Janis Ch. 01


Janis woke up and opened her eyes, squinting at the sunlight pouring into her apartment. She felt on edge, and frustrated as she had been dreaming about having some faceless mans cock buried deep within her, making her moan in ecstasy and dig her nails into his back. She shivered just at the thought of it.

“God it’s been forever,” she mumbled as she got out of bed and glanced at the clock.

“Shit!” she yelled, realizing she was going to be late for work.

Half an hour later, Janis walked into her office, swaying her curvy bum slightly for the reception boy as he looked up. As he did every time she walked in. His eyes took her in bottom to top, her black stockings wrapped around her long slender legs, curvy hips, small waist and perky breasts making him shift in his seat.

He smiled shyly as she glanced at him, with her strikingly red hair framing her smiling face. He met her eyes briefly, taking in her exotic complexion and inviting lips before putting his head down and pretending to look busy again.

‘Poor boy needs to get laid’ she thought, walking into the main office. ‘Then again, so do I..’

Janis sat down at her desk, hoping that nobody had noticed her late arrival. Five minutes pass and nobody has approached her, she starts to let out a sigh when a door opens on the other side of the room. Her heart sinks as this is no ordinary door. This door belongs to her boss.

Ronald steps out of his office and looks sternly in Janis’s direction. She feels her breath catch when he starts to stride towards her desk. With his jaw set firm, and expression like a man going to war, she can’t help but think how handsome he is.

Ronald reaches her desk and leans over it slightly, heightening Janis’s sense that she is definitely in trouble.

“You are late. Again Janis,” he said in a calm, unwavering voice. “See me in my office after work.”

With that he turned on his heel and strode back to his office, pausing to collect something off the copier.

Janis spent the next 7 hours fretting to no end, filling her head with different excuses, each more ridiculous sounding than the last. She needed this job to keep her decadent apartment. She couldn’t bear to go through all the effort it took her to find another place like hers.

4.30 came after what seemed like an ice age and Janis was a mess. She waited until the office was empty, half hoping that Ronald would have forgotten and gone home, but his door had remained closed all day.

She collected herself, decided on the best excuse she could come up with, though admittedly it still sounded feeble to her, and knocked on the door she had looked at all day.

“Come in” came the reply from the other side of the door.

Janis opened the door quietly and sat down on the chair, legs crossed, in front of the large oak desk that Ronald sat behind.

“So?” said Ronald, tapping the desk slowly with his pen.

“I’m sorry I was late, my.. my car…” Janis trailed off.

“Janis, you don’t have to make up stories. I know your little black car is fine because you had it serviced a month ago,” said Ronald.

“I just don’t know what to do with you, you are a good worker, but your concentration lately has dropped and your being late for work has gone too far,” he continued.

“I’m going to have to let you go if you can’t help me out here..” he said with a sigh.

Janis, feeling backed into a corner, couldn’t believe what she did next. Though it came as no surprise really, what did she have to lose anyway?

She slowly uncrossed her legs, Ronald’s eyes flicking Sinop Escort down to her crotch. Crossing the other leg over and leaning forward, she said with a sly grin “Ron are you married?”

“No, but what has..”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, but?”

“Good” she finished, slowly standing up out of her chair.

Janis’s heart was beating fast. ‘What if this doesn’t work?’, ‘So what? What is there to lose.. what’s he going to do, fire me?’ she thinks rapidly.

She circles the desk, Ronald’s face looking quizzical, and traces her fingers over the front of his shirt as she passes him. She sits on his desk next to him, folding up her dress with a flourish as she rests her ass on the cool wood surface.

Ronald can clearly see that Janis is wearing a garter belt and suspenders holding up her lace stockings. He had noticed her around the office before, at times bending over to pick up files, but had never looked closely enough to realize how attractive she is. Until now that is.Breathing in her heavenly purfume and letting his eyes roll over her soft looking thighs, he can feel his cock start to stir.

Janis can see that Ronald is fighting with himself, wanting to remain professional, but being a man, his urges are slowly taking over.

“Janis, what are you doing?” Ronald asks, struggling to pull his eyes up to her face.

