Kathy Scratches Her Itch


0Kathy goes exploring

It’s going to take another 2 or 3 months to end this thing. My divorce. I want free of this jerk. I want a life with a little more excitement. I WANT GREAT SEX!!

Kathy is a school teacher. She is smart. Held position of president of local teachers’ union. Has a master’s degree in education and taught grade school in small town. She led a strike years ago, is a trustee in her church and choir director. She is active in the local little theater group.

She is 5’4″ tall 125 lbs., c tits, ass just a little big but still wonderful and like me she is redheaded and covered in freckles.

A local business man started a hot air balloon event and after 5 or 6 years he came to her quiet little village for a promotional flight. Upon seeing the crew setting up she ran out to the basket and begged the pilot for a ride. He accepted and that started a 3 year affair that led to bliss, excitement, and debauchery.

The pilot was a business man and small-town celebrity. The balloon was his hobby. During the 45 minute flight, the 2 redheads got to know each other a bit. Both being married they shook hands and went their separate ways.

Several months later they ran into each other at the local gym. The guy caught her in a leotard. It was obvious he was taken aback to say the least. Giving her the up and down glance, their eyes connected, and lust sprang forth. Then quick witted teacher asked about a balloon flight at their village annual festival, and he quickly agreed.

“Call me at the office to set up and look at details.

Kathy waited a couple days to be safe. At the gym she quickly lost her breath, her pulse quickened and….she started to get wet. She called and set a morning meeting at the park, the location of the event.

It was a bright sunny summer morning. They met at 10 am and walked the property. The spark was immediately taking them both over. Taking a chance Kathy led him across a big grassy field to a picnic area. Surrounded by trees and not visible from any road, house, or passerby. They talked. She was so excited she had trouble paying attention. The, their eyes locked. The pilot said, “you are a very attractive woman. I love your red hair. Thank you, she said. She took a step closer to him as he sat on the picnic table.

Now Chris had seen this look before. He had a lot of dating in his past and the “Fuck Me” look was right there. Throwing caution to the wind he took her by the hand pulled her close. The eyes got lustier and more intense.

We need to discuss my fee. Taken aback Kathy was a little shocked. Taking advantage of this he whispered in her ear, “I am going to fuck you right now” and he started kissing her ears and neck. She couldn’t move. He then gently put his tongue in her mouth. She was melting. He stopped looked in her eyes once more, then put his hand on her breast. She didn’t move. Finding the nipple, he started fondling, then squeezing. Her breath quickened. He then pinched. Slowly intensifying the pressure until she almost fainted.

Again, he took her in his arms, and sucked on her tongue like crazy. She was in. She stood naked in a matter of seconds. 2 more seconds his tongue found her clit and she exploded like a rocket. Sitting her safely on a bench, Chris stripped. He pulled Kathy to her knees and she took over. Looking him squarely in the eye, her mouth encircled his cock and slowly sucked him deep into her. Not being overly developed he sank all but about an inch in her hot warm throat.

In her mind Kathy was struggling. Part of her felt she should dress and run away, saving her from ruining her reputation. The other half said, I need this cock now, been so long., Her lust Ankara bayan escort won out. Kathy had always wanted to fuck in a park where she might get caught. In fact, she had dozens of fantasies in her little slut mind.

Pure unbridled lust, he fucked her face. Then stopped. I want that pussy. He stood up pushed her onto the bench spread her athletic legs and slammed 7 1/2 inches into the hilt. As he sank into her a second time, she felt all propriety leave her. She was getting a hard fucking, something she had wanted for years.

He pounded. She loved it Don’t stop. DONT, STOP She opened her eyes, she wasn’t

breathing, she was shaking. The tsunami of orgasmic bliss overtook Kathy. She shook and yet couldn’t move. Her body quivered and yet he pounded. A loud moan was heard, but she didn’t hear herself crest, louder moans yet still a whisper to his ear.

For the next 1/2 hour 2 40 year old redhaired adults, aggressively, passionately yeah even verging on animalistic hunger riddled their bodies with orgasms and sweat. Orgasms and orgasms. Kathy had not been fucked like this since her junior year in college. That time she let the man take her fearing getting caught. That fear only allowed her 1 massive orgasm. She then ran back to her dorm, leaving the poor guy at the edge but not finishing. 3 days later she had let him finish, but at 20 years old she was afraid of her appetite. She would learn over the next few years, the distinction of her sexual red headed sluttiness.

