KCTC Reporter Pt. 05


Raquel told Tom how to get to the KCTC business office in her congratulatory approval message, saying that it was downtown in the commercial district of the city. He arrived just in time for his appointment, and when he got out of his car, he looked up at the impressive glass-covered architecture of the high-rise office building. It had a very fancy entrance façade, and as he walked in he felt all tingly with excitement and anticipation. He went right past the listing of businesses near the main entrance, since Raquel had told him the KCTC wasn’t listed there anyway – for privacy reasons…

He got on the elevator and went to the top floor, and as he got out and walked into the hallway he saw that there were doors leading to businesses on either side of it. Raquel had been specific with her instructions about where to go after exiting the elevator, telling him to simply walk to the end of the hallway and look for the KCTC main entrance, so that’s what he did.

Sure enough, as he got toward the end of the hall he saw a wide, oversized door made of dark-colored wood. It was very expensive-looking compared with most of the other ones. There was a fancy gold and black plaque next to it that simply read “KCTC Inc.” It looked almost like any other business, but its elegant design was clearly a step up in terms of classiness and luxury.

‘Okay’, he thought, ‘this is it!’ He was nervous but very excited – in fact, as he drove downtown he hadn’t been able to control his arousal and his cock stayed hard in his pants! Also, because of Raquel’s explicit instruction not to wear any underwear, he just loved how it felt in there, all loose and free, sticking forward into one of his pants legs underneath his trousers. It was quite visible, too, and it caused him to feel very self-conscious – he could tell he was starting to blush.

But there was no turning back now, and he opened the large wooden door using the brass handle and walked in. He found himself in a long, wide hallway with rich, cherry-red wood covering every inch of the walls and ceiling. It had elaborate paneling and exquisite detail work, and it looked like the offices of a law firm or financial services company. Right away he was very impressed with the style of the elegant, classy interior design, and he actually found it to be a little intimidating.

As he followed it along toward the end of the interior hallway, it opened up into a large reception area that had a dramatically different appearance. It was all silvery and shiny, and it seemed like everywhere he looked there was a gleaming, reflective surface. The eye-catchingly flashy style of the walls captivated his gaze, and he saw that there were wall-to-wall mirrors on both sides of the room.

In the back corner of the room he noticed a large, clear acrylic spiral staircase with a matching clear curved handrail held up by circular pillars. There were floor-to-ceiling mirrors in back of it and on the side too, and it was obvious that anyone who walked up or down those stairs would be very much, shall we say, on display…

He noticed the presence of some other people sitting around the edges of the room, but before he observed anything else he caught a glimpse of some bright yellow and red colors in the reflection of one of the mirrors. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that it was coming from someone sitting at a desk at the back of the room, so he turned his head toward the center, and before he saw who it was he noticed that the whole back wall was made of floor-to-ceiling windows that showcased the entire office area behind them.

And then his eyes continued slowly toward that feminine flash of color being emitted, and it struck him how it was very much in contrast to all the shiny silvery surfaces of those mirrors and glass windows everywhere else. It really drew his eyes toward that area, and when he looked back there, that’s when he saw the totally hot-looking receptionist sitting at a desk along the back wall. He could feel his cock twitch the moment he laid eyes on her, with his lengthy period of denial of sexual release driving his arousal through the roof.

She was an absolutely captivating vison of feminine loveliness, and even though he knew he would probably see some incredibly gorgeous girls when he finally went in to the KCTC office, the sight of her still took his breath away. This stunning-looking young girl couldn’t have been more than 21 or 22 years old, and the first thing he noticed about her was her shoulder length bleach blonde hair that was a very light yellow color, with even lighter whitish highlights streaking through it. It had been fluffed and teased up wildly into what one might call a stereotypical bimbo-style hairdo, making it look all soft, wispy and silky.