“What does it look like Ron?” She replies, reaching up to untie her hair and let it fall smoothly down her back and shoulders.

Janis slowly slides across the desk in front of him and puts one leg over his, straddling him.

Ronald grips the arms of his chair a little tighter, unable to move.

‘I’ve come this far, and hes not saying no..’ she reassures herself.

She slinks down onto his lap, and hears him inhale slightly as her soft bottom makes contact with his lap. She wraps her hands around his neck and pulls her body into his, feeling his trousers sliding along her inner thighs. She looks into his eyes and sees lust reflected back at her.

Her face lowers slowly and she brushes his lips with hers before pressing in and kissing him deeply.

She pulls back, feeling his cock fighting to get out of his pants, and pushes him back in his chair making room for her to slide down and kneel in front of him. Before he can object, she quickly undoes his belt, pulls open his pants and reveals his hard cock waiting for her.

“Does this help you out?’ She asks, moving her face close to his dick and poking her tongue out, softly licking the head.

“I think.. ohhhhhhh.. this will do nicely,” Ronald moans.

With that, Janis smiles and takes his shaft in her hand. Wraping her lips firmly around his cock she begins to suck softly and slowly slide it in and out of her mouth. She makes a circular motion and starts taking him deeper, releasing her hand to give her mouth more room.

His sighs fill the room as she finds his sweet spots, making him tense up in pleasure. She looks up into his eyes with his cock almost fully in her mouth and he grabs her by her hair and pulls her face slowly off him, guiding her up and down, in and out, slowly, all the while looking at each other.

Ronald, professionalism out the window and unable to stop himself, stands up and pulls Janis to her feet. He takes her in his powerful hands and spins her around. He quickly pulls her dress off, revealing her amazing body down to her bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. He feels the sheer lace fabric partially covering her ass and runs his hand down, cupping her cheek. He uses his Sinop Escort Bayan other hand to bend her over the table as he says, “Janis, I simply won’t put up with you being late any more.”

A loud smack rings out through the empty office as his hand comes to slap her ass. Hard. Janis, moaning in delight and becoming wetter with every stroke, can’t help but wiggle her butt under Ronald’s strong hand. Finally, after five smacks, Ronald stops teaching Janis her lesson, her cheeks turning slightly pink. He slides his hand down between her legs, inside her panties, and runs a single finger quickly from her clit to her entrance. Pulling out his finger, slick wet with her juices, Janis moans and tries in vain to push her hips back into him.

Ronald takes her hand and leads her to the glass door, onto the balcony overlooking the city. The sun is setting through the clouds on the horizon and Janis takes a moment to adjust to the slight drop in temperature, her nipples hardening and her skin raising in goosebumps. Ronald leads her to the balcony edge, and presses her front against the railing. The cold metal adding to her arousal.

Janis realises how exposed she is to anyone that happens to be looking up at the top floor of her high rise building.

Ronald runs his left hand up her chest and neck from behind, closing his fingers around her throat firmly. His right hand running up her back and resting on her bra clasp.

“If this is what you want,” he says, deftly unhooking the clip. “Then you will no longer wear a bra to work.”

With a practiced motion, he pulles her bra off and lets go of it over the balcony. Janis watched it slowly drift downwards onto the packed city streets below. Realising her breasts are now exposed to half the city, she makes to cover herself with her arms. Ronald being too fast, grabs her hands and easily restrains her arms behind her back, bending her over the railing in the process.

“Is this what you want Janis?” asks Ronald.

Janis pauses, realising what she has gotten herself into. Ronald positions his now exposed cock, resting his helmet up against her entrance, feeling her slick lips enticing him in further.

“Yes.. oh god yes.. fuck me Ron!” she moans, her excitement from acting so naughty taking over.

Ronald thrusts his hard cock straight to the hilt inside Janis’s heavenly snatch, pushing her hips up against the railing. Yelping in delight, Janis feels a huge wave of pleasure wash over her starting at her pussy and spreading right through her body, through her arms and to her fingers.

