Katrina Grimm P.I. Pt. 02

Big Tits

The Erotic Adventures of Katrina Grimm, private detective

Part 2

Thank you all for the kind words about part one. I am always looking for responses so feel free to leave a comment or contact me through Lit and I will be happy to chat.

Katrina Grimm was enjoying her share of fame having solved the choo choo killer case. It meant she had her pick of cases now and no longer had to take whatever came along. It also meant she could afford having a little fun which she did last evening in the form of an evening out at a club drinking and dancing, but none of this was on her mind as her tongue slipped between the warm sensuous folds of a younger woman’s pussy. Kat could feel her companion’s hands gripping her hair tightly as she pulled hard, forcing Kat against her throbbing warmth. “oh fuck Kat, yes, oh I’m cumming again” was all she needed to hear as she pursed her lips and began sucking the girls erect clit just as the waves of orgasm washed over her. Smooth thighs flexed holding Kat’s head firm and muffling the moans and cries of ecstasy. Then it was done and the girl collapsed into a panting heap. The door buzzer broke what may have become an awkward moment as Kat had no idea of her lover name. “fuck, who the hell could this be?” Jumping up and heading for the intercom she saw the brunette simply head for the bathroom.

“Hello, can I help you?” in a mildly pleasant tone was the best Kat could manage after no sleep and no coffee. “Is this the Grimm detective agency? I need help and was sent here by Captain O’Brian.” The voice on the intercom stated in such a way as to indicate urgency. “I’m usually not open on Saturday and especially at omg, 7:15 in the morning but let me put something on and I will be right down ok?” Katrina could have said no right then but someone sent from her old police captain, no she should at least hear what the woman has to say.

Kat simply grabbed easy to put on yoga pants and a running hoodie just as whatever her name was exited the bathroom. She walked to Kat and kissed her, passionately and deep, drool instantly running down Kat’s chin. Breaking the kiss she stepped back. “I left my name and number, call me, last night was fucking awesome and I would totally do it again, I even have a roommate if you’re into a nice threesome.” Kat stood stunned as the obviously college aged girl sauntered to the door and left.

Casual attire managed as well as a large coffee Katrina Grimm, private detective, walked down her stairs and found, a surprise. “Oh my god, it is you.” The woman exclaimed. “Rebecca Reynolds, wow, I haven’t seen you since you were maybe 16.” Kat hugged the person she had babysat back many years ago. “All grown up I see.” She unlocked her office which took up the ground floor.

“Come it, take a seat and tell me why my old captain would send you over.” Kat spoke but gave Rebecca a more than casual looking over. The lanky girl she knew had gone and grown into a lovely woman. Dark brown hair that looked like it just hung perfect naturally, those etimesgut escort darn puppy dog big brown eyes she always had. But coupled with a perfect woman’s body, firm breasts took center stage under a face with full pink lips. “Kat, my girlfriend is missing and the police say they just can’t help. They said first it hasn’t been that long, and she is an adult who according to them has a record so she could have just taken off, but it was just so weird.

I was at her place, it’s a really old spooky place up in the hills, and we made dinner and you know, but when I woke the next morning she was gone and her keys and phone are still there.” Rebecca was obviously upset. Kat began rattling off her usual questions learning that Rebecca had only known Nancy for a few days, and this was her first time in her house. She learned that she had no idea what the woman did for a living or much else other than they shared the same gym. Kat made notes, got Rebecca’s contact info as well as the address of Nancy’s house and then watched her bottom as she walked her to the door. “I always liked having you as my babysitter Kat; I kind of always had this crush on you.” Yeah and now I’m wet over you sweetheart, Kat thought to herself

Having masturbated to thoughts of Rebecca while she showered and changed into her could get dirty clothes Katrina drove her jeep through town on her way to see what she could find at this Nancy’s house, fully expecting to find Nancy back home and fine. As she neared the address it became clear it was a bit out of the way. She had to stop short as the mailbox with the address was overgrown. Pulling up the old dirt drive she could see the entire place was in need of landscaping, paint, some windows and probably a can of gasoline and match.

Kat pulled up behind a fairly new Range Rover and wondered if it was this Nancy persons. First she checked and the hood was cold, next she pulled on a door handle and to her surprise in opened. Checking inside she saw nothing of note and a quick check of the registration showed her it did belong to Nancy. Nancy Valentine actually, and was registered to this address.

After a brief walk around the outside of the house she made mental notes that numerous windows of the basement had been bricked over in years past, and that so far there didn’t seem to be anything going on. The front porch of the old Victorian house was barren but dirty as she walked to the front door and banged hard with the heavy metal knocker. After a minute she banged again only harder but still no one came to the door. First she checked to make sure her Glock 26 was in its leather holster on her right hip then she tried the door and again found it unlocked.

