Jane Changes Job


My name is Jane, I am 21 and up until recently I worked as an office manager for a computing company. I have always thought of sex as fun and have never shied away from a good night in the sack, but at the same time never thought of it as the centre of my universe.

I had arranged to meet Sarah, my best friend of many years for dinner to catch up with the latest gossip. She had told me she was looking for a new job, but one day she called me to cancel our lunch to say she had a new job and would tell me all about it when we next met. We used to do this every week, but recently Sarah has been too busy with her new job. We have never kept secrets, so having her avoiding our gossip sessions was making me some what suspicious.

So here we sat at our favourite restaurant on the banks of the Thames with a nice bottle of cool Chardonnay and a crisp salad, but information about her new job was not flowing freely. Frustrated with waiting for her to open up I asked how her new Job was going, and after a long uneasy silence Sarah casually mentioned that she was enjoying being a porn film star……………..

My mouth stopped mid bite, our eyes locked together and a silly blushing grin spread across her face. What do you say to that, your best friend what had always been the quiet one and my conscience in my crazy early teen years was now making porn movies. Let’s face it making porn films is not the sort of job you can tell any future in-laws about.

My first reaction was not to believe her, bursting out in hysterical laughter waiting for the punch line of the joke, but she offered to take me with her to see what went on. I have always been curious; my parents were always telling me about what it did to the cat, I just had to go see. For the next hour I bombarded her with questions about what she did, who were the guys and a million other questions that had me flushed with excitement.

Sarah was always game for some fun and told me that they were shooting a film that based on women slaves being used for sex and they needed some women to play some extras holding fans and stuff. As I was coming down, I may as well help out and take part. Now I am no prude, but being a porn actress was never something I wanted on my CV and told her I would help as long as it was not involved in the sex scenes. I should have known better, that gleam in her eye has gotten us into some crazy situations in the past, but her personality is so infectious that I had agreed without really knowing what I was getting into.

Sarah picked me up in her new sports car and drove me to an industrial complex near the airport; it was as far removed from my idea of a film studio as you can get. As we pulled up outside the front of a modern warehouse, two guys were climbing out of a car, they both gave Sarah a big kiss and smiled at me as I was introduced, asking if I was joining in the fun today. I smiled back and said I was here to watch, but wondered if Sarah had other ideas for me! The shoot today was involving bondage and whips, Sarah said the whips were for show, but the bondage wasn’t.

Sarah told me I was to have a supporting role, just tied to a wall as the main fun went on. I thought this would be fun, but I really should have paid attention to the twinkle in Sarah’s eyes. Sarah took me around the studio, showing me the set for the day. It looked like a gothic dungeon with ropes and chains hanging from the wall. I was introduced to the director who said I would be great for the role Sarah told me about, and to go get ready.

My first shock was to be taken into a dressing room that would have been better called an undressing room. The room was quite large with the usual dressing tables, mirrors and lights, but no privacy. The two guys we met earlier were already in there, naked and getting into leather costume made up of straps and metal rings. I could not take my eyes off the guy’s cocks; they were enormous, at least 9 inches long and two inches thick. Sarah picked up a costume that was similar to the guys and handed it to me. I am not shy of my body, but to be handed a costume that was designed to display the body rather than cover it was an eye opener. I removed my clothes trying to keep my back to the guys who by now were into their costumes. With Sarah’s help I worked my way into the maze of straps adjusting them to fit. It was now I realised that the straps were designed to do two important jobs, hold the wearers breasts thrust up and out, and secondly to hold open the wearers pussy lips wide open in an obscene manor. What I didn’t see was the straps at the rear that did to my arse what the straps at the front did to my pussy. Sarah made sure the straps were tight and in the best place to show me off then fitted rings to my ankles and wrists with padded straps. She stood me in front of a mirror; I was shocked to see the effect the “clothes” had on my body. I was no longer a pretty 21 year old office manager, but now an ever ready sex slave.

