Jenny from next door 2


Jenny from next door 2I stood at the front window, staring out at our neighbours front garden that morning, and then finally I saw young Nathan step out of his front door, close it, and then head to his car.A few seconds later he was in it, and then heading off to work for the day.”I’m just going next door!” I said to my wife as I strolled towards our front door “Jenny wanted me to look at a hole she’s found!””Okay dear, have fun!” replied my innocent wife.She had no idea what I was really going over there for, and it was probably for the best, because the next few hours I intended to fuck the arse off of our hot blonde young neighbour, and that was something I really didn’t think my wife needed to know.A few seconds later I knocked on our neighbours front door, and Jenny opened it and greeted me with a smile, in her dressing gown.”Come in Bill! Come in!” she said eagerly.Then she led me through the house, up the stairs and into a bedroom where a large double bed with fresh sheets on it sat, before she grinned at me, and then strolled over to the bed.Jenny then undid her dressing gown and let it drop to the floor to reveal she was completely naked underneath, and my old cock instantly twitched at the sight of her pale white petite little body, with her tiny little tits, and hard pink nipples, and smooth bald pussy mound.She then climbed up onto the bed, and staying on all fours, she opened her slim little legs wide and offered me her holes.I eagerly moved towards her, before falling to my knees, crawling up behind her and pushing my face into her bald little pussy.Jenny moaned loudly as I began to lick and suck on her pussy lips, teasing her little clit with my chin, and tasting her sweet juices as they began to leak from her hole.”Oh yeah! Eat me Bill! Eat me!” she groaned with her head down in the bed sheets.With my hands on her little soft warm arse cheeks, I pulled her pussy open as much as I could, while driving my big wet tongue into her gaping hole, and she groaned louder loving the feeling of it.”Oh yes! Tongue my pussy Bill! Tongue my pussy! I want to cum on your face! I want to cum!” she moaned louder as her hips began to rock back and forth, and now she was almost fucking herself, with my face.For the next few minutes I licked and probed her wet delicious pussy, making her groan over and over as I drove her to her first orgasm, then I slipped a couple of fingers into her, as I began sucking on her clit and she groaned louder with excitement.”Oh god! your making me cum! I can feel it! I can feel my orgasm coming!” she groaned.I eagerly continued to thrust two fingers into her wet hole, as I continued to lick at her clit, and she moved her little hips faster against me as her groans got louder and more excited, and then after just another minute or so she began to cry out continuously until finally she groaned “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! OH… GOOOOOOOOOOOD!”And she tensed up her little body, ground her pussy into my face, and began to cum.”OH GOOOOOOOD! OH GOOOOOOOOOOD!” she cried again before he body began to shake and twitch.I stayed perfectly still under her, letting her enjoy her first Beylikdüzü Escort orgasm of the day, and her little pussy leaked more juices right into my face, as she groaned through her orgasm.Finally she calmed down, and I with drew my sticky fingers, not before giving them a good lick, and then got up from under her, stood up and began taking off my clothes.As soon as I was naked, I moved to the bed, and Jenny was just catching her breath, before I climbed aboard, positioned myself up behind her, placed my hard ready old cock at her wet entrance, and then eased myself into her.She groaned loudly again, as she felt my old man cock sliding between her little pink pussy lips and entering her warm wet hole.Then holding onto her slim little hips, I began to thrust into that young blonde woman, and she quickly began to moan as I fucked her.”Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” she groaned still with her head down in the bed sheets.”Fuck me1 Fuck me! Fuck me! I want it! I want it!” she kept saying as I did just that.For a good few minutes I pumped my hard old cock into her, as we both groaned and moaned, then I slowed down and began to thrust deep and hard into her, but slowly so she could feel my whole length going right up inside of her, before pulling almost right back out again.”Oh shit Bill! You really know how to fuck a pussy!” she moaned as I continued to slowly drive my cock back and forth inside of her.”If you were twenty years younger, i’d leave Nathan in a heart beat for you!” she then said.”And if I was twenty years younger, i’d pound you every night!” I replied with a grin.She then raised herself up, twisted her little body around, and as I continued to fuck her, she leant over and kissed me.For a good few seconds we stayed like that, until she let go, and then she laid back on the bed, side ways on, and I eagerly began to thrust into her, as she stared back at me with a lustful look.”Fuck me Bill! Fuck me!” she urged again staring into my eyes.”Pound my little pussy! Its yours! Just fuck it as much as you want!” she then said as she gripped the bed sheets.I carried on fucking my hot blonde nympho neighbour, sideways on, for another few minutes, until I got her to roll onto her stomach, and happily I laid on top of her, and began pumping my cock into her a little faster and harder.”Oh yes! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck me like that!” groaned Jenny as she lay beneath me.I have to admit I loved fucking her like that, my cock seem to be able to push in deeper than I thought it could go, her little soft arse pushed into my old man belly and it felt so nice, and watching her head rock back and forth from the force of my thrusts made my cock feel even harder.So I eagerly continued to fuck her like that, pounding her into the bed, and giving her everything I had, and quickly she began to get excited, loudly.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m going to cum again! I’m going to cum again!” she groaned out loud.”You like that?” I asked”Yes fuck yes!” she groaned back “Just keep fucking me like that! Just keep fucking me!”I continued to do just that, and as my hard old cock pumped repeatedly into her warm Escort Beylikdüzü wet pussy, and the bed began to squeak and groan under the strain, she got louder and more excited.”Oh god! That’s it! That’s it!” she groaned “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”I eagerly pumped away at her little bald wet pussy, and that petite little blonde twenty year old groaned over and over as I fucked her towards a second orgasm, and then as I thrust into her again and again, she suddenly tensed up and cried out “OH GOD! