I have many stories to tell about the wonderful, sexy, and sometimes not so sexy women of Sydney that I’ve met and dated over the years. This is one of those stories which for the most part is totally true.

I immigrated to Sydney from New Zealand in the mid nineties and quickly decided to to delve into the dating scene. This was long before internet dating started so quickly decided that phone dating was an option that best suited my needs. I figured that a night out of the prowl would easily cost a good hundred dollars with no guarantee of anything, so the seventy bucks that was asked of you was a small price to pay for a few phone numbers.

It only took an hour on the system to get a few hits and one grabbed my attention straight away. Her name was Katie, and she too was from my native country having immigrated when she was a child but she was of Chinese origin With no hint of an Asian accent she sounded just like a typical Kiwi girl. We spend a hours chatting about our interests and started a good rapport with no hint of sexuality being expressed by either of us. I did however get a slight hint at her cheeky giggle and we decided to meet up for a coffee the next night.

We met at a cafe on the lower north shore and I instantly recognised her as she strolled up. Her description was accurate revealing her tall lean figure wrapped in a flowing silky summer dress. Yet she was far more beautiful that I imagined. She was a few years older than me being in her mid thirties, but her radiant complexion and flowing long black hair gave the impression that she anything but younger. We spent over an hour chatting and flirting getting to know one another and I still remember kissing her softly as we said out goodbyes. I couldn’t wait to see her the next night.

I arrived at her unit in the early evening hugging her warmly as I entered. The view from her apartment was stunning showing off Sydney harbour but I was more intent on the sights inside. We hugged and gently kissed as I helped her prepare dinner yet we still hadn’t gotten too cheeky with each other yet so had no idea of the sexual being I was meeting.

After a small meal that we shared on her glass dinning table we moved to her soft leather lounge. She defiantly loved having classy things in her life. We downed our wine as we moved closer and I finally kissed her passionately. Her lips caressed my tongue, darting into my mouth and I responded in kind.

Placing our glasses down, our hands gently roamed each others bodies with no restraints. Although she gave the impression of a shy homely girl her body revealed a sexual goddess that knew what she wanted.

My hands roamed her body freely. Her arms, legs, her breasts, she sighed as I cupped them. My hand started at her knee and slowly worked upwards. She only stopped me when I reached the hem of her underwear.

“I can’t do anything tonight, I had an abortion last week,” she moaned into my ear.

That stopped me dead in my tracks having never expected to here anything like that but I responded as only as a supposed gentleman should. “That’s ok. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time for fun.”

She thanked me for my understanding and continued to kiss me while rubbing my now throbbing cock through my pants. My hands continued the massage of her body knowing that we were only delaying the inevitable. This continued for over an hour even as we made our way to the door. We had to call it a night as we could only go so far and we both had to get up for work the next day.

Over the next few days we shared a few phone calls and she filled me in on her situation with her ex boyfriend. She knew it wasn’t going to work out and decided to have an abortion rather than raise a child as a single parent. Her parents were very old school and would have frowned and her career would have had to be put on the back step. She just wasn’t in a position to be a parent. She loved to have fun and freely admitted that she loved sex too and promised to thank me for my understanding next time we met. I could hardly wait.

It was a week later that we met again. Her body had recovered from the procedure and our hormones were at boiling point for one another. I arrived at her house and we hardly had time to close the door before our bodes melted into one another and resume the onslaught that had started just over a week earlier. This time however there was no holding back.

I quickly roamed my hand up the inside of her skirt as we stood in the half open door. Our tongues smashing into each others mouth with our bodies intertwined. With a quick swipe I ripped her g string down her legs getting an auditory moan of approval from her. She stepped out of them keeping her legs slightly spread allowing me easy access to her dripping pussy.

“You can do anything you want,” she moaned into my ear as I finger fucked her hungry cunt.

“That’s a dangerous thing to say to me, anything,” I replied wondering how far she would go for me. ” I gather you have some submissive tendencies.”

“Yes,” Antalya Escort she replied taking her breath in. “I just like a guy taking charge. I’m yours, do what you want with.”

