Keeping the Wife Happy

Big Tits

This is a sequel to the story “The Layover”, it will make a bit more sense if you read that first. As always thanks to my editor CheerSmartie_526. I hope you enjoy the story. I appreciate any comments you have.



Kara heard the garage door open before the headlights of Evan’s car flashed across the window. She picked up her vibrator and slipped it back into her nightstand, happy that she would not need it tonight. She had used it more times in the week Evan had been gone that she had in the past few years. It could make her come but never fully satisfied her. The same was true for the shower massage. It wasn’t just Evan’s absence that had made her so horny; she knew what he had done.

It wasn’t a huge surprise when her friend Shelly had called and confessed that Evan had joined her and her husband in a threesome. Kara knew that Shelly and Taylor we sexually adventurous and Evan always seemed to be insatiable when it came to sex. More than once Shelly had hinted that, she would not complain if Evan satisfied his urges with another woman so long as he did not shirk in his responsibilities as a husband. Tonight was going to be a test of how well he kept his end of the bargain.

The garage door had not finished closing and Evan had already exited his car and put one foot into the house. To say he was eager to see his wife would be an understatement. He had no doubt that Kara would know about his encounter with Shelly and Taylor. If he knew one thing about Shelly it was her weakness for gossip, even if it was about herself. Kara was quite the opposite, keeping things under wraps until someone pried it out of her. In some of the conversations he had with Kara during his trip she had dropped hints that she knew what happened, but never outright asked him about it.

As he closed the door to the garage the sound of Kara’s feet padding down the upstairs hallway reached his ears. Evan galloped up the stairs, taking two at a time. His carry-on bag slapped against his ass with each stride. At the top of the stair he met his wife and embraced her.

“I missed you,” he said. He had missed a lot of things about her, from sitting in bed and reading together to the sound of her laugh. Now that he felt her body against his it was the physical aspect of their relationship that had most of his attention. Although his trip had started off with a threesome the rest of it has been a sexual desert. The site he had been working at had been a sausage fest, and the few women there had no shortage of suitors.

“Oh really,” she replied with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Somehow knowing that he had fucked Shelly made Evan even sexier. Kara wondered if she had a thing for bad boys, or maybe it was a need to prove she was better than her friend. The one thing about Shelly’s story that had been most interesting was the idea of coming over and over again. Kara decided she didn’t want more than one dick; she just wanted more than one orgasm.

“Yes really,” he replied, “I brought you something.” Evan set down his bag and extracted a small box.

She took the box from him and opened, extracting a silver necklace

“I like it, but what I really want is to know how the thing with Shelly and Kyle happened. I don’t want the nitty gritty details, I’m just curious what that little tramp did to cause my faithful husband to stray,” she said with a devious smile.

“Well, it started with her parading around the house naked. That does tend to bring all the boys to the yard. If you are interested in a little quid pro quo I’m sure she would pimp out Taylor to you,” he said.

Kara smiled, “I don’t want all the boys, and I just want you.”

“That’s all, eh?” he questioned.

“Well, I would not complain if I ended up with a story that made Shelly wish she was here,” she replied.

“I think I can help you with that,” he said, stroking her hair. He could see her nipples though her pajama top and his cock went from swelling to fully erect in a matter of seconds. He dropped his bag on the floor and pulled her body against his.

“Would you like me to parade around in the nude?” she asked. She wondered if he even noticed the slight change in syntax. Naked sounded slutty; even though nude meant the same thing it she preferred it.

“I’d like nothing more,” he replied. It was a little white lie, there were a few things he would like more, but seeing Kara without any clothes on was a good start. He met her gaze and returned her smile, then watched her slender fingers unfasten each button of her pajama top. When she was done she did not remove it, but let it hang open, revealing the gentle curve of her breasts but still concealing her erect nipples. She reached behind her back and began to push her pajama bottoms down. Kara leaned forward slightly, giving him an excellent view of her cleavage but still denying him the full sight of her breasts. When the waistband of her pants reached her knees gravity took over and the garment fell to the ground. Kara Antalya Escort stood up again. The gap in her pajama top was wide enough for him to see the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair and just a bit of the tender flesh below it.

