KattieLynn , Tucker – The Homecoming

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To all who read this story; please understand, like most authors here, I am an amateur. I don’t have an editor, but rely on the tools embedded in my word processing software (which are proving to be not that great!). In previous stories, some readers have commented on my lack of proper punctuation and misuse of tense, syntax, and, in some cases, individual words (i.e., ‘organism’ in place of ‘orgasm’). Don’t get me wrong, gentle reader — I appreciate the helpful hints. But please try to understand that my style is conversational not formal. When I write, I try to imagine that you are a friend, sitting across from me sharing a glass of wine. I’m telling you a story, face-to-face. I’m not an English Major and I hope this isn’t too off-putting for you. If it is, please excuse me. I’m telling you about events as they happened to me and mine and, while the dialogue may not be accurate on a word-for-word basis, it’s as accurate as I can remember and conveys the essential meaning. With these caveats in mind, please read on — and feel free to comment on what you read.

KattieLynn & Tucker — The Homecoming

We’d been married for just over three months when we decided to pay a visit to my parents. My mother was retired from teaching, Dad still worked at the engineering firm, and David, my younger brother, was now set to graduate from a local college and move into the work force (boy, was he in for a big surprise!). Tucker and I had some additional vacation accumulated, so we were looking forward to getting away from home and this visit. While we had spent some time with the family before we were married, we both felt a strain when we were with them, since we were living together and my family had some very traditional values (I’m sure most girls can understand what I’m talking about — guys seem oblivious to it!).

We left on a Friday afternoon and drove ’till about 10:30, stopping for dinner and continuing on to the hotel where we’d made reservation. We checked in and got to our room. It felt so good to get away from the house! We stripped (actually, he stripped me, which was a great deal of fun!), took a shower together and wound up making love there, with the water cascading down around us (so great not to have to worry about running out of hot water!). All in all, a very satisfying experience!

Tucker and I both sleep in the nude, although I’ll slip my panties back on after a night of sex so as not to stain the sheets (his cum does tend to drip out during the night!). I lay there next to him, the soft red light from the alarm providing just enough illumination for me to see him as he drifted off to sleep. I still marvel at the wonder of his body, so hard where I’m not, so angular, his skin rough where I’m smooth, the planes of his muscles standing out even in sleep. My fingers trace the scars on his chest and arms, a remnant of his service with Army Special Forces in Afghanistan. “My poor Tuck”, I thought, “so tough and such a man, but deep down, still a little boy.”

We left the hotel and drove on to my family’s home, arriving about 3:00 in the afternoon. Mom and Dad, David, and my Aunt Kattie were there. Dad and David had spent some time with Tucker before we were married. Dad was pretty much into the shooting sports and David and I were well trained in handling firearms. By the time we were 15, both David and I had shot just about everything Dad owned, from his 12 gage shotguns down to the little .17 HMR and .22 pistols. In our line of work, Tucker and I handle firearms pretty much on a daily basis. Tucker, of course, was even more familiar with firearms than I am. Dad and David had a full day planned for them out at his range, so I knew I would lose him for at least that next day. Mom and Aunt Kattie wanted me to stay home and “girl talk”, which I was more than happy to do. A great chance to catch up on all the gossip in my hometown!

Aunt Kattie, Mom’s older sister, had been married to Uncle Ben for about 20 years when he was killed in an accident on their farm. Even though I was much younger when this happened, I remember how devastated she was. She never remarried, but kept the farm going with hired help. Today, her two children, Ben Jr. and his wife Sarah, and my cousin Janis and her husband Don run the day-to-day farm operations, while Aunt Kattie takes care of the business end. David and I had spent some of our summer vacations out there every year until we went off to school.

Tucker and I unpacked the car and got our stuff inside, with Tucker doing the heavy lifting. “Kattie, why is it that I can pack a full two weeks worth of stuff in a simple roll bag, and you need three suitcases?”, he exclaims as he drags this stuff into the house. I, of course, simply roll my eyes. How can you expect a man to understand these things? One of life’s little mysteries, I guess!

