Jade Ch. 01

Big Tits

Chapter 1: Military Weapon

I met Mike in my local pub, he bought me a drink and all the time he was chatting, he could not take his eyes off my boobs. I loved it when men looked at me they seemed mesmerised by my ample chest. He was quite nice but a bit boring, so I let him buy me a few drinks and teased him while I drank them. As I was about to leave he invited me to his base, they were having a party on July 4th even being in the UK I knew what that was for so as I had always wanted to see the base I agreed to go with him.

I was really looking forward to the party so I spent the next couple of days getting a new outfit to wear and having my hair done.

The night arrived and I showered, making sure to soap myself all over, dried and put my new outfit on. I looked at myself in the mirror and instantly loved the way I looked. I was wearing a loose, thin top that had no buttons, just a tie below the bust that held it all together, as it was almost transparent it hid nothing. A very short skirt that was light and almost transparent. It had a split right up to the waist and had one button holding it together. Underneath I wore stay up stockings and that was it, no bra and no pants, I hate underwear. I love the feeling of being free.

The taxi arrived and dropped me off outside the base. I gave Mike’s name at the gatehouse and waited. I felt a bit intimidated by the guards as they could not take there eye’s off me. It was hot and sunny so I didn’t wear a coat and the sun just shone straight through the skirt. Secretly I loved it. After a while, Mike came to the gatehouse to sign me in. As he walked in his mouth dropped to the floor, I gave him a great big smile and kissed him on the cheek as if we were old friends; he signed me in and took me to the mess hall. Sitting me at a table and went and got me a drink.

While I was waiting for him to return, I looked around and noticed a guy looking at me, tall, slim with deep dark eyes, he smiled so I returned the smile. Mike returned with the drinks, as he sat down, he seemed a little on edge. Whatever was bothering him he still could not take his eyes off me. We had a couple of more drinks then he asked me to dance. He pulled me to him and my boobs jumped up and almost came out of the top, one of the joys of being firm. He loved it and there was no pretence of looking away, he was starting to relax, and his hands started to wander down my body until he found the hem of my skirt, slipping his hands underneath to find my stocking tops and then my naked pussy. I looked him in the face as he explored but after a minute, I pulled away. I kissed him gently letting my tongue slip into his mouth and play with his. Pulling away, I said, “Later, now go and get me another drink.” He went for the drinks with a big smile on his face.

After a minute or so the tall guy from earlier came up to me and taking my hand he dragged me onto the dance floor. Roughly, he pulled me to him saying, “My names Bill and I think you’re the most gorgeous woman here.” He was deliberately looking down at my breasts, which had almost completely come loose of the top. He was over 6 foot tall, my face level with his chest. Something about him, both excited and frightened me, but the excited was winning. I could feel him getting hard in his trousers. As we danced, he guided us to a darkened corner. Suddenly pushing me back to the wall, he took both my hands in one of his huge fists and pinned me there. Leaning down he kissed me, hard, I was stunned frightened and excited all at the same time. He broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes, roughly grabbing my boob. I gasped as his hand wandered down my body and lifted my skirt. He smiled broadly on contact with my naked pussy, my naked, wet pussy. He pushed my legs apart and slipped his finger into me, deep and rough. I gasped again and closed my eyes; he took his finger out and moved his hand back to my boob. He put his hand inside my dress and squeezed my nipple until I moaned loudly. My knees trembled and I was about to collapse when he pulled my hands to his crotch and said, “I got something here for you.” I could feel his erection; it shocked me back into reality “No!” I said, “I have to get back to the table Mike will wonder where I am.” I pulled away and started for the powder room, I needed to straighten myself up, and calm down. I looked back and saw a huge grin on his face, and his hand on his erection.

Once in the powder room I shut myself in a cubicle, and sat down, I couldn’t believe what had just happened, or the effect it had on me, my pussy was wetter than it had ever been before and throbbing like crazy. I had to forget about it I was with someone else and Bill frightened me, or was it the effect that he had that frightened me, I wasn’t sure.

I straightened myself up and returned to the table. I did not even know how long it had been I had lost all sense of time. I got to the table and Mike was sitting there with the drinks his glass was Beylikdüzü escort almost full so I hadn’t been too long. I apologised for the wait and he said, “That’s ok, I stood at the bar for 10 minutes, I’ve just got back.” I couldn’t believe that it was only 10 minutes or so, it had seemed like ages.

