Jake’s Decision – What to Do Next


This story is a follow up to “Jake’s Experience” in non-consent/Reluctance category. You may want to read that one first, but if not, then this one should stand well enough on its own.


He was immersed in blissful pleasure. There was a cock thrusting in, and out of his pussy furiously. He was stroking his clitoris with his left hand, rubbing his left breast with his right. Pinching, and tugging on his nipple. He would be screaming in pleasure if it were not for the cock that was fucking his face. “More, fucking harder, GOD please don’t stop!!” He thought. His orgasm was approaching rapidly.

He snapped his eyes open. It was a dream. He immediately grabbed his cock. It was still there, it was steeled with his arousal. There was a stir next to him. He reached over in the dark to find someone in bed next to him. Think Jake… He remembered, it was his girlfriend, Mary. She had stayed over with him when she saw how rattled he was after the appointment. He moved his hand under the sheets to her. She was naked. He decided that there was only one thing to do with his erection at that moment.

He pulled the sheets off from her very slowly, so as not to wake her from sleep. He took a peek at the clock next to the bed, and noted that it was three in the morning. As the sheets slowly revealed her body he could make out her perfect b-cup breasts. They were perky with medium sized areolas tipped with small pencil sized erect nipples. He loved playing with them.

Slowly he kept pulling the sheets off from her as she slept. Her flat, toned tummy was next. On down past her waist he pulled the sheets further. Her completely shaved pussy was next. He was looking forward to what was going to be happening there in a bit. The pale skin surrounding her pussy was sharp contrast to the rest of her nicely tanned body. It was the only area she kept covered while tanning. She thought that it was sexy that way. Jake completely agreed.

The sheets were now completely off from her. He slowly moved himself between her legs as she lay there helplessly. He aimed his steeled cock straight at her opening. He licked his palm depositing a generous amount of saliva onto it. Rubbing the tip of his cock, he suppressed an excited moan. Then he moved forward ever so slowly until the head made contact with her sexy slit. She was wet, very wet. As his cock began to slide in further, she stirred again. Her silky, wet lips parted, and his shaft began to move into her tight pussy. God, it felt so good to be entering her hot vagina. It’s velvety lips wrapping around his rock hard cock, and seemingly pulling him inside.

He slowly pushed all the way into her. Fuck, her pussy was so wet, hot, and tight. He kissed her lightly on her lips. Then he pulled back, and thrust back inside gently.

Her back raised up off the bed slightly. Her mouth opened, and a moan of pleasure escaped her mouth. He kissed her again. This time her arms wrapped around his neck, and she kissed back. She opened her mouth slightly, which allowed Jake’s tongue to dart in. They lay there kissing passionately for a long while. He could feel her pussy constricting around his cock as he just held inside her.

She opened her eyes, the color not obvious in the dark. “Good morning Babe. MMM, what a great way to wake in the morning. I hope this is only the beginning, and not the finishing part.” she said with a giggle. She pulled him back down for more kisses.

Jake pushed himself up slightly, and pulled his cock from her pussy. Her smile faded to a pouty frown. Then he slowly thrust all the way back into her. Her cunt felt like heaven to him. God she felt so good. Like his own private drug that he was completely addicted to.

Her breathing was increasing as he began to make love to her. He moved his left hand up to grasp her right tit, and gave it a firm squeeze. He was rewarded with an arch of her back as she pushed it into his hand even more. A quiet moan of pleasure escaped her lips. She was so beautiful.

He came back down to kiss her some more. She tasted like sleep breath, but he didn’t care. He was making love to his girlfriend, and it was glorious. He was taking his time with her. Savoring the sensations. The feel of her pussy contracting, and releasing around his cock. The small goose bumps on her breast as he massaged it. The hardness of her tiny erect nipples as he rubbed it between his fingers. Her moans as he tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger.

She pulled him down to her roughly as he inserted his cock all the way back into her. They begin passionately kissing again. Tongues darting around each others mouths as if engaged in combat. Then she promptly rolled them over to straddle him. She always enjoyed being on top. As she sat up she began rocking back and forth on his cock. The pleasure is heavenly. He extended his arms to play with both her tits at the same time. Massaging them, and pinching her tiny nipples.

