Jennifer’s Anal Summer



On a hot, steamy August night in the old farmhouse, the spotlight from the peak of the barn created shadows in the bedroom. Jennifer was on all fours as she blew a bead of sweat from her nose as she looked under herself and watched her breasts sway forward and back as she rocked in rhythm. The room was quiet except for the audible breathing, moaning, and slapping sound every time Lee’s hips banged into Jennifer’s ass.

Nights like these were made for being fucked in the ass, Jennifer thought to herself.

She had climbed onto the bed where Lee was laying down naked with a box fan pointed at the bed. She sat cross-legged astride him as she caressed his cock and balls. Lee loved her touch, and always responded with a hard cock for her. She slid down between his legs, still stroking his cock when Lee felt the head of his cock slide past Jennifer’s lips. Soon she was deep throating his cock as he enjoyed watching it disappear into her sexy, wet mouth. She flashed her cobalt blue eyes as she released him, a trail of saliva stretching between the tip of his cock and her lips. Lee loved her pretty face, and thought back to the first time she rubbed his cock along her lips until he came all over her. kızılay escort How she moaned and coaxed more cum out of him and onto her cheeks and mouth. It was a picture and a memory he cherished.

“Saturday night, you know what that means, babe.” Said Jennifer.

“Oh, so you like it on a regular basis, huh?”

“Don’t you?”

They smiled at each other. Lee knew he had fucked Jennifer in the ass the past two Saturdays. He was happy it was a regular thing she liked. It was taboo and a little dirty, which made them feel naughty. There were no pregnancy scares, no holding back, no nothing.

“I’m already set,” Jennifer whispered.

“Oh really?” Lee eyed her skeptically. Jennifer rolled her thumb over the precum oozing out of Lee’s cock and circled it around the head.

“Already lubed up, ready for you.” Jennifer eyed Lee’s cock and still got amazed how large it grew when he got ultra excited. And she knew he loved fucking her ass.

Jennifer was proud that she found a self-lubing device online. It looked like a giant syringe, only blue, plastic, and specifically for inserting and injecting lube directly into the ass. No fuss, no muss.

Jennifer kolej escort rotated away from Lee on all fours, spread her legs apart, and with one hand reached back to spread her ass cheek to expose her tightly closed asshole, rimmed with lubricant slowly oozing out.

Lee clamored up behind her stroking circles over her ass with his hands. He decided her wet pussy should not be wasted, so he slowly teased it with his cock, circling, pushing his cock against the outer lips of her pussy. Finally unable to resist, he guided himself deep into her. She was slick and tight, velvet around his cock. He drove in slowly, until his balls pushed up against the wetness of her pussy. He slowly withdrew until the head of his cock almost slipped out, and stroked deep inside her again, slowly. He fucked her slowly, feeling her cum as she tightened and let out a soft yelp. God he loved how wet she got. After a few minutes of fucking her pussy, he withdrew his cock and rubbed it against her ass. He slid a finger into her asshole to gently stretch and tease her.

“Tell me,” he whispered.

“Fuck me in the ass,” Jennifer responded in a breath.

With that he pressed his cock against maltepe escort her, her ass opening slowly to take the head of his cock inside her. He loved watching the length of his cock disappear into her ass, stretching it open as he went. He fucked her slowly at first, letting her get used to a cock in her ass. Then she pushed back against him to quicken the pace. His lube slicked cock slid in and out of her ass as the light from the barn illuminated them just enough to see.

Lee began to slam into her ass, he loved how her ass shook each time he drove his cock into her. High-pitched sounds escaped Jennifer’s mouth. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaaahhhh! Oh! Oh!” almost in patterned repetition.

Lee finally reached his limit – “I want to cum in your ass!”

“Yes baby! Yes!”

A moment later Jennifer felt Lee’s cock in steady spasms release stream after stream of cum into her ass. She felt the building warmth, letting out a long “Ooooooh, uhnnnn…”

Lee relaxed and stroked again, slowly.

“Stay inside a moment” Jennifer instructed.

Lee obeyed, and finally the tightness of her ass pushed out his softening cock. It was beautiful, Lee thought, as his cock slowly withdrew slick with milky-white cum and lube.

As cum slowly escaped her ass, Lee caressed it into her skin, rubbing his hands from her asshole over her rounded ass cheeks and hips.

“Oh baby,” Lee sighed.

“I love how you fuck me”, Jennifer said in a whisper.

“Next week,” said Jennifer, “I want to see.”

They both knew that meant another home movie.

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