Jennifer, Juniper


Author’s note: this is pure fantasy; it never happened. Both the characters are subjects (or victims, LOL) of my imagination. I’ve known quite a few Moms over the years and the Jennifer character doesn’t resemble any of them. Don’t know anyone named Jennifer, but always liked that name. All you fellow old farts will recognize the ‘Jennifer, Juniper’ title as a play on an old song of the 60s.


I had known Jennifer for several years. She was the mother of one of the boys on my son’s baseball team. I knew a lot of moms that way through various sports my boys played. I never really gave much thought to the prospect of having an affair with any of them. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m a guy and the first thing we think of when we meet any woman is sex. I just never thought there was any chance of anything happening with this particular group of women. I’ve always tried to be polite and look them in the eyes, but Jennifer was different. She didn’t necessarily have big tits, a succulent ass or killer body. She just moved with a grace and air that bespoke a smoldering sensuality. She was sweet, perky, had the girl-next-door look and appeared happily married. I looked at her and thought ‘vanilla sex with one guy till death do they part’. Boy, was I full of shit (unfortunately that’s not all that unusual).

On this particular afternoon, I was on my way home from a customer visit and decided to stop at a Starbucks for coffee. I walked in and whom do I see, but Jenny. She was dressed in a business suit with high heels and looked great. This was a different look for her. I don’t think I had ever seen her wear anything other than jeans and a t-shirt before. And I certainly never saw her with such impeccable make up and looking like a professional businesswoman. It was a look that suited her well. Seated at a table, she had her computer out and was reading something.

I walked over and said “Hi Jenny, what are you doin here?”

“Oh, I just visited a potential customer for a business I’m starting and decided to get a coffee and review my proposal. Why don’t you get some coffee and join me.”

“Sure, just give me a minute,” I replied. But I was thinking, ‘Hell yes I’ll join you.’ So I got my coffee and sat down next to her and asked what was going on. She was telling me how she was starting a business and had just made her first sales call. The business was some sort of community paper or something. I was already mesmerized by her appearance and then I realized that she had unbuttoned her jacket while I was getting coffee. Her tits were jiggling when she moved. ‘Holy shit,’ I thought; she isn’t wearing a bra.

I was sitting there, watching her tits move when I hear her say; “Earth to Ed, do you hear me?”

“Uh, yea, sure, I think its great that you’re starting a business,” I stammered. I was looking at her face now as I spoke and I realized she Antalya Escort had this coy smile and was chuckling. ‘Oh boy’ I thought, ‘busted again.’

She giggled a little more an said, “I want to cut part of this picture out, but don’t know how to use the selection tool.” Then it hit me; she knew that I’m a bit of a graphics enthusiast and she was looking for advice. That’s what she was talking about when I was stuck staring at her chest.

“Oh that’s easy,” I replied and started to scoot next to her and look at the computer. Then it’s like, ‘wham’ she had her hand on my thigh. I resumed my stammering and told her, “You just use the magic wand tool” and pointed to it on the screen.

I looked at her, she raised her eyebrows, her eyes got all big and she said, “what a lovely name for a tool. How do you use it?”

I was dumbfounded and as I turned the laptop so it’s was facing me a little more, she leaned in and rested her wrist on my shoulder. As I started on the picture, she alternated between playing with my shirt collar and rubbing the back of my neck. She was so close that I could hear her breathing and smell her hair . . . or was it her perfume? I didn’t know or care. All I knew is I liked it. I was sweatin bullets and my dick was hard enough to cut glass.

When I finished selecting and cropping the picture, she exclaimed, “that’s perfect. Thank you.”

I turned and looked at her. Our mouths were mere inches apart. “Glad I could help” was my reply.

Then she quietly said: “You know, a friend of mine is out of town and I’m checking her house occasionally. Just the other day we were having lunch on her patio and she told me how she wanted to renovate her yard. I seem to remember hearing what you did to your backyard and thought maybe you could look at hers and tell me what you think. I’d love to surprise her with a different perspective on what could be done there. Would you consider coming over to her house with me and taking a look?”

“Sure,” I said, but what I meant was hell yeah, I’ll go into an empty house with you and look at anything you want me to.

“Great” she replied. “If you’ve got the time, lets run over there now.”

I said, “Okay, lead on.”

So we left Starbucks and got into our cars. As I was following her, I started to think. ‘This can’t be real. Things like this don’t happen to me. There must be something going on here. I mean it is well known that I am mechanically challenged. Stuff I planted always died within a year. Hell, I was wanted in six states for murdering plants.’ My big head was suspicious, but my little head was in control. It decided right then; if we got to her friends house and we were truly the only ones there, I was going to go for it.

When we got to the house, we left our cars in the driveway and walked up to the front door. I glanced around and Antalya Escort Bayan didn’t see any other cars around. Hmmm, I thought. Once we got inside the door, she walked over to the alarm panel and started to key in the code to turn off the system. She turned and said to me, “follow me.”