Instead of being embarrassed about her impromptu striptease Kara found it arousing. She found the way Evan shamelessly devoured her exposed flesh with his eyes flattering. She was especially pleased by the amount of time he spent staring at her breasts. Shelly had much larger breasts and Kara had been concerned that Evan would find her B cups less attractive after experiencing Shelly’s impressive D cup tits. Evan’s lustful stare told her that those fears were without merit. She dropped her left shoulder, letting the silky pajama top side off, and then did the same with the right. The top of her breasts were exposed now, but the material had snagged on her swollen nipples. She relaxed her arms and the pajama top fell to the floor, leaving her completely nude.

“Where should I parade around, perhaps the kitchen?” she teased.

“No, I want you in the bedroom,” Evan growled, picking up his bag.

Kara took a step forward and pressed her hand against the bulge in his pants, “I could give you a blowjob right here.”

“No, I want you in the bedroom,” he replied. He had very specific plans for her.

As he followed his wife down the hall Evan stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. When he saw her stop beside the bed he spit out his next order, “Lie down in the middle of the bed.”

“On my back?” she asked.

“Yes, on your back,” he replied. Her question threatened to take him down a rabbit hole. The things he would do to her if she was tied to the bed face down and ass up. Evan forced himself to focus on his plan. He had thought of nothing else the entire journey home. He set his bag on the bed and opened it.

“How much did Shelly tell you?” he asked as he reached into the bag.

“She said you made out with Taylor, and that you were naked when you did it,” she said with a sigh.

“Is that jealousy I hear in your voice?” he asked.

“Maybe, I mean two hot men… hot naked men, that right there is enough to make me jealous… and to watch you touch each other…Mmmmm,” she replied.

Evan pulled a wrist cuff out of the bag and put it on his wife. She offered token resistance but in less than a minute her arm was secured to the bed frame. He stacked the pillows against the headboard.

“I need you on the pillows, sitting up like you do when you read,” he said as he picked up his bag and walked to the opposite side of the bed.

“What am I getting myself into?” she asked as she moved awkwardly into position. Having one arm tied up made it difficult to move. She watched him walk around the bed. He was wearing a tight Tee shirt, his chest hair spilled out of the V neck. She could see his erection straining against the button fly of his jeans. He grabbed her free arm and applied the other restraint to it. The leather bands were smooth and soft, but held her wrist snugly. He threaded the tongue of the band through the brass buckle then attached the cuff to the bed frame.

“A good time, that’s what you are getting into” he said, “Did Shelly tell you I came in her mouth? She doesn’t spit, she swallows.”

“No,” she replied, noting the glint in his eye, “do you expect me to do that?” It had been established that on the rare occasions he came in her mouth that she was a spitter. Kara wasn’t sure why she objected to swallowing. She had only done it once, and that was by accident.

“Maybe, you will have to wait and see,” he replied, clearing enjoying taunting her. He grabbed her leg and wrapped a restraint around her ankle. A few minutes later she was tied to the bed spread eagle.

Pulling on the restraints Kara started to feel a little uneasy. She noticed Evan had his hand in the bag again. She wondered what else he had in there. A blindfold? A gag? Her eyes were glued to the bag, she let out a gasp when his hand emerged holding a small flogger.

“That looks like it could be painful,” she said.

“Not this time,” Evan replied, draping the leather tendrils over her naked breast.

An n unexpected flush of warmth spread over her body when she felt the flogger against her skin. She wondered if this was something he had picked up from his night with Shelly and Taylor. If he had she would have to chastise Shelly for keeping such a decadent secret.

“Your safe word,” Evan said slowly, “is Humpty Dumpty. That’s the red word, there is no yellow. It’s all or nothing. The second you say it everything stops and you get your pajamas back.”

It was a calculated risk. Evan was counting on her curiosity being stronger than her fears. He had what he felt was a well thought out plan. Thinking about what he would do to his wife was his only sexual outlet during his trip. Thinking of ways to make his wife come seemed a better use of time than sitting Antalya Escort Bayan around the bar with a bunch of guys.