Today she knew what was happening to her but had yet to satisfy her body’s needs. 3 weeks later the 20th floor of an embassy suites, she let loose that nympho from deep inside her for a 24-hour marathon of superhuman physical pleasure previously described in books and never experienced.

It was August, just 2 weeks after the start of a new school year. She had had finished grading papers, dismissed her 10-year-old students, and seated herself behind the wheel of her car for a 2-hour drive. Along the way she stopped for a wardrobe change. Chris had worked early and late for 6 straight days to get the weekend off. At noon he exited the door of his gm office and headed out with shopping list. A stop at the Hardware store, the x rated book/movie store, a biker babe clothing shop and a clothing store for college girls with lithe bodies and yet to be uncapped hormones that would one day make her lover a very happy guy.

He entered the sports bar in his yuppie business clothes, found a table in the corner, and waited. At 5:33 Kathy entered. She was dressed in a short skirt and tank top. Red heels. She had instructions to wear short dark skirt tight at the ass then pleated to mid-thigh. A red tight tank top red nails, lips, and shoes. An outfit on the edge of too sexy but not slutty. Underneath she wore diamonds by Liz Taylor.

Smiles around they greeted with a kiss and ordered drinks. She raised her glass to toast, “To a weekend of lust, unbridled lust and sensual investigation that would make Hugh Hefner blush. After the second drink, she said, “I have never been fucked the way I want it. I want maddening sensual foreplay, I want it rough, I want spanking, hair pulling, anal, blow jobs, cum swallowing, and every fetish we can think of.

They kissed; her hand went directly to his cock. You have a nice dick, not too big, but driven by a master. I am going to be your submissive slut for the next 48 hours. She squeezed his dick and released it from his pants. He bent towards her with what looked like a whisper and his finger entered her creamy slit. They kissed a little too much tongue for public view.

Clandestine sex while eating wings Escort bayan Ankara and fries and drinking several margaritas and Harvey wall bangers. I am sure the 21-year-old grad student nurse got an eyeful. She let them finger, pinch nipples, but when she caught the blow job, she kicked them out. They drove to the hotel and were naked in the room before the door closed.

Kathy put her hands on his dick and her tongue in his mouth. Alone away from home in a private room, her sensuality rose. That cock is mine…AND I WANT IT IN ME NOW. She pushed him onto the bed. Flat on his back she mounted him slowly. Ever since that morning in the park, I have wanted this. It’s all I could think of. I have been wet all day. In fact, I have wanted a dick like this for years. I want it all night. Now be still while I take over.


Take my dick Red. Do what you will. I love this cunt. Tight, creamy the creamiest I have ever seen. When you are finished, I am going to take that clit and cunt on a journey through lust and debauchery. No limits. I am going to fuck you silly all night. Now cum for me. NOW.

It was like that for the next 3 hours, at which time succumbed to exhaustion. When Kathy opened her eyes, it was daylight. As her foggy mind started to clear, she noticed a sensation between her legs. She was being eaten. Before she could focus, her pussy had been taken to the edge, and he stopped. Suck it you bastard. Give me my morning orgasm. Chris stopped. Call room service, I am hungry.

He handed her the menu and went back to massaging her clit with his tongue and lips. Still laying on her back, she picked up the phone. She was very turned on. It took her 3 tries to dial the right number. As soon as she heard the waiter answer, Chris reached up and pulled on her nipples, he squeezed and pinched driving her crazy. They had both discovered that Kathy liked a little pain. It took her 10 minutes to order omelets, bacon, juice, and coffee.

As soon as she hung up, she grabbed his head trying to push him harder against her pussy. But he was too fast for her. He jumped to his knees and had the 71/2 inches of meat buried to the hilt. She lurched and let out a soft scream. He was immediately hitting her cunt at a moderate pace, teasing her.

I don’t know who more sex crazy is, you or me.

We both are, we are redheads. He gradually increased his pace eliciting more moans and getting louder. As soon as the knock on the door came, he pounded her as hard as he could. At the second knock he withdrew and covered her pussy with a sheet, grabbed a bathrobe and answered the door.

