Julie at the Beach


Julie loved the beach. Since I’d met her 9 months previously, we’d meet for coffee occasionally or we’d sit around with some of our mutual friends talking about some of the lecturers at the institute we were studying or teaching at.

We had a few opportunities to be together without other company, and her first choice of a venue for a place to relax or spend time alone, or together has been to go to the beach to enjoy the sun and the salt water. It seemed to bring her to life and she was totally relaxed. It did not affect me the same way, but it was something she loved.

Nothing physical ever happened between us apart from the occasional cuddle, the kind where we would lean forward and add a light pat on the back, and always in public.

What first attracted me to her was her long lush light auburn hair. Of course her magnificent body with her firm round tits and long, lightly muscled legs are what most people stare at openly, me included, means she has always had plenty of attention, but she shows no self-consciousness. She appears to be thoroughly unaware of the notice being paid her. Of course her very healthy looking body and particularly her long legs adds to her attraction.

She is a girl who can be friendly and win anybody over with her soft smile that lifts her cheeks and half closes her eyes. But there is another part of her that is very determined, bordering on intolerant. But if she turns on you, you are minced meat.

One afternoon we went walking along the beach. Losing track of time and the distance we had been walking, we found ourselves a long way from the populated area. I suggested we set up our towels in the sand hills adjacent to the beach where we would have complete privacy, out of sight from those who might come to the beach to swim.

We settled on our beach towels and enjoyed the sun on our bodies for a few minutes.

I sat up and reached for a tube of block-out from her bag and rubbed some on my body.

I said to her, ‘Let me rub some of this on your back.’

She squirmed from pleasure of revulsion, I wasn’t sure. I continued to smear more on her feet, legs and worked my way up to her firm round, perky little bottom.

By now, I had become fully aroused. She was lying on her stomach and had her hair spread in a magnificent cascade around her head on her sky blue beach towel. She was completely unaware of my hard swollen penis.

I told her, ‘I’m going down to the beach for a short swim. Would you like to join me?’

She said, ‘No. You go and I might join you later.’

As we were some distance from other likely bathers, I removed my bathers, and walked naked over the sand hill and headed towards the water carrying my swim shorts.

I noticed two girls lying on towels and they saw me walking towards them with my eight inch erection standing high and proudly wagging left to right and back again as I took each step. One of the girls was naked and laying on her stomach and didn’t see me. The other in a very small bikini, lowered her sunglasses and smiled at me as I walked passed.

She said, ‘Hi there, Big Boy’.

I was too embarrassed to speak, so I waved to her and the movement of walking caused my swollen cock to continue waving at the same time.

I dropped my bathers on the sand, then walked to the water and it was forbiddingly cold. I stood shivering with just my feet in the water, then decided to run straight in, accept the shock of cold, then try and enjoy the bracing temperature when the shock subsided.

I swam around for a few minutes as my cock shrivelled up to a very short two inches. I left the water as a woman with a dog was jogging toward me. She slowed her pace as she got closer to me.

She stopped and said ‘Hi Harry,’ as I emerged from the water. I recognised her as Suzie, one of the histology students I had taught at university.

She let the dog off its leash and let it loose to play on the beach. As it started running around the sand she started up a conversation with me. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone at all let alone anyone who knew me.

‘How’s the water? It must be cold by the look of you,’ she said looking down at my shrivelled penis.

‘Yes. It’s very cold in the water,’ I said stating the obvious.

She was staring at my cock and began stroking her stomach and then moved her hand up to her large, firm right tit. She stroked her breast over her skimpy little white blouse hardening her nipple without taking her eyes off my cock. She began to undo buttons.

Just then, with one last button trying to hold the sides of her top in place, her dog returned with a stick in it’s mouth, which it had found on the beach. It dropped the stick at her feet and yapped at her a few times. She turned and bent down to pick up the stick Tekirdağ Escort just as the dog picked it up again. I noticed her shorts were hardly big enough to cover her booty and her sex organs were almost on display.