She had to admit he was clever. He knew she was horny and he was exploiting her condition to push her limits. She felt the flogger swishing back and forth across her body. He had started with her neck and was working his way down. He taunted her by making a figure eight pattern around her tits, just touching the outer perimeter before moving down. Her nipples were so swollen they ached. When he reached her ribs Evan lifted the flogger off her skin. He flicked his wrist and the leather slapped against her skin with a loud crack. It was almost painful, but in an arousing way.

“Oh,” Kara cried out.

“Just a reminder that ‘oh’ is not the safe word,” Evan teased.

“I know,” she replied. Kara considered adding that she did not want him to stop, but could not admit out loud that she wanted him to hit her again.

“It hardly seems fair that I’m completely nude and you still have most of your clothes on,” she protested.

“Be careful what you wish for,” he replied, striking her oblique with the flogger.

“I’m just saying I wouldn’t complain if you gave me a little eye candy,” she said.

There was a reason he had kept his clothes on. Seeing Kara stripped naked and tied up entirely too much of a temptation. Evan knew the moment he took of his clothes the desire to be inside her would be unstoppable, and that was not his plan. He wondered if she knew he was teasing himself just as much, if not more, than he was teasing her. He slapped the flogger against her thigh and she gasped for breath. His eyes locked on her mouth and the way her lips formed a circle. All he could think of was shoving his dick between them over and over until he came. Shaking his head he forced himself to focus on the plan.

“I guess you deserve something for behaving so well,” he said, stripping off his T-shirt and tossing it onto the bed, revealing the taut six-pack Kara drooled over so often.

The sensation of the leather slapping against her skin was right on the edge being painful. Later she would wonder how he learned to wield the toy so well, but right now she was just enjoying his expertise. He worked his way down one leg. Much to her surprise he even whipped the bottoms of her feet. As he worked his way back up her other leg she felt her sex begin to tingle with anticipation. She wondered what the leather would feel like against her vulva.

Placing one knee on the bed Evan leaned forward and looked at Kara’s pussy. Her skin was flushed and had a slight pink tint to it. Her labia glistened with wetness. He paused and thought about how she would feel against his lips, his hand and his cock. Taking a deep breath he dragged the strips of leather over her sex and was rewarded with the sound of her gasping for breath. After the first stroke he pressed the handle against her skin just above her clitoris.

“Oh,oh, oh,” she moaned. Kara wasn’t sure if she wanted to admit how much she was enjoying what he was doing. Being tied up and whipped was putting her at the edge of her comfort zone, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to encourage Evan to go any further, but wasn’t about to stop him. She heard the distinct sound of a button fly opening and turned her head to see Evan removing his pants. As he tugged on the denim she saw his erection spring into view, telling her that her husband wasn’t wearing underwear. Before she knew it he was straddling her torso, his knees against her armpits. He shoved the tip of his cock against her lips.

“You asked if I was going to make you swallow. I’m actually going to leave that decision to you. I will tell you I’m not getting off you until I come,” he said, “now open your mouth.”

Kara complied without thinking. She felt his rigid shaft slide into her mouth. He continued to grasp his cock; his hand was pressed against her mouth.

“When I’m about to come I’m going to pull out. You can close our mouth and I will come on your face, or you can leave your mouth open and swallow,” he explained.

Despite the fact that neither option sounded very appealing, being forced to choose the lesser evil turned her on. Kara could not understand why the choice of having cum dripping off her face or down her throat was arousing, but she could not deny how wet it was making her.

Evan pulled his hand back slightly, just enough so he could see Kara’s lips wrapped around his dick. He wasn’t sure what he would call what they were doing. It was about half her giving him a blowjob and about half him jacking off. He did know that he liked it. His erection was dripping wet from being in her mouth and slid easily through his hand.

“Oh Kara, this feels so good. You better make up your mind quickly, ah, ah, I love seeing you with my cock in your mouth,” he groaned.

The initial shock had worn off. Much to Kara’s surprise her state of arousal had not dropped much when Evan Escort Antalya stopped taunting her and started fucking her mouth. She could taste the pre-cum seeping out of his cock and tried to imagine what it would be like if she let him finish. She wondered if she could do it; let his hot, thick cum fill her mouth and flow down her throat.