She swatted his hands away, and moved her own to replace them. He moved his to her hips immediately. As she picked up her pace he began to rock his hips for Antalya Escort greater penetration, and force. Then he began to thumb her clit. Moans of pleasure started to escape her at a moderate volume. Clearly she was enjoying this almost as much as he was. He couldn’t help but admire how sexy she looked making love to him. Her pussy was getting hotter, and much wetter as it started gripping his cock with increasing pressure. He felt as though her pussy was trying to milk the cum right out of him.

She was now bucking wildly, and grinding back into him with great effort. He was thrusting up with each move helping her fuck him hard and fast. She was moaning quite loudly. If they had been at her place her neighbors would most likely be banging on the walls and ceiling. Instead he was just enjoying the spectacle of his beautiful Mary bouncing, and grinding on his cock. The feeling of her pussy was driving him absolutely wild.

Her moans of pleasure turned into screams as she fucked him like a woman possessed. Her hands feverishly rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. She was a glorious sight. The sounds of their coupling had become a background noise being drown out by Mary’s screams, and groans. Jake was also grunting loudly as he thrust into her.

Suddenly Mary’s head shot back, and her back arched. Her hands landed on his knees supporting her as she ground down hard on his cock. She was only making a slight seething noise. Then she began to make a low primal growling like noise. Slowly it turned into a high pitched scream. She was in full blown orgasm. Her body began to convulse. He sat up and began to suck on her left breast while kneading her right. He took her nipple into his mouth, and gave it a small nip. She squealed as he did so. Slowly her head tilted back forward, and her breath became less ragged. She put both hands on his face and forcefully pressed her lips to his. He moved his arms around to her back for support, and to hold her there. After some time she broke their kiss. Staring into his eyes she whispered softly to him. “That was amazing Jake. Holy shit this has been an amazing way to wake up in the morning.”

With that he pulled her back down to the bed with him. He turned them back over so that he was on top of her, and began to slowly thrust into her pussy again. She was smiling coyly at him as he began to gently make love to her again. Then he leaned back, and pulled his legs up so that he was practically sitting on his knees . He started to fuck her from that position. He had a great view of her tits as they bounced each time he stabbed his cock into her velvety, wet pussy. He was grunting as he built speed, and force. Soon he was fucking her as hard as she had been while riding his cock.

She was rubbing her tits with her left hand, alternating back and forth from one to the other. Her right hand was busy rapidly stroking her clit. Now and then she would pull her right hand to her mouth to lick her fingers. She was moaning loudly as he fucked her deeply with an increasingly rapid pace. His heart was pounding in his chest. He could only keep this pace for a little while longer. He leaned over her, changing the angle of his thrusts, and that was all she needed to hit her second wave of pleasure. Again, she threw her head back and arched off from the bed screaming loudly. Her arms went around his back, nails digging into his skin. Her legs flew up, and wrapped around his waist, trapping his cock deep within her. What a wonderful feeling. Again, her pussy was clenching and releasing his cock as her orgasm crashed over her wave after wave. The moisture of her pussy was beginning to soak his groin area. She was leaking so much already. He was in heaven, and that heaven was Mary’s vagina. What a wonderful place to be.

As she began to come back down he could feel his pulse slowing as well. He leaned down and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Her breathing was slowly returning to normal, but he wasn’t done yet.

“Oh my God Jake. We’ve never gone for so long before. What has gotten into you? Is it just the time of day? If so, then I would like for you to wake me like this a lot more often.” she said with a slightly wicked grin on her face, and a devilish giggle.

“Oh, I would be happy to babe. I am thoroughly enjoying fucking you this morning.” He replied with an equally devilish smile on his lips.

He sat back again, and hooked his arms up under her knees. As he began to fuck her again he could tell that his cock was rubbing on a new spot within her. “Oh my fucking God Jake!! Do NOT stop, that is JUST RIGHT!!” Her breath was ragged again.

He put his hand across her stomach, and began strumming her clit with his thumb again. As he began to fuck her hard, she used her legs for leverage to rock her hips up and down. The two of them were now fucking each other at breakneck speed. Her left leg slipped from his grasp, and landed with bent knee, foot flat on the bed. She had even more leverage now. She could lift her pussy all the way from his cock if she wanted to, she did not. She was lifting up and down while Antalya Escort Bayan he was stabbing straight into her. Their rhythm was perfectly in sync. She was crying out “OH FUCK BABY, KEEP GOING!!” loudly between screams and breaths. He was grunting in the same fashion. Sweat was now rolling down his face, and chest. He could feel it on his back. He could see that her skin was glistening from sweat in the pale dim light of his room. She was so amazingly sexy like this.

