Just the Good Parts


Paris Waterman’s

Just the Good Parts

A collection of short, blatantly sexual excerpts from my repertoire for those of you who, shall we say, are in a hurry?

Please let me know what you think so I can continue, or bring it to an end. PW



It was the act of adultery itself that left her feeling that all the esoteric and aesthetic niceties were rendered inconsequential in the face of their combined lust. The very flavor of their fucking made it all the sweeter because it was adultery.

He pulled her to him, and she welcomed the embrace, returned it, and even pulled him tighter so that her breasts were crushed against his chest; her pubic bone to his hardened cock.

A series of sybaritic pictures formed on the inside of her eyelids and her cunt felt viscous and gooey.

“Give me your hand; I want to show you something,” she croaked, her voice tinged with lust. Then, taking his hand, she guided it the last few inches until it rested on her dampened, hairy mound.

“Feel this, she whispered, “Do you like it?”

She knew what his answer would be for her cuntal folds were covered in a crust of dried-up sexual juices. In addition to that, a fresh source was slowly seeping out of her cunt.

She was not the least surprised when his finger began exploring the soft rubbery skin between her ass and her cunt. Someone long ago had told her it was called the ‘taint;’ whatever it was, it was wet and slick and his finger continued its investigation until settling between the lips of her cunt, and then slipping into the wet, wet, wet abyss.

She moaned as his mouth nibbled at her ear while that devious finger curled and poked at her vaginal walls. In return, she licked the tiny ridge under his lower lip, feeling the resisting pull of his rough, textured, five o’clock shadow. Then his tongue sought out her mouth, moving over her lips from side to side, savoring their moist pliancy.

His mouth continued its voyage over her body, nursing from each breast until she was writhing under him,, and then he was kissing and licking from her belly to the top of her underwear, grasping the elastic in his teeth and pulling them up so roughly that the cotton material sliced into her cuntal slit, making her squeal with joy and excitement.

A variety of smells bombarded her nostrils like a series of left jabs. She attempted to sort them out — there was her own arousal, a familiar enough scent. And even more, almost overpowering her senses was an imbued, distinctive odor that seemingly came from his cock. Was it his arousal? Probably, but it was more that that… it was his wanton desire for her, and that made her pleasure soar.

She responded by using tiny movements of her hips to bring her pelvis against his, and suddenly she was reliving the memory of tribbing with her younger sister years before. Now that had been a pleasurable experience, but regrettably, it hadn’t been repeated.

Suddenly his face was between her legs. He was drinking copiously of her flowing juice. Is it like morphine to him? She wondered dreamily as her body went rigid and then relaxed as euphoria swept over her entire being.

She experienced a momentary regret for having called his wife and gloated over the fact that her husband was fucking her, and stayed on the line while his wife spat out curse after curse in the tantrum she had wrought.

It hit her then…and she let out a deafening wail. She began panting like a long- distance runner approaching the finish line. “Come on…come on, fuck me, you bastard! Move that monster in me! OHHH, here I come!”

Off in the distance she heard a sound that kept growing louder.

She wanted it to go away. She wanted to prolong the orgasm already preparing to leave her satisfied but far from sated.

The sound persisted.

She opened her eyes.

Someone… someone was pounding… AT THE DOOR!


The Gift of Love

“Hi, it’s James. Remember me?”


“The Sullivan wedding?”

“Oh! My God, yes! I DO remember you!”

“So . . .”

“How are you?” There was a rustling sound in the background, like shopping bags being opened or closed.

“I’m fine. . . .”

“Hey, just where are you?” A voice from close by asked Maureen who she was talking too. “It’s a friend Mother.”

“Wildwood, with nothing to do and I thought of you. Can you speak freely?”

“How sweet of you; yes I can. Just a sec. Mother, be a dear and give me a minute.”

“Well, I was wondering, you’re not that far away and . . . .”

“Now… okay. I’m alone. You want to see me?”

“Yeah, I think it would be nice. If I recall you suggested we might get together.”

She giggled, as if suppressing an urge to laugh out loud. “I did, didn’t I?”

“Uh huh.”

“Ummm, did you know I’m getting married this weekend?”

“No! Fuck no!”

This time, Maureen laughed out loud. It had a pleasant peal to it. “Haven’t you spoken with Shelly lately?”

“As Antalya Escort a matter of fact, I haven’t. I have spent some time with Jack, but….”

“Well obviously he didn’t think to tell you. But then he doesn’t know about us either so why would he?”