Up the steps we go, all this stuff packed into my old room. How strange it feels to enter ulus escort the precinct of my girlhood, where I grew up. Everything is pretty much as it was when I left home for college, the same pictures on the walls, the same single bed, the same dresser, lamp, ticking clock (that had to go!), even the rug was the same. Mom hadn’t had time to redecorate this room yet, as she was concentrating on the rest of the house and, since this was a spare bedroom, it stayed just as it was. “Maybe next year, after I finish with David’s room”, she told me when I asked. I’m glad she left it this way, at least for this first visit.

Dinner, a short walk around the block, “Hi, Mrs. Jones. Yes, this is my husband, Tucker…” is repeated over and over to the neighbors sitting on their front porches, as we walk arm-in-arm down the street where I grew up. I’m so proud of him! He’s a gentleman in every way, greeting the older ladies and men who live here. These were the same people I used to baby-sit for, their kids all grown now and off, involved with their own lives, much as Tucker and I are. Not much has changed here. A few new faces, but mostly the same folks. It feels good to walk with someone you love in the warmth of an early summer evening.

We sit in the parlor that first night, talking and catching up. Soon, it’s time for bed and Tucker and I go up to my old room. Somehow, it seems so much smaller than it did when I was living at home. Maybe having Tucker here fills the room up. We undress and climb into the single bed.

“Now, this is going to be interesting” he says, as he realizes that we have just enough room to lay side by side, if one of us lays sideward! I turn to him, and feel his hands already reaching for me. Since he’s lying on his left side, I turn onto my right, and I snuggle into his chest. His left arm is under my waist; his right hand reaches for and finds my breasts. I slip one legs between his, letting my pussy rest on the muscle of his thigh, lightly rubbing my clitoris up and down along the hardness of it.

“Tuck, this feels so strange”, I say, “having you here in this bed with me.”

“Why’s that?” he asked, in a sleepy voice.

“I grew up here. I slept in this bed as a girl. There were nights that I dreamed of having someone here with me, someone to do the things to me that I did myself.”

“What ‘things’?” he asks.

“You know what I mean! The things girls learn to do! I learned to pleasure myself in this bed, and now here we are — here you are, with me. It just feels strange…”, I trailed off, as his fingers found the nipples, gently tweaking them, just like he knew I liked it. I smiled, settling contentedly in his arms.

His hand on my waist trailed downward, cupping the cheek of my ass, his other hand now moving from my breasts, slipping down between our bodies, lightly touching my abdomen. I scooted my hips back slightly, giving his hand access to the mound above my vagina. My own hands moved to the hardness of his cock, grasping it and sliding over the length, feeling the ridges and veins as it grew under my movements. I reached down, cupping his balls, tickling the underside of his sack. He let out a groan.

“Tuck, we have to be quiet!”, I hissed. “I know David can hear everything that goes on in here! His room is right on the other side of the wall!” Tucker and my lovemaking can get a bit loud and the last thing I needed was my little brother smirking at me over breakfast! I learned that lesson a long time ago, after he heard me masturbating one night back when we were kids (not that I hadn’t heard some strange sounds coming from his room from time to time!).

I slide out of Tucker’s arms, reversing myself on the bed. He lay there on his back as I swung one leg over his head, now kneeling over his face. I lay forward, my face pointed directly at his cock. In the dim light of the moon shining through the gauze curtains, I could see it pulsing softly in time to the beat of his heart. My pussy was ideally placed for him to kiss and lick it, his cock ideally placed for me to take it into my mouth. I lowered my mouth to the soft head, where a few drops of his pre-cum glistened. My tongue licked them off, tasting the salty-sweet musky taste I had grown to know and love over the past few years. The head slipped easily into my mouth, my tongue wrapping around and over it. I bobbed my head, taking more and more of him into my mouth.

I felt his hands reaching up and, slipping between my legs, lifting my hips, bringing my knees towards his torso, then pulling my hips down to bring my vagina to his face. His tongue slides along the groove of my sex, parting the vaginal lips, finding the button of my clit, as he licked me from front to back. It was wonderful! My mind went back to days gone by, how I would kneel in this bed, my ass in the air, my legs spread wide, my breasts flattened yenimahalle escort against the cool sheets, my fingers doing what his tongue was doing, imagining that there was a hard male presence which would shortly be buried in my very wet and willing pussy!

