Kate’s Daddy

Kate’s Daddy
“No, Kate,” her mother snapped at her, “you cannot go to the movies with your friends tonight.”

“Mom,” she replied with an angry edge to her voice, “I’m 18 years old and finished with high school. Why can’t I go out with my friends tonight?”

“No more discussion. I said “no” and I mean it,” was her mother’s curt reply.

Kate was furious. Her mother always treated her like a c***d and here she was a new high school graduate, working a summer job to earn money for college and being told she couldn’t go out. Looking down to the head of the table Kate caught her father’s eye and was silently pleading with him to intercede for her. He looked at her and she detected a faint smile on his lips. She had seen that look so many times before and hoped he was going to say something on the subject.

Kate knew she was his favorite girl; his special girl. He always protected her and shielded her and Kate looked to him for his strength and guidance. It wasn’t just the fact that he sided with her over the years, but his power and dominance was always palpable. If he spoke on a subject, then that was the way it would be. He ruled the home and also all other aspects of their life. He was the family patriarch but also the life force and producer/director of their little world. She knew that her mother would never question his judgment or pronouncements. If he intervened in this or any other family discussions, he always had the last word. Her mother never argued with him. It was obvious to Kate that she wouldn’t dare argue with him. She suspected that if her mother went against Daddy or displeased him that she would be in deep trouble. She knew this instinctively but had never seen it happen and had no idea what that meant.

“Tell me, Kate, if I allow you to go out tonight, when can I expect you home.” He said in his steady deep voice. Kate’s eyes lighted up as she looked at him. He sat there in his crisp white shirt from work, his broad shoulders and strong angular face. In her estimation, he was the epitome of what a man should look like.

“No later than midnight, Daddy” she replied with some hope in her voice. They both heard a barely audible intake of breath from her mother when she said this.

“Is there something you want to say,” he asked turning to his wife with his eyes steady and stern. His eyes dared her to argue or question his absolute authority.

“No, dear, I just was thinking that Kate needs to be at work by 8am tomorrow and getting in that late is not very responsible,” she told her husband in a weak voice.

“Kate, do know when you need to be at work tomorrow,” he asked

“Yes, Daddy, I do,” she replied.

“Make sure you get in by midnight and enjoy your evening with your friends,” he said as he reached for his wine glass and took a sip.

“Thank you Daddy,” Kate responded to this reprieve with a beaming smile.

Her father looked at her mother. When their eyes met she immediately looked down at her plate. His eyes then turned to his beautiful daughter with the long dark hair and very sensual figure. His gaze dropped to her chest and the scoop neckline of her top and the swell of her fully developed breasts. Kate had seen him look at her like this before and instead of making her uneasy, it made her proud to be the object this type of examination by him. She had never analyzed her feelings or what his looks really meant. She just knew that she liked knowing that he enjoyed looking at her body. When his gaze was fixed on her body, it made her feel like a grown up woman. It always caused a shiver to run through her body. She had so many dates take hold of her big full breasts and she loved the feel of their hands on her. She especially enjoyed the feel when they were rough with her sensitive nipples or sucked and used their teeth on them. Daddy’s looks always made her skin tingle and her nipples harden. It was as if he was touching her with his eyes.

“I think you need to clear the table now,” he said to his wife.

“Yes, I’ll start cleaning up the kitchen,” his wife said as she rose and cleared some dishes and walked to the sink. They heard her running the water and start to work on the pots and pans.

Kate moved sideways toward her father and then leaned forward in his direction. She knew that this allowed him an even closer view of her full breasts. The tight, low cut top coupled with her bent forward position let him see the fullness of her big, firm tits. He did not hide his appreciation of her obvious display and she watched him smile as he slowly observed her. Her nipples pushed out and were like little rocks under the tight top.

“Should I get up and go help Mom,” Kate asked as she sat motionless in front of him.

“Not yet, baby girl. First you need to lean over and pick that napkin off the floor,” he told her. Kate dropped her eyes and saw nothing on the floor until her Dad’s hand reached out and dropped it directly in front on her. Kate glanced up with a grin. She felt her pussy twitch and moisten. Her breath caught in her throat from his obvious demand for her to expose herself even more.

