Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde) – Chapter F


Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde) – Chapter FJacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde)a tale of two females as told to Curt Bruch and Julie Van*******Chapter Five – Agreeable Submission*******?His name was Sarkis and had been introduced to us at one of Carol’s parties. Like a lot of Carol’s friends, I can only describe him as being slightly deranged but whilst Jacqui shared my assessment she also admitted to have been flattered when he had told her that she had ‘something about her’ that made her a natural to be a photographer’s model. She was sufficiently wary to suspect that he might just be spinning a line but Carol (and Carl) assured her that he was a nice, harmless, genuine kind of guy and that, yes, ‘in his field’ he was a very good and respected photographer.We would learn later what ‘his field’ was but at the time the comment sparked off an idea in Carol’s head that she and Jacqui ought have some proper pictures taken … just for fun … and that Sarkis who owned a studio who would gladly have them pose for him.As ever with Jacqui I didn’t have much say in the matter and once again she demonstrated her independent streak when she told me a few days later that she and Carol were going off to ‘put together a portfolio’, whatever that was supposed to mean. When she returned later that day she said that it had all been great fun, that Sarkis had taken some great shots (of the tasteful kind) but that at the end of the session he had taken her aside and asked if she would be interested in doing a private shoot for his collection.She said that it would be an understatement to say she was thrilled at the suggestion especially as he had told her in confidence that whilst he thought Carol was good and beautiful that my wife was more a natural at the type of pictures he had in mind. He said that my Jacqui was ‘overall cute’ but specifically there were three things that caught his eye.One, was her eyes that had a sparkle which told him she wasn’t just enjoying the shoot but was revelling in it; Two, was that her attitude was very playful; Three, she was a natural Nude.I thought to myself he was feeding just some kind of Bullshit and shooting a line but knowing my Jacqui as I did there was no way I was going to burst her bubble, I was just pleased that she had had a good time and done something she had found enjoyable.She took up Sarkis’s invitation to return to his studio for a solo session and on the appointed day I drove her over and dropped her off at the door on my way to work. The outside of the building was no great stakes but at least I knew where she was going to be for the remainder of the day was my thinking.Once inside she was confident that everything was going to be conducted on a professional level when Sarkis directed her to a changing room where she could undress (or ‘disrobe’ as Sarkis had in his quirky accent charmingly requested). She emerged d****d in a dressing gown and entered the studio where she was surprised to find another female sitting waiting for her appearance. Sarkis introduced her as, Jen, a hairstylist who was waiting to make sure that every hair on her head was perfectly in place so that she took on the appearance of being some kind of Greek Goddess.Sarkis apparently had some theme in mind for this particular set of pictures and his vision required that the hair on her head was tightly curled …. which was in complete contrast to his requirement for her appearance elsewhere for he also required that her pussy was shaved.As Jen worked she filled Jacqui in on Sarkis and said that she had modelled for him herself in the past and had found the experience to be fun and hoped that she would find the same pleasure.Jacqui later confessed that she had enjoyed the experience of having Jen laying her on a bench, soaping her then spending time carefully scr****g away the curly hair that previously adorned her mound with a razor.I never did see the pictures that were taken but I did note when she returned home that evening and displayed to me her smoothness that her pussy seemed awfully wet. I put it down to her excitement of the day!Jacqui was disappointed when no further invitations to model for Sarkis followed and we both thought that her budding career was over before it had hardly begun but then a few months later fate and circumstances changed when we were returning home after a road trip through New England that we visited Lorraine, an old college friend of hers who lived in New York.Lorraine worked in the fashion industry and her circle of friends and business associates were all of the same Artsy types that we had experienced with knowing Carol and Carl. So when she said she was giving a party and would we like to time our visit so that we could attend there was no hesitation on our part and we slotted right in with all these characters from the world of theatre, art galleries, music and the performing arts. Exactly what they thought of us, the Engineer and his Business consultant wife, the question didn’t arise and we had a great time.Whilst we didn’t know anyone present other than Lorraine we had a surprise when out of the crowd this guy made a beeline for Jacqui and says, “Hey, glad that you could make it. I was hoping to see you