The tension was building in his balls, and he was going to cum very soon. He was hoping that he could give Mary one more though. He increased his pace as fast as he could go. Pounding her pussy as hard, and deeply as he could. The sounds she was making now were definitely of a primal nature. They were mixed with commands for him “KEEP GOING”, “FUCK ME HARD”, “OH MY GOD FUCK ME”.

Suddenly her legs snapped around him with a vice like grip, and pulled him to her hard. His cock plunged into her very soul. His balls tightened. She began seething, and shaking again. His cock swelled, and he began to cum. It felt as though he was pumping gallons of his seed into her tight little pussy. She was screaming, and clawing at him as she convulsed again. He held her tight, and began to grind his cock into her. Each spurt had him grinding into her even harder, trying to get as deep as possible. His grunts were loud, and guttural. Her moans of pleasure were music to his ears. He began kissing her as he slowed his thrusting, and his cum spurts began to subside. When she recovered she began returning his kisses passionately.

He pulled away from her and smiled warmly. “I love you Mary.”

“I love you too sweetie” She replied. “That was amazing, What got into you?”

“I’m not sure, but I think I like it.”

“Me too.” She began, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had. I’m sure of it. Three times you gave me what I needed Jake. THREE times. Holy shit, that was incredible.”

He pulled back, allowing his deflating cock to slip from her soaked pussy. He was instantly saddened. He didn’t have time to think about it though. A river of his seed began to flow out of Mary. “Holy shit babe, how much did you pump up there?” she asked laughing.

“I don’t know, all of it I guess. Let me get a towel.”

He rushed to the adjoining bathroom, and grabbed the first towel he could reach. He came back into the room to find her holding her ass up off the bed, and her filled mound up in the air. When he handed the towel over she quickly draped it between her legs, and let herself back down to be more comfortable.

“Thanks, but I’m afraid that your sheets are soaked through.” she twisted, and rolled to the edge of the bed. When she arrived she put her hands on his hips and pulled him forward, guiding his limp cock to her face. She gripped him loosely, and licked the tip lightly. She licked his tip teasingly, and then began to swirl her tongue around it before inserting it into her mouth. She took his entire member into her mouth at once. She began to slide her tongue up the underside from his balls until the tip popped back out of her mouth. She took him back into her mouth as he began to groan with pleasure. Fuck she was great at sucking his cock. Was he mistaken? Was he getting hard again so quickly? She suddenly backed off as he had become rock hard again.

“Oh my, if you are ready to go again, then we shouldn’t waste it.” She said somewhat gleefully. With that she laid back, spreading her legs, and ran a finger through her slit that was still oozing his cum from just before.

He was smiling as he climbed back on the bed and thrust his cock back into her up to the hilt. She pulled him to her, and rolled them over so she could ride him once again. He relished in the feeling of her pussy once again gripping his cock as she began to fuck him. She was right back to gyrating, grinding, and rocking up, and down on his dick with supreme eagerness. Her pussy was pure joy as she moved up, and down his shaft. His desire was building again. He felt an urgency in his balls once more, He began to thrust wildly into her as she moved on his cock.

“Oh baby, that’s it, keep it going right there. I’m almost there..” She moaned out as she was working his cock in her pussy. Her head was rolling on her shoulders, and she was dragging her fingernails across his chest. Breathing was harsh, and fast. Goose bumps forming on her skin.

He put his left thumb on her clit and began to work it rapidly. His release was eminent. He was holding on desperately. He wanted to fill her as she climaxed.

Her movements were getting erratic. He knew she was getting close. He began to thrust harder. He was hammering into her pussy at a pace which was fueled with desperation. He grabbed her hips, and slammed his cock deep into her pussy. Cum began to gush into her burning hot cunt. He was filling her again. She slammed herself down onto his cock, and began to grind on it. Her head began to toss from side to side, quickly followed by deep primal noises. She was having another orgasm. Beautiful..