He begins to thrust his strong member, pulling out almost all the way, and slamming in deeper each time. The wet sounds coming from Janis’s cunny further enticing Ronald to grab her hair in a bunch and pull her head back, arching Janis’s back stunningly in front of him.

Janis breaks free of his hold on her and turns around, pushing him backwards accross the balcony. His back finally slams into the glass behind him as she takes his wrists and pins them to the window above his head. Ronald reaches out for her lips with his, but she pulls away at the last second, drawing a frustrated cry from Ron. Janis slowly moves in for the kiss, missing his lips and nuzzling into his neck. She bites his neck slowly and moves up to lick his earlobe.

She whispers “Is this what you want Ron? Your own ‘personal’ assistant?” drawing out the word personal with a moan.

Ronald overpowers her hands pinning him, and puts his hands on the back of her neck. He nods at her with a smile. Janis, feeling empowered Escort Sinop with her apparent promotion, bends down at her hips, slowly kissing his chest, licking one of his nipples mon her way down. She stops when her body is bent flat, sticking her ass out tantalizingly, making Ronald’s cock bounce in appreciation.

Her lips wrap around his head as she takes him in half way. Ronald leans over and runs his hand down her ass between her cheeks, letting his fingers land in her well of moistness. She moans on his cock, making vibrations that drive Ronald to push his shaft deeper into her mouth. His two fingers done circling her entrance, slide tightly into her, pulling her closer to him still. Janis bobs her head up and down a few times, working herself up to what she knows she can do next. She takes his cock, inch by inch, slowly all the way into her mouth and looks up straight into his eyes as she bottoms out, her nose pressed lightly against his lower abs.

Ronald can feel himself getting close with the ecstasy he is receiving, and not wanting to finish just yet he slides her off his cock and lifts her up by the waist onto his torso. Her wetness making it easy for him hit home and slide straight into her tight pussy. Ron carries her over to a flat bench seat on the balcony and sits down on one end.

Janis, feeling incredibly aroused, starts to thrust her hips up and down. Her hips turning into a blur and her libido rising by the second. Ronald runs his hands wantonly over her body, her hips, her tight stomach. Dragging his nails down her perky breasts he leans in to lick her hard nipples. Her breath coming short and fast, moaning and her voice catching in her throat as she feels herself ramping up to orgasm.

Ronald grabs her by the throat, choking her, and shifts himself back leaning her out from him so that he is supporting her weight. He begins to thrust powerfully up into her, she can almost feel his cock pushing up into her stomach it is that deep. He pulls all the way out to the tip, his cock glistening with her juices, and then pushes hard, slamming into her small frame. Janis is almost over the edge, digging her nails into Ronald’s back as he starts to grunt with desire.

Ronald tilts her head up with his hand still choking her, directing her eyes at his.

“Cum for me Janis,” He orders.

Janis’s moans get louder as she becomes over excited and forgets where she is, completely lost as the fire between her legs overtakes her body. Her legs start to shake as Ron continues to slam into her, Janis letting her eyes fall down over his chest, his shirt unbuttoned showing his abs curl with each push.

“Look at me” Ronald says, tightening his grip on her back and throat.

Janis looks up into his eyes just as her body erupts into ecstasy, every fibre in her body screaming out in bliss. She cant manage to hold herself up as the orgasm takes hold, wave after wave. Ron pumps his cock into her drawing out a cry from deep within her.

As Ronald’s excitement grows, feeling Janis’s vaginal muscles clenching around him, his dick gets harder and harder. Thrusting in abandon into his new personal assistant, he feels his heart racing and the sweat on his lap under Janis’s legs sliding her back and forth in a blur.

Janis, coming to her senses slightly, reaches up to his throat and chokes him with all her strength as he starts to orgasm. He lifts her off him slightly as his cock shoots rope after rope of his hot cum over her body, covering her stomach and tracing lines over her breasts.

Their chests heaving, gasping for air, they slowly come down together.

“Move your things to the desk in front of my office.” Ronald says with a smile, raising a hand to push her hair off her face.

“And you will have to change your uniform if you are to be my assistant. Something more exotic I think,” he mused…

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