here.”He seemed to ignore my presence and Jacqui was as taken aback as me at the approach of this rather flamboyant fellow and as she shook his hand said, “Sorry, do I know you?”He laughed, “No you don’t but I know you, or rather, I know of you. I’m Martin and a friend of mine showed me some pictures he had taken of you and when I saw them I knew that you ‘were the one’ I had been looking for.””Ah, you must be referring to Sarkis. Yeah, I posed for him some months back.”I butted in, “… and I’m Dale. What do mean that she’s the one you’ve been looking for?” thinking that he was making an unsubtle attempt to hit on my wife.He laughed and almost apologised when he continued, “Sorry, let me explain. I am a fashion photographer and I am always on the lookout for fresh talent. I am planning a retrospective exhibition of my work to be displayed and for the past couple of years I’ve been looking for the ‘perfect nude’ to complete a collection. My dear, you fit my idea to a ‘T’. I’ve been searching for a more mature woman, petite, curly haired brunette, a figure that is more ‘classical’ in form, and has a personality to match. When I saw your pictures I felt sure that you was absolutely the ideal woman I’ve been searching for.”Clearly from the way he expressed himself this was a person who was very sure of himself and he had no reservations about being overheard so-much-so that other guests around us paused in their conversations to hear Jacqui’s reaction to his offer.At first she didn’t say anything, she was too absorbed by ‘blushing furiously’ but she later admitted to me she was also quite flattered to be given a major ego boost that someone would ask her to pose nude again after so many years.Two women who were standing close by broke the silence by saying it was really great for him to ask her. They laughed and said they had both volunteered to pose for him but he turned them down as they didn’t fit his criteria.Martin ignored them and without any embarrassment confirmed what I’d previously heard, that he specialised in erotic poses and that he was a major figure in an organisation known by the lofty title, ‘The Erotic Society of America.’I have to admit, that the more he prattled on and the more he established his ‘credentials’ that I was really impressed that Martin thought enough of Jacqui to ask her to pose Nude. Dare I admit that the thought of her once again posing nude for another guy was really exciting. For sure, the more he spoke the more it seemed that Jacqui was extremely flattered by his offer.We neither accepted nor turned down his offer immediately. Rather, and much to the disappointment of our eavesdroppers, we said we wanted a little time to think about it. I think it is safe to say that in truth each of us was ready to accept Martin’s offer, but we were kind of waiting for the other one to say that she should accept Martin’s offer and pose for him.As for me, I was also surprised at my reaction as rather than getting angry I was like, “whoa, this is cool!” and I immediately thought about how excited I was when she went off to spend the day with Sarkis and being a nude model for his series of ‘glamour shots’.Well, let’s just say, this ‘offer’ immediately became the talk of the party. As it turned out, Martin was recognized as being a well-known collector of erotica and the buzz went around that he had found himself a new model who was willing to spread herself before him and his camera and for the pictures to be displayed for all to see. For the remainder of the evening Jacqui was looked upon as being a person of special interest!The party began to wind down and as Lorraine and Jacqui were saying their goodbyes to Martin as he left, he commented to Jacqui something like, “the next time I see you, I expect to see you naked” which elicited a smile from Jacqui (who was now in full ‘Heidi-mode’) and the comment from Lorraine, “yes, you will!”Heidi and I just looked at each other as if to say, “That guy seems to be rather full of himself!”After he had left Lorraine filled us in a bit more and vouched for him telling us that Martin was a major antiques dealer, had quite a reputation for his erotica collection and that he was completely trustworthy with any photos he would take of Jacqui. She told us of two very good references of women who had previously posed for him who were both attending the party. One was an attorney and the other was an art history professor at a New York city university. Lorraine found them and introduced us and they were both were unequivocal in their praise for Martin and added that Jacqui must really be something as indeed they were both aware he had been searching for this ‘perfect Nude’ for his collection for a long time. They confirmed Lorraine’s comment that Martin would be absolutely trustworthy with any photographs he took and they added that he maintained a sizeable bank account that any of them, and Jacqui too, would have immediate access to if for any reason they thought Martin had abused their trust!. They added that in their opinion she should do it as they had thoroughly enjoyed their posing experiences and that they were sure Jacqui would ‘absolutely love posing’ for him too.They also made a reference to him being a member of some sort of an ‘erotica society’ but referred any additional questions on that to Martin.Both women added one final word of advice. Kayaşehir Escort They made it very clear that Martin would expect Jacqui to ‘show him everything she had to offer as a Nude’. There would be no strategic shadows or strategically placed fig leaves! It would be all of her on show; all of her!’Heidi’ said she was looking forward to it.