Kelly’s Boots Pt. 02: Planning


The next morning whilst having breakfast Shaun broached the threesome suggestion again.

“Let’s talk about you wanting a threesome shall we,” he said as he bit into his toast.

Going slightly pink and shuffling in her seat, “ok. I want to have a threesome. I get super horny thinking of having 2 cocks to play with at once!”

“Well I guessed that since you said you wanted one. I meant more about who this other person is. Who what where and how is what I want to know,” Shaun said laughing.

“Well, there’s a lad at work, he’s younger than us, mid 20s. He’s just got out of a relationship where she was cheating. I figured we want a new party member and he needs cheering up. Win win,” she replied with a cheeky smile.

“Hmm. Ok. Understandable. What’s he like?” Shaun asked before biting his toast once again.

“Well he’s tall, dark haired, very handsome and drives all the ladies at work mad!”

“Ok, sounds good to me,” Shaun said with a smile. “How do you know he would be into something like this?” Shaun added.

“Well I don’t really, but I’ll broach it with him.”

“Ok, I’ll leave that to you,” Shaun laughed. “I’ve thought about where and I don’t really want another person in our bed, that’s our space.”

“100% agree with that one. I fancied a hotel anyway, just adds to naughtiness for some reason.” Kelly replied as Shaun nodded in agreement.

“Right. Protection,” Shaun said with a serious look on his face. “We don’t use a condom because of the pill. Is he going to be bagging up?”

Kelly went slightly pink again, “Well. Erm. I know he’s not got anything as he told us all at work he had to go get checked with his ex cheating on him. They did a little silly cake for him being all clear and stuff. So based on that, I’d be happy for him not to wear one. Plus, i might get him to cum in my mouth… or other places!”

“Fuck me, you’re really pulling out the fantasies on me here aren’t you!” Steve said slightly shocked at what he was hearing. He hadn’t even realised his raging boner that had appeared, trying to burst from his shorts.

“I’m sorry, we can drop it if you like?” Kelly said ankara olgun escort honestly.

“No, no it’s fine. Let’s do this. Truth be told I’m loving the idea!”

“Eeeek,” Kelly shrieked as she clapped her hands. “I’ll start dropping hints and see if he’s interested tomorrow at work!”

Monday morning same and Shaun was sat scrolling through his phone with a cup of coffee before he set off to work as he heard Kelly walk downstairs. His ears pricked up to sound of a heel on the hard wood floor in the hallway. His cock began to harden to a semi as he heard her steps get closer to the kitchen where he was sat.

She came into view and Shaun’s mouth dropped. “You look so fucking sexy!”

His eyes shooting up and down her to take in her outfit. Her tight, dark silk blouse tucked into her blue skinny jeans. The ones that really showed off her peachy arse. Finished off with her shoes, they were the black leather barely there high heeled sandals. One thin line of leather over the knuckle of her toes and a strap around the ankle with leather around the back of her Achilles. Her red toenails on show. The arch of her foot was in full view, along with the tattoo on the side of her foot. Perfect.

“Thank you,” Kelly giggled. “Thought you might approve.”

She stepped over to Shaun. “I’m running late so I need to go, I’ll tell you tonight how it goes,” she said before kissing him, briefly slipping her tongue in his mouth.

“Ok. See you tonight.” Shaun said as he watched Kelly’s arse leave the room.

The day seemed to drag for Shaun before they both got home. He burst through the door and shouted, “hello!”

“Up here,” Kelly shouted back from the bedroom.

Shaun removed his coat and hung it up before going upstairs. He entered the bedroom where Kelly was sat on the bed with her black leather over the boots on. “Good day?” He asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Yeah, not bad thanks. You?” Kelly responded.

“It’s dragged! That’s for sure,” he replied. “Now I’m not not complaining, but why do you have your boots on?”

“Well ankara ucuz escort I have some good news for you,” Kelly said with a huge grin appearing in her face. “He’s in!”

“Brilliant!” Shaun said excitedly. “I wasn’t expecting an answer so quick.”