As she struggled to take the stick from the dog, I had a long look at her beautiful arse and legs. I felt my cock begin to stir again.

She finally wrested the stick from her pet and threw it out into the ocean. The dog ran to the water’s edge and waited watching the waves gradually returning it closer to the shore.

She returned her attention to me, and her open mouthed wide-eyed stare at my penis embarrassed me, but it was arousing me at the same time.

Once again I could feel my cock growing, this time as a result of the attention of another woman. I could feel my penis swelling up again, and felt a surge of pleasure as it assumed funny angles as its arousal overcame its shrunken shrivelled state. My cock filled with blood, growing longer and hanging down almost to its full length. It began moving away from my body as if with a mind and a source of power of its own.

She loosened the last button on her blouse as my throbbing penis rose back up to its full height. I stood still with my hands on my hips. She walked slowly towards me with her top blowing lightly in the soft breeze baring one breast and giving peeks of her other nipple as she got closer. She slowly knelt down in front of me and, without a word, gently put her mouth over my penis, and was lightly sucking on it and licking it.

The surge of pleasure coursing through me was incredible. I had ideas of trying to seduce Julie, but I could feel a climax building if I didn’t stop Suzie from sucking my cock. I tried to find a way to stop myself from coming but it only seemed to accelerate the build-up.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see two joggers approaching, but being seen only aroused me more. The two men stopped only about ten feet away and watched us. I could not prevent my cock from reaching the uncontrollable spasms, and I knew I had gone past the point of stopping. I ejaculated my semen into Suzie’s tantalising skilful wet mouth.

As she tasted my come, she moaned and the vibrations of her voice triggered gush after gush of cum into her hungry mouth. I pumped my perineum as the last gush of cum squirted into her and she swallowed every drop.

The two men watching started to re-position their stiffening cocks as they smiled at us and began to walk away.

Suzie removed her mouth, stood up and hugged me whispering, ‘Thank you Harry.’

She returned her attention to her dog. It had recovered the stick and she threw it back into the sea. I followed the dog to the water for another swim and removed any trace of my recent oral sex in full view on the beach.

As I emerged from the water, Julie appeared at the beach with a shocked look on her face. I wondered how close it had been to her seeing my cock in someone else’s mouth. I hoped her shock was just surprise at seeing me naked for the first time. I knew the size of my shrivelled cock was anything but impressive at that stage and wouldn’t be cause shock to anybody.

I picked up my swimming shorts, and put them back on as she got closer to me.

She said to me, ‘I wondered where you had gone. What have you been doing?’

I said, ‘Just having a bit of fun. I like the feeling of swimming naked.’

We walked together back to our towels and I noticed the two girls and waved to them as I passed.

Back at the towels she lay on her stomach again as I smeared block out sun protection on my face, chest and stomach.

Then on my hands and knees, I began to smear more on her legs again, moving her costume down this time lifting the waistband of the bottom of her bikini and smearing the beginning of the untanned part of her arse cheeks, then gradually, but insistently sliding the bottom part of her bikini off and applying lotion to the white section, her very appetising bottom, explaining that she would need a bit more if she hadn’t moved since I had left her. I repeated on her back again, undoing the strap of her top rubbing lotion on her white stripe. It was apparent she was not in the habit of sunbaking naked.

I knelt down between her knees. I was no longer smearing anything on her but just gently touching her sides with feather like caresses.

She squirmed a little and my cock began to refill with arousal of her slowly moving hips.

‘You can stop feeling me over now thank you,’ she said archly as she tried to brush my hand away.

‘In a second,’ I said.

I lightly ran my fingers along both of her sides with feather like caresses. I ran my hands along the back of her thighs spreading the skin. When I reached her Tekirdağ Escort Bayan buttocks, this same movement was spreading her arse cheeks apart and revealing the pink rose of her anus and partly opened the lips of her tight little cunt. I ran my fingers down the cleavage of her arse cheeks and once again she tried to brush my hand away and close her legs, but I was kneeling between her knees and she couldn’t bring them together.