“I think I need to go down lower to get it Daddy,” she said as she slipped off her chair and squatted almost directly below him, leaning forward to pick up the napkin.

“You are a big grown up girl aren’t you,” he smiled back at her.

“Yes, Daddy, I think you can see how big I am,” she giggled a bit as he was only about a foot away from her half naked tits. He reached out and stroked her soft hair.

“Now start helping your mother. I want to see you later after you get back home,” he told her.

“Yes, Daddy, you can see me anytime you want,” she slowly rose in front of him, leaning across the table to gather the rest of the plates. Doing so, she showed him her tight ass in her snug jeans shorts.

“You have definitely grown up, baby girl,” he said as he took a full grip of her ass, kneading the well formed flesh. She stayed motionless while he touched her. Then he pulled his hand back and delivered a swat to her ass. The blow was firm but not painful and Kate loved the sting on her flesh from the spank.

“Yes, Daddy,” she seemed to moan as she stayed there waiting for more.

“Now get in the kitchen and help your Mom,” he said as he got up to leave the room. Kate liked his eyes on her ass and legs as she grabbed the dishes and went in to help her mother. Hoping he was still watching her, she exaggerated the sway of her hips as she moved to join her mother.

Kate left soon after the dinner dishes were done. After she left, her father came back into the kitchen to find his wife putting the dish towels away. She turned to him when he entered and she looked at him and then lowered her eyes.

“Let me ask you a question. Who is in charge in this house,” he said in a firm and steady voice.

“You are, Sir,” she replied while still looking down at the floor.

“So when our daughter asks permission to go out, why is it that you think you can decide whether or not she can go,” he asked

“I am sorry, Sir,” she replied in a meek voice.

“But you know that ‘sorry’ doesn’t work with me don’t you, slut,” he snarled.

“Yes, Sir, I know that,” she answered feebly.

“So what is required now,” he asked her in his steady commanding voice.

“I need to be punished, Sir,” she told him.

“Is that really the way to answer that question, you whore,” he barked at her.

“Please, Sir, please punish your whore. I need your punishment to correct my bad behavior,” she said as the words spilled out of her.

“Take your dress off and throw it in the corner,” he told her.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied almost in a whisper. Her hands went to the zipper in the back and she pulled it down and then let the dress drop at her feet. Reaching down she took the dress and tossed it into the corner as ordered. She stood there about six feet from him in just her bra, thong, thigh high stockings and high heels. She was required to be dressed for him like this under her dress. She was a striking woman of 42, with full breasts and long well formed legs and a shapely ass. Her stomach was still flat and she had a nice tan from her membership at the local tanning salon. Her bra and thong were lacy and partially see through. She wore black today and the stockings matched the lacy undergarments. Her heels were black four inch stiletto heels with open toes and an ankle strap. The strap had a buckle that looked like a small polished silver padlock. The rest of the shoes had some polished silver studs adorning them. She looks very hot, standing there awaiting her punishment, he thought as he appraised her sexy body.

“Go get the case with the equipment case and put it on the kitchen table,” he told her in a clam steady voice.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered and walked past him to get the case from the back of their closet. She walked very close to him in hopes that he would touch her as she passed. But he did not reach out. She returned quickly but was visibly trembling when she laid the case on the table.

“Open it, slut,” he demanded.

She flipped the latches and then popped the top open. It was a small leather suitcase about twice the size of a briefcase and it was full of cuffs, chains, clamps, floggers and paddles. It has vibrators and probes and butt plugs. There were blindfolds and masks and ball gags. He also had a mouth cage which was intended to hold her mouth opened while he forced his cock through the circular opening in the center. The case was full of everything he had purchased over many years. She knew each item intimately. Her shaking hands dropped to her sides. He was sitting on a chair away from the table as he spoke again.

“Bring me the cuffs for your ankles and wrists and the flogger. You better bring the constricting bands for your big tits too,” he said.

