Bad Dragon

The story that follows is true. Julie and I never did get married. That was probably just as well, she’d have ended up killing me with her unbridled sexual passion. But by God we had some fun times pretending we were married. There are some other stories to tell. I’m not sure whether to recount a couple of them or not, as I was on the receiving end. It has however been awhile and the vivid feelings have faded, so maybe I will.

* * * * *

We were at a Jaycee Convention in our State Capitol. I was 24 years old at the time and my wife to be, Julie, was 22. We had attended a dance on the previous evening. Having drank too much, eaten too much, and then fucked the night away, we didn’t roll out of bed until mid-morning. The first order of business was breakfast, followed by a little power shopping and then a return to our room for some rest and relaxation before hitting it again.

Julie had started playing with my cock in the elevator, so by the time we got to our room, I couldn’t get the key in the door fast enough. We had our tongues down each other’s throats as we entered the room. Julie’s back was to the room and the sliding glass doors that opened onto a swimming pool area. Our room was really a small suite that along with about a half a dozen other rooms surrounded a secluded swimming pool. The afternoon before we had both laid around it all afternoon and no one else had ever come out to use it. I opened my eyes as the door closed, in order to back over to the bed. As I did I noticed that there were 3 hotel employees cleaning the pool area that had an unobstructed view of our room and were pretending to work but were really watching us.

Julie wasn’t aware of this, as her back was to the pool. My initial reaction was to stop what we were doing and close the curtains. My second thought was; wait a minute this might be some serious fun. Without allowing Julie to turn I lifted her knit top up and off leaving her in a see through bra that closed in the front. I wrapped her top around her head and tied it so she couldn’t see. She was wearing a mini-skirt with an elastic waist. I pulled that down and off, leaving her in a pair of transparent panties. Quickly grabbing a dress tie out of a drawer I bound her wrists together behind her back. This was not unusual behavior on our part as mild bondage was often a part of our sexual fore play.

I turned on the TV so there would be some noise in the room to cover anything that might happen out in the pool area. Julie started to back up towards where she thought the bed was when I grabbed her. “No you don’t bitch, I’m gonna waste your sorry ass standing up.” (Dirty talk was also a turn on for both of us).

Guiding her towards the glass door I noticed that the 3 employees had all but given up on any pretense of cleaning the pool as they looked on, afraid to move for fear that we would quit or close the Antalya Escort drapes. Julie was now standing less then a foot away from the glass door. I unhooked her bra to display her heavy breasts (36C’s, Julie was stacked, one of those bodies that men turn and stare at) with their large dark brown nipples. Her panties quickly followed, leaving her totally nude and totally exposed to her enraptured audience.

Squeezing her tits and ass, I started talking to her, “What do you want bitch? Do you want to get laid? Do you want a hard cock up your pussy, or just a long tongue?”

“Yes…yes, either one or both I don’t care, just do something.” She whimpered.

I slide a hand up her thigh and a finger lightly over her pussy lips to confirm what I already suspected…she was wet. “You don’t really care whose cock or tongue either, do you bitch?”

“Yes. You know I do, I love you, I want your cock, now.”

“Bullshit! I was with you last night at the dance. I saw the way you were shaking it for anybody with a cock. Admit it bitch!”

“No, I want you! I was doing that for you.”

I slapped her ass…once…twice.

“Oh God”, she moaned, “please fuck me.”

I spread her ankles and tied them to the back legs of the chair. “You need it so bad, you do it,” I told her, as I quickly untied her hands. She reluctantly placed a finger along her slit, and started to manipulate her clit. Needless to say the pool guys had dropped their tools and were all standing within a few feet of our door occasionally casting a nervous glance over their shoulders to make sure nobody was watching them. There also appeared to be bulges in their uniform shorts.

Julie was now using fingers on both hands, one to play with her clit, and the other to fuck herself. She was nearing an orgasm, her breathing was ragged, and she was having a hard time standing. It was at about this time that I noticed that in spite of the fact that I was incredibly turned on; I had no hard on. What the fuck? All I could figure was I couldn’t get one going with three males watching. I grabbed Julie’s wrists and tied them to the arms of the chair.

“No, oh no, please, please let me cum. I need to get off, please, fuck me, just fuck me!” She pleaded.

“Shut the fuck up you worthless slut, I’ll decide when and if you’re gonna get off. Understand?”

Julie just moaned. She was a moaner. She made more noise during sex, by far, then any other woman I had ever been with, and today was no exception. I slapped her ass. “I said do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, I understand.” She gasped.

I signaled to the employees to wait. I then closed the curtains, and started to make out with Julie. Running fingers in and out of her orifices, my cock was soon hard enough to attempt entry into her sopping wet pussy. Moving behind her, I slid the chair around so that Antalya Escort Bayan her ass and pussy were fully exposed and visible to our audience. I quietly opened the curtains. The boys were still there, although they had backed away from the door a few feet. Upon seeing the curtain open they resumed their former positions. I quickly slipped my cock into Julie’s pussy before I lost my hard on and started fucking her.