I decided to forget what had happened and concentrate on Mike. We had a few more drinks and a lot more dances but I couldn’t help but look to see if Bill was watching me. I didn’t see him anywhere and was both relieved and disappointed, a good few fondles later Mike said “Come on I can’t wait anymore.” and taking my hand he led me out of the mess. As soon as the air hit me, the drink took full effect. I threw caution to the wind and pushing against him, I gave him a long passionate kiss or tongues writhing and clashing. He grabbed my boob and squeezed it hard. I pulled away and gasped in pain. As I did, my top came undone and looking at my naked tit’s he gasped. I pulled the top wide and said, “Where would you like me to put these”

Mike grabbed my hand and taking some keys from his pocket opened a nearby door, we went up some stairs and into an office through another door into what appeared to be a conference room, with armchairs and a settee.

He took hold of me and kissed me, my hand went to his crotch and I rubbed his erection. Lowering his head, he moved his lips to my breast and started licking the erect nipple. I was eager by now and quickly kneeling down in front of him I undone his pants and removed his hard rod. I didn’t waste any time taking him deep into my mouth as his pants fell to the floor. He was moaning loudly and throbbing in my mouth.

“Sir!” a voice said loudly, “This area is off limit’s Sir.”

I jumped out of my skin and Mike out of my mouth; he quickly pulled up his pants, stammering “Oh Christ! Yes sergeant, Errrr yes right”

I looked up to see three men in uniform with MP bands on their arms, the two from the gatehouse earlier, and Bill. My heart dropped, I covered myself as best I could, sitting on the floor with my by back to a chair, and I just looked at the floor not knowing what was going to happen next.

“I will escort the lady offsite for you Sir.” it was Bill who spoke.

” Err, humm, yes alright Sergeant” and looking at me Mike continued ” thank you dear a very pleasant evening, sorry about this but the sergeant will see you to a taxi” and with that he left, followed by the 2 gate keepers.

Bill walked over to me, as I went to stand up I felt his hand on my shoulder pushing me down, “No!” Don’t get up, you seemed to be enjoying yourself and I would hate for you not to have your fun” and with that he pulled out his own erection. “Meet my own personal military weapon” he said and laughed

It was enormous. “I looked at it stunned then said “No!” I had better leave they will be back” and again I went to get up. This time Bill took hold of my head and pushed it to him saying, “They won’t be back tonight, so enjoy it or not it’s gonna happen”

His erection was touching my lips, and he kept the pressure on my head so that I couldn’t pull away, my mind was fighting my body, mind saying No I wont be used and body saying you know you want it.

As his erection slipped into my mouth, I heard a sound

“Well I gotta say Bill, she looked fucking good at the gate and it looks like she’s gonna be everything you said she would be.”

The guards had returned, I tried to pull away but Bill held my head and said” I never said stop” and pushed his erection deep into my throat, I nearly choked.

“I told you she was up for it Dave.” Bill said. Pulling me by the hair, he made me stand up and face the new arrivals. One was the same age as Bill, but the other was no more than 19.

“Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Dave; (the older) he is nearly as big as I am. This young man is Paul; he is going to learn what it’s like with a real woman”

Both men were undressing as Bill spoke, “Now where were we?” He pushed me down to my knees and back to his erection, forcing it again deep into my mouth. I felt my legs being spread and another erection forced its way into my wet pussy. Paul was watching me take Bill deeper and deeper into my mouth, so it was Dave who was ramming into me, faster and harder. My breathing was getting heavier and heavier as I became lost to both there lust and my own, my bud was painfully swollen and my orgasm was rising. I was being pushed further and further onto Bill’s swollen weapon, moaning aloud.

Paul was rubbing himself, eyes wide saying “Jesus she loves it, she really wants it.”

“Oh yes!” Dave screamed, “Take this you whore, takes this.” and I felt him cum deep inside me, ramming into me even harder. I felt my orgasm closing in as he rammed his last drops of juice into me, and then he fell back withdrawing sharply, leaving me high and wanting.