The pressure in his balls was building rapidly. Evan knew that if he looked away he would last longer, but the sight of Kara sucking his dick was irresistible. He wondered if Kara knew how much he enjoyed watching her suck his cock. Seeing her lips wrapped around his throbbing erection was almost as much of a turn on as the feeling of her warm wet mouth around the head of his dick.

“Oh yes, you’re going to make me come baby,” he groaned, “What’s it going to be?”

A few drops of cum had leaked out of him and into her mouth, giving Kara a taste of what his orgasm would be like. A dull ache spread through her jaw as she considered her options. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and began to stroke it.

“Oh baby, I’m about to come…” he said. The tip of his cock had taken on a purplish hue and a few more drops of cum had seeped out. She could see another drop of cum drip out his cock. His dick was inches from her face. She could feel the heat of his erection on her face.

Kara closed her mouth but let the tip of her tongue protrude past her lips. She shut her eyes and seconds later she heard Evan let out a satisfied grunt. The first stream of cum splashed against the bottom of her chin, the second one landed a bit higher, coating her right cheek. The third and final squirt coated her lips and tongue, giving her a taste of what almost ended up in her mouth. She could feel the thick, hot liquid running down her face. She opened her eyes and saw that Evan was still stroking his cock. The last few drops of cum dripped out and landed on her tits. He was grinning wildly. She wanted to make a smart assed remark, but didn’t want to open her mouth and let the cum that covered her lips flow into her mouth.

Coming on Kara’s face was a much bigger turn on that he expected it to be. Even though it was essentially jacking off, seeing the pearly liquid splatter across his wife’s face intensified his orgasm. He picked up his tee shirt and blotted most of his thick goo off her face.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” she asked.

“I think you missed your calling, you look good with money shot on your face. You should have been a porn star,” he replied.

“I’ll keep my day job, thank you very much,” was her snarky reply.

“Hold this,” he said, putting the handle of the flogger in her mouth. She sank her teeth into the leather handle. The leather strips lay against her shoulder and she felt the unexpected desire to feel their sting again.

It was time of the next part of his plan. Evan leaned forward and kissed Kara on her cheek, then her jaw and finally her throat. He slowly worked his way down to her breasts, and kissed them alternately. With each kiss he moved closer and closer to her swollen nipples. Her breasts fit neatly in his hands, quite the contrast to the way Shelly’s big tits spilled out of his grasp. He decided he liked Kara’s perky B cups more as he wrapped his lips around the amber bud of her nipple.

The ache had returned to her jaw, but she wasn’t sure what he would do if she let the flogger fall out of her mouth. She turned her head from side to side just to feel the leather drag across her skin. The discomfort faded away as his tongue lashed against her tits. She could feel his mouth moving across her breast at a pace that was both excruciating and arousing. When his tongue swirled around her nipple, she felt the beginning of an orgasm. Entirely too soon his mouth resumed its southward journey. She wondered if he was getting a taste of his own medicine. She had felt the last bit of cum spill out of his flaccid cock and on to her ribs, which was about where his mouth was now. It didn’t seem to be slowing him down. She wondered if he had ever been snowballed, and decided the next time she let him come in her mouth she would be sure to share the experience.

With his elbows resting on the bed between Kara’s thighs Evan looked at her pussy again. It had become wetter since the last time he saw it and her skin was flushed bright red. He pressed one finger against her labia and watched the tip of his digit disappear from sight. Lowering his head Evan kissed her just below the spot where her pubic hair ended. He lifted his head and watched as he slid the rest of his finger inside her. This was the first time he had an unobstructed view of Kara getting finger fucked and he intended to take full advantage of it. He pulled his finger out and repeated the movement, this time with two fingers.

Her level of arousal rocketed past where it had been with Evan was teasing her with the flogger as his fingers penetrated her vagina. When his tongue danced around her clitoris, it became obvious he would continue teasing her. She could feel his mouth hovering just above her pussy. She wanted to beg him to go down her, but with the flogger still in her mouth all she could do was moan. She tugged on her restraints as his finger plunged into her vagina and pressed against her G spot.

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