******?We got a call from Martin a couple of days after we got back home asking if Jacqui (and me) had considered his offer. We didn’t give him an answer straightaway so he invited us to see his erotica collection, including his collection of Nudes, as a way of letting us know what we would be getting ourselves involved with before agreeing to take him up on his offer. As I said, he was a very confident individual.We said that we would be pleased to see his collection and he sent a driver to pick us up. Let’s just say as soon as we saw his brownstone house in NYC, we knew were in the presence of ‘money’. He opened the front door and welcomed us into the tastefully furnished house which was full of antique furniture and fittings and, all around, examples of his erotica collection. We had been forewarned about it by Lorraine but I don’t think either of us was quite prepared for what we saw, there were paintings, sculptures, books, sketches and framed photographs everywhere, explicit depictions of every sex act, pictures of pussy and erect cocks of every shape and size all indulged in tasteful displays of fucking or some such activity. As we toured around I could feel my own cock stiffening in my pants. Heidi later told me that looking at the pictures and sculptures had a similar effect and she could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute.We settled into armchairs in the lounge and I noticed there was one large empty spot on one wall. When I asked Martin why it was blank he answered very matter-of-factly, ” that is reserved for your wife” which was a clear indication to me of just how ‘enchanted’ he had become with Jacqui that he had taken the trouble to clear a space in anticipation of taking her pictures. (We later discovered that he had also reserved a large additional portion of his gallery in order to display more photos of her.)We spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting surrounded by erotica as Martin continued with his ‘seduction’ of getting Jacqui to agree to be his model. Game girl, she played out her part of being the coy innocent and I knew she was play-acting when she said once again that she needed to think about it and would let him know. For me, I was excited at the thought of my wife being his subject and for her to have pictures taken similar to those which were displayed around us really got my imagination going.Time came and the driver was summonsed to take us back home. Pretty much the only topic of conversation on the 2-hour ride between us was the question of her posing for Martin and she freely admitted to the anticipation of posing for Martin had been building after seeing his erotica collection. She said the only reason she hadn’t agreed there and then was that she wanted to be really sure that I would be OK with it. Certainly we both recognised that Martin was a really forceful character and there may be more to it than just taking pictures but we reckoned we could handle the situation and the long and short of it by the time we got home agreed it might be a fun thing for her to do and that she would give him a call to confirm.I was out at work when the following morning she called Martin and told him she would be delighted to pose for him and when did he want to do this.He gave an impression that he hadn’t expected any other answer but just responded in his extravagant manner, “Magnificent …. does Dale agree with your decision?”She confirmed and he replied by saying he would be down early the next morning in order to pick her up so they could get started later that same day. He added rather matter-of-factly that he already had reserved a place in a nearby town for the photo session. Clearly, he had been confident that Jacqui would be giving no other response to his invitation.I was too surprised to say anything when she told me and I think she had been just as surprised at how quickly this thing was going.That evening was rather interesting as Jacqui prepared for her modelling session the next day. She was fretting about what she should wear but I calmed her by stating the obvious that, “I don’t think that is a particularly pertinent issue here as you won’t be in whatever you wear too long if I understand the purpose of tomorrow”. However, I did volunteer that if she wanted my opinion, I thought she would look particularly appealing in her strapless strawberry sun dress and that Martin would likely love it as when the zipper is undone, the dress just falls right off her.She gave me ‘that look’ but this remark and others in the same vein assured her that I was going to be alright with her going off and displaying her charms and being at the beck and call of this rather forceful male. In reality, the idea of her being submissive to another at my expense had, to me, an appeal of its own but I didn’t mention it at the time. I just added something to the effect of, “make me proud of you, don’t back out of this on me” and she just put on the act and gave me the kind of disgusted look a woman