She hadn’t acknowledged him yet as he began making his way across the overly large room, and he continued to look at her, seeing that she was seated behind a large, contemporary-looking desk with a clear acrylic design. The flat surface Ankara escort of it was very high up, at least a foot taller than a reservation desk at an airline. It was very unusual for an office environment to have the reception desk positioned so high up like that, and it was almost as though it was purposely designed to create a feeling of superiority for whomever was seated behind it…

And this hottie-girl was right there, perched up surprisingly high, seated on a very tall bar-stool swivel-style chair with a wide silver base. She looked quite regal sitting there, focusing on her computer screen, and he could hear the tippity-tapping sound of what he figured was probably her long fingernails working the keyboard. Suddenly he realized that she was sitting so high up that her feet were way up above the floor, which raised the obvious question of how she got herself up there…

But he barely had any time to think about that because it was also at that moment that her vanilla-scented, delicious-smelling perfume wafted into his nostrils, sending his mind reeling with its overpowering scent of feminine sensuality. It wasn’t subtle, in fact it was quite the opposite, and it had clearly been applied quite heavily because its powerful but lovely smell practically filled the room. As he continued toward her, his breath quickened and his cock throbbed with each beat of his pounding heart.

Right then he noticed that the height of the desk combined with the fact that it was clear and see-through meant he could easily see her body and check out what she was wearing. At first glance he could tell she had a very curvy and well-endowed figure, with large breasts, a trim waist and long legs, and she was dressed sexy too, wearing a low-cut, bright red angora sweater, a bright white skirt and white stockings. It also occurred to him the view of her would be simply magnificent from a seated position nearby because of the elevated height of that bar stool she had plopped herself up onto somehow…

He wanted to look more closely at her outfit; in fact, he was dying to visually inspect every inch of her in more detail. You see, it was Friday, and Brigitte had made it a point to tell him how all the KCTC girls were required to dress extra sexy on that particular day. But he figured the gorgeous receptionist might notice him at any moment and greet him, and he didn’t want to be rude by getting caught ogling her body in the very first minute of his initial KCTC encounter. So instead he kept his eyes focused on her face and hair as he approached, and the closer he got, the more he liked what he saw. One thing was for sure – this girl was HOT!

As he got halfway across the large reception area he observed that she was using a phone headset that had a fancy, minimalist design; it was simply one long shiny gold stalk that protruded forward from near her ear, curving out toward her gorgeous bright red lips. He couldn’t even tell how it attached to her head, but he really didn’t care, because its design didn’t interfere with her big poofy hairdo or the large, shiny gold hoop earrings she wore.

Thank god for that, because he had always loved the way those “hoochie girl” hoop earrings looked on hot women like her – and they fit this girl’s look perfectly. They swiveled and swayed every time she moved her head around, dangling delicately from the bottom of her shapely earlobes that were barely visible from under that fluffed up blonde hair of hers. He found the look of them to be as appealing as ever, perhaps even more so on this particular girl.

Anyway, right when he got close to the desk, which was pretty much at chest level, he found that since she was seated up so high, he was actually looking slightly upwards at her! And he didn’t get a chance to speak, because right then he heard the office telephone emit a soft ring tone, and he saw her push a button and say “KCTC, Cheri speaking, one moment, please hold.”

Those first few words out of her mouth instantly enchanted him because the tone of her voice had an ultra-feminine sweetness to it that was simply angelic. It was clear she was playing up her phone voice, so to speak, purposely talking in an attractive way. But at the same time her vocal style had a natural quality to it as though speaking like that was very familiar to her. She was clearly quite accustomed to using that sweet-talking technique when greeting people.

The effect that her girly-girl tone of voice had on him was very charming, and it really caught him by surprise. He was struck by the soothing feeling it gave him, as though any discomfort he could possibly feel could be instantly taken care of by her lovely, sticky-sweet femininity – that is, of course, if she was ever to tend to his needs. And he just loved her name too…

‘Okay’, he thought to himself, ‘that voice of hers is probably just one of several reasons this girl is working the phones here at the KCTC offices…’

Anyway, when Tom reached her desk Abidinpaşa escort he saw that the height of it prevented him from resting his hands on it or easily putting anything down on it. It was almost at eye level and he would have had to reach up to do so, indicating it was there purely for the usage and convenience of that deliciously sexy girl sitting behind it.

