Just Getting Bi Part 2


Just Getting Bi Part 2This is the continuation of a previous story you can read here:http://xhamster.com/user/Scott1960/posts/451470.htmlI hopped in the shower and got dressed. Lisa had given me her number so I called her up to see if I could bring something.”Hi stud. You aren’t bailing out on me are you?””Not a chance! I was just calling to see what was on the menu, thought I would pick up a bottle of wine on the way.””How thoughtful! Beef is on the menu,” she giggled, “mostly your beef I hope!””Red it is then, and yes, my beef is definitely available for dining. Possibly even injecting. See you at 6 sexy!””Mmmm, I could use a nice beef injection!” She giggled, “See you soon stud!”I stopped at the store, picked up a moderately priced bottle of wine and headed to their house. I have to admit I was a little nervous, but also excited! I could feel my cock getting hard and a little drop of precum starting to form. They lived in a nice neighborhood, well manicured lawns, large houses and nice cars in the driveway. I found the address, pulled in and walked to the door half hard. One of the neighbor ladies was out in her garden and I was glad for the hedge between her and I. I smiled and nodded to her and she looked away. “Wow, snob.” I thought. “Well, at least Lisa is nice. Extremely nice!” I smiled to myself and rang the doorbell.Lisa answered the door in a little red cocktail dress with no bra. Wow she looked good! I walked in and she gave me a little kiss.”Thank you so much for coming!””Thanks for having me. You look great!”I handed her the wine and she thanked me, took my hand and led me into the house. We got to the living room and I was a little confused.”No Bob? I thought I’d see him by now?””No Bob tonight. He was a naughty boy. Tonight Vicky will be serving us.””Vicky?”Lisa clapped her hands loudly. “VICKY! Bring two wine glasses and a corkscrew for our guest!”A moment later a swinging door opened and ‘Vicky’ came out. She was dressed in a French Maid’s outfit with a white apron. The skirt was short enough that I could see the top of her black stockings and garters. She seemed a bit wobbly on her stiletto heels and I realized ‘Vicky’ was Bob.I turned to Lisa, cocked my head curiously and smiled. “Vicky?””This is his punishment for claiming he’s better at sucking cock than I am, if you can believe the nerve!” She leaned over to me and whispered, “Besides I think it’s fun to watch him try to walk in heels, don’t you?” Giggle. “What took so long Vicky? Our guest is probably dying of thirst by now!” She turned to me, “SO hard to get even decent help these days!””Sorry Mistress, I couldn’t find the corkscrew.””Well put the tray down on the table so a real man can open some wine for me.””Yes, Mistress.”Vicky bent over the coffee table and gave me a 3/4 view of her ass in a thong. I always thought garter belts were sexy, and it definitely looked good on her. Vicky had one of the nicest asses I’d seen in a while. Hard to believe she was actually Bob. My cock stiffened and Lisa smiled, pointedly looked at my bulge and cocked an eyebrow.”Like the view?””Very nice! Sexy…”Lisa put her hand on my ass and said, “Oh, we are going to have SUCH fun tonight.”Vicky stood up and tottered out of the room. We sat on the couch and I opened the bottle and poured us each a glass of wine.”To an interesting evening.” Lisa toasted.”So far, so good!” I replied and we clinked glasses. I took a sip of wine and put my hand on her upper thigh and began gently stroking, rubbing upward with my fingertips then dragging my fingernails lightly downward. She smiled and spread her legs so that one was over mine and took a sip of wine. She was wearing lacy panties tonight, they felt sexy when I placed my palm on her mound and began squeezing her outer lips together and letting them fall apart again. I pressed down firmly with my palm and moved it in a circle, she smiled and gave a little moan. I grabbed both her knees and spread her legs further apart then ran my palms down hard from the inside of both her knees until they almost met at her by now damp slit, then squeezed up and together, never touching her clit. I began to pump them back and forth and in circular motions while I rubbed her mound firmly with both thumbs. She put her head back and moaned. The door opened and Vicky came out carrying a tray of appetizers. I looked her in the eye and kept playing with Lisa’s pussy.”You should be taking notes, sissy. Jake actually knows how to play with a pussy instead of pawing at it like a junior high schooler who’s never seen one before.” She gave a another low moan.”Yes, Mistress.”Vicky bent over to place the tray and stumbled, almost dropping the appetizers on the table. As she stumbled I snuck another peek at her ass. Lisa