We all walked out to the set, Sarah had promised me I would only be there for show, I didn’t mind having everything on display, but the thought of being tire escort screwed in front of all these people scared me to death. The director was telling all the support actresses where we were to be and how we were to act, when Sarah came to me. She said she needed to get me ready and asked me to open my legs as wide as they would go. I started to panic, I sort of trusted Sarah, but I knew she had a wicked sense of humour. She told me not to panic as she clipped one end of a bar to my right ankle and pushed my left foot even further apart till I thought I would split. The bar was at least 4 foot long and once my left ankle strap had been clipped to it, I found it almost impossible to keep my balance. I felt very vulnerable with my legs so wide, obscenely showing my pussy off, and giving access to anyone who wanted.

The director came over to me and said he was very happy I had decided to take this part as it needed a fresh face to have the innocent look they needed, and proceeded to explain that he would not tell me what they had planned as he wanted the surprise to be real. I opened my mouth to question what he meant by “what they had planned” when Sarah now behind me slipped a ball into my mouth, secured by straps around my head. My mouth was stretched quite wide and as long as I kept my mouth open it did not hurt, but there was no way I could complain in any way apart from moaning my objections. The director stood in front, he said he loved to see me with a ball gag; it gave the look of wide eyed surprise. I really objected to this, and moaned my objections to being treated like this. Sarah whispered in my ear to relax and enjoy what was going to be the best sex of my life.

I tried to get away, but only managed to move one foot before loosing my balance and being saved by the people around me from falling on my face. The director shouted instructions to the crew, the lights were switched on and the words ACTION were shouted. Two large guys, who had saved me from falling, grabbed my arms and virtually dragged me and Sarah onto the set. The basic story was that two girls, had been kidnapped and were to be trained as sex slaves, I realised I was to play the part of one and Sarah the other. The actor playing the “lead role” called Serge stood in front of me, telling me my attempt to escape would be punished, and the gag and bar was just the first part of the punishment. I did not know how to react to the sound of this, how would they punish me, NO way would they dare hurt me, but I could do nothing.

My screams of refusal just came out as pretty good acting that made every one smile. I struggled to get free, pulling away from the bar, desperately trying to close my legs, even trying to force the gag out with my tong, all to no avail; in fact my struggles were just taken by all as acting the part. Serge moved closer brushing his fingers over my shaved pussy lips, allowing his finger to enter my slit, touching my clit with the lightest of touch. I screamed at this invasion; I would kill Sarah if I could get free, how dare she get me into this. The pressure of his finger grew on my clit, and my body started to betray me, as I felt the tingling beginning in my clit. I felt the stirrings of passion growing with a speed I had never felt before, and realising my vulnerable position of not being able to say no only speeded my arousal further. Serge smiled and laughed as he felt the first of my juices oozing into my slit, encouraging him to proceed further. I had to stop this and again struggled to get away from him, taking the “guards” by surprise as I fell back onto the floor. I was unhurt apart from a bruised bum and pride, but this left me in a far more obscene position with my legs spread wide and me on my back. Serge’s face showed anger, although his eyes sparkled at the intensity of my “acting”, he told the guards to pick me up and take me to “the chair”. I had no idea what the chair was, but guessed this was no ordinary chair.

It was made to look old but had attachment like a chair used in hospitals for gyny examinations with supports for your legs; except this one had the user’s legs far higher and wider than I had ever seen. I was picked up by the guards and lowered onto the seat, the bar perfectly holding my legs to the width of the supports. The supports were shaped to fit under my knees, allowing the knee to bend with straps fastening me in with no hope of unaided escape. My arms were attached to the arms of the chair and once all the straps were tightened I could hardly move. The bar was removed and the chair leaned back 45 degrees, showing my pussy and arse to all. The camera crew closed in to get pictures of every part of my body from the ball gag to my spread wide pussy to the brown ring of my arse. Serge called for me to be greased and a young girl moved forward and spread some cold clear liquid over my pussy and bum. I was shocked at this invasion of my body; even more so as my body responded to her ministrations. I could not believe I was getting so turned on, but at the same time still wanting to get away.