gives the village idiot.When she tried on her sundress she asked how she looked in it, and I couldn’t help it and said, “Great, as brief as that may be!” and got ‘the look’ again.The next day, Martin arrived bright and early to pick her up. He commented that he was very much looking forward to her posing session; Jacqui added, looking directly at me, that she too was very much looking forward to it.Before they left, I asked him how he could be so confident Jacqui would agree to pose for him? Martin’s reply was rather insightful as he said, “I knew it almost as soon as I asked Jacqui … it was very evident in her eyes and her body language that she wanted to pose and the clincher was the way she smiled when I told her the next time I saw her she would be my Nude”.He added he does a lot of antiquing business in the surrounding areas where we live and as soon as the party was over that he rented a friend’s entire Bed and Breakfast home in a town a few miles from us in anticipation of Jacqui posing for him. As I said, he was a cocksure sonofabitch but one who had money for I figured the cost for the entire B&B must have run close to $500 per day and he had it rented for over a week to accommodate Jacqui and their first photo session together.On the way out at the door, ‘Heidi’ looked back at me and very emphatically said, “don’t worry, Dear, you will be very proud of me today!”Martin look at her a bit quizzically but said nothing and off they went. I don’t know whether he noticed the boner that was bulging my pants as, real gentleman that he is, Martin held the car door open for Jacqui. I wondered if he was appreciating the leg show that, unfortunately, from where I was standing I couldn’t fully see.The car drove off leaving me standing there grinning like a village idiot with my thoughts …. and my boner!*******?No mention had been made as to how long the ‘session’ would be or indeed when Jacqui would return. She had been so keen to go off with him and get involved in this new endeavour that I suspected that she may have completely dismissed me and my concerns from her mind. It was therefore a surprise met with relief when mid-morning I had a call from her to tell me that everything was fine and that the posing was ‘going well’. It was the first of a number of calls that she made through the day to provide me with updates.I asked her to tell me, to give me a blow-by-blow account, what had happened from the moment she had driven off. She recognised my need to be engaged and said that she had indeed given Martin a leg show as she settled back in the seat and that he had reacted agreeably by complimenting her on how nice her dress looked and the loveliness, the texture of her smooth skin. She said he almost lost control of the car when she took his hand, placed it on her thigh and made the comment that shortly he would be able to dispense with the dress and to feel just how smooth the rest of her was!They arrived at the house which was devoted to being a B&B. Martin said the owners were long-time friends of his who did not actually live there and that he had asked them for privacy during this visit. She asked him if they knew of his ‘hobby’ and he said with a knowing smile, “they are well aware of it.” To prove the point he took her to the library where he had the key to unlock a wall cabinet with glass doors that contained a nice little collection of erotica. Through the windows of the cabinet could be seen a few small sculptures and a variety of erotic art books which he told her that she was welcome to browse while he was getting himself organized for the shoot.As if to emphasise the point he opened the cabinet and handed her a book on erotic art saying, “Take a look at this …. just so you know you’ll be in good company”. She said that she found the pictures in the book to be ‘very stimulating’.He returned to the car to get his equipment and left her to do a tour of the house and she discovered that in addition to the library, there was a sitting room, kitchen and, upstairs, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths which were all very tastefully furnished.While she was exploring the house, she was thinking of everything she had heard about Martin and she had the devilish little thought occurred that two can play this ‘game’! She quickly slipped off her panties in one of the bedrooms and then quietly crept down the stairs to see where he was. When she saw he was still engrossed with his equipment she slipped off her dress and tiptoed up behind him and rather innocently asked, “I guess you’d like me to get naked?” His face was a picture when he turned around and saw her already naked and ready to pose!Martin had given her no particular instructions of what to wear to the shoot. She had figured, “l I’m going to be naked so why wear a lot of clothing?” so she was bemused when he expressed surprise at what little she was wearing. He had just assumed she’d be wearing the typical female wear of panties, bra, stockings, slip, etc. in anticipation of taking pictures of her partially clothed as part of a sequence of shots.He wasn’t exactly disappointed in what she was wearing but he gently scolded her that he was planning to do not only nudes but also a strip tease sequence (‘teasers’ he called them) with her. However, Kayaşehir Escort Bayan his criticism was muted