I kept the fact that Sully knew exactly what had occurred between us to myself and said, “I guess congratulations are in order,” and lamely added, “I hope you two are very happy together.”

“Thank you, kind sir.” She couldn’t contain another giggle. “Might I ask what prompted this call?”

“The honest truth is I’m miserable. I’m in love, but can’t get to keep the girl.”

“Why not?”

“She’s. . . committed to someone else and I can’t. . . no, I won’t destroy her life.”


“And . . . I’m awful horny.”

This time Maureen’s laughter had a quality of lewdness to it. “I thought so; on the rebound, eh? Hmmm, can you get here this afternoon?”

“Sure, maybe four thirty, five?”

“Great, ’cause I’ve been thinking about having kind of a last fling, and I think you’re just the guy to have it with.”

“Besides,” I added, “you promised me a blowjob next time we met.”

“Oh, I’m gonna give you more than just…a blowjob,” that last word was pronounced so sensually I almost came in my trunks.

“If I can wedge my dick into the car I’ll leave now.”

Now her laugh was unmistakably tinged with carnal delight. “It’s a two hour drive,” she said, and provided directions on where we would meet.

She made a sucking sound that almost made me come.

“Stop it!” I laughed. “I can’t walk to the car now.”

We both laughed, and I whispered into the phone, “Until then, bye, baby.”

“Bye sugar.”


Maureen, that ravishing redhead, was waiting for me when I pulled into the shopping center parking lot.

“Let’s use my car,” she said. I didn’t mind at all since it was a huge Caddy.

“I know just the place,” she murmured, after we’d kissed hello.

As she put the Caddy in gear, my hand dropped into her lap and squeezed her thigh. “Mmmm, that’s it James, don’t waste any time.”

“I’ll try not to. So you’re getting married this weekend, who’s the lucky guy?”

“Phil. Phil Dombrowski. His daddy owns sporting goods stores in Philly and Allentown. Phil’s the manager here. We’re gonna have our own home too, thanks to his Daddy.”

“Know him long?”

“Forever. We met in High School. I was a cheerleader and he was in the band.”

“Not the quarterback, eh?”

She smiled and gave me a certain look. My hand was caressing her mons as she drove into a park. “No, that was Shelly,” she gasped and had trouble parking between the parking lot’s lines.

My hand wormed its way under her dress and I slipped a finger inside her pussy and stirred her honey pot. It was warm and wet.

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“What’s nice?”

“The way you’re playing with me down there.”

“Shall I continue?”

“By all means, but hang on a sec;” she shut the engine off and scrambled into the back seat.

“Join me back here, sugar. There’s plenty of room.” As she was telling me this she hiked her dress up around her hips.

I vaulted the seat and landed next to her and leaned my face in towards hers, my hands starting to unbutton her dress.

“Don’t you dare take it off, darling, someone might come by.” But she accommodated me by shimmying the dress up to her waist. Her recently shaven pussy glistened at me, but first we flirted with our tongues, tracing the roof of each other’s mouth, licking teeth and swapping spit.

Occasionally she would suck gently on the end of my tongue as if it were a little cock. My tongue would then retreat back into my mouth with her little tongue following in hot pursuit. I was enjoying the hell out of this, but didn’t neglect her pussy; allowing two fingers to enter its very wet confines.

“Oh fuck, James!” She exclaimed, her eyes glowing with passion. “That feels so fucking good! Fuck me with your tongue!”

“Well, I was hoping I’d get that blowjob you promised,” I teased.

“I did, didn’t I? Well, I’m not gonna tease you about that;” seconds later my pants were on the floor and my dick in her hand.

“You have the loveliest cock.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s so much bigger than Phil’s.”

“How so?”

“You men. So concerned about your size.”

“So, come on, tell me.”

He’s maybe five inches and kinda thin.”

“I see,” I murmured, stirring her honey pot with renewed vigor.

“Mmmm, yours on the other hand,” she moaned while caressing my length as if it were a precious stone, “it’s so much longer, and its soooo much thicker, may I suck it?”

“Yes you may, and don’t take any giant steps backward with it either.”

This remark caused her to laugh as she took the mushroom shaped head in her wide mouth and began to suck. I groaned; a moment later Maureen was licking up and down my shaft. My hands quickly found her bare ass and began kneading her firm cheeks. She sucked harder, taking three-quarters Antalya Escort Bayan of me down her throat. I bit her neck and shoulder and when she moaned my dick muted the sound.

