Jeannie and I thank Uncle John (2)


Jeannie and I thank Uncle John (2)Once inside, Jeannie and I pressed our naked bodies together and kissed. Long and slow we shared our passion allowing John to watch and then turned our attention to John. I had him out of his shoes in the next five seconds, and Jeannie had already dropped his jacket to the kitchen floor. I watched as Jeannie and John kissed and I unzipped and wrestled his tight jeans to the floor exposing his rigid cock. Jeannie and I naked, except for our amazingly sexy heels, (as God intended) and John wearing just his pink button down shirt were standing in our kitchen when I said, “Jeannie, let me give you a tour of this beautifully sexy man, your Uncle John.””On your knees for a second, please Baby,” I said to John and he obliged. Jeannie and I step up close to him and I ran my fingers over his bald head. “This is his beautifully smooth bald head. Here rub it with me,” I said as Jeannie and I both rubbed both of our hands over his head. “He loves to have his head rubbed and I love to rub it too, especially when it is between my legs. I bet you will love it too.” “Oh my God, I already do,” Jeannie replied.”And I love rubbing these on it too,” I said as I leaned over and rubbed my naked breasts over his head. “Want to try that too?” I asked. “Ok,” she said as she leaned forward too and rubbed her tiny nipples against my husband’s sexy bald head.Next I ran my fingers over the stubble of his beard. “This is his face and the stubbly beard on it. I love when he is clean shaven, but I love more when he has just this much stubble. It feels amazing against our skin and especially against our inner thighs and breasts.””I love how it is just a little scratchy but love how beautiful and soft his skin is under it too,” she said as she too rubbed John’s face.”You can stand Darling,” I said and John rose back to his feet, still wearing just his shirt. His rock hard cock bounced up and down with each beat of his heart. “Help me with these buttons, Babygirl,” I said as I started from the top unbuttoning John’s shirt. We slowly button by button exposed John’s toned chest. “This is his chest,” I said running my hands over it slowly. “You will notice there is no hair here and all the way down to there,” as I traced a single finger from his neck down across his chest, then his abs and finally over his hard cock and balls. “I like him smooth and hairless and he is happy to shave for me. Aren’t you Sweetie?”John replied, “Yes Ma’am, of course.”John truly is a wonderfully sexy man. In his fifties, he has the body of an athletic thirty year old, toned from decades of swimming and cycling. Jeannie and I were now rubbing both of our hands over John’s beautiful tan chest. I stopped with a finger just below his nipple and said, “These are his nipples, and they are the most sensitive area on his beautiful body. Not all men are like him, but John loves to have his nipples touched and pinched and kissed and sucked and bitten. Here, give it a try,” I said as I pinched his nipple between my long fingernails. Jeannie pinched the other nipple also and John let out a long low moan and his knees even gave way a bit before he recovered and gasped softly for his breath. “And give it a long hard suck too, like this,” I said as I gripped his nipple hard in my lips and sucked hard while swirling my tongue inside my mouth. Jeannie also sucked in his nipple hard and again he moaned loudly and this time gripped her head holding her to his chest. “You really do like that don’t you Uncle John?” Jeannie said as she released his hard nipple. “Yes, I do love that, Babygirl,” he replied. I continued to roll his nipple between my fingers as I lowered my other hand to his hard cock. I gripped it firmly near the base and said, “And this Jeannie is his hard cock. You will notice that when it is this hard it points upward making it very easy to grip and that also gives it a wonderful angle when it is inside you to reach all the best spots.” Still gripping the base, now I ran one finger my over the bulging head of his cock. “This is the perfectly flared head of his cock, which you will see feels so amazing when it enters you.” Running a finger over the glistening tip, I said, “Here, take a drop of this, it is delicious.” And I watched as Jeannie ran a finger over the tip of my husband’s cock, covering it in precum and then slipped that finger between her pink lips. “MMM,” she moaned softly. “And unlike most men, he loves the taste of his cum too, so we will be feeding him all of his cum a bit later,” I said.”You do?” Jeannie asked John. “Yes, I do. Why should you girls get all the pleasure of that?” John answered.”Oh my God, that is so sexy Uncle