Just Another Friday Night


Thanks for reading this story- please note it is written in a slightly unusual format which is deliberate and is an attempt to replicate a stream of consciousness from one person’s viewpoint. As such it does have some slightly non-standard punctuation, some long, rambling sentences, and it doesn’t include any traditionally set out dialogue although there is some spoken word in the text.


And as we’re crossing the road a car comes round the corner going way too fast and we have to hurry to the pavement which isn’t easy in these shoes and there’s a few nervous squeals from Joanne and Helen which is probably down to the half bottle or vodka we shared before we left the office, don’t want to start sober, not at these prices, and there’s a blast on the horn and a yell out of the window and Dave shouts fuck off after them and I can see the brake lights go on and we hightail it into the Lamb laughing as we do. Not really my style but I’m buzzing from the wrap of gear Steve shared out cause it’s been a long time but what the hell you only live once don’t they say?

Steve’s straight to the bar, life and soul as usual though we all know he just wants to get us drunk, he’d fuck any one of us and never mind the wife and kids, still that’s what you get for getting hitched at 19, marry in haste, repent at leisure, that’s another saying, right? I haven’t asked for anything but he comes back with vodka and tonic all round and pints for the lads and we’re all laughing as Mand nearly tips off her seat, well except for Jen but that’s because she’s ‘driiiiving’, such a shame she says, yeah right, it’s not like you don’t know it’s fucking payday Friday, we always go out straight from work right, it’s ok if you don’t wanna drink but don’t make out like it’s not your fault, to be honest she makes it such a downer as she’s got no sense of humour anyway. I’ll try and ignore her until she goes home, you don’t want to get stuck talking to her on a night out.

I manage to catch Adam’s eye for the first time really and I smile, he smiles, but he’s all the way over the other side of the table and although it’s still early it’s pretty noisy in here and there’s no chance of a conversation and I wonder for the thousandth time whether he likes me, you know, likes me likes me, but he’s never said anything… oh we talk and we smile and I’d guess you’d say we were friends at work, you know, but that’s it… but then I’m back in the flow of the conversation and Helen launches into a fucking massive rant about work and we spend half an hour slagging off that bitch of a manager, Christ she’s such a fucking miserable, I don’t know, presence in the room, you can fucking sense the atmosphere change the moment she walks in, and we all know we don’t wanna think about work on a Friday night but we’ve got to get it out of our system, yeah, and we have some more drinks and let’s face it our office isn’t the worst place to work, money’s not great but it’s ok, well we’d leave if we hated it that much, wouldn’t we? But right now none of that matters cause it’s the weekend, so…

I take my turn to go to the bar and I try to use psychic powers to get Adam to come with me but it doesn’t work so I get a tray from the barman who looks about 12 to me but as I’m turning away from the bar I bump into a woman coming the other way. The drinks slop about but I manage to hold the tray and I look up to say sorry and she smiles like it’s ok and all I think is it looks like she’s dropped in from another planet, tall, slim, impossibly cool looking, simple cream dress that looks amazing on her and I’m really glad I didn’t spill the drinks on her and I think she’s going to say something but it’s too loud for conversation really and at that moment this guy grabs her arm and we’re away in different directions.

Well we always gaziosmanpaşa escort start out with good intentions about eating some food in the Lamb but we have a few more drinks first and then as usual it’s really got too late for that and the stuff’s really kicked in now so we get some chips and share those and Richard tells me I should eat something or I’ll regret it later and I know he means well but come on, what is he my Dad? I get into a long chat with Karen about some stupid TV show which is weird as we’ve never really talked much but I’m really into the conversation although I can see Mand behind her giving me the eye and I know she’s itching to get down the 21 Club before the queue gets too long but she’s nodding towards the other side of the table and Steve and Jo are whispering in the corner and his hand’s halfway up her leg, Christ, he is so creepy, so I say to Karen let’s go somewhere else shall we? As if by magic everyone senses it’s time to go and some sense is what we’ll be talking into Joanne on the way and without really discussing it, we’re on the way to the 21 which is a few minutes walk and we always end up nearly losing somebody as by this time we’re all pretty well alight and actually I wouldn’t mind another trip to the toilet cubicle if you know what I mean but no way am I asking Steve for any. By the time half the party have been to the cashpoint and the other half have walked on and then stopped and we manage to gather everyone in we’re in the queue.

