John and Alex — Part 5_(0)


Hey guys! Two stories in one day? Yes. I’m eager. This story is back to Johns point of view. Enjoy!

PS: Cawk iz hawt. Just sayin. Oh and part of the idea was from GayNay. He so sexy and smart 😉

When I woke up Alex was gone. I looked out the window and noticed his car was gone too. I looked at the clock. 6:30 AM. Where would Alex be so early? I decided to fall back asleep on top of Jake. I slept for a couple hours and then Alex woke me up. Eyes still closed I said “What?” he said “Open your eyes. I have a present for you.” I got up and sat on the edge of the bed and opened my eyes. Standing infront of me was a cock. 10 inches. Whos was it? I looked up…and saw Jace! Holy shit. “Can I, Alex?” ” Yep. Go ahead. Uncle Joe said yes.” I immediately looked back at the cock. As wide as my hand, 10 inches, easily the biggest cock I’ve seen. I immediately took it into my mouth and started blowing Jace’s 19 year old cock. Jace was choking me with it and it felt so awesome! I pulled him out and sucked his balls. They were the size of my palm! They tasted like heaven. I went back to Jace’s dick. “Cmon now John. You wanted my cock and now you have it. Don’t just blow me!” Jace said. “Sit down Jace.” I commanded. Jace sat in my place. I got on top and lowered my ass onto his cock. “Oh shit! You’re wider then Alex! OW SHIT!” I moaned. Jace felt so painfully amazing that I immediately started riding him faster then I ride Alex. The pain felt so fucking good. “I’m gonna cum in your tight ass soon, John. I hope this satisfied your need.” Jace said. He blew a HUGE load into my ass and got dressed and left. “Shit Alex..merry fucking Christmas.” I said. Jake woke up “What did I miss?” “Oh nothing here’s a present for you.” Jake handed him a dildo. The dildo was as large as Alex. “Practice it so I wont hurt you like I used to hurt John.” Escort “Thanks!” Jake said. Jake looked to me and gave me a heavy box. What was it? I opened it to reveal a PS3! “Holy shit dude thanks.” “Before I got fired from McDonalds for being gay I bought this for Kevin. Fuck him I want you to have it.” Jake said. He kissed my dick. “So yummy.” he said under his breathe. I turned to Alex “I don’t have a present for you but I do have my love.” I said. “That’s so fucking corny its awesome!” Alex said, giggling. I got on the bed and instructed Jake to get behind me and Alex infront. I think he knew where this was going because I had him humping me while Alex was getting himself into my mouth. “Okay I’m gonna go in now John.” said Jake. He slipped in and Alex stuffed my mouth. Both boys pumped into me making me feel like a slut. “Fuck my ass harder Jake.” Jake started pounding so hard it began to hurt. Alex was causing me to go crazy as I fought back my gag reflex. “Switch positions guys.” Alex sat, I got on top, and Jake got next to me. I turned my head to his cock and started blowing as I rid Alex. Being double stuffed felt awesome. Before I knew it, cum was dripping out my ass and flowing down my throat. Jake made out with me while Alex took my cum.

After we cleaned up I took a shower and Jake had made waffles. I thanked him and ate while playing the new Madden NFL game (American professional football not soccer) and Alex gave me a massage. It felt wonderful. His fingers and hand loosened my skin as the tension went away. I thanked him with a blow. When it was lunch time, we went out to a local restaurant. I had potato skins and a salad, Jake had a burger, and Alex had a sandwich. We all had nachos, too, which tasted fantastic. We pretended to be a group of friends instead of a triple so we wouldn’t freak out the waitress. Escort Bayan

We came back and it was 2:30 PM. Alex and Jake took showers, separate, then we played PS3 together until Dinner, exchanging handjobs, haha. It’s nice having Jake around because he’s an amazing cook. He made lasagna and it tasted badass. 5 different cheeses, whole grain pasta, yummy sauce. So good. Me and Alex thanked him with a blow. “I like it all day haha!” Jake said. “Perks of not wearing clothes is that you’re always horny haha.” I said. “It’s also that sex feels AMAZING.” Alex added. We ate the leftover Santa cookies that Jace didnt eat and looked at the time. 9 PM. “Geez time flies!” I said. We decided to stay up all night. “Hey John let me show you what I stole from Uncle Joe’s house when he wasn’t looking.” Alex said. He ran outside to the car and came up with 12 odd looking glasses. “Beer!? You stole beer?” I asked. “Not just that.” he held up 6 joints and a lot of weed. “We are not going to remember tonight. Guarranteed. We each downed four beers and two joints and were out of our minds. “Shit dude…we need to do something awesome.” I said, stumbling over my words and the living room furniture. “I dunno man but it better be fucking good.” Jake said. We got into the car and drove to my moms home. “Mom..were drunk and don’t know what to do.” I said. “Umm honey getting drunk is bad and illegal at you boys’ age. I think you should go back home and don’t do anything stupid. By the way, here’s your Christmas present.” She gave me 100 bucks. “Thanks.” I said. We stumbled out of the house and drove back. “Well that was boring.” “What can we do? We got no money.” Jake said, clearly starting to get sober already. “Let’s just play Dare.” “Okay. Jake I dare you to take two cocks in your mouth at the same time. Both all the Bayan Escort way in.” “I’ll do it.”Me and Alex stood next to eachother as Jakes huge mouth took Alex in and threw his behemoth to the side. He took me and put the two dicks together. Me and Alex moaned as we thrusted together. Jakes mouth was fucking huge for being able to contain the behemoth AND another dick. After a minute we pulled out. Jakes turn. “Alex I dare you to die your hair black and put makeup on to hide your gingerness.” We drove to the pharmacy and got hair dye and freckle cover up. When we got back we put it on Alex and took a photo. “Alex, I dare you to look like that for the rest of your life.” I said. “Gladly. I hate being ginger.” Now, Alex looked kinda goth but without eye makeup so not at all. “John I dare you to eat a sandwich with cum from all three of us in it.” Jake said. “Sounds delic-mine too?” Jake nodded. “Eww. Okay.” I said. We each blew eachother and came in a BLT sandwich without mayo. I bit into the sandwich. “Dude this is delicious. Cum tastes better then mayo!” I exclaimed. I ate the whole thing, wanting more. “Alex..I dare you to go to bed so I can fuck Jake and fall asleep.” Alex went to the bedroom and fell asleep. “Hello there hot shit.” I said to Jake. “Who do you love more? Do not say both or I can’t choose. Who?” Jake said. I got silent for a minute. “I..I refuse to choose. I love you equally.” I said. “Correct choice John. Now eat my cock you slut.” I loved when he called me that. I deep throated him as we started to 69. Jakes lips and tongue were Better then Alexs. I came in Jake quickly and I got on my back. Jake wrapped his legs around mine and started pumping. I began to moan. This position is my favorite. My ass was stuffed with cock and I felt Jake kissing me. I returned the kiss as he fucked me, slowly nearing his climax. “Shit Jake you are a Better fucker then Alex. WORK MY ASS!” He blew and I gasped for breath. I fell asleep on top of Jake, his long flowing blonde hair in my mouth. He is awesome.

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