Will wondered if he’d get hard again. Three girls? How on earth am I going to satisfy three sexy girls?

“Bring him over, Char,” Kelsey said, breathless from Brie’s tongue lashing. “I want him to stick his tongue in me.”

They were like magic words. Will’s cock stopped deflating and started hardening. Charity helped him out of his clothes and led him by the hand to the window.

“Lick me, Honey,” Kelsey said, “and then fuck me nice.”

Will’s brain went on autopilot. The window and all it’s prying eyes blurred to nothingness. He tasted Kelsey’s womanly nectar, rose to his feet and fucked kağıthane escort her. She was the most perfect female he’d ever seen, let alone had his hands on.

“Fuck yeah!” Kelsey purred. “These fuckin’ windows make me wanna move down here! I love this shit!”

She revved up quickly into a fuck machine, meeting Will’s energetic thrusts with flesh-slapping gusto.

“Fuck!” she gasped, as Will’s upturned cock tickled her insides. “Line up everybody. Let him do us all.”

Brie and Charity giggled as they assumed the same position, one on either side of Kelsey, hands on glass, backs arched low, sweet asses out and ready. Will groaned when he saw the sight, his body thrusting smoothly like a man half his age.

“Fuck us all, Honey,” Kelsey said, even more breathless. “Show us what New York City’s all about.”

Will watched his slippery cock as he pulled it out of Kelsey’s perfect pussy, and he stepped behind Brie. She was his type, reminding him a little of his ex-wife when she was young.

“Oh, shit!” Brie yelped, surprised at how Kelsey’s lube job eased his entry. They were up to speed immediately. “Oh, fuck! Yeah, that’s it!”

“Fuckin’ hot, right?” Kelsey said, holding her position. “I can see people watching.”

Brie’s breathy moans rose to the singing tones Kelsey loved. Will loved it, too. When Brie spotted some of the voyeurs she let herself go, orgasming in soft waves of blurry heat.

“Yeah, Honey,” Kelsey said, encouraging Will’s energetic thrusting. “Doesn’t she cum nice?”

Brie’s head dropped between her arms and her body slowed and softened. Will pulled out, watching again as Brie’s pussy reluctantly let go of him.

“Charity’s waitin’ for you, Honey,” Kelsey said. “Stick it in me first, on your way.”

Will felt super-human when he slipped inside Kelsey again. He didn’t know why such a crazy thing was happening to him, but he didn’t care. His cock was hard and he was doing it. He was fucking three unbelievable hotties in the daylight, in his living room. Charity, she with the ass of asses, she with the throat of throats…she was next.

“You ready for sweet Charity, Honey?” Kelsey said, looking over her shoulder at Will’s blissful face as he fucked on. “She’s so tight she’ll make you hallucinate.”

Charity giggled.

“Our audience is growing,” Brie said, holding her fuckable position with her hands on the window.

Will grunted quietly when he pulled out of Kelsey. He dropped to his knees and licked the slippery cream off her pink pussy.

“Fuck yeah,” she purred.

Brie knew Kelsey needed to cum, so she took over for Will, on her knees behind her old friend. Kelsey giggled happily at the smooth hand-off.

Will shifted over to Charity, still on his knees, kissing the perfect curve of her ass, smelling the lovely scent that rose from her two openings. And what openings! Will’s mouth went to Charity’s beautiful, puffy pussy lips, his tongue cleaving through the slippery wetness, his taste buds erupting with her flavor.

Charity moaned. She watched three men in what looked like an office, not too far away. They were riveted to the action, with occasional comments to each other. She wondered what they were saying.

“Fuck me,” she said to Will. “Fuck me fuckin’ hard.”

Will stood and pressed his way into the tightest pussy he’d ever felt, groaning all the way in.

“Did I tell ya?” Kelsey said, breathless again from Brie’s tongue.

“Fffuucck!” Will moaned, thrusting slow and deep.

“You heard what she wants, Honey,” Kelsey said. “Fuck her hard.”

Charity’s head dropped as she put every muscle in her body to work absorbing Will’s pounding thrusts. Her gasping cries of love rang out in the nicely decorated room. Will’s dream-like vision focused on Charity’s hands, fingers spread wide on the glass. It didn’t take her long to get where she wanted to be, soaring on the edge of an orgasm. Kelsey was there, too, with one of her own, egging Brie on with urgent commands. Will’s focus shifted outward, to the men watching in the window across the way. His cock felt like magic, burning with sparks inside Charity’s squeezing pussy, melting down in a shower of feminine screams.

“Oh my God, I’m so happy you’re here!” Raymond said, hugging Kelsey first and then the other girls. “What do you think of the city so far?”

“We met the nicest guy,” Kelsey smiled. “Oh my God, your apartment is so cool!”