We’ve lost Jen, surprise surprise, to be honest she could have left at any time in the last couple of hours and I wouldn’t have noticed, but the hardcore are still all here so that’s ok and more importantly Adam’s still here and he smiles at me again and I smile back. Dave’s getting nervous we won’t get in as Jo’s pretty wasted but I’ve already seen Tony’s on the door and I know he’ll let us in, I smile nicely and he waves us through. We crowd to the bar and it’s just easier to get bottles of beer, it’s quicker, and anyway I’d drink anything by now.

Fucking love it here, 90s night tonight and the music’s really loud, classic house and trance, I close my eyes and it’s going right through me and it’s time for a dance. Too late for talking now, I’m in no state for that. Mand comes with me and we push onto the dancefloor. I can see the usual kind of twats looking us up and down in their Friday smart casual, well look all you like but you’ve got no chance. We find Jo and Helen and we lose it in the music, lost in the moment, and as we’re going for it suddenly through the crowd I see the woman from the Lamb and she meets my eye and then the gap in the crowd disappears and she’s gone.

Sometime later I’ve lost all track of time but then through the crowd I see Adam talking to a girl and he’s leaning forward and whispering in her ear and I think oh for fucks sake and I head for the toilet. As always there’s a fucking queue in the ladies. Two girls are kissing openly in the corner which you don’t see every day. I’m caught looking at them by the woman from the Lamb again who is just ahead of me in the queue and she smiles. Do I know her? Somehow she seems calmer than the air around her, a still moment in the chaos. Women shrieking, crying, swearing and she smiles at me again. A cubicle is free and she glides towards it. She puts one hand on the door and she turns. Looks at me. Her eyes go down to her side and I see a small wrap in her hand. She inclines her head and without another thought I follow her.

The cubicle door shuts and she flicks the lock. I’m suddenly aware of myself and feel awkward in my top and skirt which shouts ‘obviously come straight from work’. She leans over the cistern and snorts. Now it’s my turn and she offers me a rolled gölbaşı escort up note. The noise outside seems far away and here we are, both in a very small space. I do the business and stand up. We’re face to face and before I really have time to think what do I do if… she leans forward and kisses me softly on the lips. Somewhere in the distance another me is screaming what are you doing but right here I’m having a moment of clarity and fuck it, let’s see where this is going. Her hand brushes through my hair and caresses my neck. Hesitantly I reach up to stroke her hair, shorter than mine and not as dark. She leans back and looks at me again and I look down and I see she’s definitely not wearing a bra and I can see her nipples through her dress. As if I’m in a dream my hand reaches up and my thumb brushes across her small breast and rubs gently on her stiff nipple and I look up and she’s kissing me again, harder this time, then I open my mouth to speak and her finger is on my lips to stop me, lingering on each one in turn and then she’s pushing me back against the wall of the cubicle and her hands are under my top and gently squeezing my breast.

We’re kissing and kissing and she’s undoing my skirt and it drops to the floor and she’s sliding her fingers inside my panties and oh god I can’t be doing this and I don’t want to stop her and I want to touch her too and my hand is under her dress and I tell the little voice at the back of my mind to shut up and my fingers are in her knickers and then I’m rubbing her soft pussy. Now her fingers have found my clit and normally it takes time to get me going but I’m so wet and one finger’s inside me and I’m freaking out and I’m trying to keep quiet and we kiss and we kiss and we look at each other and oh my fucking god what am I doing and our bodies are so close and so hot and who the fuck are you and why do you feel so good and then there’s nothing but her fingers on me and mine on her and she’s warm and soft and wet and my fingers are slick with her and then there’s a change in her breathing and she tenses and her eyes go wide and I rub harder on her clit over and over and she is completely still and her eyes never leave mine and she comes hard, silently, shaking as she holds me tight.

After what seems like an eternity but must only be seconds we slowly realise where we are. Self-consciously I put my skirt back on and she rearranges her clothes. Wait, she says and retrieves her phone from a tiny bag. She offers it to me and I type in my name and number. She gives me one last look and then she’s out of there, I suppose there’s nothing to say anyway. I give it a minute and then I leave too, and as I do Karen is at the front of the queue, and she gives me a look which I am not thinking about right now but I am definitely filing away to consider later. I wander around but I can’t see anyone I know, god knows how long I was in there, not the woman, not Mand, she’s probably scored and left me to it.