Right then she glanced at him for a moment, finally acknowledging his presence and giving him a direct look into her stunningly big, deep blue eyes. As she tapped a button on the phone system to put the call on hold, he noticed that her ‘resting face’, so to speak, had sort of a bitchy look to it, because her gorgeous pouty lips had a slight downturn at the outside edge of them, almost like she was sneering just a little. It gave her a kind of ‘Don’t mess with me’ aura that was very intimidating!

She was looking right at him, but her face stayed blank and she had no reaction to him at all. But those big blue bedroom eyes of hers captivated him instantly, making him feel all weak in the knees. He just stared back at her for that brief second, feeling paralyzed by that single moment’s attention from her. As he did, he was floored by the combined effect of the sensual femininity of her lovely eyes with the slightly threatening look of her mildly bitchy facial features. It really was quite magnetic!

But the moment was over all too soon as she looked back at her computer screen, and as she did, Tom saw a slight smirk form on her big red lips. It was as if she knew full well what that simple moment of eye-to-eye contact from her would do to pretty much any guy on the planet! He just stood there for a minute, nervous and aroused, and he watched her log the call into the computer system. And wow – up close, he was even more stunned by the incredibly bewitching appearance of this bleach blonde, sex-kitten bimbo-type female!

After another moment or two, she paused her typing on the keyboard and briefly glanced down at him again, causing Tom to think she had a free moment. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could utter a word, she looked away and held the palm of her hand out at him in a simple “stop” gesture that made him realize she was still busy. It was very abrupt.

Somehow she was one step ahead of him; she seemed to know he would be eager to say something the moment he reached the desk but she reacted before he could do it, stopping him dead in his tracks with that simple physical action. She did it with authority, but also with a practiced, familiar ease, as though it was a common occurrence for her to have to silence someone standing there trying to interrupt her. On top of that, she did it without even looking at him, as if she couldn’t care less about him until she was good and ready to deal with whatever he wanted.

Tom immediately felt embarrassed and belittled as his eyes fixated on her lovely hand. Her fingers were dainty and slender, and he noticed that she had really long, shiny red fingernails, which he had always found to be blatantly sexy. He just loved the way they looked, they were so incredibly feminine and brazenly erotic, especially on very pretty girls!

But he was too caught up in the sudden power over him she had just demonstrated to absorb the sight of them more fully just yet, especially because he was concerned that he may have committed a possible infraction. He could feel the blood drain from his face as he suddenly realized he almost rudely interfered with her receptionist duties. And he desperately hoped she wasn’t mad – it just seemed like it would be the wrong way to start things out during his very first KCTC office encounter!

She proceeded to ignore him completely as she dealt with another call, answering it, putting it on hold, then ringing the teasergirl that the first caller had asked for. After she let her know who was calling and forwarded the call to her, she did the same with the other call.

Of course, as she worked she was also treating him to the sound of that sticky-sweet girly-girl voice of hers, which was accompanied by the clickety-click sound of the sexy fingernails on her other hand tapping buttons on the phone system. And as she dealt with the two calls, she continued to hold that stop-sign palm gesture right there in his face. It literally was in his face, too, because she was sitting up so high, it was almost like she was up on a throne or something.

He understood her intent right away, instantly complying and not uttering a word when she gave him her ‘stop right there’ gesture. But for some reason she continued to hold that lovely hand of hers right where it was, just for emphasis. Only when she seemed satisfied that she had made her point, only when she felt she had successfully conveyed the message that he was to wait for her to address him before speaking to her, only then did she withdraw her hand and begin using it to type some more details into her Akay escort computer.