“For God’s sake, don’t leave any marks on me, lover boy.”

I realized I hadn’t thought of Megan at all since I got out of the car in Allentown. It had a noticeable effect.

“What’s the matter?” Maureen asked her concern obvious on her face. “You… you’ve gotten smaller.”

With my hardon vanishing, I poured my heart out to her. Maureen proved a good listener, hearing me out until the very end.

“My God, a nun, really! That’s…oh, James, that’s so romantic!” Her eyes filled with tears.

“I’m sorry. I don’t usually….”

“Just lay here with me. I’ll take care of you. Poor baby.”

And she did. With my head against her breasts, she began to gently massage my forehead. Taking her time, Maureen moved her lips over my ears, neck and chest. As her tactile fingernails gently scratched my nipples I felt my hardon returning.


“Shhh, I know, just be patient a little longer.” She moved down my torso at a snail’s pace until she reached my balls, then she put those long fingernails to work again and I was pointing at the overhead light.

“Look James, you’re ready again,” she said with a huge smile and rolled back, spreading her legs. Her cunt glistened at me beckoning me towards it. She was actually drooling lubrication.

“Now, James! Put it in me now!”

Her tits were covered with goose bumps, the areola and nipples swollen with her arousal, poking out at me like bottle caps. I leaned forward and sucked one into my mouth, cupping her cunt with my hand.


I was very turned on and concerned that I’d come as soon as I felt her pussy close down on me.

I continued sucking on her, switching from tit to tit until Maureen’s voice rose and demanded:

“Fuck me, James . . . now!”

A second later she added, “Fuck me HARD!”

Holding her hip with one hand, I mounted her. When the head of my cock grazed her pussy lips, she moaned, long and loud. Her hands dropped to her cunt and spread her labia apart and I drove it deeply into her.

“Jesus!” she exclaimed and bucking wildly started to come. Holding her by both hips, I demanded to know if she like this treatment.

“God, YES!” She panted and her fingernails scraped my back.

I started to fuck like crazy and inside of thirty seconds I was blasting my load into her. Then I collapsed on top of her. It was amazing. I was exhausted but my dick was still up, hard as stone and raring to go.

“Want some more?” I asked.

“Sure,” she responded dreamily. “I’m not sure, but maybe I’m still coming.”

“Get on top and sit on my pole.”

Giggling, she said in the sexiest tone, “It is a fucking pole isn’t it?” And she scrambled into position.

I eased into her as she came down and we were off to the races. Squishy noises filled the Caddy as her belly slapped against my upward thrusts.

Maureen leaned forward and I clamped my mouth down on a turgid nipple that had the good fortune to dangle in front of me. She moved like a well-oiled machine, up and down, up and down, grinding her pelvis into mine every other time. I believe she was coming all the while and when I began to come myself an eternity later, she let me know.

“You’re coming!” She shouted in my ear. “And I’m coming! Jesus Christ! I can feel you spurting inside me! How delicious!”

After I’d finished coming and diminished in size, I withdrew and she gave a stifled whimper at the loss. My cock was covered with our juices, my pubic hair matted with her cream.

“That was great Maureen, my red headed slut,” I grinned.

“It was, and I am such like a slut,” she agreed, panting like a hard run racehorse. “I feel like I’m on fire. My thighs and pussy are burning. They’re sore from all that fucking.”

I looked at her. Her cunt lips were deep red and swollen, still oozing my sperm and her fluids.

“Can I clean you off?” She asked.

“That would be nice. Go on.”

Maureen captured my shrunken dick between her lips and started to suck. I couldn’t get it up any more and eventually she quit. We held each other close for a while and then she told me she had to go.

“Want me to go down on you first?”

“Thanks, but no thanks.” Her hand caressed my face, lingering over the bristles of my five o’clock shadow. “I’m really sore down there,” she said gesturing at her cunt.

“But we didn’t screw nearly as hard as we did at the wedding.”

“I…well it isn’t you or your lovely cock, James.”

“What then?”

“Last night . . . Phil and I . . . .”

“What? You told me he’s much smaller than me.”

“He is . . . we, we used a kind of big dildo and when I got hot, he . . . he kept going. It was as if he was jerking off, you know? He went faster and faster and I didn’t stop him because I was coming like crazy. And it wasn’t until afterward I felt the soreness. I wasn’t going to Escort Antalya do anything today, but when you called. . . .”

Can I see you later?”

“No, besides the tenderness I’ve just too many wedding details to take care of, but I wouldn’t mind if you gave me a call in a month or so.”

