Karyn’s Summer Vacation Ch. 09

Karyn’s Summer Vacation Ch. 09

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Joe assumed there was no way anything would happen that night. He was traveling alone and had no plans. He decided to head to dinner. He had no idea that his fortunes were looking up.

Joe headed to a local Italian restaurant he enjoyed about 15 miles from his hotel. He took a book and sat down to his meal oblivious to his surroundings except when the cute waitress checked on him. He knew her from prior trips, she was recently married and too far out of Joe’s league for any serious consideration.

Just as Joe was leaving, he heard someone calling from the bar, did he forget something? When he looked over, he recognized one of the woman from the local office waiving. Joe walked over to say hello to Bridget before he headed back to his hotel.

“Here alone?” She asked.

“Yes, the hotel food didn’t look so good and they know what I like here,” Joe replied. “What about you?”

“No, I’m here with Jen and Molly, they’re in the ladies room.” Bridget responded. “Oh, here they come now!”

“What are you guys doing here?” Joe asked.

Bridget answered for the group. “It’s the monthly outing of the BJC, look, we had cards made up.”


“Yea, back when Molly was still working with us, we formed the BJC. It all started when a new guy started in finance, he was fresh out of college, much younger than us. Anyway, he was popular with the younger guys and liked to brag. He called us the BJC and told his friends he was going to have sex with each one of us ‘Accounting chicks’. One of them was Matt. Well, when Matt transferred over, he told us all about it. Eventually, we kinda shamed the guy enough he left,” Bridget said.

“OK, OK,” Joe continued, “but what is BJC?”

Bridget looked at her friends, they nodded. “BJC means the Big Jugs Club. But the guy from finance used to say it ‘BJ Club’, his ‘clever’ double entendre.”

Joe took a look at the card, it too said BJ Club, with Big Jugs noted in very small, almost unreadable font. His first thought was how much trouble that guy should have been in with HR. Clearly though, the guy was right. Bridget had always had a large chest. Recently she added bahis firmaları a few pounds, most of which seemed to be on her tits. Joe guessed in his head as to her size, certainly bigger than 2 basketballs. He decided she was a minimum DDD, but probably E or F.

Jen had worked for Joe recently. She was an unattractive woman about 30, so he never really noticed, but she too was stacked, Joe landed on DD. Molly on the other hand was stunningly beautiful. She was on the petite side, so while she may have ‘only’ been a D cup, on her petite frame, they looked enormous.

“But he’s gone, his plan was pretty offensive for three married women, and only one of you is still an ‘accounting chick’, why does the club still exist?” Joe was very curious.

Now was Jen’s turn to explain. “It started as a lark, but we all decided we liked the idea of a BJ club. We’d been swinging with each other and our husbands, but Bridget had just split with her husband and Molly’s husband told her she could continue, but he was ‘getting to old for that stuff!’ I felt funny with the last willing husband, so I suggested a once a month road show where we each try to live up to the name of the club, the double meaning of course!” She said with an odd grin.

“This just seems far-fetched,” Joe wasn’t sure he believed a word.

“It does sound incredible, I know,” Jen admitted. “But when we all worked for Megan, she threw an awesome swingers party every month. When she stopped, we came up with this idea. Basically, we go to a different bar each month, pick a guy from the crowd, and then the three of us give him the BJ of his life!”

“Still, you have to admit it’s hard to believe,” Joe still thought she was full of it.

“Well ladies, we have a skeptic. I think we need to show him, everyone agree?” Bridget announced.

After an agreement, they all headed back to Joe’s hotel. “I really did need that hall pass,” Joe thought to himself, laughing. No sooner had the door to the room closed, the three women were helping each other out of their clothes. They had been dressed casually, but their bras and panties were all very sexy. Bridget was kaçak iddaa the first out of her bra. Her huge tits were spectacular. Despite their size, they were firm and were topped with enormous, fat nipples. Joe pulled his eyes away to see Molly’s bra topple. Her tits, so big for her frame, were softer, and jiggled in such a way to get Joe instantly hard. Jen was the last. Her ‘big jugs’ were very soft and sagged under their own weight. Joe didn’t know where to look next, but the ladies immediately turned to him and started removing his clothes, taking special care to release his raging hard-on carefully so as to not hurt him.

