Just Go With The Flow


The events in this story happened a few years ago when I was 26 years old and living in Washington DC where I had moved to take up a new job. It was my first time living by myself. I had always had room-mates since finishing grad school a few years earlier. But now, partly because I felt I was ready to be my own man, and partly because I didn’t want to go looking for room-mates in a new city, I decided to get a place for myself, a nice little apartment in a high-rise not too far from downtown. It was exciting. I learned to cook. I picked out the furniture for the place, and there was a sense of having come into a new phase of my life.

I did have a social life and made some friends. I have always been a bit on the shy side with girls. I hung out with a few girls I got to know in my company. It was after-work happy-hour stuff and for a while that was all I had time for as the job kept me busy. I decided to explore some more avenues for increasing my social circle. So I was on the lookout for events where I could meet more people and socialize.

The apartments were really nice. The living room had floor-to-ceiling windows in each unit. But there was a certain aloofness about the residents of the building. It was as if they didn’t have time to talk to each other. Or at least so they pretended. There was no sense of community. In a way it was nice because people had their own privacy and didn’t bother each other. But clearly the management of the building had noticed it as well. If they could build a sense of community then people would be less inclined to move. Keep the customers you have! So they held an event each month for the residents to get to know their neighbors and enjoy themselves. Only a few people came for such events, mostly couples. I decided to drop in for an ice-cream social one month in late summer. It was there that I first met Heather.

I had noticed her before in the building a few times. She seemed to be in her mid-to-late-forties. She was tall, slender, and walked with a model’s grace. She had dark brown hair, green eyes and was very attractive. There was just a hint of age on her face, lines on the sides of her eyes. I always saw her with her hair tied in a neat business-like bun and she was usually in formal wear. She had beautiful legs, something I always looked out for in women. I guess I am a bit of a leg-man! I once saw her coming out of the building’s gym just as I was entering and I was struck by how nicely toned was her body and how good a shape she was in. I had attempted to exchange a smile but she did not see me as she was wiping her face with a towel. I turned my head to look at her as she walked past. Nice ass, I had whispered to myself as I almost bumped into the glass door of the gym!

The ice-cream social was in a common area of the building on a Saturday afternoon. There were about fifteen people at the event and they were chatting in groups of three or four. I introduced myself to one group and began some chit-chat. It was then that I saw her walk in. She was wearing an orange summer dress that left her arms and shoulders exposed. It just about covered her knees. Her legs were bare, not in stockings as I usually saw her. Her hair was loose and it reached down to her lower back. She looked around, exchanged smiles and greetings with a group near the door and started chatting. My heart started beating fast. I had to talk to her, I thought. I was actually nervous. I never thought I would be nervous about talking to a woman so much older. I guess it was a measure of how much I was attracted to her. When she excused herself from the group and went over to get some ice-cream, I knew this was my moment. I had to get over my diffidence and talk to her. I stepped away from my group, nearly leaving a guy’s sentence hanging and walked over to the ice-cream table. “Nice day for an ice-cream, it’s really hot outside,” I smiled at her as I helped myself to a scoop of vanilla. “Oh yes, it is steamy, isn’t it? It should get cooler in a few days,” she said. Her voice was husky. I could smell her perfume. Her dress accentuated her curves. It was not very low-cut but offered a tantalizing view. Our hands brushed against each other as we both went for the chocolate sauce simultaneously.

“Oops, sorry, we’re both chocolate lovers I guess,” I said as we both laughed. I poured some chocolate sauce and nuts on top of her ice-cream. “Mmm… just the way I like it,” she smiled. She was exuding sensuality Beylikdüzü escort but yet she was restrained and graceful. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was in no hurry to walk away either. That’s re-assuring, I told myself.

“I’m Mark. From 405.”

“Heather. From 708.”

“Aha, you have a better view,” I said.

“And you get more sun in the winter,” she laughed, as she ran her fingers through her hair, throwing them back. She was very beautiful indeed, and had aged very gracefully. While I had admired her from a distance till now, from up close she was truly gorgeous.

We stepped into a corner and started talking. She told me she worked for a law firm and her work kept her quite busy. I nodded as I kept looking at her, her beautiful green eyes, her curves and her long slender fingers. I noticed she was a little nervous too. I wondered if she also found me attractive. She said she had been married once, many years ago and now was more into her career. She had dated a few men here in DC but “nothing serious”. I told her how I had moved to DC a while ago and how busy work can be here and how little time you get for socializing. “Yes,” she said, “I am married to my job I guess.” We talked some more, about the art scene, politics, things to do in the city, our hobbies. I noticed how easily I made her laugh with my jokes. We were feeling more at ease now and the conversation flowed easily. We found we had a few interests in common. She and I were both into French cinema. She could be open-minded about age differences then, I thought. I found her opinions insightful and honest. I liked her. It must have been a long time that we chatted because we realized the room was emptying out as the event was ending.