John,” kuşadası escort Jeannie replied. Running her fingertip over the tip of his cock again, she guided that drop of precum to his lips and he licked it teasing from her finger and then sucked the finger into his mouth. “Oh my goodness, I almost forgot that magical tongue.,” I said. “You have felt what it can do on your toes, well, just wait until you feel it on you nipples and slipping into your pussy and teasing your beautiful ass.” I said and John stuck his tongue out and flicked it toward Jeannie. “I cannot wait,” Jeannie replied.”Neither can I,” John said, finally having had all of the teasing he could endure. “Enough tourism, let’s go to the bedroom.” Jeannie and I led the way and John followed. The clicking of our high heels on the hardwood was so sexy and I gave Jeannie’s perfectly round hard ass a firm squeeze as we entered the bedroom. She squealed and jumped onto the bed. With Jeannie between us in the middle fo the king size bed, John leaned over and kissed her beautiful full lips. I ran my fingers over her perfect skin from her neck to her thighs and back again. Stopping to circle each of her nipples with my fingertips before I started again to caress her. Watching my husband and our tiny beautiful friend kissing was so erotic. I could not image when I met her, before she was even a teenager, that there would be a time when my husband and I were going to be sharing her as a lover.She was already squirming slightly when John laid his hand on her tummy and slowly raised it toward her breasts. His finger tips found her left breast and cupped the slight mound of it before he gripped her nipple between his thumb and finger. She shuttered and broke their kiss. “Oh God, I can’t believe this is really happening. Oh Uncle John, that feels so good.” I took the opportunity to slowly deeply kiss my husband as I gripped her other nipple. She squealed again and gasped for her breath. I moved from John’s lips to hers and deeply kissed her as John’s lips wrapped around her nipple. John’s hand slide slowly down her perfectly flat tummy and as she spread her legs slightly I could see his fingertips ever so lightly caress her hairless wet pussy. In that instant she exploded in a massive orgasm. Her hips bucked up from the bed, pressing her pussy against John’s hand and she gripped his head to her nipple. She threw her head back and thrashed as her whole body shuttered, her legs quivering uncontrollably. Just as quickly as it started her orgasm subsided and she went limp. John as he always does, knew exactly how much pressure she could take on her pussy and cupped his open hand over it, stroking it ever so tenderly as he and I both tenderly kissed her lips as she recovered.After at least five minutes, Jeannie opened her eyes and moaned, “That was incredible. Oh my God, that felt so good. Thank you.” In her normal fashion, Jeannie was recovering quickly and I watched as an evil little grin came over her lips. “Now I want to taste the big beautiful cock,” she said as she was already pushing John onto his back.John allowed himself to be pushed onto his back and Jeannie leaned over and gripped his cock. Seeing her tiny hand, which would only partially wrap around his shaft, holding his long thick eight inches was so sexy that I almost had my own orgasm when her long pink tongue licked over the glistening head and then swirled around it. I joined her on the other side of John and I leaned in to give him a lick of my own. Gripping the base of his cock she guided it toward my mouth and I too swirled my tongue around the tip and then sucked him in deeply. I stroked him into my mouth a couple of more times and then moved my mouth away. She smiled at me, “That is so sexy Aunt Misty. I have only done this one time before, I really don’t know what I am doing.” “Just do what feels good to you and watch what I do Babygirl,” I said. And I watched as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and slowly stroked up and down a couple of times almost taking the entire head into her mouth. With a few more turns each, stroking his cock into our mouths, he was wet enough for us to start stroking him with our hands too. I covered her hand with mine and we started stroking the length of his cock and alternating who was sucking in the head. John was moaning softly and I knew he was in heaven watching us. “Most men love what I am going to do next, including your Uncle John, but some women can’t or simply won’t do it,” I said. With that I covered his cock with my mouth and slowly lowered my face all the way down, slipping his full eight gümüşhane escort inch length into the back of my throat. I held him there deep in my throat for a few seconds and then stroked his