“Come on in,” Raymond said. “These are my roommates, Tsuneo and George. Normally we’d stay at work later but, well, you guys were coming, so…”

Kelsey, Brie and Charity went right to the stunned looking young men, introducing themselves and hugging them both. They were still in their work clothes — rumpled plaid button-down oxford shirts, George’s unbuttoned at the neck and Tsuneo’s buttoned high with a thin brown tie. George looked a bit more rumpled in his soft, well worn chinos. Tsuneo sported dark selvedge denim jeans on his shorter legs, with turned-up cuffs that didn’t sarıyer escort make him look any taller but added to his stylish nerd vibe.

“Where are you guys from?” Kelsey asked.

“San Fransisco,” Tsuneo said.

“Philadelphia,” George said, his voice almost a whisper.

“Tsuneo’s parents are from Japan,” Raymond said, helping out his nervous looking roommates. “We all ended up at the company the same way; they recruit right out of the good computer tech schools.”

“Cool!” Kelsey said. “We all went to college, too. I went to art school, and my girls here are both teachers.”

Tsuneo and George nodded, like they already knew. They knew about Kelsey’s porn career, too, and both were trying to soak in the visuals of her in-the-flesh body without being too blatant about it. Their hearts were pounding and they both felt a little dizzy. Having an honest to God porn star and her two sexy friends in their apartment was the highlight of their lives up to that point. When Raymond had told them about the upcoming visit, and that the girls would be staying right there at the apartment, Tsuneo and George couldn’t quite wrap their heads around the concept. Standing stiffly and awkwardly at their first meeting, it was clear they were still trying to process things.

“Raymond, did you tell them all about us?” Kelsey asked.

“Not really,” Raymond said, thinking about their naturist ways and all the orgies.

“You guys have degrees in computer science, right?”

Tsuneo and George nodded.

“So, you’re scientists,” Kelsey said. “You like to learn stuff and talk about stuff you know.”

Tsuneo and George nodded again.

“What do you know about human anatomy? You ever study girls?”

The two young men smiled nervously. One nodded and one shook his head.

“Want a crash course?” Kelsey asked. “Like, all weekend long?”

Tsuneo and George didn’t answer. They both looked a bit stunned.

“Here’s the deal,” she continued. “Raymond forgot to tell you, but us girls, we kinda hate wearin’ clothes, so we’re not gonna wear any when we’re here at the apartment if you guys don’t mind. You guys can try it too if you want. We can all study each other and learn and stuff. It’ll be like science.”

Charity and Brie smiled at their friend, marveling at how she always got right to the point in a way that fit the situation. Charity was still plenty horny from the wildly erotic hour at Will’s apartment, so she took the lead and started unbuttoning her shirt.

“It’s not, like, rocket science or anything,” she said as her lacy bra came into view. “It’s just so much more comfortable. You guys don’t mind, do you?”

Raymond was trying to fight off a smile. Tsuneo and George didn’t move a muscle as they watched the three sexy girls unveil their perfect bodies. There was so much to look at all of the sudden, both of their hyper-intelligent brains nearly overloaded. George actually got dizzy and weak in the knees. He hadn’t eaten much that day, but still, the situation at hand was mind-boggling to him.

“So what do you guys normally do after work?” Kelsey asked, walking nonchalantly to the window in nothing but little ankle socks. Charity and Brie kept their little socks on, too.

“We usually stay there until eight, nine, ten o’clock,” Raymond said. “There’s not a lot of downtime. There’s an awesome cafeteria with a chef who’s really cool, and ping-pong tables and a gym room and stuff. It gets to be like home after a while.”

“Yeah, but you couldn’t do this, right?” she said, turning to show her full-frontal nudity again, to make her point. “Sound’s like you should take advantage of the privacy you’ve got here.”

Raymond smiled. “What do you think, guys?” he asked his roommates. “You need a drink first?”

“It wouldn’t hurt,” Tsuneo said, breaking his stunned silence. “So it’s going to be like this…all weekend?”

“Naked, you mean?” Kelsey said. “Yeah, Honey. It’s okay, right? I mean, you’re not, like, Muslim or somethin’ are ya?”

“Kel, he’s Japanese,” Raymond said, smiling a little.

“I know, but, I didn’t wanna offend him or anything. Sometimes I get carried away.”

“I can assure you I’m not offended,” Tsuneo said. His face was straight, but his eyes were twinkling.

“So, Japanese, that’s probably Buddhist, right?” Charity asked. “What do they think about sex?”

“To be honest, I’ve never studied it,” Tsuneo said, trying his best to keep his eyes up on Charity’s face. “I could call my mom and ask her.”

Kelsey was glad to see the little smile light up his eyes even more. “Tell her you’ve got three insatiable naked girls in your room,” she said. “Ask her what Buddha would do.”

“He was a guy, right?” Charity said.

“I don’t think we should be talking about this,” Tsuneo said.

“Charity’s a big-time Christian,” Kelsey said. “Studied it in Bible school and stuff.”

“Really?” Tsuneo said. “Divinity school, you mean?”

“No!” Charity said. “K thru twelve. Just Bible school.”

“I sorta sefaköy escort did that,” George said, breaking his nervous silence. “Just for high school, though. Catholic.”