She Escort Antalya collapsed onto him, panting, and cooing. Spent. He rolled her back over so he could be on top once again. He began working his deflating cock into her. When she wrapped her arms loosely around his neck he began to kiss her passionately. As he slipped from her very messy pussy she let out a moan, as if she already missed having him inside of her.

“MMMeeewwww, Aww, baby, I’ve got to take a shower Jake.” she said to him softly. “You, have made one hell of a mess lover. You are all over my ass, and pussy. I can’t very well go to work like this.” She had that devilish grin back in place. She pulled him back for more kisses.

Jake left the bed heading toward the bathroom reluctant to leave her. He started the water so it could warm up. Poking his head back into the bedroom he noticed that his clock display read 6:47AM. They had been having sex for nearly four, no three hours. He had spent some time exposing her sexiness. “Shower is ready gorgeous.” he called to her

“Be right there love”

She appeared in the doorway holding a towel up between her legs. “I think you need new sheets.” She was smiling as she giggled, nodding her head back towards the bed she had just left.

Jake peered back to the bed. The comforter had left hours ago, and the sheets looked to be twisted into so many knots. The fitted sheet was even pulled from the upper corners. There was a large wet spot where they had been fucking. Pillows no longer evenly distributed. The sun was starting to filter into the room through his curtains. The scene was surreal. It looked as though a hurricane had hit his bed, and left the entire rest of his room completely intact.

He turned back, and helped Mary into the shower, tossing the used towel into the hamper as he followed her in. She cuddled into his arms as the water cascaded over them to wash away the remnants of the sex that they had both just enjoyed. He grabbed the soap and began to rub it on her body. Her skin was silky smooth, and oh so soft. He loved rubbing her down almost as much as he enjoyed fucking her. He stood behind her and lathered up his hands until they were nice and frothy. Then he moved forward, and brought his hands down to her shoulders. The water was splattering across his back. He moved forward more, and moved his hands slowly down her arms.

As he reached around and began to massage the suds across her breasts his cock bumped into her perfect ass. He was getting hard again. Her nipples were hardening as he rubbed his soap covered hands across them. She let out a moan as she pushed back into him just slightly. Her head tilted back just enough to rest it on his shoulder. He was rock hard in a matter of seconds. He kept rubbing his suds covered hands over the front of her body. As his hands moved lower the throb in his cock began to increase.

He was now standing at attention, planted neatly between her ass cheeks. His fingers grazed the top of her slit, and she took in a breath sharply. He could feel the heat that was still emanating from her sex. She began moaning softly as he slipped the tip of his finger slightly into her sex.

She moved away from him, and turned around swiftly. She was smiling, her head cocked slightly to his left. “Damn baby, you want more again? Hehehe, we came in here to get cleaned up, not make the mess even larger babe.” She still had a grin on her face, although it had grown slightly. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, and began to stroke him slowly. He groaned approvingly. She began to slink down his body, all the while keeping her gaze locked on his eyes. She squatted in front of him. She used the thumb of her right hand to smear the pre-cum that had formed at his tip around the head.

She leaned forward, and licked the tip of his cock. It twitched, and he grunted quietly. She pushed his cock upwards, and began to lick the underside of it. Slowly moving from his tip to the base. She licked his balls as they hung there. Then one disappeared into her warm, wet mouth. His groans increased in volume expressing his deep appreciation. She was still staring into his eyes. The pop his nut made as she pulled back letting it escape her mouth was almost inaudible over the noise of the water running in the shower. She moved her tongue lightly, teasingly back up the length of his shaft. She applied more pressure as she licked up the underside, and across the tip of his erection. Swirling her tongue around the tip, and then back to the underside as she slipped the head of his cock slowly into her mouth.

Jake was in heaven again as she began her work. Her mouth was as hot as a furnace. It felt so good. Her eyes closed as she pushed her mouth all the way down his cock. His tip hit the back of her throat, and then she pushed further. He slipped into her throat. When he was all the way in her mouth her tongue slipped out, and licked his balls. She moved back, and gasped for air as his cock came out far enough to let her breath. She nibbled gently on the tip. Then she plunged quickly back down onto his cock. She was bobbing at a moderate pace up, and down on his cock. She was using her left hand to stroke, and twist the skin on his shaft. Her right hand was busy tickling her clit. She began moaning while sucking his cock. He was groaning aloud form the head job she was giving him.

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