noticed and brought her legs together.”You klutz! Be careful with our food! I’m not sure you are good for anything!”She turned to me.”What do you think Jake? I saw you looking at her ass! Do you have any use for her?””Oh, I may have a few thoughts..” I smiled at Lisa. She smiled back.”I’ll just bet you do. Turn around and get on your hands and knees sissy!”Vicky obediently got into the doggy position and Lisa flipped her skirt up exposing her ass.”Do you think that looks fuckable, Jake? I think it needs some color, way too pale for my taste.”She reached over and gave one of Vicky’s cheeks a solid smack, leaving a bright pink handprint. She looked over at me, then gave the other cheek an equal smack. Vicky gave a little hiss as she breathed in sharply.”Doesn’t that look better?””Oh, a bit, could use a little more pink I think.”I was surprised at how turned on I was getting. I’d seen pictures and videos before but in real life this was incredibly arousing. Vicky seemed to be enjoying it herself, I could see her thong stretching over her hardening cock.”Well, why don’t you get it the color you want? She’s here to serve YOU after all. Make her as tempting as you like. Besides, canlı bahis I like to watch Vicky get a little abused.”I smiled and kneeled next to Vicky. I reached out touched her ass to line up and realized this was the first time I’d touched a man in a sexual way. My cock gave a little jump. Then I swung my hand back and lightly smacked Vicky’s tight little ass. Lisa was watching with her legs spread, hand resting on her pussy.”You can do better than that stud, he’s not going to break.”She pulled her panties to the side and gave me a smile. Her pussy was freshly shaved and glistening as she slid a finger along her slit. I smiled and gave Vicky a harder whack. She gasped and I saw the imprint of my hand on her cheek. I started to rhythmically spank each cheek in turn, followed by a gentle rub as she gasped after each stroke. Her ass was starting to get a nice reddish color and she was gripping the carpeting with her fingers. Lisa had three fingers inside herself now and was watching closely while she furiously stroked herself. I gave each cheek another spank and realized I had a raging erection, but then, so did Vicky. I reached down and slid my hand over his cock and balls and cupped them, he gasped and I gave them a little squeeze. Lisa suddenly gave a little spasm and her legs shook.”Oh, God. That is so hot! I love watching men play with each other!”I spanked each cheek again, ran my fingers between the cheeks and over the asshole a few times and turned to Lisa.”That looks about right to me. What do you think?””Perfect! I’m a little hungry though, and you are going to need your strength. Go fetch our dinner Vicky, I’ll let you two play later.” She looked and gave me a wink, “If that’s OK with you of course?””Sure, I can wait until after we eat, then we can feed Vicky.”That’s the spirit… get going Vicky, the faster you feed us the sooner you get what you want to eat for dinner.””Yes Mistress!”Vicky got up pulled her skirt down and wobbled out to the kitchen. Lisa and I walked to the dining room and took seats.”This isn’t too much for you Jake, is it? We tend to get a little kinky sometimes.”I smiled. “No! I’m loving it so far. Can’t you tell how excited I am?””I did notice that. Are you looking forward to having a guy suck your cock?””Oh, yes! I have been for a while. We’ll see if he really is better than you or not, you are tough competition.” I gave her a wink.She leaned forward and smiled.”How about fucking a guy in the ass? Ready to give that a try? I want to watch you bury that nice, big cock in Vicky’s ass.””That could be fun too. Actually looking forward to trying, as long as Vicky likes it.””Oh, she does. She loves it when I get my strapon out and give her a good pegging. But a real cock is her favorite. VICKY?”Vicky came to the door.”Yes, Mistress?””Put your butt plug in and get my strapon and lube ready. Your ass is getting a good pounding tonight.””Yes, Mistress! Thank you Mistress!”She smiled at me. “See?”I smiled back. I was getting more excited by the minute. I felt a warm glow in my belly at the thought of my cock sliding into a man, picturing his cock bouncing back and forth as I slid in to the balls.”I get to have you inside me first though. My pussy is dying to be stretched and I’ve been getting wet thinking about you cumming inside me. Think you can do both of us in one night?””I’m pretty sure I can handle it Lisa. Looking forward to it, actually.”Vicky brought out dinner, walking even worse than she had earlier. I was guessing the butt plug wasn’t helping her balance any. When she bent over to serve I could see the big round end stop up against her cheeks. Apparently someone