Put it by the bed. Kathy simply closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. The waiter looked directly at her hard nipples. 36 c’s swell nicely, but those small hard nipples were impossible to miss. Chris signed the check and he left.

When the door clicked shut, she sat up and angrily. What are you doing? He walked to her and stuck his dick in her mouth. Suck it baby. I am bringing out your inner slut. It’s there and you know it. You are a little afraid to go very far, but you also have a lust for the unusual and a little taste for pain.

She looked at him and didn’t know what to say. So, she sucked a little harder. Let’s eat while you and I and the food are hot. Only 1 restriction. You must eat and feed me with my cock deep inside you. Mount me your luscious tart and feed your master.

Kathy hesitated. Then pushed the pussy to tight against the bed and took him in cowgirl position. There were lots of new sexual discoveries. The cock in her pussy started her rise to peak excitement.

I have known you for about 6 weeks and in that time, Bayan escort Ankara I have done more crazy fucking than the previous 20 years.

Like what Chris asked.

Sex in the park in broad daylight

Foreplay in a restaurant

Crotchless panties

Slutty language

Sucking you in a restaurant

All night sex

Oral sex orgasms

Exhibiting my tits to a hotel waiter

And riding you while eating breakfast

You are turning me into a crazy slut.

No! I am creating an environment that allows you to explore. You are a redhead, and all this is prewired into you. Think deep. Since high school you have been curious. But as a child you were taught suppress sex. Now we are discovering the inner you.

I was quiet for a moment. I have had passing thoughts that I could never reveal. And you are telling me to quit suppressing and live my inner self? I couldn’t. I can’t. I am too afraid.

This coming from a girl who sucked me in a restaurant and exhibited herself to a room service waiter. None of the things we have done have been forced on you. You are a willing participant.

I looked at him shocked, not knowing what to say. I had done all that and loved it. I was tired of hiding my femininity and self-expression. In one sense I became extremely excited. Subconsciously I started riding him a little faster and harder. In another sense I was scared half to death.

I was no longer hungry and was extremely turned on. Give it to me you bastard.

Give you what?



You know what I mean. My orgasm was slowly rising.

You want me to fuck you?


Say it.

Fuck me I uttered under my breath.


I want more

More what

More Dick I said a little annoyed

Say that

I want more. He was now fucking me harder. I was getting closer.


I can’t talk like that, and he went at me harder. I was sweating, breathing heavy, getting closer to the edge

SAY IT I started to crest and then Chris stopped


Why not teacher

I am a good girl




I was right on the edge FUCK ME YOU PRICK, I WANT YOUR COCK, He was working me again slow but effectively


In me


Right here He stopped again

IN MY CUNT, SLAM THAT PUSSY, FUCK ME LIKE A TRAMP. HARDER HARDER TAKE THIS SLUT And then we both exploded. He didn’t slow at all. Kept fucking and I kept coming. An orgasm like none ever and I was yet to peak. I lost it. I went animalistic. I pounded him back. I shivered and lost it completely. All I remember is orgasm after orgasm and trembling with excitement and satisfaction

After what seemed like hours, my head started to clear. I was trembling. Not afraid. Tremors from the fading orgasm. I was a little cold but couldn’t move. I tried to sit up but fell back down. I rolled to the side of the bed. He covered me and didn’t touch me. My body, I could feel it glowing. I was relaxed with a tingling everywhere. Opening my eyes, the sun was shining in. I glanced at the clock and had to stare for several seconds. It was only 11:30.

I heard the shower running, Smiling I stumbled towards the sound.

You’re up He said

Decimated I mumbled. The I looked at him. A huge smile on his face.

Get in here

I stepped in, the warm water cascading over my shoulders. Chris put his arms around me. Held me tight. It felt comfortably perfect. I squeezed him tighter and started to cry. His hands massaged my back and butt slowly. The closeness, the touch, gave me a safe feeling and a feeling of belonging. We stood like that for at least 10 minutes.

I was never promiscuous. In fact, my soon to be ex accused me of being too conservative in bed. But this man found my itch and scratched it to perfection. I was ready to continue the journey. I gave him a blow job in the shower. And I swallowed.

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