Then I see Adam and he’s with the same girl but I am in no mood to be charitable and anyway I am fucking invincible right now and I know what I want and I’m going to get it so I walk right up to him and I’m all who the fuck is this, what do you think you’re playing at, come on we’re going, and she knows what is good for her and she melts away into the crowd and I take his hand and pull him after me and we’re out of the club and up the steps and what I know but he doesn’t is that I have got a fucking secret weapon right now which is the keys to the office and the code for the alarm which I took tonight in the event of just such an emergency and it’s not five minutes’ walk from here. My phone beeps but I ignore it and you know what, I really like walking through the Friday night chaos holding hands keçiören escort with Adam like he’s my boyfriend and fortunately before I lose my nerve we’re at the office and I’m unlocking the door and punching the alarm code and really hoping I haven’t forgotten it and absolutely definitely not wondering why Adam is going along with this although he must be pretty drunk.

Then we’re in the main office and luckily there’s some light coming through from outside cause no way do I want to put the lights on and now I really don’t know how it’s going to go from here and I turn to look at him and he can’t really look at me and I realise that I don’t want to fuck on a desk believe me it isn’t comfortable and I lead him to the kitchen where there’s a sofa. My stomach’s churning but I’m keeping my head together and I step back from him and I’m gonna make him look at me and I pull my top off over my head and yes, I did wear my best underwear just for this moment and I know my tits look good in this lacy black number and now he does look at me and now he does come to me and he’s got my head in his hands and he’s kissing me, he’s kissing me and it’s all been worth it for this, I want him I want him I want him so much, and he’s squeezing my tit and pinching my nipple and I kiss him hard and I’m ripping off his tie and I’m fumbling to unbutton his shirt but I can’t seem to get it right and he pushes me down on the sofa and he’s undoing my skirt and he’s pulling off my panties and I can’t wait. I reach behind me and unhook my bra and it falls off me and his gaze lingers on my tits and I really like showing my body to him. He undresses, watching me all the time and I can’t help it my hand goes between my legs and I’m rubbing myself, I’m so wet for him, and finally he drops his boxers and his cock is already hard and he’s on top of me and we kiss and we kiss and I whisper fuck me fuck me fuck me in his ear and guide his cock towards my pussy and it’s hot and it’s hard and slowly, gently, he eases his cock into me and fuck it feels good.

I meet his eye and we smile at each other and it breaks the tension and he begins to slide in and out slowly and his weight is on me and he strokes my cheek and kisses me again and again and oh my god I’m in heaven and I grip his arse and wrap my legs around him and we fuck like this for what feels like forever but then I can feel his urgency and his strokes get quicker and deeper and oh god yes and I can feel it building in me and oh yes fuck me harder fuck me harder and he’s pinching my nipple again and my hand is between my legs and rubbing my clit like crazy and he’s fucking me harder and harder and I’m going over the edge and I’m screaming his name and crying and coming and coming and I can’t see properly and I breathe come for me come for me I want you to come inside me I want your hot cock to shoot your come deep into me and he arches his back and a cry strangles in his throat and he fills me with his hot liquid and god it’s good and he slumps on me and I stroke his hair and I kiss him and murmur something anything in his ear and later on I’ll hope I didn’t say I loved him which I don’t think I did and then I think we pass out for a while.

The next thing I know I look at my watch and it’s late it’s insanely late and we’ve got to get out of here. I kiss Adam awake and show him the time and we dress quickly and I tell him this wasn’t just a casual fuck for me and I’ve never known how he feels and he says he really likes me but that it’s not as simple as that and I don’t say well if you loved your girlfriend so much what are you doing here with me but I do think it. And then I set the alarm and lock the door and we share a taxi and we cuddle up in the back like we don’t want to let go of each other and he drops me off first and we have one last kiss and one last look and then I’m fishing for my keys and I look at my phone and of course there’s loads of messages and my brain won’t work properly and I’ve got to get my story straight and I’ve got to clean up and the last thing I want to think about is sorting out the kids in the morning and I hope to god he’s not awake and I manage to get my key in the door and push it open.

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