liked purple. I couldn’t resist, so I reached out and pulled it back and forth a little. Vicky gasped, then moaned a little. She moaned a little more as I moved it around in little circles. Lisa watched like a hawk with a dreamy smile on her face as I gave each cheek another firm spank and played with the plug a little more.”Like that do you? I’ll bet my cock will feel even better.””Y…Yes Sir. Looking forward to it Sir!”Vick’s cock was growing again, so I gave it a little rub and a squeeze through her thong.”Is it OK if Vicky takes her thong off? I want to watch that little cock bounce around a little.””Of course it’s OK. She’s here for your pleasure. You heard the man Vicky. Take off that thong so he can see that tiny little sissy cock of yours.”She lifted her skirt and lowered her thong. Her cock sprang out, it was a little on the small side, but looked nicely proportioned. I’d never actually seen an erect cock anywhere but in pictures and movies and, once again, the reality made it that much more exciting. It kind of bounced as Vicky breathed and I couldn’t resist reaching out and giving it a little stroke. It was so warm! It got even harder as I gently stroked it, then cupped and stroked his shaved balls. A tiny, shining drop appeared at the tip and I had an overwhelming desire to lick it off. I leaned over but Lisa reached out and stopped me.”Vicky hasn’t earned anything like THAT yet Jake. Hold your horses, once he done pleasuring the two of us we can let him cum.”I was close enough to smell an intoxicating musk coming off Vicky’s tool. But I managed to stop.”You’re right Lisa. That’s probably for the best. Let’s finish dinner and then we can play.”Lisa and I picked up our forks and began eating while Vicky bounced in and out of the kitchen bringing us food and keeping our wine glasses filled. I was constantly half hard from catching glimpses of Lisa’s cleavage and Vicky’s dick and ass. Vicky seemed to be excited too, and every now and then I’d lift her skirt for a better look. After what seemed like ages we finished eating and went to the living room. Vicky refilled our wine glasses and Lisa and I started making out while Vicky kneeled in front of us and watched, breathing heavily. We kissed for a while and I stroked her body and slipped my hands under bahis siteleri her dress to squeeze and twist her rock hard nipples. She groaned as I slipped the top of her dress down and looked at her beautiful breasts. I stroked them gently, alternating with firm squeezes and gentle licks. I began kissing my way down her belly and pulled at her dress as she eagerly raised herself up so I could slide her dress all the way off. Her body was gorgeous in just her lacey little panties and I growled in appreciation before pulling them off.”I want to taste your pussy!”It was so gorgeous and wet that it was shining like a jewel and I roughly spread her legs and slid my tongue over her slit. The smell was delightful, and the taste was even better as I rolled my tongue into all the little cracks and crevices.”Vicky, get over here. Your Mistress needs a spare set of hands and lips on her tits while I take care of this hot little pussy.”Lisa moaned loudly as Vicky came over squeezed her tits together and clamped her lips over her nipples. I went back to my fun and slid two fingers inside her as I licked her clit in every conceivable direction at random. I slid my fingers in and out until I felt a tiny patch a little rougher than the rest of her smooth slippery walls and began tapping it with my fingers in time with my tongue.”OH MY GOD!” Lisa said so loudly that the neighbors probably heard. (Maybe that’s why I got the cold shoulder from the neighbor lady?) I kept it up until her cunt clamped down so tightly and spasmed so hard I thought I was going to lose my fingers.”Oh God Jake! Get that cock inside me NOW! I want to ride you!”I sat down on the couch and Lisa told me to spread my legs. She crouched over my cock, facing away from me, and slowly lowered herself down onto my rock hard shaft. She stopped about halfway down then raised herself up and slid back down to about 3/4 of the way to my balls. It felt so good! I let out a groan and she dropped down until she was sitting on my balls with my length stuffed all the way inside. She began to fuck me slowly, raising herself up and down then moving her hips in circles, making sure my cock hit every inch of her pussy. She arched her back as I reached around and begin to play with her breasts and nipples, gently squeezing and twisting, then getting a little rougher, then easing up again. She was moaning like crazy, but then suddenly stopped with me all the way inside and looked over at Vicky.”Why are you just sitting there watching sissy? Momma needs a tongue on her clit while she