All this time Bill had been fucking my mouth Beylikdüzü escort and suddenly he grabbed my head and thrust deep into my mouth and down my throat, banging into my face, balls slapping my chin, like 2 weights, just hanging there. When he came, it was straight in to my stomach, I felt it hit my gullet and slide down. After the first spurt he pulled it out so the second spurt landed in my face, running down my chin, then he was back in my mouth. I took him deep into my mouth and down into my throat and he still had some to spare. He pulled my head further into him as I slowly slipped him out and then back in again. “Mmmm that feel s good; you sure know how to suck a guy. Yes babe that’s it deep and hard, just how I like It.” he said. He took hold of my head again and started thrusting into my mouth, fucking my head with his weapon. I thought I was going to suffocate, I couldn’t get my breath, and then he just pulled it out and stepped back. I carried on moving forward and went flat on my face.

“You ever had a blow job Paul?” Bill asked.

Paul was staring at me on the floor, “No.” he said quietly.

Dave said, “Why don’t we make ourselves comfortable, and then we can watch you have your first bj” Getting up he took some cushions and threw them on the floor in a corner. Bill grabbed my arm and before I could stand he dragged me to the corner and threw me on the cushions, the corner was a wall-to-wall mirror 8 feet each way.

Bill and Dave pulled a couple of seats close to me and sat down. Paul was standing on the edge of the cushions staring at me. Come on then bitch,” Bill said, “see how quick you can make him come, move in a bit Paul I want to see this”

Paul moved in closer. With a quick look at Bill, I ran my hands up Paul’s legs, taking his erection in my hand. Paul let out a sigh as I moved my face closer to his swollen head. I pulled back the foreskin and lightly brushed the swollen head with my tongue, Paul’s hands were on my head, and his knees were shaking. Bill and Dave were making comments to him but I was wrapped up in what I was doing, somehow enjoying the role as sex slave to these 3 big guys and being frightened at the same time

I slid Paul’s erection into my mouth and then out again and then right in until he was going down my throat, dangling his balls in my hand, slide him out run my tongue over the head and then deep in again. ” Ohh, Ohh ohh” Paul was saying with each deep throat entry and then he went rigid and shot in to my mouth. As he came he went wild, grabbed my head and fucked my face hard banging into my mouth like it was I rubber doll. His knees gave way and he fell on top of me as I fell back, his throbbing member landing on my tits. “Wank him bitch, he aint finished yet,” Bill shouted. I grabbed his shaft and squeezed the last few drops onto my boob’s

Paul stood up, his member still erect “Fuck me that was ace, I wanna fuck her cunt.” he said, walking in circles.

“You wait your turn” Dave said, “I want her as well”

Bill laughed and said “don’t fight guy’s why don’t you both fill her cunt, cos I’m having her arse”

Paul looked confused but Dave said “Bloody right.” Dave said, “Paul lay here.” Paul laid down where he was told and Dave lay down the opposite way so they were top and tailed.

I didn’t know what was going on. I was in a daze after having my face fucked so hard. Bill pulled me over to Dave who took one leg while Bill took the other; they straddled me across the prone bodies. I felt fingers push into my pussy making me lift up and then I felt a hard cock slide into me. The fingers were still there so the entry was tight; I relaxed my muscles to make it easier. The fingers came out and then I realised what they were going to do, another bigger, harder, more confident erection thrust into me, “Fucking hell that feels good” one said, the other agreed “Too bloody right, tight as a ducks arse and bloody great” Dave took my nipples between his finger and thumb, pinching my nipples till I screamed and pulled me towards him, he thrust his erection up into me taking Paul with him

I couldn’t help myself “Oh god.” I said, and realised I was enjoying this new position, each thrust squeezed everything from my swollen bud and the feeling was so strong I nearly came. I felt Bill come up behind me, expecting him to take my arse, but instead I felt a terrible stinging pain across my bum cheeks, he was whipping me with his belt. Repeatedly I felt the pain, Dave was pulling my nipples off and Paul was moaning aloud every time he was thrust into me.