They immediately went to work.

Joe quickly felt three tongues exploring his cock, damn it felt good. His cock grew to its maximum length and girth, it actually hurt a little, but still, the tongues washed a wave of pleasure through Joe’s body. Bridget stepped up, placed Joe’s cock between her tits and gave Joe a nice tit fuck, Jen and Molly took their turns too. Joe knew he couldn’t last long.

When Joe felt two tongues gliding up and down his shaft in unison, and one licking his balls, he started to squirm, in almost no time, he felt himself ready to explode. He stood up, stepped in front of Bridget, and shot a huge, sticky load onto her tits and fat nipples. Jen and Molly immediately each took one of Bridget’s tits and licked each one clean.

“Wow, you’re right, best BJ ever!” Joe exclaimed. “But I’m not done ladies. I think you’ll find no reduction of my hard-on, it wants more. Take off your panties.”

The three women quickly slipped out of their sexy little thongs. Molly pushed Bridget down on the bed and started to roughly attack her fat nipples. She must have known what Bridget liked because as she bit and tugged them with her teeth, Bridget began breathing hard, lowly groaning and arching her back.

Joe stepped back and walked to the fridge to get a bottle of water. After finishing it all in one swig, he set the bottle down, propping his phone against it, set to capture the action on the bed.

By now, Molly had worked her way down Bridget’s body and she was now licking kaçak bahis her clit with her tongue while she fingered her with two fingers. Meanwhile, Jen had straddled Bridget’s face and Bridget was flicking her tongue on Jen’s clit at a furious pace. Joe watched, his cock fully recovered, so hard it was uncomfortable. He was particularly enjoying Molly’s small ass waiving in the air as she licked and finger fucked Bridget.

Joe could not hold back any longer. He stepped behind Molly and prepared to enter her, “dang she’s fucking hot as hell,” he thought. Molly didn’t realize Joe was there and was a little surprised as he shoved his cock between her soaking wet lips. Molly shuddered as Joe entered. “FUCK,” she groaned, “I haven’t been fucked in weeks, oh, I NEED it!”

This spurred Joe on. Since he had already shot a load, he figured he could more aggressively fuck Molly, despite how hot, wet, and tight she felt. Joe was fucking her fast and hard. Molly’s fingers became a blur as she channeled all of her sexual frustration into her two fingers fucking her friend. Joe watched as Bridget’s entire body began to tremor. He almost forgot about Jen, but she suddenly cried out as her orgasm slammed through her core. A jet of her hot cum juice shot out her shaved pussy, coating Bridget’s face and neck, dripping onto the pillow.

“You have the hottest tongue you slutty bitch!” Jen yelled.

Bridget tried to keep up with the flow of sweet, hot nectar, but as her own orgasm hit, she shook uncontrollably and was unable to continue the oral work she had been giving Jen. Bridget’s legs pulled together, squeezing Molly’s head into her trembling cunt. By now, Molly had stopped fingering Bridget. She was unable to concentrate as she too hit her peak. Her tight pussy clamped down hard onto Joe’s cock, trapping it deep within her. Her orgasm rolled through her body. Her pussy clamped down, then loosened, then clamped again, milking Joe’s cock.

“Oh Molly, you sweet bitch!” Joe squealed as he shot his second load deep into Molly’s little frame.

“Yes Joe! Fill my hot box! Fuck me, I haven’t had a load in me in months. Fuck me stud!” Molly kept spewing out a stream of similar phrases as another orgasm popped through her, the nerves in her pussy raw from the electricity flowing through it.

The group collapsed on the bed.

“Long live the BJC,” Joe joked.

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