Her fingers were amazing, she worked torbalı escort the liquid into my pussy and I moaned when she finally removed them and actually wanting them back. I needn’t have worried about her going away for as soon as she finished with my pussy she started on my bottom, working the slippery liquid into my virgin brown ring. I shrieked at this intrusion only to be even more shocked by the wonderful feeling emanating from the walls of my bum. I was still screaming to get away, but my screams were beginning to sound like moans of ecstasy as the fingers of this girl worked her magic.

I had never liked the idea of anything touching my bum, to me it was a dirty place that should not be touched, but this girl was confusing me, how could something so dirty make me feel so good. Serge told the girl to move; he pushed a trolley next to the chair, laughing at my obvious change from a girl wanting to escape to a woman desperate for sex. His mocking made me blush with embarrassment, but realised his comments were totally true, I need to be touched, I wanted to cum, but I also wanted to get out of this crazy situation, or did I?

He removed the sheet covering the trolley exposing some sort of electronic box, some wires and two shaped metal shafts. Serge undid the straps that were running between my legs, and picked up the smaller of the two shafts. Serge added some of the liquid the girl has used on me, working it all over the metal shaft. As he approached I quickly realised that it was going to go inside me. I had several vibrators at home but the shape of this was different. This was about four inches long almost pointed at the end widening to two about two thirds down the shaft, then reducing near the base where the wires came out. Serge closed and I struggled again to get free, but quickly gave up as by now realised I was only going to get out of this when they had finished; deciding to relax, and wait for the shaft to be pushed into my pussy, only it wasn’t.

Serge saw that I had relaxed, he had used this toy several times on women and he knew its effects were amazing. He lowered the device touching the rounded point against my bum hole and started to push. The young girl had done a good job of working on my tight ring, the first inch slid in easily before I had had a chance to tighten my bum, but he knew the fun started now. With gentle force slowly working the shaft into my bum, he could see it starting to stretch. He leaned forward, I was squirming, screaming through the gag and he told me to relax as it would go far easier. This made me worse, but he just kept pushing and easing the shaft in to my bum. I couldn’t believe he had put this thing in my bum, at first I hated it, I wanted to push it out, but couldn’t, it just went further and further into my arse, making it burn with pain. I could stop it for a few seconds by really clenching my ring, but each time I relaxed even for a second, it continued its relentless way up my rear passage.

Slowly the wonderful feeling the girl had started came back, making my clit and pussy tingle and my arse throb with desire. I wanted the feelings to continue, but also wanted it to stop, every time I looked around, I could see the director, the film crew, and my “friend” Sarah, she was totally captured and aroused by the situation. I wished it would all go away, but slowly I was starting to enjoy this crazy situation, the pain mixing with the desire to be filled.

Serge had pushed the shaft a bit harder, I had no choice; either I relaxed and went with Serge or was forced painfully open. I stopped fighting the object in her bum; I had the urge to push the shaft out like when going to the loo and found if I pushed just a little the pressure and pain eased and the shaft eased deep into my bum.

Almost with a pop the widest part of the shaft slipped into my arse, causing a sharp pain as my ring shrunk back to a more usual size. The pain and at the same time pleasure feelings coming from my arse caused me to gasp out load. Serge attached the base of the shaft to the straps around my bum, holding the shaft in place. He looked at my swollen, stretched arse and smiled at the sight of my creamy wet pussy. He took the second much larger shaft off the trolley, this was six inches long but 3 inches at its widest near the base, it was a similar shape to the one in her arse, but not as pointed and only slimming down to 2 inches at the base, it was designed to really fill a woman. Not bothering to add any liquid to the shaft as he could see my natural lubrication leaking out of my pussy.

By now I was slowly getting used to the discomfort of having my arse stretched by the shaft, and had closed my eyes in an attempt to shut out the crazy world around me. I didn’t see the shaft or Serge as he approached me, but my eyes opened wide as it touched my pussy lips. Serge was not as gentle with this one; he worked the first few inches into my pussy with little hesitation. I had never felt such a feeling of being filled; I looked down between my legs to see the monster object jutting out. I was scared; this was urla escort going to hurt and could do nothing to stop it. The people around were all looking at my pussy, the cameras were all around me, one had moved up to look straight at my face, the camera man could see every change of expression the gag allowed, but did not do anything to stop this crazy guy fill me with this massive object. Serge had slowed his pace; he called the young girl to come play with my clit as he worked the obscene monster into my throbbing pussy. I had never felt such mixed emotions; the feelings as my arse was being deflowered was strange, but this was worse, I was in pain, but loved it, embarrassed at the people watching, but loved it, it was so surreal that even the situation was making me randy. The young girl slowly worked on my clit; never hard enough to make me cum, but the incessant touch of this girl was driving me mad.