full length again and again into my throat. “Oh my God, does that feel good Uncle John?” Jeannie said. “I want to try.””It feels amazing Babygirl, and Aunt Misty is very good at it.” John said. “Take it slowly. Just take as much as you can. I love just watching you suck my cock anyway you like doing it.” Jeannie covered John’s cock with her lips and slowly lowered it deeper and deeper in her mouth. She gagged with less than half of his cock in her mouth and her head bucked backwards. “Easy Babygirl,” John said, “you don’t have to go any further.” But Jeannie did not miss a second of the action and immediately had John’s cock back in her mouth.”Try breathing out as you do deeper ant stick your tongue out too,” I suggested.My suggestions or her determination was enough to help her get another inch of his cock inside before she gagged again. But this time she did not pull out more than a fraction of an inch and took it back into the back of her throat. Again and again she slid his cock into her throat and again and again she gagged and instantly pressed it right back into her throat. Her struggles had tears streaming down her face and long stings of spital pouring from her mouth. John was obviously enjoying the feeling but I could tell he was feeling bad for her too because she was struggling so much, so I took my turn on his cock. John pulled her to him and was kissing away the tears from her eyes when heard him say, “I want my cock inside your pussy, Babygirl. If you are ready.” “Oh God, yes! Please!” she all but screamed. “But go slow please. You are so much bigger than the boy I was with before.””I am so jealous of that boy,” John said. “I would love to have been your first.”I rolled her onto her back and cradled her against me as John slowly climbed between her spread legs. He first tapped the head of his cock against her tiny pink pussy again and again. She shuttered and gasp each time his gorgeous cock struck her wet pussy and she soon began to beg him to put it inside. I had a perfect view as he pressed the head of his cock against her wetness and as soon as he moved forward her hands gripped his chest to steady herself and to control his entry into her love tunnel. “Oh Shit it’s huge, please go slow,” she gasped. I stroked her hair and reassured her as John tenderly and slowly slide into our beautiful young lover’s tiny pussy. With the first couple of inches of his cock inside her he stopped and we took turns kissing her gently on her lips. She broke his kiss finally and moved her arms to circle his neck and her tiny legs rose up to wrap around his waist. “Give me all of your cock, Uncle John. I want you to put it all inside…Make love to me please! You are the first man I ever fantasized about using my body. I want you so badly.” John began to ease a bit further into her and she almost screamed, “Oh God, Yes, please put your cock all the way in. Fuck me hard! Please!” John continued to push inside until finally his full length was buried in her tiny pussy. He began to stroke and almost instantly she exploded into orgasm. She bucked wildly and squirmed under him and gripped tightly to his body with her arms and legs. “Oh my God, please don’t stop,” she moaned, “I want so much more.”John rose up to a kneeling position with our tiny lover still clinging to him and with his cock still deep inside her. I was stroking my fingers over my wet pussy as Jeannie relaxed and let John lift and drop her repeatedly onto his rigid cock. I just watched in awe as she spread her legs into a full split, toes pointing perfectly. He was using her tiny body like a living fleshlight to masturbate his hard cock. The assault of her pussy continued until John noticed me looking lonely just stroking my clit. He asked me to lay on my back and he lowered Jeannie onto my tummy. She reclined against my huge breasts and I wrapped her in my arms. Her pussy, still filled with my husband’s cock, was now just above mine, with her legs spread wide like mine. John now began a long slow assault of both of our pussies. He would fuck me for a few minutes while I rubbed Jeannie’s hard clit and then pulling out of me would be inside her one second later. John’s stamina is legendary when he gets in his rhythm and his sensitivity to his lovers’ needs is simply perfect. He was keeping both Jeannie and me on the verge of an orgasm for minutes when I felt his depth and pace change ever so slightly as his long hard hatay escort cock stroked into my wetness. As if by remote control, seconds later my first orgasm of the night overtook me and my head was spinning wildly as I gasped to get my breath. Easing out of my pussy, John moved up to Jeannie’s tiny wet pussy and resumed his assault