rides this full sized cock! And I’ll bet Jake wouldn’t mind getting his balls and asshole licked while you’re down there.””Nope, I wouldn’t mind at all!”Vicky came over and kneeled between my knees, placing her warm hands on my thighs, then leaned forward and began to lick Lisa’s swollen lips and clit, taking time now and then to run her tongue over my swollen balls. As Lisa rose up he would follow her with his tongue, dancing it over her pussy and the bottom of my cock. Damn! That felt good. Whenever Lisa stopped to grind herself against me Vicky would take the opportunity to lick and suck the fleshy ridge between my balls and asshole and run his tongue between that and my thighs. I was about to explode. Lisa was moaning loudly. Vicky was licking and sucking, making the most delightfully enthusiastic noises. I couldn’t take much more and began to groan myself.”Unhhh… Lisa! I’m going to cum!””Ohhh….! I want to feel you spray your hot cum inside me!”I grabbed her hips roughly and pulled her all the way down over my cock as it began to jerk and spray. I hissed with pleasure joined by Lisa as Vicky gazed up at Lisa with his face glistening from her pussy juice. I came for what seemed like hours until I was finally spent. Lisa moaned and laid back against me for a few minutes until my cock was soft enough to fall out on its own.”Oh, Jake! That was wonderful! Vicky, we need a good cleaning. Suck that cum out of my pussy.”I watched over Lisa’s shoulder as Vicky eagerly began to lick and suck her pussy, stopping occasionally to lick my balls. I was starting to get another stirring in my cock watching Vicky’s face get covered in a mixture of Lisa’s and my juices. Lisa shooed Vicky away and went to get her strapon.”Well sissy, you’ve been a good little slut. Time for your turn. Now’s the real test. If you suck cock better than I do you’ll be able to get Jake hard enough to fuck your ass. For now you’ll have to settle for the dildo.”She put her strapon on and looked even sexier somehow. The dildo was a little smaller than my cock with a good sized head and little ridges along its length. I could see Vicky’s cock was rock hard as he saw his Mistress coming toward him. Lisa bent him back over so his face was between my legs again, pulled out Vicky’s butt plug with an audible pop, then began squirting lube on her palm and rubbing it over the dildo. Lisa knelt down behind Vicky and began sliding the dildo up and down the crack of her ass, then pressed forward slowly. Vicky dropped her head then clenched the couch cushions tightly as Lisa eased her hips forward. Vicky groaned and Lisa’s hips suddenly sprang forward as the dildo slid inside Vicky’s tight asshole. My cock was coming back to life as I watched Lisa begin to ease the dildo in slowly, then back it out a bit, only to thrust forward so it was buried even deeper. Vicky had her head down between my legs and was making incoherent a****l noises as Lisa gradually thrust the dildo all the way in and paused for a few seconds. Vicky raised her head and looked over her shoulder to see the dildo in all the way to the base and smiled. Lisa looked down at her.”Why is that cock sitting out there in the cold? If you don’t want to be Vicky for the next month you’d better get sucking! Assuming you’re even good enough to get it hard again that is.””Yes Mistress!”Vicky began to lick and suck my inner thighs, which güvenilir bahis was hot. But what really brought me back to life was my front row seat of Lisa pegging Vicky and the noises Vicky made with every stroke. Lisa began to gradually remove the dildo, basically reversing what she did when she shoved it in. When she to where only the head was left inside she very slowly sank the whole length into Vicky’s ass, which brought a deep moan and a hiss from Vicky. Vicky began to lick my balls, and by now, half hard cock while Lisa started to gradually pick up the pace of her fucking. Vicky couldn’t really concentrate on sucking me but did her best. Licking and sucking every inch while I watched the dildo vanish and reappear. I looked around Vicky’s side and could see her cock swaying back and forth to the rhythm of Lisa’s strokes and I got even harder. Lisa was really getting into it now. Grunting as she slammed her dildo into Vicky’s ass, breasts swaying. She saw me looking and smiled.”Such fun! Probably even more fun with a real cock.”She looked at my lap and smiled.”Looks like Vicky managed to raise the dead! Do you want a turn while I watch?”Vicky looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back.”Of course.”I got up and Lisa and I changed places after she stopped me in the middle and handed me a condom.”He’ll want to swallow your cum when you are done so wear this please?””Sure.”I put the condom on and kneeled behind Vicky