I relaxed as much as I could and discovered the pain almost disappeared and the shaft slid home. It did not allow my pussy to close like the one in my arse, but kept me spread wide. The shaft in my arse, kept the one in my pussy pushed hard against my spongy G spot, making me feel like peeing. Serge fastened the last strap trapping both shafts tight in place. He told me to open my eyes; the devices he had fitted so snugly in my two lovely holes were not the usual sort of toys that women loved to play with. They did not vibrate in the usual way he continued, but gave the user small electric shocks in the same way the electronic exercise machines worked. I was stunned, he was going to give me electric shocks, was he crazy!!

I saw him throw a switch on the control box and screamed for him to stop, but the gag again just turned my pleading to an in-comprehendible moan. He turned a knob and I felt a tingling sensation all around my lower body, not focused in one place, but everywhere. This was not uncomfortable and did nothing to my level of arousal; in fact I found it quite relaxing. He again moved the knob higher and the tingling turned to a painful buzzing that seamed to travel up my spine and around inside my head. Serge turned the box back down to the original level and watched me relax. He told me that I would soon discover that although the level was low it would, drive me crazy, and with that walked away to where Sarah had be held by her “guards”. I could not believe he had just left like this, the cameras were still on me, but others were now on Sarah. The tingling in my crutch had not changed, but I started to feel a strange increase in my need to pee.

I looked across at where Sarah was being bent over a bench, the guards had been told by Serge to screw her arse and without any delay was complying, burying his 9inch cock deep in Sarah’s arse. Sarah was screaming not, with pain but with pleasure, as the cock pounded into her arse. Seeing my friend getting fucked in this manner would have stunned me before today, but now I was wishing it was me getting pounded. The strange feeling in my pussy was getting stronger, it was like a need to pee, it was coming from inside, but it wasn’t the normal “need to pee” feeling. As I watched Sarah get fucked my need for the big cock grew stronger, and the need to pee grew.

Sarah was moved to a bench where the guard in her arse lay down pulling Sarah down onto his cock, deep in her arse. As he pulled her back onto him her legs dropped either side of him opening her pussy for all to see. Serge moved forward between her legs and slid his cock into her pussy making her squeal with delight. Serge started to pound Sarah’s pussy, each time he drove into her, he pushed her down onto the cock buried deep in her arse. I had seen a few porn movies but to see it in reality was far more erotic, she had been told by Sara what she got up to, but didn’t really think she really meant having two cocks together. My need to pee was getting desperate, I had thought it would pass as it usually did when my “G” spot was rubbed, but this was totally different, because as the need to pee increased the tingling from the shafts increased, and my need for sex increased.

Sarah, now standing in between two guards, one still up her arse the other in her pussy, they were both holding Sarah off the ground, raising and lowering her onto their cocks as she screamed to be made to cum. Serge moved back to me, he placed a hand on my pussy and pushed down, the pressure increasing the feeling making me moan with pleasure, frustration and the need to pee all at the same time. My arse would not keep still; it was thrusting up and down as if trying to fuck an imaginary cock without success. Serge asked if I liked the feelings and would I like to pee? I pleaded through the gag with Serge to let me go pee; I would happily come back as long as I could get rid of this urge. Serge just laughed, saying “if my moans were telling him I needed to pee then to go ahead, they would love to watch, and it was going to happen some time anyway”. I was stunned to discover the machine was designed to be like this and after all the obscenities I had been though I was now going to be made to pee in front of everyone. This revelation, instead of turning me off made my crutch tingle far more, and the need to be screwed grew to unbelievable levels. My body’s response to this weird and perverted situation stunned me; I was turning into some sort of sex slut that would do anything for more sex.

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