there. Jeannie was clearly loving having her Uncle John fucking her as her gasps and moans told the story. I whispered to her, “Pinch his nipples hard when you are ready for him to cum.” Almost instantly I heard John moan loudly and then heard Jeannie saying, “You really do like having your nipples played with don’t you Uncle John?” John’s response was just another long moan. “Are you ready to fill my tiny little pussy with your cum, Uncle John. How long have you dreamed about fucking me and filling me with your hot thick cum?” My beautiful husband’s attack of her teenage pussy instantly shifted from sexual to primal. Barely a minute later his guttural moans told me he was pumping his cum into her tiny pussy instinctively sending his sperm on their mission toward her young fertile womb.Jeannie pussy was immediately overflowing with John’s cum and I started to feel it dripping onto my pussy as well. As his thick cock cleared her tight pussy, I covered her with my fingers to keep as much cum inside her as I could. But I still felt the flood of warm cum dripping from her pussy to my clit just below. Just as always, John’s tongue was the next sensation on my pussy and he was lapping up the cum which was still dripping between my fingers from Jeannie’s pussy. He made short work of the cum on my pussy and his tongue began to flick at my fingers and her well fucked pussy.I moved my cum covered fingers to her mouth. She sucked my fingers in deeply and gripping my hand she forced all four of my fingers into her mouth. John lapped up his sperm from from her pussy as I began roughly squeezing her clit. She squirmed wildly and ripping my hand from her mouth began to beg us to stop. Her protest was met with me squeezing her clit even harder and John doubling the pace with his tongue.”Please, please stop,” she moaned loudly. I cut off her next word by clamping my hand tightly over her mouth. I held her tight against my body as John continued to assault her pussy and I violently squeezed and pulled her clit. She started kicking her legs and trying to squirm away so I rearranged my hand so I could also clamp her nose shut. Her hands flew to grasp my wrist but before she could pull it away and regain the ability to breath, I whispered to her, “Trust me Dirty Little Girl. I won’t hurt you. Let go of my wrist if you trust me.” Her hands slowly withdrew from my wrist although she was still attempting to gasp for air. “Good girl,” I whispered. I released my hand from her mouth and nose and she gulped a giant breath of air. As she exhaled her one breath of air, I clamped my hand back even more tightly over her mouth and pinched her nose shut. “Cum on Uncle John’s tongue and you can breath, or when I get to zero. 100, 99, 98, 97…” I felt her hands moving and her hips bucking upward. She squirmed more and more until I whispered, “You are wasting time, 90, 89, 88, 87…” Suddenly hands had found the sides of John’s head and she was madly forcing his tongue into her pussy. I released her clit and felt John’s lips closing on it as my fingers moved away. Her mission was manic now and she locked her muscular legs around John’s head. I could hear him moaning as she forced his head to her clit again and again. The seconds passed and I silently counted down. Wishing to add to her urgency I again whispered in her ear, “75, 74, 73, 72, 71, 70, 69, 68, 67, 66, 65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, only half way…50, 49, 48…” Her panic was becoming obvious, so I whispered. “Trust me, you can do this. Just relax and cum for Uncle John. He just filled you with his cum Dirty Little Girl. Cum for him.” Her body instantly began to violently shake and buck. I held her tightly and restricted her breath until her massive orgasm turned into true panic and she gripped my hand and fought to rip it away. I held her a few more seconds as John moved from between her legs and then moved my hand giving her back control of her breathing. Jeannie immediately rolled off of me and into a tight ball, gasping for air, shivering and sobbing. “I hate you both…Don’t every do to that again,” she almost screamed. She gasped for a few more huge gulps of air and then as she began to relax she said. “But fuck it was awesome too. You both suck and I love you both. Wow! What just happened happened to me? Jesus that was incredible, no it was awful, I don’t know. Hold me please, please just hold me.” We both wrapped her in our arms and slowly her shivering subsided. “You were awesome, Babygirl,” I whispered””Thank you,” she said with a deep long sigh. Just minutes later she was fast asleep. Our exhausted young lover slept soundly through the night.

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