I decided its now or never, this is it. In my mind I could see the lights counting down to the start of a drag race . . . I could hear the shrill cry of the steam whistle that signaled the end of the shift in the mill . . . the pistol shot that starts a race . . . and I grabbed her by the arm, turned her into my arms and kissed her. . . hard. . . and she kissed me back. I backed her up against the door and we continued kissing, consuming each other’s lips. I kissed my way along her jaw line, around to the spot below her ear . . .I growled and sucked and nibbled her earlobe , , , her smell was intoxicating . . . I kissed and nibbled my way down her neck.

She was moaning and said, “take me to bed.”

I continued kissing down her neck, across to the other side of her face, up to her other ear, sucked that earlobe between my lips and told her, “we’ll get to bed soon enough. But I can’t wait, I have to taste more of you now,” and I continued kissing her . . . holding her head and running my fingers through her hair. We were on fire. I kissed my way down her face, under her chin and down her neck. All the while I was unbuttoning her blouse. I kissed and licked my way down her chest, between the valley of her breasts and kissed, nibbled and sucked the side of one tit and then the other. Her smell, the taste of her skin and her hands in my hair . . . it was almost overwhelming.

She was breathing short, rapid breaths and moaning, “Oh yes. . . yes baby yes . . . take meeeee.”

I moved my lips over one of her nipples and took as much of the tit into my mouth as I could. As I sucked, I pulled my head back, pulling the breast away from her body until the only part left between my lips was the nipple and it was wedged between my teeth. As I sucked and nibbled, she started with the short quick breaths, moaning “Oh yes. . . oh yes . . . I’m gonna cum” She was on the verge of orgasm when I pulled off her tit and it fell back to her chest.

“Oh my god. . . why did you stop . . . I was almost there.” Oh my god, I thought. This woman was so passionate, so hot, that she was going to orgasm just from having her tits sucked. I was excited.

I latched onto her other tit and gave it the same treatment. Again as I had her tit pulled away from her chest, holding the nipple between my teeth and sucking on the areola, she started these deep short groans, “UUUHHHH . . . AAHHHHH. . . OHHHHH. . . DON’T STOP . . . PLEEEEESE.” But once again I snapped my head back and she sighed in disappointment. I wasn’t being mean. I just wanted her to build up to Escort Antalya a big orgasm.

Suddenly I dropped to one knee, slid my hands up her legs lifting her skirt.

“I’ve got to taste all of you . . . right now . . . right here.” With that I reached up with both hands, grabbed her pantyhose, ripped them apart, moved her panties to the side, buried my face into heaven’s gate and growled.

She had a sharp intake of breath and shrieked, “Oh my god, Ed.”

I alternated between sucking each of her labia into mouth, first one then the other. I licked and kissed the inside of her lips and occasionally drove my tongue into her sacred opening. All the while my hands were roaming along her body, squeezing her butt, . . . rubbing the sides of her torso . . . gently pinching her nipples. She lifted one leg onto my shoulder, hooked her calf around the back of my neck, put both hands on my head and pulled me into her pussy.

“Oh god . . Ed . . eat me . . . make me cum . . ohhhhh.”

And eat her I did. I was licking and sucking, rubbing and tugging. She was humping my face, pulling my hair and gasping for breath.

“My clit . . . suck my clit.”

I pursed my lips between the folds of her pussy and began to hum and growl. I hummed and growled my way up to her clit. It was out of its hood and standing erect. I moved one hand down, inserted two fingers into her while moving my other hand up to her face, sticking a finger into her mouth. I sucked her clit between my teeth, found that spongy area inside her cunt with my fingers and started rubbing it.

All hell broke loose. She tensed up, stiffened and then started to shake. I thought she was going to bite my finger off and pull out all of my hair. Then she started to gush all over my face. It seemed as though she couldn’t catch her breath , , , her mouth opened and she let out a high pitched scream; “Aaaaaiiiieeeeee.” This was followed by a series of sharp breaths and short screams; “ehhhh . . . uhhhhh. . .ohhhhh.” She was shaking violently and tried to push my head and fingers away from her.

Let me say right here; there is nothing in the world that can compare to the experience of having a woman reach the ‘BIG O’ with you. We’ve all heard about the fragile, male ego and I’m here to tell you; nothing pumps me up more than a woman reaching orgasm in my arms.

I let her go and slowly stood up, taking her in my arms. She was still shaking, almost seemed like she was crying. I just held her in my arms, kissing her forehead and eyelids. She was holding onto me tightly. Actually I was holding her up. She was still trembling when I picked her up and carried her into the living room and sat her down on the sofa. I left her there and went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water.

When I returned, she was still a little shaky. I handed her the water, she took a sip and said, “I . . . I . . . I never . . . what did you do to me?”

I replied, “sweetie, I didn’t DO anything to you. It was all you; you’re such a passionate woman. I was just there to enjoy it with you.” She was still breathing hard when I excused myself and went to the bathroom.

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