for as it turned out he brought a variety of rather sexy lingerie for her to ‘model’ but given there was no skirt or blouse that was appropriate they used lunch hour to go into the nearby town so that the necessary garments could be acquired. Jacqui said she was impressed as she just loved spending someone else’s money!The morning was spent doing what she modestly called artistic and ‘tasteful’ Nudes although her definition of tasteful may be a bit broader than that of most other people. She loved doing what became her favourite poses which involved sitting astride the dining room chairs which didn’t leave me much imagination to envisage.After the long lunch break, which included purchasing the correct clothing, the afternoon started with a strip tease sequence and progressed to more erotic poses, much more in line with what had been seen in the books he had presented to her earlier.By then, she was really comfortable with him and when he said he’d like to see her in some poses that were a bit more erotic she responded by saying, “well, I’ve been thinking you might like a pose like this”. With that she lay back on a bed with her head and back supported by pillows, put her hands behind her head and spread her legs as wide as she could and, once again, as Martin later put it, “wore only her deliciously mischievous smile and winked at me”. (I wondered just exactly what it was that was winking!)However, he was the complete professional and she was surprised at how he could be so fastidious in staging a pose; or conjuring up so many different poses or scenes for her whilst at the same time not show any physical signs that he was excited by the blatant display of her charms. Throughout the session he was a perfect gentleman and never once made any kind of physical advances which is not he was bashful about telling her what kind of poses wanted. He had no reticence about being quite graphic about wanting to see her ‘exposed’.She called me twice through the afternoon to let me know all was well and that they would soon be done but it seemed that as soon as she thought they were through that he would once again say, “one more scene and we’ll be done.”Eventually, come late afternoon, her told her that they were indeed ‘done’ and that she could go and get dressed. She left him to pack his gear away and went up to the bathroom telling him that she would shower first. Once the water started to rain down she was surprised to turn and see that he had followed her into the bathroom and having unpacked his camera was taking yet another set of pictures of her as she washed and he stayed with her taking pictures whilst she towelled off. She said that the whole experience had been thrilling and almost felt that she had found her vocation in life. Yeah, right!She gave me a final call to say that they were on their way but Martin had insisted that instead of bringing her home to me we all met for dinner at a restaurant which was more or less a halfway house. I wasn’t given any option but the idea worked for me and, you bet, I was full of questions and wanted to know how the day went for both of them. Martin started by telling me how very, very pleased he was with Jacqui as a Nude model. He said he had a sense when he first saw her at Lorraine’s party that she would be an excellent model but he couldn’t believe what a ‘natural’ she was; that she simply loved the camera … and the camera loved her. He said that I should be very proud of her and how she performed.One thing that I found rather interesting was that rather than referring to Jacqui by name he now referred to her as ‘My Nude’. When I asked him about this, he commented that she is neither a model (even though she had signed a model’s release form) nor just ‘any naked woman’; she was a true Nude. He noted that she truly showed she loved being naked and photographed and was very comfortable with her sense of who she is. He further noted that she has a delightful, almost coquettish, sense of humour that made the session so much more a true pleasure. He went on to add the best way to describe her reaction to posing as being ‘erotically playful’ and that as the day went on she had offered her own ideas for poses. He said we should call her the ‘Nude Coquette!’I looked at the excited, flushed face of Jacqui as he gushed on and recognised that as she sat softly squirming on her seat listening to his compliments that she was into her full sexually-charged persona. I didn’t tell him that when she is in this mood she prefers to be called ‘Heidi’ but she confirmed my thoughts when I felt her hand under the table slip across my thigh and gave my stiff cock a squeeze.I asked when we would see the results from this marathon session and Martin’s retort was, “… not until she is properly exhibited in a gallery and then you will be invited to be the first to see her.”That pretty much ended the evening as Martin paid the bill and took off to go back to the B&B and for us to head home in the opposite direction where I looked forward to having Heidi make good on her promise whispered to me at the dining table that she would re-run the poses when we got to our bedroom.