“Yes, Sir,” she choked out. This had been a ritual for many years but just asking for these things caused her pussy to lubricate itself with a gush of sex juice. She was incredibly excited and aroused. He stood up and motioned for her to sit in the chair as he reached for the hard rubber constricting bands.

“I’ve always liked your big tits, whore,” he said take taking hold of them and squeezing and rubbing them in his big hands. His fingers took her hard nipples and he rolled them between the thumb and fore finger and pulled them out slightly.

“Oh, yes, thank you, Sir” she moaned as he worked them.

He took a band and pulled it wide with both hands, putting it over her right breast until it was firmly nestled at the base of her full breast. He let it go and the band contracted around the breast, forcing it out and making her nipples even more erect and swollen.

“Oh, God,” she cried out as the feeling in her swollen tit intensified. He quickly moved to the next breast and did the same.

“Ahhhhh,” she cried out from the pressure and erotic sensations that flooded her chest. His hands once again reached for her full breasts when the bands were in place. His movements caused her reactions and sensitivity to be multiplied. He then took her nipples and pinched down.

“Oh, please, my tits are so sensitive. Please, oh, please,” she gasped as he continued to torment her. He moved in front of her and leaned down and took one nipple between his lips and sucked on it and gnawed on the hard flesh. She was wailing and moaning and he went from one to the other and then back again. Her cunt was flooded with juice.

“Oh, yes, oh, yes.” She said over and over again as he drove her wild with excitement.

“How does that feel, slut,” he asked.

“Oh, Sir, please use my tits. It feels so good. Please use me. Use your whore,” she pleaded through half closed eyes. He pulled away from her and her eyes flew open from the lack of sensation. She wanted more. She needed more. But she waited. He took the cuffs and put them on each wrist and then did the same with the ankle cuffs. The wide leather bands on the wrists and ankles added a more erotic look to her.

“Up now and bend over the table,” he demanded and she rose to her feet and did as he asked. Her torso was bent over the table and she reached her arms out in a Y position. He took each cuff and secured it to the far ends of the table and then took her ankle cuffs and forced her legs to be spread wide. He then fastened them to the table legs and she was bent over and cuffed in place before him. He stood back and admired her in this position with her ass spread and her cunt and ass as if they were being offered to him. He ran his hands over her naked flesh from her shoulders to her waist and then down her stocking covered legs to her stiletto heels. He noted how obvious the moisture was on her cunt lips.

“You look so wet and excited my slut. What is it you need,” he asked as his hands continued to move on her helpless body.

“Please, Sir, please fuck your whore,” she begged.

“Where do you need my cock, whore,” he asked.

“Inside me, Sir, please, I need you inside me,” she pleaded.

His fingers dropped and touched her between her legs and then pushed two fingers up inside her.

“Is this where you need my cock,” he tormented her as he slowly moved his fingers in and out of her exposed sex.

“Oh, yes, I need you in my pussy,” she moaned.

“Whores don’t have pussies. What do whores have,” he teased as his fingers kept moving within her.

“My cunt; please put your cock in your whore’s cunt, Sir,” she gasped back at him.

“Yes, whore, your cunt needs to be fucked,” he said softly while pulling his fingers from her.

“But first you need to be punished,” he said and she groaned from the desperate need within her and the fear of what was to come. But just as suddenly, her flesh felt the first blow from the flogger she had brought to him just minutes ago.

“Oh no,” she cried out from the pain. But he ignored her and the blows continued.

THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. The blows hit her exposed ass one after the other.

“Why are you being punished, slut,” he asked.

“I made a decision on my own, Sir. I am so sorry, Sir,” she gasped through trembling lips.


Three more blows were delivered to her now reddened and aching ass. He reached out to touch her exposed cunt lips with his hand and slowly ran his fingers up and down the soaking slit; teasing her clit with each stroke.

“You are wetter than you were before. Why is that? Tell me,” he demanded as he continued to touch her cunt.

“I’m a dirty, nasty whore, Sir. I need to be used, Sir. I get so hot when you beat me. Oh, please use your whore,” she moaned as her ass pumped back at this moving hand.