“No me neither, but we were talking and I noticed him check me out a few times so I just came out and asked him. Quietly of course. He wanted to see my boots, so I’ve just sent him a picture.

“Ok, cool. So when?” Shaun asked as he got excited.

“This weekend! He’s booked a hotel room. I booked one for us. We’re gonna all get showered, meet in the bar for a drink then you two are gonna fuck. Me. Good!” Kelly said in a sexy tone as she pulled Shaun into her and started undoing his belt.

“Wow that’s soon. I’m fine with it but just didn’t expect this to all happen to quickly,” Shaun said before realising Kelly was undoing his jeans. “You excited then?” he added as Kelly pulled his boxers down to unveil his rock hard cock.

“Fuck yeah,” Kelly said before she took the head of Shaun’s cock into her mouth followed by as much of the shaft as she could handle. She sucked his cock like he had never felt before. She must have been super horny.

Kelly’s head was bobbing up and down, Shaun ran his fingers through her hair and grabbed hold of her hair, still letting her take the lead. She loved it when he grabbed her hair. She continued to suck for a minute before standing up and kissing Shaun, he loved tasting his pre cum from her mouth. They continued kissing as Shaun undid Kelly’s jeans. He pushed her lightly on the bed to sit her down and knelt in front of her.

“Let’s get these jeans off,” he said with conviction. Shaun ran his hands from her knee down her boot to her ankle where her took the back of her heel in one hand and eased the boot off her foot. Slowly he removed the boot from her leg before doing the same to the other. Kelly stood and took her jeans off. Sitting back down she she said, “now put them back on please!”

“With pleasure,” Shaun replied with a smile.

He ankara yabancı escort took one of her boots in his hand and ruffled it up to make it easier for Kelly to slide her foot in. He stuck his nose inside the boot and took a deep breath in through his nose. The smell was intoxicating. Kissing Kelly’s foot before hand he then helped her back into her boots. The unmistakable thud of her foot seating in the boot properly for some reason gave Shaun an extra boost of arousal.

“Right where were we,” Shaun said as he stood up.

“Hmm I think I remember,” Kelly said with a sexy tone.

As Kelly knelt down and took Shaun in her mouth she felt his hands firmly in her hair again. Her hand wandered into her knickers as she ran her finger down her dripping fanny. She put her finger tip on her clit and began to play with herself. Her moans vibrated onto Shaun’s cock as she had her lips sealed round his shaft. Running her tongue slowly around his head she looked up to make eye contact. As their eyes met Kelly slowly took Shaun into her mouth. He watched as his cock disappeared into her mouth before her head began bobbing again.

“Oh yeah,” Shaun mumbled. “I’m gonna cum!” He said as he thrust slightly.

Kelly took him out of her mouth, “Me too! fuck me!”

Shaun pulled her up and turned her around. Kelly climbed onto the bed on all fours. Shaun moved closer, pushing her kickers to the side he lined his cock up with Kelly’s dripping fanny. With ease he slipped his length in with an extra thrust at the end as he grabbed her hips.

“Ohh yeah, fuck me!” Kelly moaned as she reached down to play with her clit again. Her fingers flicked quickly round her clit as she felt Shaun thrust into her with passion and lust. It didn’t take long for Kelly to feel an orgasm begin to wave through her. Shaun was also close, and she knew it as he had sped up and was now fucking her hard and fast grabbing a handful of her hair just how she liked it. Shaun’s free hand was exploring the outside of Kelly’s boots, rubbing his hands down her calf and holding her foot. Kelly was in ecstasy as she felt Shaun fucking her hard. She felt her orgasm grip her body as Shaun thrust into her and groaned as he came inside her. He continued thrusting into her for a few seconds longer.

They both collapsed on the bed, Shaun pulling Kelly close into him. “I think it’s pretty clear we’re both turned on by this threesome idea!” He said.

“Yeah I think so too,” Kelly said as she looked up at Shaun with his eyes closed.

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