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It’s the middle of july and hot out. I decided that morning that i would work out in my garden. I’m not too fond of going anywhere on my days off. I’m more of a homebody since i’m not all that attractive. I have always been a big woman. I’m short about 5’2″ i have ample tits and a huge ass. I recently lost a lot of weight and i’m still adjusting to the change. But i am getting off track about me and jay. Jay has been a family friend for many years and i have had a crush on him for as long as i can remember.

I wore my favorite grubby shorts and tank top, no shoes on my feet because i like the feel of the dirt under my toes. I began pulling the weeds that had started taking over the place. Pulling weeds has never been my favorite thing to do but it has to be done. Plus to make it not seem so boring i put a little music on to listen to while i worked so i could sing along and not get bored.

As i was pulling the weeds and singing along to my tunes, i heard a car pull into the driveway. I got up to see who it was in the car and i was surprised. I wasn’t expecting jay to stop by on a saturday.

Now jay is not muscular in build but he is sexy as hell, his inner light shines through. He is not tall at all. He’s Tokat Escort about my height, super thin, has dark hair and blue eyes. When he smiles he lights up a room. He climbed out of his car and walks over to me and asked what i’m up to. I explained to him that i was pulling weeds. Then i asked what made him stop by on a saturday morning. He explained he was thinking about me and wanted to come by. He tried calling but got no answer, so he took a chance and came over while he was in the area.

I was hot and sweaty and in need of a break so i asked him to follow me inside. I needed something cold to drink and wanted to wash my hands. As i walked into the house i told him to make himself comfortable while i washed up. I’m standing at the sink washing my hands when i felt him walk up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and started kissing my neck. His lips are so soft and sensual, they felt like velvet.

I loved the way he kissed my neck. I reached around with my wet hands and rubbed his cock through his jeans while leaning back against him. He started playin with my nipples, pinching them hard and pulling on them. He turned me around and lifted my shirt over my head. He placed one nipple in Tokat Escort Bayan his mouth and suckles it. The other one he continued to pinch and roll between his thumb and index finger. The feeling is so incredible. I arched my back and moaned in pure pleasure. I felt the wetness between my legs. I took him by the hand and lead him to the living room.

He sat on the couch and i knelt on the floor between his legs. I undid his jeans and helped him out of them. His cock is hard at it’s full length of 8 inches, and amazing just to look at. I leaned forward and placed the head in my mouth. I rolled my tongue around it and slowly slid my lips down his shaft. I put his cock as far into my mouth as i could so that it touched the back of my throat. Then i slowly slid my mouth back up his shaft. I licked back down his shaft to his balls and sucked on each one. He was moaning and really enjoying it. I could feel his cock getting harder and his balls tightening up. He was about to cum and i loved it. I heard him say he was going to cum and then i instantly felt it fill my mouth. Its hot and it tasted so good while it slid down my throat.

When he was done, he helped me off the floor and onto the Escort Tokat couch and told me its my turn. He laid me on my back and told me to open my legs. He went down between my legs while kissing my inner thighs. He worked his way down to my pussy and then to my clit. His tongue was like magic and it felt so amazing. He slowly teased my clit making me moan. He then started to fuck me with his tongue making me want to cum so bad. I reached down and grabbed his head and pushed his mouth harder and deeper into my pussy. As i started to cum, he sucked it all in his mouth and down his throat.

After i was done, i got up off the couch and lead him into the bedroom. I laid down on the bed and he climbed between my legs. He started to slide his cock deep into my wet pussy. His cock inside me felt so incredible and was hitting my g-spot. He started off slow and with each thrust increased the pace. He began fucking me harder and faster until were both screaming in pleasure. I dug my nails into his back and he loved it. He pulled out of me, flipped me over and put me on my knees. He slowly entered me from behind and started pounding me harder, deeper and faster , it felt so breathtaking. He told me i’m his bitch and that he loved fucking me. He questioned if i was ready to cum, knowing that i was. I whined that i was and suddenly we both exploded together. After we both had cleaned up and were tired, we laid next to each other just cuddling. It was so nice to just be wanted for a change.

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