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”And then her little body began to twitch and shake again, and I pushed deep into her convulsing pussy as she came hard on my cock.”OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she cried again, as her head tilted towards the ceiling.For another few amazing seconds I stayed buried in her pussy, as she orgasmed beneath me, and then after a lot of screaming, she calmed down and with a sigh relaxed.I then slowly began to grind my hard cock into her as she caught her breath, before finally I pulled my hard cock out, and rolled off of her.Jenny then turned and leant towards me, and reaching out, she took hold of my hard wet glistening cock, and began to stroke it, before she lowered her mouth down onto it, and began to give it a suck.”Oh yeah! That’s nice!” I sighed as she gently sucked on my old wet dick, and tasted her own pussy juices.For a few minutes she happily just lay in my lap sucking on my old cock and licking my balls, until she leant up towards me and kissed me, and exchanging saliva I could taste her pussy and my cock on her lips, before she rose up fully, positioned herself over my hard cock, and then lowered herself onto it.Her wet little pussy easily slid straight onto my hard cock, and then holding onto my shoulders, she began to ride my cock, while leaning in and kissing me again.”You going for a third?” I asked.”And fourth and a fifth!” she replied “I’m going to fuck you all day!””What about your husband?” I asked “what if he comes home in the middle of it?””Then he’ll get to see, what a real man fucking me, is like!” she replied before she kissed me again.Now I don’t know if she truly meant it or not, but fucking her most of the day seemed alright with me, so I was willing to give it ago, if she was.She then bounced up and down on me for the next few minutes, her little bald wet pussy slid easily on my hard pole, and her little tits jiggled as she moved, and her moans and groans rung out as she fucked herself on my cock.Then when she began to grow tired, I got her to lie back, lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and I began to thrust into her as she lay back between my legs.”Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” she moaned loving this new position.Now I was enjoying this too, even though my balls were rubbing against the sheets and getting pretty hot, and as we fucked I moved one of her petite little feet to my mouth, and began sucking on her toes, and she moaned louder enjoying the sensation.For a few more minutes I continued to fuck my hot neighbour like that, pumping into her little wet pussy as I sucked on her little toes, then I let go Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan of her foot, leaned forward, and placing my hands down either side of her head began to pump into her firmer and faster.”Oh yes! Yes! lets go for three!” she moaned excitedly “I want to go for three!””Absolutely!” I replied with a grin.Now i was basically lying on top of her, I could drive my cock into her again, and she quickly began to groan louder once more as I did.My whole cock buried itself over and over into her pussy, filling it with man meat, and my balls slapped against her arse as it did, and she laid back groaning loudly and begging for more.”Yes fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I want it! I want it so much!” she kept muttering.Her little legs now rose up and hung around my waist as my old cock continued to pound into her, and she got louder and more excited by the second as her third orgasm quickly approached.”Oh fuck! Your going to make me cum again! Your going to make me cum again!” she groaned beneath me.I eagerly pounded into her as fast and as hard as I could, and she continued to groan and moan loudly, and then I felt my balls begin to tighten up and I had to groan.”Oh god! I’m going to cum too!” I cried.”Do it! Just keep fucking me! Just keep fucking me!” she replied urging me on, as she held onto my shoulders.So I did, I carried on fucking away at her, my cock was now a blur in her wet used pussy, and she continued to cry out over and over as we both approached our orgasms.”Oh Christ! I’m almost there!” I groaned desperate to hold on.”Me too! Me too!” she cried back.And as my cock continued to pound into her, I felt her little body beneath me tense up, and she pulled me in tight and then began to scream in my ear.”OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she cried out as she came.Feeling her hot little naked body thrashing against mine, and having her screaming her orgasm into my ear did it for me, and I felt my old balls tighten, churn and with a mighty groan, I exploded deep inside of her.”OH FUUUUUUUUCK YEAH!” I cried out as I began to unload.My cock then began to pump a huge wad of cum into Jenny’s little unprotected cunt, as I came over and over inside of her, and she gripped me tightly as she came over and over on my squirting cock.For the next few seconds we were locked together just cumming and cumming again, until finally we both relaxed, sighed and stopped cumming!Then we stayed locked together for a bit longer, as we both tried to catch our breath.”Oh fuck! That was amazing!” I said feeling really exhausted.”Oh yeah! It was fucking great!” she replied as she grinned up at me.Then I rolled off of her, and as my softening cock slid out of her pussy, I watched my load begin to seep out of her gaping hole.Jenny then scooped some up, before licking it off of her fingers, then she reached over and began to suck me clean.”Oh that’s nice!” I groaned as I laid back enjoying the feeling of this hot little woman sucking on my spent cock.But she continued to keep sucking, and despite my age, I soon began to grow hard again.”Really? You want more?” I asked a little amazed.She then looked up at me and grinned “I did say I wanted to reach four and five orgasms!”Then she straddled my waist, held my hard cock steady, and slowly slipped her cummy leaking pussy back onto it.”And if your lucky, I might even let you cum again inside of me!” she then added, before she began to ride me once more.

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