She picks up the phone.

“Your car has arrived, Madam,” A dark husky voice resonates in her ear. She smiles

‘kewl I’ll be right out.”

She hangs up the phone grabs her keys and purse checks her scantily clad image in the mirror, grabs her suede fur jacket and heads out to her gift. A friend left a message he was sending a car to pick her up it was a surprise. She wasn’t told much else except a car would arrive and the driver would be called Jeeves and that was it.

She smiles as she heads toward the long dark car. He stands next to the door,

“Jeeves?” She asks, a slight smile on his dark face,

“Madam” as he opens the door and nods.

She steps in pulling her tiny jeans skirt a little lower. He looks over his dark glasses at her shapely legs, she grins feeling the energy linger on her.

As they head off she lowers the divider,

“Hey Jeeves, where we going?” He smiles, in his sexy raspy voice, “I’m not supposed to say Ma’am”

“Hmm” comes her reply “well head toward the board walk and stop there.”

He grimaces, “Madam that’s not the destination I’m supposed to get you to,”

“I know but stop there first I have some business I want to take care of.”

“Okay Maam but that might make you late,”

“Well call your boss and explain.”

Knowing this will make her late for her surprise, she thinks but this is my surprise, and before the night goes by I want to do this, its always been one of my fantasies to take the driver of a limo, and Jeeves is so hot is his black suit white shirt dark tan and glasses. There was something about him and immediately she felt the attraction, especially when her friend is waiting, she knew he would be amused at the thought of her testing her limits from the get go. She couldn’t help it she knew what she wanted to do. She takes her cell phone out of her purse, and lays it on the seat eagerly waiting for the car to stop.

“Jeeves pull over so the side of the car is right along the edge Antalya Escort of the sand and I can see the water from where I sit.”

He does so, she gets out leans her back against the car, lights her Marlboro light 100, knocks on his window and motions for him to get out. He does so,

“what’s up he says” as he leans his back against the car a butt hanging out of his slender pink lips. As she exhales out she presses her back against his chest.

“Ma’m?” he holds his hands away from her shapely tight body,

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing Jeeves just relax and let me drive,”

He smiles and relaxes back his hands held out as she snuggles into his chest, and lays her head back on his shoulder. She looks up into the dark star lit sky noticing the bright moon pressing down on them. She takes another drag of her smoke and blows it out letting the rays of the moon infuse her body. She can’t seem to help the tribal lusty feeling she’s been having, she turns around and greedily presses her lips to his, plunging her tongue into his raspy, sexy orifice. He puts his hands on her hips, and she presses her body to his. She reaches her hand around and grabs his ass, he pulls back, looks at her, grabs her ass cheeks, as she wraps her legs around him. Her hot box pressed against his huge cock, she grinds him their tongues greedily exploring….

He pushes her upper body back and she puts her right leg on the ground, he grins at her and crouches down, placing her left foot on the hood of the car, he licks up her thigh and breathes in deeply the sweet smell of her hot box. He bites at her through her lace panties her mound swollen and dripping at the thought of Jeeves tasting her. The desire growing inside her, she could feel her body begging for his tongue her back arches and she places a hand on his head. She looks down and moves her panties to the side, and he circles her clit. She arches her head and back and he teases it just using the tip of his tongue. She pushes Antalya Escort Bayan her hips forward and his tongue glides into her. She moans almost begging him for more. He sucks on her clit letting it snap. Her hands under her shirt teasing her pert nipples, the cool air making them more alert than they already are.

“Ohh Jeeves please.”

He chuckles, comes out from under her, pulls her panties down and leans her over spreading her ass cheeks, he puts her foot back up on the hood of the car. He circles her little hole, she moans; in her mind wondering how intimate she can let things get between them. He slowly and with purpose licks her button. A soft groan escapes her shiny pink lips, her fingers exploring her own honey wet box. First he licks her hole and than slides his tongue into her box, feeling her fingers tease her clit, he licks from box to ass, slurping and licking driving her wild til finally she pushes him off and turns over and lays back on the hood of the car.

Jeeves dives up onto her pressing his lips to her, letting the head of his shaft tease her swollen hole, she lifts her legs up in hopes he will slide his massive cock in. He chuckles,

“Ma’am is there something you…”,

She presses their mouths together and reaches for his belt. She can’t seem to move quick enough as she finally unzips his pants. As they slide down his legs she pulls him to her wet begging hole. Once again he let’s the head of his swollen shaft tease her slickery hole.

“C’mon Jeeves I know you want to fuck me”, and she moves her hips he grins,

“Yeah Madam, seems like you want it too”,

He pulls back and she grabs his head plunging her eager tongue into his hot mouth, and finally he lets his manhood slide in, not thrusting or pumping just letting her feel him, she grabs his ass. She hears her phone in the car but ignores it, opening her eyes noticing the moon as she closes them again.


Slowly he begins to ride her, full purposeful Escort Antalya strokes, he bites the side of her neck and she moans sweetly her ass moving to his thrusts. She wraps her legs around him and he pushes into her, her back arches and all sound stops as she feels her pussy tighten around him and than soak his cock with her juices. She opens her eyes, once again the moon in full view, and he is grinning with one hand over her shoulder, she pushes him back and kneels down taking his monster into her throat, greedily sliding her tongue over him she relaxes her throat and lets him push into her mouth as deep as he can, she relaxes and lets him fuck her face. She reaches her hands around pushing him onto her face. She sucks back opens her mouth slides her tongue down his member grabs his balls and squeezes, and hears him groan watches his back arch and feels his already hard cock stiffen. She sucks him deep into her mouth and the hot milky seed spills down the back of her throat. She opens her lust filled eyes, and sees him looking down at her as she gently milks him for any lingering juices.

She gets up and grabs her cell, flips it open, while wiping her mouth,

“Hello?” “Hey Baby girl where are you, I’m waiting for you?” she smiles,

“I’m sorry I had to make a stop, we are on our way. Where are you any way?”

“That’s for me to know, and Jeeves to get you here.”

“Oh don’t you worry doll, Jeeves will get me there…” evil grin on her lips…See ya soon Hun.”

She hangs up the phone, fixes her clothes, throws him her panties grabs a butt, and smiles at Jeeves,

“Put these on your mirror” she says smiling at him.

“Well you ready to go big boy?” He opens her door,

“yes Madam” as he watches her shapely legs get in, once again peeking over his dark glasses. He closes the door, breathes in deeply as he gets in the car, evil grin on his lips. He wraps her wet panties around the mirror, and the divider comes down, she smiles,

“I was just checking to see if you put the panties up”, and she winks at him, chuckling.

As he pulls off she opens the moon roof and pokes her body out, watching the moon move with them her wild curly mane flowing in the wind, she wonders what other adventures might be waiting for her…

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