“Nice!” Kelsey said. “So we got all kinds of religion represented here. I fuckin’ love that.”

“Why?” Raymond asked, looking bemused.

“Cause I love blowin’ that shit outta the water with a good orgy. Life’s too short, you know?”

“Is that what this is?” Tsuneo asked. “An…orgy?”

“Not ’till you guys get your boners out in the open,” Kelsey said. “Where’s those drinks Raymond? I’ll help you.”

“I bought some beer for the guys,” Raymond said, as he walked with Kelsey to the tiny kitchen. “They don’t really drink hardly at all. I got this local bourbon for you guys. The guy at the store said there’s a lot of distilleries in Brooklyn. He likes this one best.”

“Cool!” Kelsey said. She picked up the bottle, looked it over, opened it and gave it a sniff. “Ooo, that smells wicked, Honey. Jeeze, you got enough for a huge party. Wanna invite the neighbors over?”

“You probably would,” Raymond said. “They’re mostly guys for some reason.”

“We got nice even numbers for tonight,” Kelsey said, “but how ’bout for tomorrow we invite Ashley and those two girls from work you mentioned at Christmas? Think Tsunie and Georgie can handle it?”

“Ha!” Raymond chuckled. “I have no idea.”

“You may have to take us all on yourself,” Kelsey said as she finished pouring the bourbon into mismatched glasses. She pressed her naked body against Raymond and wrapped her arms around him. “You hard yet, Loverboy? I’ve missed you. We all have. It sucks that you don’t live closer.”

Raymond hugged Kelsey tight, feeling the warmth of her skin, remembering…everything.

“When you make your first million,” Kelsey said softly, “you’ll buy a second home up near us, right? So we can all be together again? A private one with a nice pool in the back,” she said, still hugging tight. “Just like our first time. Remember, Raymond? Remember our first time, when I pulled down your swimsuit and filled my mouth with you?”

Kelsey slithered downward to a sexy squat. Raymond was hard and ready for her when she unfastened his pants, pulling them down the same way she’d pulled down the swimsuit, freeing the big cock that had so surprised her all those years ago.

“God I love your cock, Honey,” she purred, letting her hand caress warm balls before gathering up the hardness. “I dream about it sometimes, you and me…”

Raymond groaned when his throbbing shaft slipped into the familiar wet heat of Kelsey’s skilled mouth. “Me too,” he said on a breathy whisper. “Me too…”

“Shit, you guys,” Charity said, when she entered the kitchen. “Nothin’ like startin’ without us.”

“I don’t know what you’re waitin’ for, Honey,” Kelsey said to her, stroking Raymond’s wet shaft next to her cheek. “We gotta get the work stress outta these boys.”

“Pants off, guys,” Charity commanded, drinks in hand as she returned to the little living room. “We’re only here for a couple days you know.”

Tsuneo burst into sudden action and George followed his lead. Clothes where coming off at a rapid pace. Charity and Brie giggled as they moved in on the two young men, and both of the newbies groaned deep, masculine moans when soft, warm, feminine hands caressed their sweaty hardness.

The drinks sat untouched on the cocktail table in the middle of the room as the little orgy got up to speed. Neither Tsuneo nor George could quite believe their eyes when Kelsey the porn star came to vivid life, riding them both on the floor, one right after the other. They both fucked Charity doggy style because the sight of her ass demanded it. Brie was feeling frisky, jumping from boy to boy with girlish abandon, making Raymond smile with memories of her at her first swinger party at Kelsey’s parents house, out by their pool, sampling the myriad pleasures of all the older men in attendance.

“Easy, Brie,” Raymond giggled as she bounced wildly on George’s bright-red cock. “You’ll break my friends.”

“If they don’t fuck me harder,” she grunted through clenched teeth, “I’ll break you, too!”

All watched as she drove herself to the crescendo of the first evening’s playtime, letting out a feminine wail that curled everyone’s toes.

“Fuck yeah!” she screamed, and then her eyes rolled back in her head, and she was a bouncing, gurgling ragdoll.

“Keep fuckin’ her, Georgie!” Kelsey yelled. “Do it!…Do it!”

George was on stunned autopilot, thrusting up hard and fast into the sweetest, sexiest girl he’d ever seen, nearly levitating her wildly orgasmic body.

“Fuck yeah!” Kelsey cheered. “Woo, hoooo! We partyin’ now!”

The next morning, for the first time in their lives, Tsuneo and George both woke with a naked girl in their bed. Tsuneo looked at Charity, sprawled on her back with her lovely tits moving slowly as she breathed, and couldn’t quite believe his eyes. He touched her arm softly, just to be sure. Yes, there was a naked girl in his bed, and he’d fucked her so many times and so many ways it boggled his mind.

George had a similar first few moments of wakefulness, and then his mind went to pregnancy as he scanned Brie’s beautiful, sleeping face. Three men’s cum is inside all of the girls, he thought to himself as he re-lived some of the wild night in his mind. Can you really do that? Can they really do that?

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