I cupped his balls, sucking on his wonderful cock. He continued to lick my clit and the outer lips of my pussy. He found the little rosebud buried between the cheeks of my ass, lightly pressing at the tight ring back there. My hips bounced back and forth as his tongue now slipped into my vaginal passage, like a miniature cock fucking into me. I was soaked, my pussy juices smearing the insides of my thighs! His finger in the back slid into me, stretching my back passage just enough to bring on my climax. It rolled up from my pussy, sending spasms of pure pleasure through my belly.

I let his cock slip from my mouth as my back arched, drawing my head back. I caught my lower lip between my teeth, stifling the groan induced by my orgasm, as he continued to flick his tongue over my clit, prolonging my climax. My hips bounced up and down on his face, rocking back and forth as he continued to lash my clit with his tongue! When my climax finally ended, I collapsed back on his abdomen

“Well, now what?” I heard him whisper. “I’m hard as a rock and, if we stop now, I’ll have to take a cold shower!”

I didn’t answer, but untangled my legs from his arms, reversing yet again and swinging one legs over his waist so that my legs now straddled his hips. I reached down, taking his cock and placing the head between the lips of my pussy. I scooted my knees towards his chest, lowered my face to his, kissing him deeply, smelling and tasting my sex on his lips (a major turn on for me!). I lowered my hips, taking his length into me. My hips ground down and back, his cock sliding deep, until I had all of it enclosed in the sheath of my cunt. I levered my upper body away from him, giving him access to my breasts and nipples, which he didn’t lose any time at all in cupping and pinching! Again, the picture of me from earlier days flashed through my mind, my fingers busy with my clit, my hips bouncing on this bed, imaging it was a guy fucking into me instead of my own finger. Well, now it was and it felt so good!

His hips were now thrusting up to meet my downward thrusts, his cock sliding in and out of me, the head rubbing away at the G-spot, my clit riding on the shaft that speared so delightfully into my dancing pussy. His hands moved to cup the cheeks of my ass, drawing my hips to him, pressing them back, forcing me to ride faster and faster on the hard length of him. I fell forward mashing my breasts into his chest, my hips rising and falling as his cock rode deeper and deeper into my willing body. In one lithe move, Tucker sat up, clutching me to him, turning himself and me, lowering me so that I was flat on my back, my arms wrapped around his neck, my legs wrapped around his hips.

“Now, my sweet, let’s get down to business!” he whispered in my ear. I giggled as he rose over me, his cock barely inside me, just the head settled between the lips, nestled against the opening beyond. In one swift motion, he drove his full length deep into me, stretching me wide open, his cock head bouncing against the tight ring of my cervix, his heavy balls slapping into my upturned ass! He proceeded to fuck into me, my hips rising and falling to meet his thrusts, all thoughts gone except the need to be pleased, the need to please him. Too late I remembered the squeak that my bed made! I could hear it now keeping time with the bouncing of our bodies as we gave my old bed a workout it hadn’t experienced since I left home for college! I just knew that everyone in the house was, by now, well aware that I was getting laid in my old bedroom!

“Too late to worry about it now, KattieLynn!”, I thought, “Just don’t let him stop too soon!”

Tucker is a real master of control and can delay his climax as long as it takes. But I have a few tricks of my own. I felt my orgasm building and was determined to drive him to his, so we finished as close as possible together. His strokes were getting longer and longer, deeper and deeper and I knew he was getting close. He thrust into me, rearing back, his arms extended and back arched, his hips stationary. I could feel the hard bone above his pubis grinding against my clit and applying pressure to the sensitive tip. My own was almost there, and I could feel the walls of my vaginal canal starting to spasm, clamping down and clasping the hard length embedded in me. I couldn’t hold it off any longer!

I gave myself over to the rush of sensations that started deep in my belly and coursed through my entire body, feeling the deep pulsing of his cock as he started to come, his semen pulsing out, filling me as I gasped out my own climax. The aftershocks gradually subsided, my arched back settled back to the sheets, his weight settled down on to my chest as his arms folded to embrace me. Our sweat soaked bodies collapsed back to the bed, which let out a final squeak. My head was buried in the crook of his shoulder and neck, and I tasted his sweat. His cock was still buried in me, and it was still hard.