I continued to persist feeling her gorgeous round arse. Once again, I ran my fingers down along the cleavage between her arse cheeks, stopping short of her anus two or three times, then the next time, I lightly ran three fingers right over her anus, with my index finger stopping in the centre of her rose.

This time, she relaxed and let her legs be spread wide apart. As I continued to feel her arse, she even raised her buttocks to give me full access to everything. I smeared saliva on my index finger and slowly swivelled the tip of it on Julie’s anus.

She moaned loudly, ‘Oh. My. God.’

It took all of my control, not to ravage Julie abruptly as my cock had swollen up to its full size and was hardening and standing up proudly. With her cunt in full view, shining with the moisture of arousal, my impulse was to fuck her here and now in the open space at a semi public beach, but considering our relationship, still ‘officially’ at the ‘friends-only’ stage, I was determined not to take anything for granted nor to rush anything.

I looked around and a few people had silently begun to gather. The two girls who had been sunning themselves nearby and had waved to me as I walked past with a wagging hard-on earlier on were watching from alongside us and smiling their encouragement.

A middle aged couple were standing a few metres from our feet pretending not to notice, but not moving away either.

Two men, probably the two joggers I had seen earlier were standing nearby. All the watchers could see my throbbing erection, so they knew what was on my mind.

I whispered to Julie, ‘There are people nearby who can see us and seem to be watching us.’

‘Then don’t touch me,’ she demanded.

‘Roll over onto your back and put your hat over your face. Then you won’t need to worry. Give it a few moments and you can pretend you’ve gone to sleep,’ I said to her very unconvincingly.

She remained unmoving for a few long moments, then to my astonishment, she complied very slowly as if reluctantly. I stared at a light fuzz of strawberry blond pubic hair, bare enough to reveal her swollen cunt lips as I moved her legs apart again.

Two more middle-aged women had joined the on-lookers and were speaking quietly to one another.

I ran my hands from her feet up her legs to her hips and lightly brushed her pubes eliciting another incoherent moan causing her to spread her legs wider and wider until they were about a meter apart. I repeated the movement, this time on her inner legs and thighs, running my fingers through the moist lips of her cunt.

Kneeling between her legs, I spread her lips apart and bent down and began licking her engorged clitoris peeping out from her light pink pubic hairs. She began whimpering like a puppy, prompting me to continue what I was doing because it seemed to be having a pleasant effect on my, until now, platonic friend.

I inserted two fingers into her vagina and continued licking her. I could feel a climax approach as her cunt gripped my fingers five or six times holding it fast as she was gasping silently.

After the muscles between her legs stopped twitching, I slid my fingers from her juicy vagina and licked them noisily.

I lifted her hat and bent down to kiss her mouth, and to my shock, she turned her head away, allowing me to kiss her cheek only. I returned her hat over her face.

I thought if I can’t kiss her mouth, I can kiss her delicious cunt, but she had now jammed her legs together tightly and I guessed she needed time to recover.

A few moments later, lying beside her, I took her hand and held it in mine for a few seconds, then moved it to the lower part of my stomach and placed it over my softening cock.

She brushed my hand away, and to my surprise, she began to wave my penis left and right as if displaying it to our still growing audience.

Once it was hard and standing up of its own accord, she removed her hat sat up and looked around and moved to a kneeling position between my legs and bent forward with her mouth over my throbbing cock. I was getting the beginning of a second blow-job in that same afternoon. Julie let her hair hang down over her face, and it was caressing my thighs, balls and stomach as she engulfed the first three inches of my cock with her mouth, sucking greedily. She played Escort Tekirdağ with my balls, lightly pulling on the hairs just enough to cause me to thoroughly enjoy the multiple sensations around my pleasure area.