********?Following the success of Martin’s exhibition of Jacqui’s portfolio displayed at a gallery in Connecticut (a 150-some year old farmhouse and barn that our mutual friend Lorraine was remodelling) Jacqui soon became his ‘model-of-choice’ and she was often ‘summonsed’ by him to have yet another photographic session in some fresh location or another. It never occurred to us to object to his demands what with Jacqui increasingly showing her submissive nature and me being secretly thrilled that she was at the beck and call of someone other than me, her husband. Often she would be gone for the day which in itself was of no great consequence for I would usually be at work myself but there were a couple of occasions when the session turned into an overnighter and she would be gone for more than just a day.However, whatever the circumstances I would spend the time wrestling with my thoughts of what she might actually be up to in her naked state with another man and I would be looking forward to her return home when she would tell me in explicit detail what Martin had made her do.Her descriptions and accounts became even more exciting when she confessed to me that she had confided in him and shared our secret that whenever she was sexually aroused (which was often) she preferred to be called by our play name, Heidi. He liked that idea and had taken the confession to another level and in recognition of her being so compliant to his wishes he began to refer to her as, ‘his slave Heidi’ which in turn amused us at the thought of her being a slave.We three became proper friends and, inevitably, due to the familiarity that was developing between them, were drawn into Martin’s social circle. The ‘circle’ was very much centred around the membership of his exclusive club which went by the grand title of ‘The Eroctica Society of America’. It wasn’t an organisation that you could apply to join, you had to be invited and the invitation was based on Martin’s assessment of your suitability. Jacqui and me clearly passed his strict criteria, whatever that may have been based upon, and he grandly announced that thenceforth we would receive invitation to ESOA events which he promised would be full of variety and provide much pleasure.Whenever he planned to hold one of his ‘soirees’ (as he liked to refer to his ‘ESOA-anything-goes’ get-togethers) we would be invited along so that he could show off his ‘perfect nude’, aka ‘Slave Heidi’, and these events were always guaranteed to provide us with fresh surprises and delights.I was never fully certain that she told me everything that went on between them and I suspected that she experienced a variety of erotic adventures with our friend Martin that was never shared with me. However, she did say that one time she had told him in response to his constant questioning and demands that she had never had any kind of an erotic experience with a black male even though she had been instilled with the tales of the ‘black mystique’ many years earlier.Martin took this confidence on-board and decided that he would arrange for her to finally have such an experience. Of course, as is par for every event that Martin has a hand in, this was not to be without a high level of eroticism and a massive build up of sexual tension and he arranged what he referred to as a pleasant but erotic dinner party with the invitation extended to Jacqui, me and three of his black male friends.Martin was very particular and had his specific rules for Heidi, and already she had learned to wear only a dress when attending any of Martin’s events. It became standard practice that on arrival, Martin would open the front door to us and as we stepped into the foyer she would immediately slip off her dress and be naked. He would then take her arm and lead her to join the rest of the company.This particular evening we found his three black friends were already there and as we entered the sitting room they were very appreciative of how well Martin had trained Jacqui to be so compliant. Nothing, however, is ever simple with Martin. Rather than getting right down to ‘business’, Martin had planned a full dinner. So, there we were five fully dressed men and one nude wife enjoying a delicious meal and making small talk. It was bizarre but so very typical of Martin.After the main course, he took Jacqui by the hand and told her he had a special present for her. With this he gave her a wrapped package and told her to open it so we could all see what was in it. She pulled off the wrapping and we could see the contents were a variety of toy guns and bows and arrows, all with rubber tipped darts.Martin commented, “well, well, it looks like we have everything we need for target practice except we seem to be missing a target … but I think I know what we can do”. With that, he again took Jacqui by the hand and politely but firmly, ordered her to get up on to the dining table top on all fours. The look on her face was priceless as she suddenly realized what Martin had in mind for the target!When she was on all fours Martin told her to present her derriere so that we would have a clear view of her assets. After several attempts to get my wife’s ass in the position he was looking for, Martin finally sighed, placed one hand between her thighs on her cunt and lifted her ass Escort Kayşehir up while with his other hand he forcefully pushed down on her shoulders. Finally, to get the view he wanted he ordered her to spread her legs further apart, which she did, and what a view it was. She