Jerry’s World – Terri


Jerry’s World – Terri“So did Tiff settle alright” I asked while I thought of ways she could repay me, Terri looked at me and smiled, “Yes, you must have worn her out” she said giggling and if nothing else was getting me hard listening to her sexy husky voice certainly was, “Is she ok sleeping with you then Terri?” I asked trying to dig a little deeper, her eyes widened giving me a warm smile, “Oh yes Jerry, she loves a cuddle and the affection” she answered and I could tell by the look in her eye exactly what she meant, “Who doesn’t” I said giggling feeling my cock stiffening inside my boxers.Terri giggled and gave me the green light to help Tiff with her gymnastics which is always a good sign and as Terri finished her glass I got up to refill it, she looked straight at my bulge which unfortunately my vest failed to hide, “Oh I see you have the same shorts on Jerry” she said with a giggle as she tried to focused with glazed eyes, I laughed and filled her glass grabbing a beer out the fridge for myself, “Here you go” I said smiling as I handed the drink to her.I added another pill just for good measure and watched her drink half the glass, “Damn this is so moorish Jerry, Mmm makes me so tingly” she said heaving her 34b’s out in some sort of gesture as she continued staring at my flag pole, maybe I should offer her a helping hand…“Maybe if I took my vest off Terri it will give you a better look” I suggested and straight away her eyes widened, “Mmm Jerry, I would like that please” she responded and then edged to the edge of the sofa as I slowly pulled my vest over my head, looking down I saw my cock sideways inside my boxers pushing hard against the waistband.“OMG Jerry, WOW!” she said in her soft husky voice, I was melting.. luckily my cock hadn’t slipped through the fly however I got the impression from the look on Terri’s face that my boxers were soon coming off.I don’t know if it was on purpose but Terri’s knees parted and I now had a good clear view up her dress, her tight white thong bulging with her array of pubic hair some of which could be seen poking out the sides of her gusset and disappearing up the crack of her arse, Mmm“Take them off Jerry, let me see you naked” she said and even my cock pulsed at her request, normally I would be shy but not now as I carefully lifted my shorts over my throbbing erection and down my legs, “Damn Jerry” she sighed in an excited tone as my cock came into view and I was guessing she was amazed at the size compared to my smallish frame, I guess my cock was out of proportion and it was still growing!!She put her finger in the air beckoning me over and giggled as my cock wobbled, I stood in front of her and she widened her legs allowing me to get even closer, my cock was in her face as she looked all around it, “Mmm, so cool” she sighed as she reached forward wrapping her fingers around the veiny shaft, her hand was so soft pulling the foreskin right back exposing the shiny head.OMG this woman was horny, she pulled my cock down and while looking up at me she seductively licked all around my exposed helmet, “Mmm” she sighed, “This tastes rather unique Jerry” she continued giving me a wink.I think she had just realised what the unique taste was as she tasted her daughter’s juices on my cock, instead of being mad she totally worshipped my rod. She ran her tongue all over the shaft down to my balls flicking and sucking ağva escort each one individually and then slowly back up the shaft to the head, my knees were shaking when I saw my cock slowly disappear into her warm mouth.I now had no doubts on where Tiffany learnt to suck cock however the main question was with whom..Damn this woman was good, she wrapped her hands around my arse grabbing my cheeks pulling them apart forcing my cock further down her throat, she had brilliant gag reflex and I found myself thrusting hard into her mouth, she was slobbering and dribbling saliva all over the place and she was bringing me to the point of no return.She was loving it and waiting for her ‘protein shake’ and I was happy to oblige. My nuts tightened and she sighed out loudly as my cock exploded in her mouth, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” she cried out as she felt the hot creamy cum slide down her throat.As my cock softened her tongue swirled around cleaning off any residue and sucking the last drops out of my soft head before letting my cock flop down, she looked up at me smiling, “So that’s your protein shake eh Jerry” she said, her voice sounding even more husky than before, I had been busted but Terri wasn’t at all put out by it.I looked down on the smiling Terri and her legs were still parted and her dress had risen further up, she looked up at me seeing where my gaze was and instinctively opened her legs wider as if to invite me closer, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity and got down on my knees as Terri laid back on the sofa, her legs nicely spread showing off her thin panty clad hairy muff in all its glory, Mmm it looked so tasty.She sighed as I ran my hands slowly up her thighs with my fingers sliding inwards as I got to the top pushing inside her thin thong, I could immediately feel the softness of her pubic hairs, pulling my hands back out and around under her arse, she kindly lifted up allowing me easier access.I bowed my head and immediately felt the warmth between her legs and then it hit me, OMG the sweaty, musky aroma went straight to my head and instead of being repulsed I was somewhat aroused and as my head spun I could feel my cock responding.I wanted more and gripped her arse cheeks tightly pulling her to meet my face and with my nose pressing her pubic bone rubbing her lady button my tongue got a taste of sweaty gusset, I was in another dimension taking deep inhales through my nose savouring in the musky aroma, I was fucking high… and damn horny!!Terri moaned as my tongue licked around her damp panties and I wasn’t sure if it was my saliva or her juices seeping through, either way it tasted amazing.Terri was laid back moaning as my tongue got busy trying to push into her damp gusset, she pulled her dress down over my head and I could feel her soft thighs pressing my ears as her body tensed and then shook as she orgasmed and as my tongue flicked inside her protruding lips I got the sweet taste of her juices, she grabbed my head through the thin fabric of her dress like she was holding a pregnant belly as the frenzy built forcing her hips to gyrate.