But really, what she did with her hand wasn’t the focus of his attention anyway, because the whole time she held it up like that he was instead totally fixated on her lovely face and that doll-like hair of hers – he simply couldn’t take his eyes off her! Besides, he was closely watching her facial expressions, desperately trying to see if she was upset with him for almost interrupting her like that. But she didn’t seem to be, maybe because he hadn’t gone ahead and blurted out whatever he wanted after she had halted him with her pretty palm and long-nailed fingers.

Of course, the way she made him wait for her had a side benefit, because it also gave him an opportunity to take notice of some more details of her appearance. He glanced at her upper body for just a moment, taking note of her busty, voluptuous chest all wrapped up in her lovely, furry red angora sweater. Her breasts were magnificent; they were definitely implants, looking quite large, perfectly round and firm. But he dared not stare at them for more than a moment, lest he get caught…again, he was desperate to behave himself, so he stayed primarily focused on looking at her face and hair.

He noticed that she had done a simply amazing, glamorous-looking makeup job on herself, with her big blue eyes highlighted by dramatic looking eyeshadow, perfectly plucked and outlined eyebrows, jet-black eyeliner, and long black eyelashes. It gave her a feline appearance that made her look like some kind of feminine predator. All of that, combined with the mildly bitchy look of those slightly downturned lips of hers, made for a very enticing but also quite powerfully sexual look.

In contrast to her dramatic eyes and slightly wicked looking bitchy lips, the baby-soft skin on the rest of her face was simply flawless, just incredibly fresh and youthful looking. He could also tell that she had expertly applied lovely contouring colors around her nose and jawline, and she’d also added especially dramatic looking red and pinkish rouge contouring on her high cheekbones. He just loved the look, it was the same glamor-girl style that the other KCTC girls used to show themselves off in the pics they’d sent him, and this girl really wore it well.

Meanwhile, as he continued to check her out, she handled several more calls, buzzing girls in their offices, telling them that guys were waiting for them on hold, then forwarding the calls. All the girls seemed to have very feminine-sounding names like Sasha, Cheryl and Lana.

Something about all that activity was appealing to Tom because it was clear how busy the KCTC office was and how much attention all these girls seemed to be getting. And as he watched Cheri work, he couldn’t escape the realization that the way she was seated up above him like that projected an undeniable representation of superiority over him (and whoever else might happen to approach her sitting at her desk there).

It suddenly occurred to him that the fact that the office was so busy probably represented a simple test. All the activity helped determine if a visitor would behave himself, and the receptionist could find out if he would respond appropriately to the way she handled him. Would he act properly and obey her if she told him to wait? So in that sense, that hand gesture this girl used represented a simple expectation of respect for her female authority since she was the very first point of contact at the KCTC business office.

Tom figured she probably had to deal with rude delivery guys or whatever other miserable representations of the male species might show up at the KCTC office door. And he knew better than to act inappropriately, so his compliant response was a simple act of obedience that might earn him her appreciation.

He also thought about how Brigitte had kept him eating out of the palm of her hand during all their correspondence. All of her stringing-him-along behavior seemed to have trained him to know his place somehow, so in that moment he was happy to prove himself worthy to this luscious blonde receptionist. So he simply obeyed her…

Anyway, right then, when she sensed that he was cooperating with her gesture to make him wait for her, she looked back at him and flashed him a warm smile of approval even though she was still dealing with incoming calls. He was floored by the way her appearance changed when she smiled at him that way; it went from kinda bitchy to all warm and wonderful in the blink of an eye!

Her smiling face really was quite pleasing to him, and he loved how it revealed her perfect, shiny white teeth behind her pouty, glistening wet red lips. He could feel his face suddenly blushing in response, and his cock twitched in his pants. His hips pushed themselves forward almost involuntarily, too, as if his hardon had a mind of its own and wanted to stick itself out in her direction!

Having a pretty girl smile at him like that had always turned him to jelly, and this time was no different, as her youthful, girlish smile instantly enthralled him with the way it made him feel. He just looked at her, with that smile, her baby-blue eyes, and those juicy red lips totally bedazzling him. His mouth hung open momentarily, and he froze right there, not saying a word.

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