looked great with her ass well presented and her cunt and pussy lips nicely exposed. The sight was made even better by the fact it had been obvious during dinner that Jacqui had been getting aroused. This view of her showed that ‘Heidi’ was already quite moist and trembling slightly with anticipation.Martin next instructed us in the ‘fine art of ass-painting’. Her cunt would be the Bull’s-eye and the target circles would radiate out with points for scoring in different circles. (No matter how many experiences we have with Martin, it never ceases to amaze me at not only how cooperative my wife is but also how much she seems to enjoy these activities.)After the target was painted, Martin explained that the winner, the high scorer, would have the prize of dinner date with my wife, and told everyone to choose their weapon of choice. As the other guys were making their selections, he pulled me aside and told me what I already had figured out, that he and I would definitely NOT be the winners in this contest. As I said, Martin was very particular about his rules.We rolled dice to establish the shooting order, with me getting to shoot third. Well, if I thought it was a turn on watching the first two shooters sighting in on her, I damn near exploded when it was my turn. You could tell Heidi was as excited by this as every time a dart or arrow hit her ass she quivered a bit and gave a little moan. About the 4th round, it was clear that she was really getting aroused, and observing this Martin said we better fire only one more round and tally our points.Martin reckoned up the points and announced that one of the black gentlemen, Richard, was the winner and it was he who would have a dinner date with Jacqui to be arranged for the following week! He also said that in anticipation of what Richard would be enjoying that he was allowed to clean the target off Jacqui’s ass before we left for home. I almost felt sorry for my wife after seeing the expression on her face when Martin then announced the end of the evening’s festivities but we made up for any frustrations when we got home!********?Talk about sexual tension; Martin was the absolute master at creating it. I don’t know how Richard survived the week but it was really tough around our house. As the day for Jacqui’s dinner date with Richard got closer, it was obvious that ‘Heidi’ was about to go slightly crazy in anticipation. I was similarly charged up visualizing what her date might be like; I thought it was great.At any rate, we survived the following week and I drove back to Martin’s home taking Jacqui to meet Richard for her dinner date. As per Martin’s standing directive to Jacqui, she had her dress off the second we were through the door and was immediately nude.The first order of business was for Elizabeth, Martin’s girlfriend, to take Jacqui upstairs to get her ready for the date, including giving her a bath. When they came back down, Jacqui was wearing a very attractive ‘interesting black dress’ cut low both back and front and the hemline just below her cunt. All her accessories were also black, stockings, heels, earrings, necklace, etc.I couldn’t help but make a comment to the effect of, “It’s interesting that you have her all in black. Is there some sort of symbolism here?”Martin’s answer was basically, “How observant. Yes.”You could tell Jacqui was a bit self-conscious about wearing this dress, as she asked, “Aren’t I a little old for a dress like this, and is it legal; especially to go out in public”?Elizabeth told her, “Don’t worry about it. You won’t be in it all that long”.Richard arrived and was suitably impressed with Jacqui. He kind of carried out an inspection and at one point lifted the front of her dress and was very pleased to see the only thing she was wearing under it was her stockings.She kissed me goodbye and I said she should enjoy herself to which Elizabeth said, “Don’t worry, she will”.They then left for dinner at a restaurant owned by Martin and his friends, which was eminently suited to the needs of Richard and Jacqui leaving me to spend the next several hours wondering what she was doing with Richard or, more appropriately, what Richard was doing with her!As both Jacqui and Richard told us later, when they arrived at the restaurant, they immediately went to the ‘Victorian Suite’ an area which was complete with bedroom, dining and living areas. Once inside Richard told her to slip out of her dress and for all practical purposes she was nude except for her stockings.The restaurant manager was personally acting as their host and once he was satisfied they were comfortable he left them alone with an appetiser while he went to arrange for their food to be delivered. Richard apparently enjoyed his ‘appetizer’ for while he nibbled at the hors d’ouevres he had Jacqui put on little show for him to, “show me everything you have, Baby” and they did a little foreplay and some slow dancing. Richard said Jacqui certainly enjoyed her appetizer also!When their food arrived, it was made clear that it was going to be Jacqui’s job to actually serve. Richard sat down to eat and she sat on his lap and fed him from the dishes laid out on the table while he fed her.It was a few hours after they had left Martin’s place that Martin and Elizabeth informed me that we were going to join Jacqui and Richard for dessert. Our