Dave and Paul thrust up and the whip came down. I looked into Dave’s face, so close I could feel his breath on my face, he was leering at me, he pushed his tongue out and, using my nipples pulled me down onto it, thrusting it into my mouth, he was moving faster now and breathing erratic. Paul was moaning and crying out. Dave pushed me back, he could see I was going to come and with a hard push he Escort Beylikdüzü said, “Now babes, now.” I shuddered into orgasm, I didn’t feel him come or Paul but I know they did. All I could feel was my own orgasm smashing through my body and the sting of the belt harder and harder on my buttocks. I was still coming when they both stopped, “No don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I cried, and then I was flying through the air, or so I thought. Bill grabbed my hips, pulled me off the two softening cocks, and with a single move thrust me onto his huge erection, my sopping pussy dripping cum juices over him as he went in. He rammed into me again and again, that was all it needed, the earth didn’t move, it disappeared, everything disappeared, everything except that giant erection throwing me into orgasm. Bill shouted, “Oh yes babe here it comes, just for you, and he came with me “Arrrrr, yes bitch yes here it is whore” and he flooded me with his jism flooding my pussy hole to overflowing until it dripped onto the floor.

I was totally exhausted as Bill pulled me off his cock and put me on the cushions, I couldn’t believe he was still hard, Paul and Dave sitting on the seat’s watching, leering

Bill was kneeling behind me, he brushed his weapon along my slit brushing my clit and then brushing my bum crack, repeating this movement until my head came up off the cushions and I started moving in motion with him. I reached under and played with his balls as they swung back and forth, he was masturbating me with his weapon and it was working. Then without warning, I felt him push against my bum hole. I relaxed the muscles and let him enter me slowly, working it in then slipping it out. Each time getting in more and more of his weapon. I never thought I could take it all but I did, it felt huge inside me, and thick, but I took it all and slowly he started to speed up. I rocked on him as it became easier until it felt like it had always belonged there.

“Oh yes babe, that’s good, that’s really good, keep going babes keep going” Bill said “nice tight arse”

What could I do but obey? Even now I was at his disposal to do whatever he wished, I rocked on his erection, squeezing my muscles as I went forward and relaxing them as I went back, faster and faster. He gripped my hips and started pulling me onto him, I could feel him coming again, and mine was rising to, “Oh yes bitch,” he said “yes that’s it bitch” and slapped my bum hard as if he was whipping a horse. I raised my head to look in the mirror and he grabbed my hair again, he was riding me and slapping me with his hands, he was riding me like a horse, I got totally carried away at the site and just rode his cock with my arse.

“Yes Master ride me master,” I screamed before I even realised it, and then he screamed, ” Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees now bitch now ” and speeded up both thrusting and whipping me ” Yes Master Yes, yes, yes ” and I came as well I felt him spunk into me as I came and our juices mixed in there journey, it seemed I couldn’t stop cumming even after he stopped moving I was still riding him until I collapsed totally exhausted.

Bill and Paul slipped down beside me one either side erections pointing upwards, Bill was at my feet looking at me, I could feel the juices pouring out of me onto the cushions.

Paul started playing with my nipples, smiling, they knew whatever I said that I had enjoyed every minute of what had happened.

So if Bill’s the master, what am I?” Paul said

Dave took my other nipple and said, “You’re the junior and I’m the senior” and again pinching hard, making me moan loudly.

Paul lay down on the cushions and pulled me by the nipple until I was astride him. It wouldn’t matter how tired I was I would be their plaything for as long as they wanted to use me. I lowered myself down onto his erection, felt it rub against my sore swollen clit, sending shocks through me again. He took a tit in each hand and pulled them towards his mouth, as he thrust into me his teeth sank into my flesh. At the same time Dave rammed into my arse, I was on the verge of coming again I was so tender. Bill’s super weapon appeared in front of me and I took him into my mouth without a second thought.

Dave was slapping my arse, Paul biting my tits and Bill thrusting down my throat. I tried to grab a chair to hold myself up off Bill’s length, but as I moved my arms round, Dave grabbed hold of them and pinned them behind my back with one hand while slapping me with the other. I was totally dominated, I couldn’t move, I was being well and truly used, and my body just exploded. I thrust back and forth as hard as I could forcing Dave deeper up my arse and Bill deeper down my throat, all the time rocking on Paul. I was in the throws of an orgasm that was not going to stop. All three of them came together, caught up in the throws of my own thrusting passion Dave grabbed my buttocks so hard his nails tore into me, Paul almost severed my nipple from my body and Bill came so hard I nearly choked on his spunk which was pushed down my throat by his now enormous throbbing weapon. I was being spit roasted by two enormous cocks, and my arse was trying to match my fannies orgasm, I was flopping around like a rag doll.

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