“Is this what you wanted toy?”

“Uhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhh…oh yeah, oh yeah, don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, harder. Jesus fuck me hard!” I pulled my penis back until just the head was in her cunt, and stopped my thrusting.

“What are you doing, don’t stop please, come on quit teasing me!”

“I asked you a question earlier and you lied to me, didn’t you?”

“No! No! I told you the truth I just want you. Please make me cum!”

I moved my cock about two inches into her pussy and stopped. I placed a finger on her clit and played with it for about 10 seconds, then stopped and pulled my dick out of her as well. Dropping to my knees I stuck my tongue into her pussy briefly touching her clit, then tracing a trail back to her asshole. She was sweating now, and occasionally a shiver racked her body. “Tell me the truth, last chance, or else I’m gonna get dressed and go downstairs to have a beer. I’ll leave your sorry ass tied to that chair and maybe when housekeeping comes in they’ll untie you. What’s it gonna be?”

“Oh God…okay…I wanted you to go talk to the guys for awhile last night while we were at the dance, and you’d leave me with all the wives. Then I thought I’d be able to slip away to one of the hospitality suites and start flirting with a couple of guys, maybe flash them a look at my tits. After I got them all worked up…I’m telling you the truth now, so please start fuckin’ me again. I won’t stop talking, I promise.”

I couldn’t have held off much longer anyway. I speared her pussy and buried my cock with one deep plunge. It was like someone had turned a faucet on inside her cunt, she had juices flowing down her thighs.

“Talk to me bitch.”

She was moaning and nearly out of breath, so it was hard for her to talk, but she needed to cum so bad that it came out in rapid bursts.

“Then I figured I’d head into a bedroom and one or more of them would follow me…and then I’d…I’d”

“You’d what fuck toy? Hurry up or I’m done with ya.”

“I’d unzip their pants and while I gave one of them a blow job the other one would be licking my pussy. When I was done with the first one and he’d shot his huge load down my throat, they’d trade places and I’d do the same thing to the second guy. After they’d both made me come at least once I’d get up and leave like nothing ever happened and return to the table with the happy little wives and chat about Escort Antalya their kids and other boring stuff. When you and the boys finally decide to come back and see what the girls are doing, I stand up and stick my tongue in your mouth. You of course reciprocate, never realizing that you’re tasting the cum from two of your fellow Jaycee buddies. Later, when we’re in bed together and you go down on me, you of course also don’t have a clue that two other men have had their tongues down their before you and that I’ve cum all over their faces too. That’s what I’d like to have done. That’s what I’m gonna do sometime, and not just before we get married, but after as well because I don’t feel like I’m being unfaithful to you unless I let them put their cocks in my pussy. I like to fuck and give head, and the fact the matter is you can’t keep up with me. So get used to it. You’re just gonna be a clueless dupe who thinks he married a sweet little stay-at-home wife.”

I couldn’t take anymore. I started to scream as I approached an orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. The first stream shot over the top of her head and into her hair, before I was done cuming she was covered in my sperm from the top of her head down to her ass. Julie’s orgasm started as I was about half finished with mine and it was a close call as to which one of us screamed louder.

I had forgotten all about our audience. They were still there, two of them had wet spots on the front of their shorts. The third one was rubbing his cock through his shorts, with his eyes closed and head thrown back. I gesticulated at them, indicating that the show was over, and that they should take off. The two with wet spots grabbed their buddy, who I almost felt sorry for and scrambled for the exit leaving their cleaning equipment behind. Well, that wasn’t my problem. I walked around to Julie’s mouth. “Clean it off bitch. You like the taste of this so much you’re looking for extra, let’s make real sure we’re taking care of me first.”

She gobbled my cock up and licked and sucked on it until it started to get hard again. “Not now. I don’t feel like it, so you’ll just have to wait until I do. Oh, and I need to close the curtains now because the show you were putting on for the pool boys is over.”

I closed the drapes, and then untied her. The first thing she did was rip her top off so she could see, and then peaked through the opening in the drapes to see if anybody was out by the pool. It was empty. She looked at me and asked, “Was there really somebody out there?”

I smiled, shrugged and said, “I don’t know. Are you really gonna blow somebody first chance you get and continue to do it after we get married?”

I never told her the truth and I don’t think she ever truly thought that there ever was anybody out there…so Julie if you happen to read this and recognize yourself, don’t get angry. It was great sex and one I (and I’m sure the pool boys) remember fondly.

Oh, by the way she more then got even with me a couple of months later when she realized one of her little fantasies…and I was on the receiving end of that one. That however is another story for another time.

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