I stepped back causing her to step out of her panties and held her at arms length. Looking into her dark eyes I slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Katie had just arrived home before I had turned up and was still wearing her tailored work suit. I love the look of a hot girl in a tailored suit. So professional, but lurking underneath lay the body and mind of a slut.

Having fully unbuttoned her blouse I removed it and reached around and deftly unclasped her bra. With a swipe I pulled it off her arms leaving her topless. Her natural perky breasts displayed then tapering down to her soft shallow navel. I placed a hand around her the back of her neck and pushed her down to her knees. No words were spoken. She knew what I wanted her to do.

With obvious experienced hands she unzipped me then reached inside and freed my hard cock. I single lunge was all it took to hit the back of her throat. It was pretty clear this girl had a lot of experience of sucking cock and I wasn’t going to complain one bit. Her lips, tongue and facial muscles worked their magic on me urging me to empty my sack down her throat. If I was a lot younger I would have obliged her but being older I liked to take my time.

She fucked my throbbing cock with her mouth and I decided that I wanted to move things along. I took her hand that was wrapped around my balls and pulled her to her feet.

“I want to taste your cunt,” I groaned.

Her guttural moan was a sign of approval and she led the way to her bedroom leaving her blouse and bra strewn on the floor.

Her apartment was beautifully decorated and the bedroom continued the theme. The sun dipping below the horizon shot its last rays through the white silken curtains.

The creamy duvet cover had an orange tinge showered in the speckled sunlight. Katie removed her skirt unzipping it at the side. She stepped out of it and pulled back the sheets laying down sinking into the linen. Spreading her legs, she traced a finger down to her wetness then raised it tempting me to come down for a taste.

Being the bastard that I can be at times, I wanted to continue the game that we were playing and deliberately took my time undressing. “Go back to playing with your cunt, I want it soaking.”

Katie giggled like a cheeky school girl as she gently stroked her cunt being enveloped by her soft bed. I took a few minutes to undress completely. With my throbbing cock bobbing in front of me I lay down between Katie’s legs. She spread them further inviting me to taste her pussy. Her glistening wetness smelt musky, sweet. Her coarse pubic hair matted down, saturated by her pussy juice that dribbled down her inner thigh. The tip of my tongue darted across her clit then down along the lips of her cunt. Her moans of approval encouraged me to continue. I first eased one, then two fingers inside her cunt. Slowly penetrating her inner sanctum.

Katie’s moans subsided as still stiffened slightly. “Mm, slowly please,” she pleaded. “I think I’m still abit tender.”

I withdrew my fingers slowly and replaced them with my tongue which bought a giggle again from her. “That’s amazing, but I want to suck your cock Rob. It’s beautiful.”

I ran my tongue over clit again to break her concentration. “But I’m enjoying myself.”

“Mm, but I don’t think I can fuck tonight. My pussy is still abit sore.”

I raised my head from her cunt then pulled myself up to her face kissing her. “You like to taste yourself?”

Katie nodded, kissing me deeply. “Yes, I love to taste my pussy.”

“That’s a shame. Because I was just eating your cunt.”

She giggled again, something that I was now loving. “Ok, I love to taste my cunt too.”

“Only cunt, no more pussy. Ok, slut?”

“Yes sir,” she replied, complying to my wish. “I’ll do whatever you say or want. I want to please you and be a good slut for you.”

Katie, I was finding, definitely had another side to her. In public and at work I’d imagine, she came across as a slightly shy demure lady. But in private she was a wanton slut that just loved cock; my kind of girl.

“Lye down and let me suck your cock,” she said brushing my hair gently. Not needing much encouragement I complied and pulled myself up next to her passing her on the way down. Katie once again took my cock deep into her talented mouth and stroked my cock as her lips worked their magic.

This time I had no intention of holding back and I could feel my balls boil. “If you keep that up you’ll get a surprise in a moment,” I warned her. She only stroked my cock faster in response taking it deeper touching the back of her throat.

With the pressure building I couldn’t hold on much longer and tensed, thrusting my cock into her throat, exploding deep inside of her. Katie swallowed and continued with her oral onslaught. My mind and Antalya Escort Bayan body was in overdrive. I’d received probably the best blow job of my life to date and I was spent, shattered. Only a handful of girls I’d dated to that point had let me cum in their mouth let alone swallow. Katie was a stand out with her looks and skills. I was in heaven. She took my cock from her mouth and looked up at me rubbing it on her face.