“Well, feel free to drop in to my place whenever you want to get some sun,” I surprised myself by my boldness. It was a bit cheesy, I thought.

“And you can come in to check out the view anytime,” she smiled and looked at me for a few seconds, a hint of a blush on her cheeks.

We both walked out of the room and wished each other a nice weekend. Was it my imagination, or did our handshake last just a bit longer than normal? She looked at me intently, her lips gently parting. I didn’t know. She was, after all, much older. Was she even thinking along those lines? I couldn’t say. Should I ask her out? Would that be odd? Would it embarrass her? “Goodbye, Mark,” she said, and walked away. I felt like a fool for not voicing my thoughts and went my own way.

I was left hanging. I admit I tend to analyze things too much sometimes. I started thinking about our meeting soon afterwards. She didn’t talk to anyone else at the event. She gave me plenty of eye contact, heck she was actually checking me out at times. She smiled warmly. Maybe she felt it would embarrass me if she showed her feelings openly. Or was I the one not showing my feelings? After all I was the man here. Was I thinking too much? Was I just horny? Oh well. Life went on.

The weeks went by and I ran into Heather a few times in the building. Usually we talked briefly, caught up on what we had been up to and then went our own ways. I tried to contain my excitement when I spoke with her and she always seemed delighted to run into me. On one occasion she caught me. As she walked away I just stood there, admiring her figure and checking out her legs from behind. She turned around, noticed me looking at her with my head down, smiled and walked away. I started sweating with embarrassment. But we spoke a week later and it never came up. Once again, I was left wondering if I was imagining things or if there was something between us.

Then I ran into her at the gym once. She was coming out as I was entering. We exchanged smiles and greetings. To my pleasant surprise, when I started my workout she came right back in for some more. I was almost certain she was checking me out. And then, before I could be sure, she was gone. Perhaps it was the age difference that made it difficult for her come to terms with it. I admit I was a bit reluctant myself. But there was something about her that drew me in. When will I find out? And how?

It was a Friday night and I was returning home after a happy-hour event. A couple of drinks had me in a happy mood, but not quite drunk. It was just enough to lower my inhibitions a little. As I was about to enter the building I saw Heather coming from the other direction.

“Heather! It’s nice Beylikdüzü escort to see you,” I said.

“Mark! You’re looking smart. Nice suit,” she smiled.

“And you’re looking ravishingly beautiful, as always,” I blurted before I had a chance to organize my thoughts and added, “Would you like to get a drink somewhere?”

She looked at me for a couple of moments, her lips gently parting, then closing. She bit her lower lip, as if reading me carefully. She curled her toes nervously as I felt the clock ticking very slowly.

She looked sideways and said softly, “Yes, that would be nice, but it’s a bit late and the bars nearby are about to close.”

“Oh right. It is late, I didn’t realize,” I said, not sure if I was disappointed or embarrassed. Had I read her feelings wrong all this time?

Then she took half a step forward, smiled and said, “But I have a really nice bottle of wine I’ve been saving. Would you like to come over?”

I could barely hide my delight as I gushed, “Yes that would be nice, Heather!”

As we took the elevator up to the seventh floor, we could barely contain our excitement. I was a bit nervous with anticipation. We had both expressed our feelings in our own ways just a few moments ago, and it was now time to just go with the flow. “Busy week?” I asked as we came out of the elevator and entered the hallway on the seventh floor. “Yes, I am so ready for the weekend,” she said.

“And I am so ready to tell you,” I began speaking as we entered her apartment and she closed the door behind us. I stopped for a moment as I looked into her beautiful eyes and continued, “to tell you how attractive you are, and how much I would like to…”

She didn’t let me finish as she leaned forward and embraced me. Her lips touched mine, and my hands went around her waist, pulling her closer, her body rubbed against mine. We kissed intensely, somewhat awkwardly, passionately, with the urgency of a volcano about to erupt.

We undressed quickly, clumsily, nearly tripping on our clothes as we threw them on the floor. I don’t remember exactly how it went, it was such a rush. It was all a blur. But the passion is what I do remember. She unclasped her hair as it fell down on her bare back as we went eagerly into her bedroom. It was there that I pulled down her panties and took my boxers down as we jumped into the bed. She was already quite wet and my cock was fully erect and throbbing. It was as if we had been longing for each other for the last six weeks since we met. It had been smouldering under the surface all along and now it was ablaze.

