Just a Night on the Beach


I’ve had a long year. I have a friend from work who owns a piece of land along the beach. He’s offered it to me for a few days. He also makes a point of saying it’s a nude beach, although I can’t EVER imagine doing that in daylight, i’m intruiged.

It’s a beautiful area. I start walking around in the full moon light…then finally spread my large towel/blanket down and strip down naked. I lie down and close my eyes, at peace at the first time in ages, feeling the warm ocean breeze over my full breasts and flat tummy and the warm sand (still warm from the day’s sun) under me, lulling me to a peaceful night.

I am just drifting off when I hear a noise and I suddenly open my eyes. In complete shock I see a couple standing naked in front of me, the man obviously aroused, and very well built. I frantically start to reach for my clothes or towel when they soothe me, telling me not to worry, that’s it’s a traditionally nude area.

I explain I’m borrowing the house up the beach and they clarify that I’m about 100 feet past the property, but that they don’t mind…the woman then asks if I’d like to take a dip with her…i start to object. She’s gorgeous too, dark hair and light skin and breasts almost exactly the same beylikdüzü escort size as mine…not that i was looking…;). I finally relent and she grabs my hand and we trot out to the lapping water.

I walk naked out to the water, my heart pounding, somehow knowing what’s going to happen before my conscious mind has a clue. I walk into the water and dive under in the warm water (following my mystery companion’s example), and suddenly I slip. As I slip and flail a bit I feel warm hands righting me.

Next thing I know I’m standing inches away from the naked woman…her nipples are hard and her breath is quick. From pulling me up or something else, I don’t know. Slowly, without even realizing what I’m doing I run my wet hand over her hard nipple, first one, then the other. My heart is hammering in my chest now…my pussy is getting wetter, surprisingly, by the second.

Suddenly she presses her soft, salty, wet lips to mine…our mouths open and I feel our tongues divinely connect.

She takes my hand…I’m still in a daze….

As she leads me back to the beach I see the man stretched out on my towel. He’s fully aroused and obviously has been enjoying the show in beyoğlu escort the moonlit water.

I begin to get self conscious as we reach the beach, he stands up and runs his hands down my shoulders, back across my shoulder blades and over my hips. I feel his hard cock occasionally brush against my wet skin.

Suddenly, against my character, I run my hand down his chest and to his engorged cock…I gently cup his balls from the back to the front and run my hand up to the tip, already leaking precum…

I feel skin against my back, she’s pressed herself against me, her arms around me and as she pinches my already rock hard nipples she kneads my breasts as I feel her rocking her pussy against my ass. I’m between the both of them and I’m nearly lightheaded with desire.

I turn and fall into her, lips against lips, hard nipples against hard nipples, cunt against cunt. I feel his hard cock resting against my ass.

She pulls away from me…at first I’m confused, then she takes my hand and leads me to the big towel on the still warm sand. I lay on my back and she presents her pussy to my face, facing away from me. I start gingerly…I’ve never done this before — ANYTHING bizimkent escort like this. I lick from bottom to top, eliciting a groan, encouraging me. I find her clit, the first (other than my own) that I’ve ever seen and begin running my tongue around in circles…

Suddenly I feel fullness in my own depths. I’m being fucked, fast and hard and deep. I’m within seconds of cumming when he pulls out and presses his obviously well practiced tongue against my clit as I explode.

I scream in ecstasy as I frantically try to continue to lick the beautiful cunt in front of my face… my fast hot breath is adding to the licking I’m concentrating on the hard clit in front of me. I don’t notice him changing positions.

Suddenly he slides his wet cock into her pussy just an inch from my face and she emits a guttural grunt.

She leans over and commences licking me again. Her fingers slide into my soaked pussy and into my ass and her tongue licks my clit to another explosion of orgasm.

I then start to lick his hard full balls up to her pussy and clit over and over until I feel him throbbing into her waiting cunt, her clit matching his throbs almost exactly, both of them groaning in unison as I eagerly lick their cum at the source.

The three of us lay for a while, catching our breath until I finally say it’s time for me to go…I gather my towel and discarded clothes and head back to the borrowed beach house, not before thanking my mystery stress-relievers.

Never learned their names, never cared.

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