Johnny never let me say no


Johnny never let me say noAfter Steve and Johnny had taken me on my 1st day at work and Johnny made me so sore I didn’t want sex with my husband that night. The next day at work though I soon learned I didn’t have a choice.When I showed up at work I seen Johnny in the parking lot getting off the work release bus and he smiled at me and rubbed his crotch and licked his lips. I ran inside the building and got clocked in and started working. I was starting to clean the coffee maker when The manager Sheila told me that I needed to take the coffee maker in the back to Johnny and get a mop bucket made. I didn’t know that Sheila was Johnny’s sister and he had already told her that I was gonna be his new girl. She told me take my time and make sure to do whatever Johnny told me and she Escort smiled at me and I had a funny feeling then but I didn’t pay attention to my intuition. I went to the kitchen and Johnny was standing there talking to another black guy and when he seen me he said hey Cheri I want to introduce you to Jack, he works on Tuesday and Thursday when Steve is off. He said here come help us get the mop bucket ready and he headed toward the utilty room. I followed them and as soon as we was in the utility room Johnny reached under my skirt and pulled ripped off my panties. I gasped and told him what are you doing. I hadn’t noticed that Jack had his big black cock out. Johnny grabbed my arm and planted a big wet kiss on me and grabbed a handful of my titties and jack came in Escort Bayan behind me and pushed me over and inserted his cock in my swollen asshole. I cried out and Johnny put his cock in my mouth and Jack started ramming my ass as hard as he could . He was grunting and moaning and I was crying and trying to swallow Johnny’s cock. Jack said damn girl you got a sweet ass. Johnny said I told you she was a good ho. I started cumming and my pussy was juicing . Johnny said you like that don’t you girl. I nodded and tried to smiled but just then Johnny blew hid load in my throat and he was moaning and it made Jack start shooting his warm cumm in my ass. Jack was ramming and quivering when Sheila walked in and she just laughed and said ok Johnny you told me. She turned Bayan Escort to me and said damn girl you like that? I said yes and smiled. Jack pulled his cock out my ass and kissed me and said thank you baby girl. I said you’re welcome honey. He said I ain’t fucked a woman in 6 years. His cock was still rock hard and Johnny said shit man do what you gotta do and Jack pushed me over and said here baby girl in your white pussy. He slammed it in all the way and Sheila said damn don’t kill her. Johnny said let the nigga get his nut. I moaned and started cumming all over his cock. He rammed again and again until he blew his load and collapsed on my back all sweating all over me. Sheila and Johnny had left and Jack said I think I love you girl. I said honey you’re great and kissed him. Sheila yelled hey Cheri you got a table so I hurried up and cleaned up the best I could and went to serving customers. I was accepting and learning that I was at a job where I was gonna serve my body to Johnny and whoever else he decided.

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