Taking out her small but powerful tactical flashlight she stepped inside. “Hello, anyone home? Nancy I’m Katrina Grimm, private detective hired by Rebecca to find you, are you here? Is anyone here?” Kat had yelled out loud enough if anyone was here they should etlik escort have heard her, but standing perfectly still and listening she heard nothing. Walking around the first floor Kat found that the kitchen was more modern and clean, obviously used and she found evidence of Rebecca being here with her shade of lipstick on one wine glass and a more vibrant orange on another. This Nancy liked it on the wild side she guessed. Kat used a back staircase up to the second floor where she found that only one room was in any shape to be lived in. Of the four bedrooms three were mostly empty and had years of dust in them, the forth bedroom was furnished with a beautiful and expensive bedroom set. The bed was unmade and still smelled of sex. Just as Rebecca said there on the night stand was Nancy’s phone, locked. Her purse sat on a chair, in it were her keys and her wallet. Looking at her license Kat got her first look at the missing woman and could really see why Rebecca hooked up with her as she had that tall Nordic blond thing going.

Nothing else looked out of place so what would make a grown woman get out of bed and just disappear? Kat looked in the hall and there on the wall was an old dial thermostat to control the radiators that could be found in each room. It was set at the 70 mark but the temperature showed at 60. Ok, she got up and found it chilly and went to check the boiler. Wonder if Rebecca checked the basement?

Taking in one last breath of the sex scent in the bed room a now more aroused Kat skipped down the stairs and found the door to the basement. Opening it she could see a light on so she called out again, but still no answer. Slowly stepping down the very old stairs she entered a really dusty, old basement piled high with old boxes, old furniture and an old boiler that just looked evil. There was dampness to the air here, but also something else, some odd chemical smell. Looking she found that the shutoff switch was in the off position.

Kat drew her 9mm pistol and spun expecting trouble. None appeared and she slowly let the gun and flashlight lead the way as she looked around more closely. Someone had switched the furnace off to lure Nancy down here. There, the dust on the floor was disturbed a lot more heavily here as someone was drug towards nowhere. A large pile of boxes and furniture including an old wardrobe. “Maybe it leads to Narnia” she said out loud as she pulled the door open.

The wardrobe was empty but clean inside and she could make out light coming from the seams in the back, she could also smell that chemical smell much better now. With her bright flashlight it was easy to find the small latch that let the back of the wardrobe open away from her and into a walled off section of the basement. It was well lit and stank of chemicals. There dominating the room was a long table with various bottles of chemicals and scientific machines. Plastic bags of pink pills sat at the end. Turning she jumped a bit as she could eve gelen escort see a naked Nancy tied to a bed with a gag in her mouth. There was no one else here so she holstered her pistol. The woman was the same as her driver’s license picture but with orange hair. Her large firm breasts heaved as she looked at Kat. “It’s ok Nancy, I’m Kat, Rebecca sent me, I’m here looking for you.

Kat removed the ball gag from the woman’s mouth then removed all the restraints hold her to the bed, then she was knocked to the floor as Nancy jumped from the bed onto her. The woman began kissing Kat provocatively her lips wet and soft against Kat’s. “Wooh girl, hold on, easy.” Kat couldn’t believe how sexual Nancy was being. Her kisses were passionate and intense and were having a very arousing effect on her. Or was it the room? Yes, the chemicals, the pills. But Kat no longer cared about that, no, she wanted Nancy. As Nancy continued her kissing assault Kat began undressing, almost like a teen with little time. Soon they were both naked and Kat pushed Nancy to the bed. Bent over and naked Kat drove her face between those luscious ass cheeks and drooled down her ass valley. She then licked over Nancy’s little brown star of an asshole before driving her tongue into it.

Nancy let out a howl like a wolf and seemed to push back as helping Kat drive her tongue deeper still. Kats one hand slipped under and she began to rub at the dripping wetness she found. Moaning at the intensity of how sexual this was Kat slipped three fingers into the tight vaginal entrance making Nancy arch her back and cry out yesssss. Nancy was cumming already soaking Kat’s hand but Kat couldn’t think about it, she just wanted more. The two embraced in a deep drooling wet kiss before falling off the bed onto the cold hard floor.

“Fuck this, come on upstairs there is a big bed” Nancy grabbed Kat’s hand and pulled leading the way but they only made it to the kitchen before the passion took over and they were kissing deeply. Sucking on Kats tongue like it was a man’s cock drool ran down both of their chins as they each had hands and fingers working the others pussy. Breathing heavily and bodies tensing the two orgasmed very quickly again, trembling as they still kissed, soon falling to the floor almost out of breath. Free of the fumes in the basement room both woman’s minds cleared as their bodies slowly used up the drugs they had been exposed to.

Kat realized whoever had set that lab up could be back at any time. “Nancy, go up to your room and get dressed, then stay there, I will be right back.” Kat then ran down and grabbed her clothes and gun before running up to the bedroom where she found Nancy dressing. They made their way down to leave but came face to face with two sketchy looking guys carrying several shopping bags. Kats Glock cleared its holster in record time and the two guys stood staring into its barrel. “Nancy, call 911.

The police made quick work of the crime scene, finding that the two college students had created a new form of ecstasy that worked quicker, better and made women very sexual. They had tried it on Nancy and from the looks of what they had brought had planned on getting rid of her. Once again Katrina Grimm made the news. Kat sat there looking at the front page of the paper as Rebecca walked through the front door with a really awesome smile.

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