“Did you like that?” she asked with a pleading voice.

“Are you kidding, ” I replied still shaking. ” That was fucking incredible.”

Katie giggled again with her little voice. “Any time mister. You can fuck my mouth any time you want.”

She edged her way up to my side and we wrapped our arms around each other, the sun had almost set on the horizon and the last rays entered the room shadowing us in it’s dim light. We slowly feel asleep holding each other closely.

I awoke a few hours later in the dark with the sun having long set. A quick glance at the clock next to her bed revealed it was only 8.30pm. Katie was gone but the impression of her body was still on the bed next to me so I knew she had just awoken too. I slowly stood up and pulled on my underpants and stood in the door of her bedroom.

The light in the kitchen shone out illuminating the apartment. It’s rays the only light that left shadows around the unit. I heard the clanking of utensils in the kitchen and walked softly over. Katie stood over a bench wearing a small white silken night gown that clung to her lean body. She had obviously heard me regardless of how quiet I was trying to be. She turned, smiling.

“I thought you might be hungry. I’ve just put something in the oven.”

Katie walked over and warmly hugged me. My hands roamed her body once again with the silken night gown feeling like a second skin.

“It’ll be ready in half an hour. Just something simple,” she said looking into my eyes.

“Whatever you cook I’m sure I’ll like,” I replied peeling back the night gown holding onto her naked hips.

We kissed deeply, my hands roaming once again over her naked body inside the now loose gown. I peeled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“I think I like you naked better,” I said roaming my hands over her small shapely arse. I pressed harder, gripping each cheek in one hand.

” You like my bum.” Katie pulled away and walked sexily to the other side of the small kitchen with the strong spot lights glistening off the tiles. As she held onto the bench and bent over slightly I could see her cunt pouting from under her round cheeks. She turned her head slightly looking at me. “Well, do you?”

I walked over, my hand going straight for her cunt stroking it softly. Katie purred even as my finger edged it’s way upwards towards her tight puckered entrance. It entered easily. This girl had no hesitations towards anything I was soon discovering.

“I’m an arse man,” I said slowly edging my index finger up to the first knuckle, her rectum sucking me inside. “You’re arse is gorgeous. I wonder what I should do with it?”

Katie’s response was to bend over, spreading her arse in the process inviting my finger deeper. Her cunt juices flowed on her mound and I ran a second finger over it to add some lubrication. Both fingers entered easily into her arse. She obviously wasn’t a virgin in this area either.

Her hips swayed from side to side as she moaned gently and I ran eyed a bottle of hand lotion on the bench. I grasped it giving away my intentions and another innocent, girly giggle revealed Katie’s approval. Squeezing a large amount on my hand I grasped my throbbing cock. Lubricating it, I then aimed it at her sexy arse as I removed my fingers. My cock entered easily, slipping up her rear passage until my balls slapped against her. At that point I’d had some experience with anal sex with some women but Katie was an experienced pro. No hint of hesitation or resistance.

“Fuck my arse, I love it.” Katie moaned, squeezing her sphincter around my cock. The sensation was amazing, sucking my cock into the depths of her bowels.

I withdrew my cock slowly and thrust it deep into her arse causing Katie to sigh.

” Don’t tease me……….fuck me……”

I had no more hesitations and began to assault her arse, fucking it hard and deep. Standing up leaning over her kitchen bench was definitely a new position for me. It enabled me to reach around and cup a breast as I held on to her hip with the other.

“You’re arse is so tight…………..it’s fucking amazing………” I moaned trying to contain my load that for a second time that night was starting to stir in my balls.

Katie stood on her toes to match my height, thrusting her hips backwards to meet my thrusts. It was an amazing feeling.

“Oh fuck……….I love your cock………..fuck my arse Rob…………”

The moment over took us even when a neighbour in an adjoining unit block entered her kitchen. The bright light being Escort Antalya turned on startled us momentarily. If she had looked in our direction she would have seen us from the waist up doing something obviously suspicious. She took something and left turning the light off as she did.

We laughed as we continued fucking. My rhythm was gaining momentum and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Oh fuck……..I’m going to cum………” I moaned ramming Katies arse.

