Jessica’s Playtime Ch. 01


It’s 8:45. Jessica undoes her apron. She’s tired and ready to go home. She was finishing up an 8 hour shift in the deli. She decides to leave early. The whole store is empty. She puts the last pan away and walks out from the back and notices a man at the counter. She tries to turn around but he saw her and called out. She politely says, “I’m sorry sir but we are closed.” She turns to head in the back, but he catches her eye. His eyes are deep blue and send a shiver up her back. Something draws her to him. Before she realizes what she is saying, she spurts out, “Oh never mind, I’ll get you what you need.” She noticed her heart was pounding in her chest. Although the meats, cheeses, and salads were all wrapped up for the night she decided to give this man what he wanted.

She fumbles a bit while trying to fill the man’s order. She can tell he is single. Her hands are shaking, palms are sweaty and she doesn’t know why. She can smell his cologne. It just adds more butterflies. She looks back and notices his eyes are fixated on her ass. Her uniform is not flattering but the tight jeans show off her curves. She is a little embarrassed but aroused by the attention. Jessica had slept with a few guys before, but not in a long time: far too long. The black vibrator she used to fill the gaps just wasn’t the same as feeling that hard flesh push into her. When she shifted on her feet she felt dampness between her legs. She shook her head to try and clear the dirty images she was having, but it was to no avail. As luck would have it, the man had ordered a pound of salami. Her co-workers had often Antalya Escort made the common innuendos about the various meats, but this was just pushing her too far. Her panties were soaking through. If she didn’t get a cock inside of her soon she was going to burst. Her brain quickly came up with a plan.

“I’m sorry, but I need to get something out of the back. But it’s on the top shelf, and I can’t reach. Can you give me a hand?”

Jessica is not alone in her arousal. The man’s cock was throbbing at the thought of her tight little ass. He tried not to stare as her slender body rocked back and forth, but when she asked for his help he could no longer hide his excitement. His dick was swelling with every dirty little thought. As he made his way around the counter he tried to hide his growing bulge.

“Can you hand me that box off the top shelf?” she asked. He didn’t realize she could have reached it herself. But she did see his growing erection. She made the most daring move of her life, reaching out and starting to rub the mound. He gasped in shock, but did not resist. He wanted her; he needed to relieve the throbbing in his pants.

The back room was dark but there was a chance someone could walk in at any moment. The thought only spurred Jessica’s frantic fondling of the man’s rock hard cock. She couldn’t keep her hands off him. His cologne filled the room, sweat began rolling down her back, and the man began grabbing her breasts. The attraction and fear of being caught grew with every naughty touch. She unzipped his pants with lust. She withdrew his Antalya Escort Bayan semi-hard cock and started to rub. His breathing quickened. He began kissing her all over her neck and shoulders, nibbling softly. By this time Jessica’s juices had begun to run down her thigh. She flipped the button open on his pants, and dropped to her knees. She wrapped her lips around the cock and began to suck. She loved the feeling of the hardening dick. The man let out a deep sigh from the feeling of her wet mouth engulfing all of his cock in an instant. He couldn’t believe how quickly she swallowed every inch of his growing erection. Jessica couldn’t get enough and teased and sucked, forcing the man’s cock further and further down her throat. Her quick tongue and soft lips had him at his limits and he pulled her up not wanting to end just yet. He wanted to feel more than her mouth.

His hand slid down her pants, and he instantly felt just how excited Jessica had gotten while pleasing him. She was soaking wet. Her juices were running down the length of her thigh, covering his hand. The sensation sent him wild. He took down her pants to expose her tight black thong completely covered in her wetness. He couldn’t control himself and forced three fingers deep in her tight little cunt. Jessica gasped quietly but didn’t move his hand away. His force was mind-blowing and sent her grasping for the counter top.

He took away his hand and left her weak in the knees. He could tell she had not been touch in far too long. Her body ached for his touch. He moved her onto the counter top, Escort Antalya lifting her shirt off effortlessly. Her breasts were heaving from the intensity of his last caress. Her skimpy black bra did little to hold them in. With a flip of the wrist he had it unhooked and it was forgotten on the floor. She was now completely naked. The cold metal table felt good on her hot skin. She rubbed her throbbing pussy as he stripped naked. She pulled him towards her, urgent to be filled. She gasped as his thick rod slipped easily inside her. She was so wet there was no resistance, even though it had been awhile. The table was the perfect height and he plunged in effortlessly. They both began to pant heavily. He pushed harder and harder into her, filling her with his wide fuck-pole. Jessica felt dirty, and didn’t care. She lifted her legs higher, throwing them over his shoulders. She gave into the hot lust cursing through her body.

Her hair fell over her shoulders as she took his cock deep into her pussy. His hands were tight around her waist bouncing her small little body on his cock, his dick rubbing her clit, sliding in and out of her dripping hole. She couldn’t take it anymore. She was receiving the pounding of her life and bit his chest as her cunt exploded. Every muscle in her body became limp from the intense wave of ecstasy.

Seeing her climax was too much for the man. He felt her love tunnel contract around his cock, milking it for all it was worth. He pulled out just before he shot his load. The cum flew through the air and landed all over her stomach, tits, and even her neck. She took her hands and rubbed it all over her body. The sticky goo would keep her horny all night long. She had a stranger’s cum all over her body, and didn’t care. She liked feeling like a cheap whore. She started to think she might need to do this kind of thing more often.

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