“OMG Jerry.. OH YESSSSS!” she cried out as my tongue dug deep inside her wet hole with my nose feeling the stiffness of her button, Mmm.. oh yes!My head was spinning and I had to come up for air and while Terri needed to catch her breath she certainly didn’t want me amasya escort to stop and I sort of lost balance falling backwards on to the floor. Terri immediately took her chance and clambered off the sofa pulling her knickers off smiled down at me surveying my stiff and throbbing erection tight against my belly.She got herself down into position straddling me while she took hold of my stiff meat pulling it upright while she lowered herself down, my cock slipped into her wet hairy thatch with ease and I immediately felt her cunt muscles contacting as she sat right down on me, “OMG YESSSS!” she cried out as she slowly started to gyrate on my rod.Her eyes were closed and the concentration on her face was immense and in one swift movement pulled her loose fitting dress up over her head exposing her silky skin, she unclasped her bra at the from letting it fall by the wayside and her perky 34b’s came into view, her nipples standing erect.“Oh yes Jerry, give me that protein” she sighed as her gyrating stepped up a notch and reaching forward I grabbed both of her perky little titties feeling the stiff bullets in the palms of my hands, OMG the feeling was immense and I was so deep inside her that her body started to spasm uncontrollably.Her cries echoed around the room as she upped the pace riding me like her life depended on it and I was experiencing feeling that I had never experienced before as I tried to hold off for as long as I possibly could, it was not easy.I loved the way that Terri varied her pace mixing it up and I could feel her tight cunt sucking me back in every time she raised up, I was helpless as I laid there letting her set the pace but I was close, very close and as her body spasmed and shook again it pushed me to the point of no return, the squelching rang around the room and her cries were met with mine as my cock exploded deep inside her belly.“That’s it Jerry, OH YESSSSSSS!” she cried as she felt the warm sensation of my man seed hitting deep inside her womb, OMG it was as intense as an orgasm could get.Terri was totally spent and collapse of top of me, our hot sweaty bodies tight together as she had her head in my neck gasping to get her breath back, I could feel my cock softening inside her tight hole.I felt her moving up my body leaving a wet smear of juices in her wake, her perky little titties running across my face as she moved up so that she was basically sitting on my face.OMG the smell of our mixed juices sending anther rush to my head as my face was covered by her damp hairy minge, I allowed my tongue to dig deep searching out and then parting her swollen labia lips sending shivers through her body as I scooped out the excess goo, Mmm so damn tasty.Eventually Terri moved off and crawled across the room to pick up her wine glass, seeing her on all fours was an interesting sight as her hairy arse wiggled across the room, she passed me my beer and we sat on the floor recovering.We had lost total track of the time until a smiling and cheerful Beverley came home as saw us sitting on the floor, “OMG.. Hi guys” she said smiling seeing our state of undress and also looking at Terri, “Wow!” said Terri, “Is this your sister?” she asked and I was glad to do the introductions.Bev looked at me knowing exactly what had been going on and from the way the two women were looking at each other I think artvin escort there was a spark.We filled up Terri’s glass emptying the bottle and grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and we all sat around chatting about the flat and all things Terri needed to know not that she was taking it all in due to excess alcohol in her system. It was obvious from the way the conversation turned and the body language that Bev wanted Terri which got me thinking that maybe she drew a blank with her girlfriend and with Terri still very much horny it was certain to be on a winner, even more so as Terri was pretty wasted and knowing what my sister was like.“Why don’t you pop up and check on Tiffany” Terri said in a very slurry hasky voice which to be honest I was going to offer to do due to the amount of time her mother had been down with me.I jumped up and such was the atmosphere and alcohol consumption I didn’t even think about putting anything on realizing I was totally bollock naked half way up the stairs, I didn’t think it would matter as Tiff had seen it all before and it felt quite arousing being naked and free, my cock and balls hanging down between my legs.The bedroom door was open and the curtains were open allowing the moonlight to shine in and there laying on the bed on her stomach was young Tiffany, the thin sheet barely covered her naked arse, I felt a twinge in my cock at the sight of her bare back and top of her arse crack, she had her legs slightly apart and she looked so inviting.She was out like a light bless her so I gave her a peck on the top of her shoulder and decided to go back downstairs with the intention of suggesting I keep an eye on Tiff for the night and let them two lovebirds get it on.My cock was at the semi stage as I re-entered the flat and I don’t think they heard me and what a hot sight confronted me..Terri was sitting back on the sofa totally naked with her legs spread and in between those soft sexy thighs was my sister, she was on her knees with her arms around Terri’s waist which had pulled up her micro mini dress and her sexy rounded arse was sticking out right in front of my eyes, MmmI crept in unnoticed as Terri had her eyes closed enjoying the benefit of my bisexual sister’s tongue, probably doing it better than any man can and from the look on Terri’s face I wasn’t wrong, Bev did know how to eat pussy.My cock was stiffening as I crept up behind Bev and I could clearly see the little black string of her thong wedged inside her arse crack, Mmm so inviting.I guess my intentions of suggesting I go look after Tiff went out the window as I got on my knees behind her wiggling rear and she didn’t even flinch when my fingers parted her sweet arse cheeks exposing the thin black string, her shaded little starfish pouted begging for attention and I wasn’t going to disappoint.My head went down and Bev gasped as my tongue made a beeline for her pouting hole, I moved the string out of the way and opened up her little hole.I raised up and with cock in hand I pressed it against her lubricated arse, she gasped as I pushed the swollen head forcing her to go deeper into Terri’s crotch which was a win/win for all.Her head gyrated in time with Terri as I pushed my cock deep into my sisters arse slowly building up a rhythm looking directly at Terri, her eyes opened slightly and I could see she was trying to focus on what was producing her multiple orgasms.I knew I wasn’t going to last long and as I speeded up and Terri moaned in her husky voice I was about ready to unload, OMG it was intense as I filled my sister’s arse full of natural goodness. Bev sighed as she felt the hot cum but carried on satisfying her new friend. To Be Continued….

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