Kelli – The Roommate


Author’s note: Hello, my name is Kelli. I am a woman that openly admits to loving sex and enjoying the sexual experiences that I have been able to have. I have decided that I would like to share some of those experiences through writing as I have always enjoyed reading erotic literature. I by no means am a professional writer so I apologize for any writing errors that may occur. I would also like to state that although I don’t call out any ages during the story that everyone in it was 18 or older. That being said I hope everyone enjoys and I’m always open to feedback.


High school graduation usually means it’s time to start looking at being an adult or at least that’s what my parents told my brother and I. We were told that after we graduated we had a year to go to college or find a job and start working. After that year was over if we didn’t go to college than we had to start paying rent to stay in the house. Honestly neither my brother nor me thought this was unfair at all.

My brother’s friend Lance did not get quite the same deal though. The day after graduation he was told he had a week to make arrangements and move out. I wasn’t sure of the details but I’ve been told he was given a speech about being a man and learning to make his own way. Needless to say working part time at Target did not give Lance a lot of money or a lot of options to get his own place.

It was at this point that my brother approached my parents. Him and Lance had been friends for years and he didn’t want to see his friend out on the street so he asked if he could move into our spare bedroom until he found a better job. The unofficial plan was that my brother was hoping to go full-time at the news station where he worked and hopefully get a place with Lance when he went full-time at Target. My parents being who they are agreed as long as Lance took care of his own food.

As for me I decided to take a year break between high school and college. I wanted some time to myself and some time to figure out what I really wanted to do. My cousin and I had applied for an apartment together already but there was a long waiting list on the one we wanted to move into so we were looking at several months before even getting a place. I decided to keep my job as a waitress since I made good money with tips and everything. When I heard that Lance was moving in with us I was pretty indifferent to it. I knew him but we weren’t friends or anything. I always found him kind of stuck up in my personal opinion.

The first couple of months were basically Trabzon Escort business as normal. We all went to work, came home, went out with friends, and did as we had always done. Having Lance in the house was just like having one of my brother’s friends over but most of the time. He worked the stocking crew at night at Target so I really didn’t see him too much. It took him two months to find another job at a plant we had here and switch to a regular schedule. My brother was still only working part-time so their apartment ideas were still on hold.

About a month after that I got home from work after closing and went to my room. I passed Lance’s room and could hear his television on but I didn’t think much of it. I went to my room and stripped down to a camisole and my thong as I did most night to go to sleep. I then left my bedroom and walked to the bathroom to finish getting ready. I was shocked when I was about five feet from the bathroom and ran into Lance heading in the same direction. He was standing there in just a pair of Nike shorts. We both stopped and just kind of looked at each other for a moment, neither of us saying anything.

It was at this point that I happened to notice that Lance had quiet the hard on and was very gifted or he had something stuffed into his shorts. I kept glancing down at it before I caught him smiling. I had been caught. I tried to kind of laugh it off at first but he kept smiling. It was then that I remember I was standing in front of him in a thin camisole and a thong. Most of the time no one was around so walking to the bathroom half naked wasn’t an issue. I could see his eyes going all over my body and I guess I could have said something if I wasn’t doing the same to him.

Finally, the silence was broken as Lance asked me if I wanted to touch it. I guess I should have thought about being in the middle of the hallway or being caught but I have to admit the sight before me had begun to excite me. I stepped forward grabbing the waistband of his shorts and pulling them forward. Inside was what had to be eleven inches of hard cock ready for action. I couldn’t help it now if I wanted to. I reached into his shorts and wrapped my hand around the shaft and started gently stroking it. I turned my eyes back up to Lance’s face to find him smiling. It took me a second to feel his hand reach in between my legs and start rubbing against my vagina on the outside of my thong, it felt great. We stood there for a couple of minutes touching and feeling before Lance asked if we could go Trabzon Escort Bayan back to my room. All I could muster was a head nod as I released him and turned around.