“Tucker,” I said, “don’t pull out yet! I have to get something to wipe us off.” I reached over the edge of the bed, searched for my panties and found them. I felt him shift upward as his softening cock slipped out of me and reaching down, wadding the material against the lips of my vagina, catching most of his cum and my juices before they could wet the sheets (there’s nothing like spending the night trying to avoid the “wet spot” in a narrow bed!).

When I was about 14, I got my first period. Until then, David and I shared a bathroom, with much fighting and yelling. If he left the seat on the toilet up one more time, I think I would have killed him! There’s nothing like getting up in the middle of the night to pee and sitting in cold water to wake you up completely! To give me some privacy, Dad converted a spare walk-in closet off of my room into a bathroom, which was a little slice of heaven for a teen-age girl! Actually, after sharing a bathroom with Samantha at college and now with Tucker for the past few years, a bathroom of my own would have been a MAJOR slice of heaven! For the guys reading this, take heed! If you want to please your girl — GIVE THE WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE HER OWN BATHROOM! It beats great sex, a good meal, even a foot rub! Well, maybe not the sex part – but it’s something she will ADORE you for!

Keeping the soiled panties wadded up against my pussy, I ducked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, letting his semen drip out of me. I cleaned myself up, grabbed a clean washcloth, got a fresh pair of panties on, and slipped back into bed. I handed Tuck the washcloth, which he used to clean himself off. The window was open, the night breeze softly blowing the lace curtains. The moon was up, shining into the room, liming our bodies in the pale light. I snuggled into his arms as we lay there on our sides facing each other. I started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Tucker, do you realize just how much noise this damn bed made while we were making love? Let me tell you, Mister — be prepared for some razzing from David and Aunt Kattie tomorrow morning!” I knew Mom and Dad wouldn’t comment, not that they hadn’t heard us, what with the bed squeaking away in time to our thrashing bodies, and Tucker’s groaning like a bull elk in rut!

“Well worth the price!” he responded, as we both settled down to sleep.

The next morning, I got up before Tucker, slipped into a pair of light sweats and went down to the kitchen. Mom and Aunt Kattie were sitting there having coffee. Mom looked over at me and asked, “Sleep well, dear?”

Aunt Kattie, with a twinkle in her eyes, said, “Kattie, dear, you really have to do something about that squeaky bed!” I started to blush, knowing that they had heard everything! Could this get any more embarrassing? I was about to find out!

“Now, Kattie”, said Mom, looking at my aunt, “I do seem to remember a time right after you and Ben were married… That old day bed never was the same!”

Aunt Kattie started to laugh. “Ah, yes! Young love! What I wouldn’t give to get those years back… That man sure could put the lights on in my eyes! Talk about curling your toes…”. She seemed to drift off into a world all her own, remembering the greatest love of her life. Poor Aunt Kattie. At that moment, I felt so sorry for her, knowing how devoted she and Uncle Ben had been to each other. Now, being married to Tucker, I could begin to understand how big a hole his passing had left in her life.

David came in at that moment. “Jesus, Kattie! Give it a rest, will ya’! How much noise do you have to make?”

I stuck my tongue out at him and said, “Sounds like someone is a tiny bit jealous!”

Dad and Tucker followed David and we fixed breakfast. Nothing more was said about last night, but I was still embarrassed — everyone knew I Tucker and I had made love! “Well, what the hell did they expect?” I asked myself, as Mom, Aunt Kattie, and I cleaned up the kitchen, while the guys got ready to go off on their day of shooting.

After they left, we sat down over fresh coffee. Mom looked at me and asked, “Well, when can I expect some grand children?”

I almost choked on my coffee! “Gees, Mom! We’ve only been married for three months!”

“Well KattieLynn, with the workout you two gave that bed last night, I don’t think I’ll have to wait too long. After all, your father and I aren’t getting any younger and it would be nice to have a grandson or granddaughter around to spoil.”

The rest of the day was spent in chatter and reminisce. I found out things about my family I never knew, how my mother’s parents met and married, about the life of her childhood — things we never seemed to get around to discussing when we were still living home. The warm summer afternoon passed all too quickly. Ah, it was good to be home…

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