timing was very good as we arrived just as they were finishing dinner and in time for the dessert course. It was quite a sight to see Richard fully clothed but with my cute little wife sitting naked on his lap feeding him his dinner.Martin asked how things went and Richard replied that Jacqui is a great lady and a pure pleasure to be with. He turned to me and said, “you have a great wife and boy does she love to spread her legs and show off her cute little cunt”.He said he had been thinking during the past week that she might need a bit of encouragement to show what she had but no sooner as they had entered the suite she was in that chair with her legs over the arms and her pussy fully exposed and, WOW, does she love showing off. Jacqui was smiling from ear to ear as he related this.About this time, the manager brought the dessert on a tray and left. Martin made it clear that it was Jacqui’s job to serve the dessert to all of us. She did this but after she served each of us there was none for her and she said, “we seem to be short one dessert”.Elizabeth chimed in and said, “Oh no, Dear. We have a very special dessert just for you.”With this Richard stripped off all his clothes and presented my wife with what had to be a 10-inch, and rather thick, cock. Jacqui simply stared at it for what seemed like the longest time. Finally, Richard gently pushed her down on her knees, but she continued to stare at his cock as if she were mesmerized by it.Elizabeth said something to the effect of, “well, is that all you are going to do?” which jerked Jacqui out of her trance and she wrapped her hand around the fat shaft and finally started to lick and kiss his cock while continuing to stare at it. At last Richard decided to take matters into his own hands, so to speak, as he literally took Jacqui by her ears and simply popped his cock in her mouth.This was easily the largest cock she had ever had to deal with, at least to my knowledge, and it was very interesting to see how my wife and Richard started working as a ‘team’ to get Richard’s cock as far into Jacqui’s mouth and throat as possible. He would push a bit and she would take it, then she would be more active in taking more into her mouth, until he was well into her throat. I thought for sure she would gag and, along with the looks on Elizabeth and Martin’s faces, I think the expression ‘awe-struck’ comes to mind as to our reaction.When I asked Jacqui later how she was able to do this, she attributed her ability to the training she had received from her ‘aunt’ who had her practice for hours on bananas. At any rate, as she puts it, the real enjoyment is not having a cock stuffed down her throat but what she can do with the head. She then proceeded to lick, suck and kiss his cock and would bring him close to climaxing and then she would ease up on her ‘ministrations’ to allow the tide to recede but as soon as his moment had past, she was back at him. Eventually he could contain himself no longer and with us looking on he gave a grunt and cum into her mouth.She swallowed it all and then completely licked him clean before looking up at him to seek his approval. He looked down as she licked her lips, “… and now, what do you say?”She smiled back guessing the response he wanted and said, “Thank you for my dessert!””Not good enough. What do you say?!”I caught my breath when I heard her respond, “Thank you … Master.”After this event, Martin, Elizabeth and I went back to Martin’s place as it was understood that it was Richard’s responsibility to bring her home from her date.I don’t know for sure what happened after we left but according to Jacqui, Richard took her into the en-suite bathroom and gave her a bath before playing with her for awhile. She didn’t admit to me that they had sex but I strongly suspected that was the case.On the way out Richard would not let her wear her dress. Instead, he had her wear his coat whilst he d****d her dress over his arm. To top off their visit they paused at the restaurant bar on the way out and Richard chatted with the bartender for a few minutes before they actually left. It was a deliberate act on his part so that he essentially had Jacqui on display for the other patrons in the place and for them to use their imaginations as to what might have occurred in the private rooms they had seen them having just vacated.Richard returned her to Martin’s place and we all enjoyed a nightcap before he left to go back home. Before he left he extended the invitation for the following weekend to all of us to visit him and his wife on his ‘own patch’, as he put it, when they planned to have a little party. He didn’t specify what kind of entertainment he had in mind for the night but said that given what he had shared with his wife about the pair of us that she would be very interested in meeting us and would provide some appropriate entertainment.After he left, Martin shared that he was never quite sure what to expect with Richard and his evenings but said that the society, ‘ESOA’, was due to hold a regular event which went under the title of ‘The Competition’. He suspected that if it was this that Richard might be alluding to, the prediction was that we would surely enjoy ourselves in their company.As it turned out, his prediction was spot-on.********?

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