and rubbed my cock up and down her crack. Vicky’s asshole was already open but I gently butted my head up against the opening and gave a slow push. There was some resistance at first, since my cock was bigger than the dildo but gradually I forced my head past the opening until it was buried inside. Vicky groaned and I started to slowly slide it in, following Lisa’s example. God it was tight! It made Lisa’s pussy feel like the Lincoln Tunnel, but I eventually felt my balls resting against her cheeks. I began to draw it back out until just my head was inside then slowly slid it in again. After several strokes like this I sort of lost control and began to do full, hard strokes while Vicky moaned and Lisa gave me directions.”Pound that tight little ass! I want you to squish his face into my pussy with every stroke!”She grabbed Vicky’s ears and pulled her face into her pussy as I started to really pound away, my balls slapping with every thrust. Vicky was groaning in time with my thrusts and getting harder with every stroke. She looked back at me.”Oh, God! Pound my ass with that nice big cock! Let me feel every inch!”I obliged as long as I could which, considering how many times I’d cum was a while, but soon enough I was feeling the pressure building.”I’m going to cum!””Good! I want to watch Vicky swallow that tasty cum!””Yes, please give it to me!”I pulled out, whipped the condom off and watched Vicky swallow my whole cock while Lisa watched with her eyes gleaming. Damn, it felt so good! Vicky really was a better cocksucker than Lisa, not that I was going to tell her so. Soon I couldn’t hold back any longer and felt my balls pull up.”I’m going to cum!”Vicky looked up at me and kept sucking.”She loves to taste cum Jake, feed her every drop!”I felt my cock spasm while Vicky stared into my eyes and sucked every last drop. I fell onto the couch, utterly spent, but couldn’t take my eyes off Vicky’s cock. I caught my breath and looked up at him.”Your turn to get off. I want to taste your cock.”Lisa looked at me and smiled.”I get to watch you suck your first cock? Mmmm… you picked a good one to start with.”I sat Vicky down and knelt in front of her. She was already half hard but I wanted to play with it a little and I began to stroke it, feeling all the little ridges and wrapping my hand around it. I bent over and finally got to taste that little drop on the tip. It was salty, but just tasted right. I wrapped my lips just around the tip and gently sucked. Vicky groaned and I move my lips as far down as I could go then tightened them and slowly slid them back to the ridge. It really felt great! I pulled my mouth off and licked the little hole at the end, then followed that up by swirling my tongue around the ridge. After I did that a few times I swirled my tongue in little circles down the length of his cock until I was licking his balls. They were sweaty and a bit salty, but I was rewarded with a groan. I decided to see if I could swallow the whole thing. I went back to the head and gradually forced myself all the way down, feeling it catch in the back of my throat and almost making me puke. Lisa moved closer to get a better view as I slid my mouth up and down his warm, hard cock.”Wow, you seem to be pretty good at this for a beginner!” she said.Vicky moaned her agreement. I started licking it again, knowing that all that shiny spit making Vicky’s cock glisten was mine. I began to really get into it. The smell, the taste, the noises… Lisa began kissing her way down my back until she reached my ass which she gently kissed. Vicky was moaning, then Lisa said “Since you doing such a good job you get a special reward.” Then began to run her tongue around my asshole. I was in heaven. A rock hard cock filling my mouth while a warm, wet tongue slithered all over my most sensitive spot. Soon Vicky began moaning.”I’m going to cum!” Lisa sat up.”Can we share?” she asked me.”Sure if you want.”We knelt next to each while Vicky stood over us and stroked until he began squirting a huge load over us I caught some in my mouth and rolled it around my tongue. It actually tasted better than I thought it would. Soon he was done and we all relaxed.”Wow, that was fun!” I said.Lisa smiled at me.”You didn’t do too bad! What do you think Bob?””Oh? I’m back to Bob? Good! I can take this dress off!”We all chuckled a little. I looked at the time.”Holy cow! It’s late and I have work tomorrow! I’d better go get some sleep.””Well Lisa, I think we will definitely have to invite Jake over again… don’t you think?””Definitely! I need some sleep too. Surprisingly enough I have work tomorrow too.”We smiled at each other then I got dressed, we said our goodbyes and I went home to a blissful nights sleep.

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