With my cock now throbbing to the pulse of my heart beat and in full view of our inquisitive audience, we heard the two women who I later estimated to be in their 40s conversing.

One said, ‘He’s not going to try and put that monstrosity into that little hole is he?’

Her friend replied, ‘I hope so. He can put it in me if he wants to.’

This seemed to excite Julie greatly. She stood up and then to my complete shock she straddled my cock. Squatting over it, and lowered herself onto my shaft until I could feel her wet opening with some weight over the end.

‘It wont fit in,’ she complained.

‘Yes it will Julie. You might need to try and relax. You have such a wet hole that it will eventually go in if you can just keep pushing.’

‘I’ll try,’ she said with a measure of genuine fear in her voice.

Then I saw the most erotic sight I could remember seeing in my life. Julie was swivelling her hips back and forward very slowly, and fraction by fraction, the head of my swollen penis gradually disappeared up her tight little cunt.

The onlookers gasped and a man standing with his wife near our feet said to her, ‘Can you do that with me when we get home?’

Julie fell forward on her hands with her hair touching my face, and she caught her breath gasping for a moment.

One of the women behind was gushing to her friend, ‘Did you see that? He opened her up with that monstrous truncheon. The poor little thing.’

This excited Julie and she renewed her effort to get as much of my cock into her as she could. She gradually lowered her weight onto my straining penis until she was sitting on my hips with my cock buried in her up to the hilt as another half a dozen people approached.

She sat on me and breathed deeply for a moment, then she leant forward lying on top of me and began swivelling her hips very slowly to get used to the movement of me inside her. Gradually, she increased the pace and the people watching quietly moved closer to get the best view they could. They closely watched her light ginger pubic hair decorated cunt start bobbing up and down, consuming my straining prick.

As the pace increased, she began panting before her whimpering signalled the approach of a strained orgasm. She let out a high-pitched wail and the small crowd seemed to gasp with her. She sat up again as her climax possessed her and her whole body shook her from top to bottom.

Then people seemed to be coming from everywhere. Her loud cries attracted another dozen people who were there for no other reason than to watch me fucking Julie.

I reached up and put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her back down on to me, then I rolled her onto her back and ‘accidentally’ let my cock slip out of her tight little cunt.

There was another loud gasp from the crowd, and people were saying ‘Look at the size of that thing.’

I had never really thought of my cock as particularly big but others at the beach appeared to be impressed. I don’t suppose I had seen enough other penises to compare.

I pushed Julie’s legs apart and proceeded to open her up again and this time a much larger crowd watched her tight little cunt get penetrated by my throbbing prick. I felt some resistance as Julie tried to accommodate me and as I pushed it into her, she kept sliding along the beach towel, so I held her shoulders and finally penetrated her, then let her catch her breath before I started fucking again.

This time, Julie reached up to me and pulled my face to her and started giving me the most salacious kiss I ever had. I could feel pre-cum coursing through my penis as if Julie needed any more lubrication than she already had. I had involuntarily began rutting like a wild boar and I could feel pleasure coursing through my swollen cock.

When Julie she cried out, ‘Keep fucking me. DON’T STOP,’ and then resumed kissing me again, I began fucking her with all the strength I had. Within a minute of full-on fucking and primal grunting, my climax took over and with renewed strength, I ejaculated into her with half a dozen long squirts of semen.

Then I fell on her and tried to recover with deep loud gasps as if I had been deprived of air, while 20 or more people were cheering. Looking around, I saw a few people masturbating and some feeling each other between their legs.

Then I had the most absurd impulse. I felt I needed to get away so the on-lookers could have some privacy.

Julie Kissed me again and we dressed and left leaving a crowd of people in different stages of undress, the last image I have is of a young couple fucking standing up, still fully clothed.

I have the feeling Julie might be getting an appetite for semi public sex. She seemed to completely thaw out at the beach today. I hope she doesn’t find out I was sucked off on the beach before I fucked her. I don’t think she’d be impressed.

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