We both walked into my room with me leading and Lance following. He closed the door after him as I climbed onto my bed. I left my clothes on but laid on my bad and spread my legs open. He came over and got on my bed positioning himself between my legs and leaning on to me. He then put his face forward and our lips met. His tongue parted my lips and my met his as then began to dance. He pushed his hips forward and I could feel the beast in his pants pushing against me increasing my want and desire. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him closer to me as he continued to grind against me.

Soon our lips parted and he began kissing down my neck and chest. Soon I felt him pulling down on my camisole and I felt the thin fabric come off of my nipples. Then I felt warm breath as he took the first one into his mouth and began sucking. It felt great as he went back and forth sucking on each one and gently pulling on the other but I know what I wanted and I was starting to really want it. He was moving down again and then I felt his hands grab the sides of my thong. I lifted my hips as he pulled them off of me. He took them off and threw them to the side of the bed. He started running his finger along my slit gently pushing before he decided to insert one finger into me. As it pushed in I gave off a sigh of enjoyment. He continued to move it in and out as he lowered his head and his tongue made contact. As he ran his tongue along me in combination with his finger I closed my eyes and started breathing heavily. I had to try and keep somewhat quiet as my parent’s room was directly above mine.

Lance pulled his head back and took his finger out as he got off of my bed. He dropped his shorts at the side exposing the glistening head of his cock covered with precum. He came over by my face pushing his hips forward. I reached out grabbing the shaft once again and leaning my head in with my mouth open. When I knew the head was in my mouth I closed my lips around it and began sliding them down the shaft. My tongue felt his head as it made contact. I pushed deeper until he was at the back of my mouth and I was just about to gag before starting to pull him back. I went all the way back meeting in s soft kiss at the tip of his penis. I could taste the precum in my mouth. I ran my tongue across the head and down the shaft before taking him in again. I only did Escort Trabzon a couple of deep strokes before he pulled it away from me.

Lance climbed back between my legs but there was nothing in the way now. Neither one of us hesitated as I spread my legs further and he pushed into me without even slowing down. It took everything I had not to moan or scream as my head went back. He started fucking me as fast as he could and I had to clasp both hands over my mouth to try and muffle the noise. Lance either wasn’t worried or didn’t care as he just pushed my legs open more and thrust faster and deeper. One minute in and I was going through an orgasm. I gave up the hands and grabbed a pillow putting it over my face. As I tightened up going through an orgasm I thought he had to be closed but he showed no signs of slowing down. Another couple of minutes and I was reaching orgasm number two. Lance was going faster and harder as he buried his dick inside of me. He had begun breathing heavier but didn’t look like he was ready to stop and he didn’t even miss beat pushing me through orgasm number two.

I was actually on the way to orgasm number three when Lance pinned me down pushing my legs up and out. I thought I could feel him in my stomach he was so deep and another part of me felt like my legs were going to tear off. It seemed like he had me pinned for several minutes before he released and pulled out of me. I relaxed feeling the soreness in my legs and hips, tossing my crushed pillow to the side. Lance laid down next to me and once again we didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes. Finally, I told him he should probably go back to his room. As he stood up and pulled back on his shorts I saw his cock with cum still hanging off of it. It finally clicked that we hadn’t used a condom and he had cum in me. I waited for a little while before going to the bathroom and taking a shower.

Two weeks later I found out that I was not pregnant. Lance and I had never said anything about being concerned but when I subtly dropped the news one night when we were talking you could see him relax and I’ll admit it relaxed me. About a week after that we had sex again, this time using a condom. For the next three months we would often have sex at night. We never told anyone but for both of us it was just sex, nothing long term. The thing that ended it was my parents finding a used condom and thinking it was my brother’s. I could let him take the fall so I admitted to it being mine and logic pointed out that Lance had been the one wearing it. Shortly after Lance had an out of state opportunity so he moved out and about a month later my cousin and I got our apartment together. He actually moved back about a year later and started dating my cousin. I always found it kind of funny that him and I used to fuck before they did.

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