She lay on her back, looking into my eyes, breathing heavily. I had imagined her body often but now she lay naked in front of me. I was transfixed for a moment. I moved over her, my knees on either side of her waist as I bent down and kissed her wildly. My hands cupped her breasts, feeling her erect nipples between my fingers. She moaned and threw her head back as I moved lower down her body. I sucked on her nipples and bit them gently as her hands clasped around my back and pulled me closer to her. Then her fingers closed around my balls as she gently squeezed them, feeling my hard cock against her hand. I moved lower and buried my head into her wet pussy. To my delight she was not shaved completely but trimmed neatly. The whiff of her juices on her hair was such a turn-on. My tongue licked her pussy and I began teasing her clitoris. Then I inserted my tongue into her vagina as she heaved her head back and groaned loudly, “Oh Mark! I am going to cum! I want to feel your cock now. Right now!” I was more than eager to comply as I pushed her legs wide and moved in between her thighs and entered her. I began my strokes briskly and urgently as she screamed loudly, “Yes, oh yes.” I was groaning loudly too, much to my surprise, as I tend to be a quiet lover. “Heather, I have wanted you for so long,” I shouted as she moved her hips to match my rhythm. This was not going to last long. We were both close to climaxing. She suddenly said, “Mark lie on your back.” I stopped my strokes reluctantly and did as she asked. She sat on top of me and placing my cock in her pussy, started riding me. I felt her thighs tighten around me and I cupped her breasts as I threw my head back, groaning loudly with pleasure. Her motions got faster and faster as her nails dug into my chest and I squeezed her breasts. And then we both climaxed together, screaming loudly, as Escort Beylikdüzü she arched her back and I began cumming inside her. Wave after wave of pleasure went through her body as my cock creamed inside her. We both closed our eyes as we took in the sensations.

We both lay sideways facing each other, my cock still quivering inside her as her orgasm subsided. We were caressing each other, laughing, breathless, enjoying the afterglow of an intense orgasm.

Our sweaty bodies lay entwined with each other as we caught our breaths after that torrid bout of lovemaking. “Wow that was something,” I said, my face resting on her heaving breasts. She was looking at the ceiling with a smile on her face. Then she said softly, “It’s been a while since I had an orgasm that good.” Then she turned around and we indulged in some intimate spooning. Her body felt so nice against mine. I planted kisses all over her back, shoulders and neck.

I sat up on the bed after a while. She got out of bed, threw a nightgown on herself, took me by the hand and said, “I want to show you something.” I managed to pick up my boxers from the floor and put them on as she dragged me into the living room. I could see the city skyline from the windows. She went to the bookshelf from where she took out a photo album. I sat down on the sofa with the album as she went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of red wine and two glasses.

I opened the album and looked at the first photo as she poured the wine. A stunningly beautiful girl was posing on a sunny day, her long brown hair flying in the breeze as she held her arms out wide, embracing the sun.

“Umm… your daughter?” She looked so much like Heather so I took a guess. She came and handed me a glass and sat down next to me, chuckling. “Look again,” she said as she pointed to a small birthmark on her neck. The girl in the photo had it too. Then it struck me. It was Heather, from many years ago! She said she had tried her hand at modelling and this was a photo session she did with a professional cameraman. She didn’t pursue it further as she decided to go to law school instead. I looked at other photos and I couldn’t take my eyes away from one where she sat on the beach, sans her top, back to the camera, looking to her side, her knees together and her hands on her ankles, her bare back glistening, with sand on her thighs and soft sunlight on her cheeks. I sipped some more wine as I put my arm around her. She smiled and said, “I haven’t changed much since, have I?” I looked at her for a few moments, studying her carefully and then slowly ran my fingers against her cheeks. “You are a very attractive woman, Heather. Time has not taken much away from your beauty. But it was more than your beauty that I found attractive.”

I put the album away as we snuggled against each other, her lovely long legs against my thigh as we sipped our wine. She rubbed her hands on my bare chest and we kissed, a slow and sensual kiss that went on and on. She moaned softly as my tongue probed her. When our lips finally parted I was left with a distinct feeling of longing for this woman. I knelt down in front of her and placed her feet on my thighs and began gently massaging her feet as she sighed softly and sipped her wine. How I wished to give her more pleasure, to make her moan again. I hoped our coupling was not finished for tonight as the bulge in my boxers became larger. I hoped she was not feeling ashamed at having sex with a man much younger than her. She soon answered my doubts. To my delight she gently ran her fingers over my boxers against my cock and said, “I want you, Mark. I want to feel you in me again. Won’t you please fuck me once more?”

As we both got up and walked towards the bedroom, I knew this time it would be a slow dance. This would not be the somewhat awkward, wild, let’s-do-this-before-we-change-our-minds fuck but a longer, more sensual session. And so it was. It lasted much of the night. We got to explore each other’s bodies. When we reached our second climax together, we were kissing passionately with our bodies entwined.

We talked about several things that night. I remarked how our age difference didn’t seem to matter when we made love. She said she was pleasantly surprised by it as well. We decided that a relationship was not something we were going to think about at this point. We would just go with the flow. And so we did.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, one that would bring much pleasure to us over the next couple of years, and one that I will always remember fondly.

Let’s just say I really enjoyed the view from her apartment and she often came to my place to soak up the sun in the winters!

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