Joining Daddy in the Shower


The Shower     I had just gotten back to the airport and was driving my car home. I was beat, it had been long trip and I was sweaty because the airplane had been hot. I could not wait until I got home to pour myself a drink, rip off my clothes and get into the shower—a long, hot shower is what I really wanted. On the way home I wondered if my daughter JAMIE would be home or out and about. I started thinking about how beautiful a woman she had become at 18, even 17, my mind went back in time to when I had bought her a black dress for her 17 th birthday, a dress with a really low scoop neck and no back. When she walked out of her room wearing that dress it took my breath away, depending on how she moved you could almost see her perky breasts, but not quite. I wonder why I had gotten her such a sexy dress and then thought about her   a different way, a way that I had been doing for some time but which was not very fatherly, quickly I started thinking about work in order to get my thoughts off of my daughters sexuality. I think I knew in my mind that she was sexually active and just for a moment I was jealous of any guy who had been to bed with her.   The rest of the way home I thought about the trip, my meetings and all of the work it generated for me. I was up to it and the money was great but like everything the deadlines were looming not too far into the future. With those thoughts running through my head I entered my house and saw JAMIE, in blue jeans and a blouse, sprawled out on the couch on her cell phone as usual. She was giggling, and obviously talking to a girl friend or perhaps a boy since I knew that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend and I knew that would not last long, as beautiful and sexy as she is, although I thought that some boys might be intimidated by her brains, beauty and brains I thought, what a great combination.   I put my suitcase and briefcase down by the stairs, went into the kitchen and poured myself a drink. I looked in at JAMIE and pointed to my drink and she nodded yes so poured two fingers of Jack into a glass and took it to her. I the motioned that I was going upstairs and I took my drink in one hand and my suitcase in the other and walked up stairs to my room. I closed the door, put my suitcase on the floor to be unpacked later, took another sip of my drink and then took off my clothes. It felt good to get out of the wrinkled shirt, and suit, I had ditched my tie when I got on the plane, and I stood there nude for a moment just enjoying being out of my clothes but I still felt sweaty and dirty. I picked up my drink and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me.   Putting my drink on the counter I turned on the shower as hot as it would go and waited until the steam was raising up into the room, and then adjusted the temperature so that it was just the way I like it, a little on the hot side but something I knew I would get used to. I stepped into the shower and the first spray starting hitting me hard, I moved directly under the shower head and turned around slowly, and getting my entire body wet, then I leaned into the shower and got my hair wet. It felt so good, I did not even pick up the soap yet, I just stood there enjoying the feeling of the water beating on me. I closed my eyes and wondered what last night would have been like if the woman I was going to see for dinner had not had to cancel at the last minute, oh well, I thought, life goes on, and I just stood there enjoying the hot water hitting my body.   While I was standing there enjoying the water, eyes closed, I thought for a moment that I heard the bathroom door open and close, but knew that was wrong because the only one Escort Ataşehir in the house was JAMIE and she would not be coming into my bathroom, then I heard another noise and I opened my eyes and looked and it was JAMIE, she had just put her drink on the counter next to mine and was in the midst of taking her robe off—and in a second she stood facing me, completely nude! I did not know what to, I know I gasped at the beauty of her body, but before I could do anymore she opened the shower door and joined me. “Daddy, will you wash my back?” were the first words she said and I said something dumb like yes, getting out of her way so she could get under the shower and get wet. As she did she turned around, her long back which flowed gracefully into her beautiful ass was flawless, as she turned around to face me my eyes drank in every inch of her from her blond her to her eyes, which were dancing, to her beautiful breasts and then down to her womanhood. I was stunned—she did not say anything for a while but I was drawn to her breasts—especially her nipples, I wanted to reach out and cup then in my hands, put my mouth on one of her nipples and lick and suck on it—but I resisted.   I did notice, or at least I thought that I noticed that her nipples had become erect—and that little droplets of water were dropping off the ends of her nipples as the water was cascading over her shoulders—I just stood there in amazement—I knew she was a grown woman and I had caught glimpses of her around the house but standing there, totally nude in front of me I realized what a truly beautiful sexy person she was. Her next words were: “I wanted a shower too and we are supposed to be conserving water so I thought I would join you, it’s alright isn’t it daddy?”     I said “JAMIE I know that I used to give you a bath when you were little but you are fully grown woman now and a beautiful one at that”, At this point she leaned over and kissed me on the lips, I knew I was going to embarrass her because while this was going on I felt my cock start to harden, even with the water hitting it, I could not control it, and I tried to think of other things. Too late, JAMIE looked down and saw that it was getting hard and smiled at me. I tried turning away but in the small space of the shower there was really nowhere to hide and I did not want to hold my hands over myself, JAMIE and I had always been close and able to talk about almost anything so I figured we could finish our shower and get dressed. She looked up at me and said “I asked you to wash my back Daddy, will you do that? Thankful that she turned so that her back faced me I reached for the soup and wash cloth and I started with her shoulders, she held her beautiful hair up so that I could wash her shoulders and then I started down her back, soaping my hands and using them rather than the wash cloth. After I got down below her shoulder blades I had her turn around and rinse, and then she turned back around so that I could finish her back, O soaped my hands once more and moved lower down her back, her skin was so soft and smooth, and I finally gave up on my cock because it as in full bloom and there appeared nothing I could do and it kept hitting her as I moved my hands down her back, if I did not know better I would have thought that she was deliberately pushing herself back on my cock.   