“Yes……………cum in my arse…….oh god………I’m going to cum too.”

Katies reply spun my head and my cock exploded deep inside her rectum. I struggled to maintain my composure almost falling over. When I cum, I cum hard.

With one last thrust I buried my cock to the hilt inside her. Her sphincter grasping me….squeezing every drop of cum out.

I held onto Katie for a minute, hugging her in this odd position. Standing up and fucking was something we’d have to try again. I slowly withdrew and Katie grabbed a teal towel and gave it to me. My cock was a sloppy mess of cum and hand cream, a nice white mess, surprisingly. After cleaning my cock I ran it up her arse to wipe her clean causing her to purr. She definitely was a nasty girl that craved kinky attention.

I pulled away tossing the filthy towel on the floor. “That was fucking incredible,” I sighed.

“I love the way your cock feels up my arse.” Katie slowly reached for two large goblets keeping an eye on me as she did. She smiled softly as she poured red wine into them from a nearby open bottle.

“I think we need to celebrate,” she said handing me one of the glasses. Clinking the glasses together we took a mouthful together looking into each others eyes.

“I hope we have more great nights like tonight,” I proposed.

“I hope so,” replied Katie walking over to the oven. “I think dinners ready.”

We paused, looking at one another then burst out laughing both realising what an odd, but defiantly interesting night we’d had so far, and we hadn’t even had dinner yet.

We ate, drank some red wine, then curled up as we watched TV before retiring to bed.

As my mind wavered before I fell asleep I took stock of what an amazing time we’d had. I’d very rarely had a girl suck me dry and then the same girl let me sodomise her.

So to find a girl that was into both, and to do one after the other was incredible. I fell asleep in her arms hoping this wasn’t a dream.

Katie and I spend were inseparable for the first few days spending all our spare time together. I was ramming my cock deep into her cunt within a day, the last remnants of discomfort having passed from her procedure. Her cunt was tight, warm and intoxicating. But being the deviant bastard that I am I still fucked her arse more. I think that in the time we spent together I fucked her arse more than her cunt with no complaints from her.

Katie came to my unit on the Northern Beaches of Sydney the next week wanting to check out my abode. It wasn’t as plush or as modern as hers, but it must be a chick thing wanting to see what kind of bachelor you are. My flatmate at the time was a bit of a computer nerd and grunted at her as she walked in. Leaving him to the T.V show he was engrossed in we retired to the kitchen.

After a warm hug and kiss I grabbed a towel to give our wine glasses a quick polish. I don’t know if it was an accident, but Katie bent over at the same time I reached for two wine goblets from a lower shelf. Her short denim shirt slide up her shapely legs to reveal a few wisps of pubic hair.

“I had to get some petrol on the way,” she started to say as a lump appeared in my throat. “I don’t know why all the guys in the petrol station were looking at me.”

“Did you drop your fuel cap?” I inquired.

“Yes. How did you know?”

I paused, smiling at her before filling the glasses. “Don’t you ever wear panties?”

“I told you that I hate wearing underwear,” she replied. “I feel so trapped by them.”

Her nipples prodding out of her blouse showed to the world that bras weren’t on her clothing list either. Her breasts barely contained within the domes that kept it from popping open.

Passing her a glass we ‘clinked’ them together and I couldn’t ignore the jewel that lay barely covered in front of me. I reached down and under her tiny shirt and let my middle finger stroke her clit. Katie didn’t blink an eye, even as the lubrication started to flow.

Finishing off our wine, we headed out to a club around the corner. With my arm wrapped around her waste I wanted to see if I could shock her. As we passed a person walking into my unit block I quickly reached up and ripped the top open, the top two domes popped open revealing a breast with a pert nipple. My neighbour took a double take at the impromptu exhibitionism leaving Katie to giggle as she popped one of the domes shut. “You’re a bad boy.”

One night while we were out on the town, partying, drinking and dancing, we walked past a sex shop in the heart of Sydney. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her inside. She held onto my arm like a little lost lamb trying to escape the probing eyes of the hairy old men that roamed around. I imagined that it wasn’t often that a honey walked in wearing a slinky, skin hugging dress.

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