He pulled his hand away again and she gasped from the lack of attention. Then, once again the flogger hit her, but this time it hit her directly onto her aroused cunt.

“Arrgghhhh,” she screamed from the mixture of pain and sexual stimulation.


Her cunt was hit again and she again wailed and moaned in almost an a****l-like voice.

“Fuckslut whore,” he barked out at her and she seemed to move her ass back up to receive whatever he decided to give her. Her hips seemed to be forcing her cunt out to seek more attention.

He then had a vibrator in his hand and pushed it into her wet cunt. She was so wet that it slipped deep into her without any trouble. He turned the vibe on and forced it fully within her. He took a leather belt-type apparatus to cover her cunt and hold the vibrator fully within her. He buckled it in the back around her waist and then increased the speed of the vibrator with the remote control he held.

“Oh, fuck,” she cried out as the feeling filled her.

But there was more happening and she felt him pressing a butt plug into her exposed ass. It was already vibrating as it popped into her and the combined sensations overwhelmed her. He increased that vibe speed too.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh,” she cried out from these incredible sensations. She knew she would cum very soon.

“Please let me cum, Sir. Ohhhhh, please let your whore cum,” she shouted.

But he had other ideas and just as suddenly he stopped the vibrators.

“Oh, no, please don’t stop, Sir. I need to cum so much, please don’t stop. I am so sorry, Sir,” she begged him.

But all she felt was the sharp pain of the flogger again on her ass and she was weeping from the agony of the frustration and her need for release.

“Please, please, please,” was all she could say over and over again and three more blows struck her upturned ass.


“Now, whore, cum for me,” he told her as the vibrators were once again turned on high and the feelings overcame her. Her cunt and ass were on fire and this orgasm was so shattering that she almost passed out. She was screaming and moaning non-stop from the sensations. This orgasm would not stop as it crested and then began again. The vibrators were driving her from one hard climax to the next until she finally felt him turn the remote controls off. The sensations rocketed through her nervous system and left her weak, drained, sexually satisfied and completely humiliated. She could stop whimpering.

“You can now go upstairs and take a shower and go to bed,” he commanded, “I don’t care to see you again until the morning. Is that clear,” he told her as he unfastened her from the table and removed the vibe belt from around her waist. Pulling out the vibe and plug, he tossed them into the case.

“Take this case back upstairs and put it away.”

She rose slowly and started doing as she was told; but she needed to say something and turned to him.

“Please, Sir, may I be allowed to use my mouth or cunt or ass to serve you,” she asked in a meek voice.

“No, slut, you are not going to get my cum until I decide that you deserve it,” he told her. “Get up to our room and don’t come out until the morning. Is that clear?” he told her as she dropped her head and did as she was instructed.

“Yes, Sir, it is clear.”

She left the room and went upstairs while he walked to the living room and picked up a book and poured himself a Scotch. It was time to relax and wait for Kate to come home. Under ordinary circumstances he would have used his wife after she was disciplined. That was his normal routine on many other occasions after she was punished. She was very skilled with her mouth and her cunt but he decided that tonight he would be different. He sat in his chair, turned on some music, sipped his drink and began to read.

It was a few minutes before midnight when Kate came through the side door and entered the kitchen. He heard her walk in and then the refrigerator open. Kate got herself a bottle of water and then casually walked into the living room. She looked surprised to see her father up at this hour.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said with a smile as she approached his chair.

“I wasn’t really expecting to see you up this late,” she added.

Kate had changed her clothes before going out for the evening. She was wearing a pair of very tight, form fitting black shorts which seemed molded to her like a second skin. She also had on a tight little tank top which exposed about three inches of her bare flat belly and was cut deep enough so her ample cleavage was on display. She wore no jewelry except plain silver studs in her ears. She used light makeup with some high gloss pink lipstick. The three inch sandals on her feet with her toe nails painted the same color as the shinny lipstick were a nice touch he thought.

“I told you I would be up when you got home, didn’t I,” he said.

“I know, Daddy, but I thought you would have gone to bed anyway and not waited for me. I know you have to get up so early for work,” she replied….

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