I got to just about her waste and turned her around to let her rinse off once again and reached to put the soup back into the dish—and JAMIE said—“Daddy, what are you doing, washing my back means all the way down to my feet”, well I had not expected that so I got the soup out and started moving below her waste, I was really Ümraniye escort having a hard time now, as my hands moved lower over her beautiful ass cheeks it was all I could do to contain myself, but I managed to concentrate on what I was doing, but as I got just below her ass cheeks she said—“Daddy, you missed the most important part of my ass, please wash me there too”, I did not know what to say so I moved my hands back up to her ass and used one of them to just barely soup her ass crack, but she seemed to push back into me and I found my fingers inside her crack, and so slide them down between her cheeks just once and then continued down to her thighs, I don’t know if you was teasing me or just oblivious to what she was doing to me.   I continued to soap her thighs and I had another problem with this, by that time I had gotten down on my knees in the shower so that I could work my way down to her feet as she had asked me, My head was just about level with her lovely ass and I tried not to concentrate on it. When I got to her thighs she spread her legs apart slightly indicating that I should not only wash the backs and outsides of them but the insides as well, I was very careful yet I let my hand almost touch her crotch, but just in time managed to stay away from it and was able to finish washing her legs and feet. When I was done, and before I could get up she turned around to rinse herself and I was face to face with her womanhood, I wanted to just reach out and use my tongue on it but again I got myself as under control as I could and stood up, we were facing each other now and there was no denying that my cock was rock hard and I was embarrassed about it.   She did not seem to mind and asked if she could wash my back in return, I said, of course, and turned me around and started at my neck. Her hands were setting me on fire as they moved down my back, I could hardly stand it yet I knew that all she was doing was washing my back.   When JAMIE got to my butt she use one hand on each one of my cheeks and then slide one hand in my crack saying, my daddy has to be clean everywhere. She then proceeded down my legs, moving her hands up my thighs, not down them, and I could not help it but I spread my legs a little, almost hoping that her hands would touch my balls as she was washing me, but she was very careful and did not touch me there, instead finishing her job down to my feet and then turning me towards one of the many shower heads that was still going full force.   She stood up and we were face to face, and again, I got a chance to take in her beautiful body, she looked at me and soaped up her hands and then started on my chest, which is not very hairy but her hands felt wonderful and I just let her do it. While she was washing my chest, she said “Daddy, you have always taken care of me, before mom died and then afterwards, and you have always helped me when I was puzzled and confused, can you help me now daddy because I am confused about boys.” I looked at her, feeling her hands move from my chest down to my stomach and said to her “What it is that confuses you about boys?” She blushed a little and said “Daddy, I am 18 and I think you already know that my boy friend and I had sex together but it was not what I expected it would be. He enjoyed it, but I don’t get to where I enjoyed the ending, and when he was finished we stopped and I did not want him to stop”. “Also, she continued, there were times when he just wanted me to,,,,,to…you know,,,suck on him…and I did because that is what he wanted but Daddy, I don’t understand……”   JAMIE, I said “young men, with raging hormones, don’t yet understand that it Bostancı escort bayan takes a woman longer to reach her own orgasm during sex, many of them, and I am speaking from the past here, are just too anxious about their own relief and their own feelings, they don’t understand—and JAMIE, I am going to get long winded here but I want you to understand—there is sex and then there is love making, sex is sex, it feels good for a few minutes and then it is over, love making starts with foreplay, usually mental foreplay first and then kissing, touching, and feeling, which leads up to the act of sex but results in at least one orgasm for the woman and the man, and on special occasions, both at the same time., I know it is confusing to you but you need to understand this so that you can help your boy partner understand what it is you want and need too.”   “Thank you daddy, she said, I knew you would have the answer for me, you always do”. With that she kissed me on the lips again and hugged me, which was awkward because my still hard cock was now rubbing up and down between us. We hugged for a few minutes and then moved apart from each other. She got her hands soapy again and this time moved directly to my balls and cock and said: Daddy has to be clean everywhere, I thought about stopping her but as soon as she touched me I knew that I would not stop her, I felt her hand slide along my cock, her other hand cup my balls, as soaped me up to make sure I was clean, she then started down my legs and got on her knees so that she could finish at my toes, when she stopped leaning over her mouth was about 2 inches away from my cock, I wanted so badly to have her just open her mouth and take it inside her mouth—but I held back. Perhaps she was reading my mind because she leaned over and kissed the head of my cock, and then ran her tongue along the outside of it—I sucked in my breath and held it, and then slowly, ever so slowly she took my cock into her mouth—she knew what to do, that was for sure, either because of nature giving her a sense for it or because someone else had taught her, and I flashed back to what she had said—after a minute or two see stopped, got back up and looked at me—   “Daddy, she said, will you teach me how to teach boys what I want and need when we are in bed together?”, “there, she said, I said, it, Daddy, don’t be angry with me please!” “ I should never have said that should I? Instead of answering her I took her in my arms and held her close to me, I put my arms around her and she put her arms around me, and we just stood there letting the water soak us, enjoying each other’s company, My cock was still hard between us but I was not paying attention to it anymore, I was trying to figure out how to help my daughter explore her sexuality and finding out what she liked and did not so that all of her secular experiences would be great from now on—I thought and thought and then I decided that she was asking me to be her teacher, once again, he mentor, as I have been most of her life, this was very different, but it was the same—I reached and turned her chin up and kissed her, on the lips at first and then she opened her mouth and our tongues found each other, we kissed deeply and passionately for a long moment and then I held her at arm’s length and said “Yes JAMIE, I will teach you, and I will help you discover what it is your want and need in your life,   We stood in the shower and looked at each other, I had raised her, shared her happiness and her sadness and always tried to do the right thing—now I was worried that in this case the “right thing” was to stop what we were doing—but I did not want to and I sensed that she did not either, one thing I now about JAMIE is that when she has her mind made up it is made up—I still did not how a clue if my “teaching” was really about teaching her—because I did not know how much she knew already but I suspected, having been a young guy myself once, that a lot of what she said was true—I knew that she masturbated…

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