“If that’s the way it has to be.”

“I’m sorry, James, but if you give me your number I promise I won’t lose it and will call you when I come to visit Shelly.”

Then she drove me back to my car. I kissed her again and cupped her firm resilient breasts before walking away. I didn’t look back even when her Caddy drove off.


Two days later, standing by my desk in Jersey City, I felt a twinge in my dick; a sort of tickling at the tip. I sat down, still talking on the phone and covertly touched myself. Was my underwear too tight?

Ending the call I stood up to kind of shake my balls loose, and got a mild stinger in my dick. ‘What the hell?’ I wondered and made for the men’s room. Once inside the booth I pulled my dick out and touched myself nearly screamed with the resulting pain. The pain was inside. It felt like the blue flame of an acetylene torch was burning me. After a few minutes I began to piss. It was like pissing razor blades. I resorted to pinching my dick. That brought tears to my eyes, yet it brought a semblance of relief from the interminable itch.

Enroute to the doctor’s the sensation was that of a hot pellet forming within the veins inside my cock. The pain was so intense I stopped walking and leaned against a building to keep from falling and writhing on the ground. This was unbelievable.

An eternity later, I reached the doctor’s office, then made for the men’s room. Upon examination it was soft, swollen and looked mangled. Carefully tucking it back into my pants I went out to see the receptionist. Hardly daring to move, I spoke with the nurse and she arranged for the doctor to see me as quickly as possible. I thanked her and started to sit down, but a seam of pain ran from my throat to my dick and I screamed in torment.

The nurse rushed back to my side and ushered me into the doctor’s office. He was washing his hands.

I waited until she left. “There’s something wrong with my penis. I mean inside it.”

“Any discharge?”

I nodded, “Sort of greenish-yellow.”

“Does it hurt when you pass water?”

“Does a bear shit in the woods?”

“You have Gonorrhea,” he said quietly. “When did you last have sex?”

“Two, maybe . . . let’s see, today is Tuesday. The last time was Sunday.”

“And before then?”

It couldn’t have been Megan! But doubt loomed. “Thursday.”

“Same partner?”


“Your Sunday companion gave it to you,” he said calmly, and opening the medicine cabinet he removed a large jar of tablets from the cabinet and poured several out onto the counter.

“Are you sure it’s not syphilis?”

“I doubt it. We can place you in the hospital and run a series of tests if you want. That would take about three days. But I’m fairly certain you’ve got gonorrhea. The symptoms will clear up in a few days. It will be gone in a week.”

“You’re sure I caught it Sunday?”

“Yes, providing the symptoms didn’t occur earlier. Then it would indicate your first partner gave it to you. Now roll up your sleeve, please.”

“What for?” I asked as I complied, too stunned to argue.

Be sure to take all the tablets,” he said, filling a hypodermic from a small bottle. “Oh, the needle is just some penicillin to get it into your system quicker. And finish the pills. Even if the symptoms go away quickly. Let’s see, oh, no alcohol or milk.”

I paid him and left feeling better mentally but not physically.

The seepage stopped the next day. The following day the itch went away. But my dick was still sore. It felt useless — not dead but battered and limp. The very thought of sex made me whimper. I wondered, ‘No hard on — no drinking, what kind of corner had I turned in my life?’

From “Sully” Chapter 15

Trio in Juarez

Roz had shaved her pussy for the night’s events.

Graham hadn’t even jerked off for five days, wanting to have a heavy load when he came for the first time.

Jake was not sure about participating in a three-way for the first time, but Roz had a body to die for and he wanted her … bad.

Two hours later. Jake had fucked Roz while she was tied to the bedposts and blindfolded. He was twenty-two, and it was the first time he could be certain the woman had come. There was no denying the fact. Roz had come and come and come after he’d eaten her out and then fucked her slowly because Graham had told him she liked it that way. Graham had been right.

He hadn’t protested when they told him he was to be tied up next. They hadn’t blindfolded him and he had gotten hard again watching her blow Graham.

But then things changed. Suddenly, Graham was on the bed, hovering over his face.

“What the fuck!” he’d protested.

“Quiet, Jake,” Roz chirped gaily.

“But what?”

“Quiet, I said.”

Jake stopped talking.

“Watch this, Jake,” Roz giggled. A moment later, she had maneuvered herself into a position enabling her to recapture Graham’s formidable cock in her mouth and began sucking frantically while fondling his balls. Graham groaned… a sure sign.

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