Jack’s Big Life – Chapter 7


Jack’s Big Life – Chapter 7During his first month as an H10 member, Jack decided to ration his visits to just Saturday nights. He decided going to the Club once a week, was the only way to juggle his work load at Forbes and still keep his wits about him! During that first visit, the 22 year-old spent his session with a smoking hot, huge-breasted Latin firecracker named Vivian! She was 27 years-old. She was a tiny little thing, but she had a jaw-dropping figure! Although only 4’9″, she was one cock-pleasing piece of ass, with a pair of gigantic store-bought 46GG’s on her astounding 48-22-30 frame! The folks at H10 made an exception for Vivian – her cup size was “GG” and not “H” – but it was a small technicality and no one was gonna deny her on that. The little lady measured up – just ask any H10 male member!That night, festivities took in place in room 32. After arriving, Jack had a few minutes alone to prepare for his date! Vivian also got there early, surprising Jack with a knock on the door! Jack opened it, to see the tiny lady standing there. The brown-eyed girl was a smouldering piece of eye candy! She had long, straight raven-colored hair with maroon highlights. Long, dark eye lashes and eye liner – thick, red lipstick and big, expensive-looking splashy ear rings! She was wearing a hot-red mini-skirt – a shimmering, sleeveless golden top that left NO doubt as to the staggering size of her massive enhanced tits – and a lacy, violet bra, that matched her extra-long, fake fingernails! Jesus H. Christ, was she something!With his tongue wagging in the wind, Jack let his petite, beyond-top-heavy partner inside. She grinned and said “My, my. The pictures didn’t lie. You’re a young guy – but you’re dreamy!” With little time to do anything but shut and lock the door, Jack turned around, and felt those long fingernails teasingly raking his chest, as Vivian backed him up against the door. The girl clearly had an agenda! Having barely exchanged pleasantries, she began running her tiny hand up and down the huge bulge in Jack’s jeans! Jack leaned downward and the two began kissing, as Vivian whispered “I’m so thirsty for cock, my tongue is hard! I wanna feel this monster in my mouth, young man!” Jack said, “I can’t wait – let’s go over here!” (motioning to the couch)Jack had her sit on the couch, while he stood before her and let her unzip his tool-crammed cargo shorts! She pulled them down over his ass, exposing his 12″ fuck hose, just jutting outward with anger! She looked up at the 22 year-old stud and said “Oh my – that is a big goddamn dick! My lord, babe!” After flipping her tongue all over the cock head, making it arch upward, Vivian wrapped those ruby-red lips around the schlong and began suck-pulling on it! She put those extra-long, fake, violet-painted fingernails to good use, too! When she wasn’t intertwining his big balls with them, she was using them to caress Jack’s thick-veined member, teasing it while she flipped her tongue all over the cock head! Jack’s long dong was harder than a steel beam! He felt the urge to grab her head and just mouth fuck the blisteringly-hot Latina!!While continuing to smear Jack’s iron-clad cock with her lipstick, Vivian skillfully removed her shimmering golden top, revealing her gigantic 46GGG’s, crammed into the lacy, violet bra! Jack’s urge to bra-fuck her big soccer ball-shaped bazookas was overpowering, and he told her he wanted to do just THAT! As Vivian teasingly tugged on his ball sac, she slightly leaned backward, and said “Fuck yeah, baby – bring it on! Stick that monster in my bra!” Jack forced his 12″ tube steak into that deep, super-tight channel between the little lady’s gigantic fake tits! It was a first for Jack – pumping his rod into big, silicone-injected tata’s – and it felt like he’d gotten his prick stuck in a vice! He was turned-on, at how the tiny 27 year-old batted her eyelashes at him, and seductively licked her hot, ruby-red bingöl escort lips, as he slowly and methodically pumped his pole into those ridiculous 46GG’s!!Jack rested his hands on her shoulders and just thrusted up and down, causing Vivian’s giant fake tits to bounce around.With her leaning back the way she was, it allowed Jack to just plow up and down, really going to town on those massive tits! He groaned “Fuck yes, Goddammit!! That’s so fuckin’ good, girl!” As her long dick date ramrodded her deep cleavage, Vivian rolled her sexy tongue all around those big juicy lips and said “Get those titties, boy! Fuck those humongous fuckin’ tits!” Her request was well received! Jack basically pinned Vivian against the back of the couch, and continued to just pile drive his cock between those insanely massive, bowling ball shaped knockers! “Oh fuck, mama!!”, he shouted “Fuckin’ incredible!!” Any other man would’ve been hemoraging cum all over the tops of those giant jugs, but not Jack – he was like a machine!After 5 minutes of hammer fucking those huge fake tits, Jack was ready to change positions! He pulled his enraged prick from Vivian’s vice-like bra, and said “Let’s go over to the bed. I wanna lay down and let you straddle my waist while I fuck on those gigantic fuckin’ titties some more!” The tiny lady smiled at her 22-year old stud, and said “I like you’re style – fuck yeah, let’s go!” Jack jumped into the bed, and strategically placed some pillows, so that he could get that perfect point-of-view, while his date performed what was sure to be an unforgettable sex act. Vivian soon joined him, allowing her massive twins to hang down around his super-long erection! She grabbed the massive sex tool and furiously pumped on the lead-pipe stiff long for a bit. She licked and kissed the cum flinging cock head, teasing it while she said and said, “You’re really a perverted young man, aren’t you? I bet all you’re women have big, huge titties!”As Vivian stroked his rod, Jack said “That’s a fact! I started fuckin’ big titties when I was 18, girl! My neighbor down the street, let me do it all the time” Vivian giggled and said “Wow – you were 18 years-old and titty fucking you’re neighbor? – what a stud you are!” Jack grinned, and said “If you only knew – I fucked her 2 or 3 times a week! If her husband was out of town – working – I was right there – fuckin’ that ladies giant tits!” As Vivian teasingly wagged Jack’s raging prick side to side, she licked her ruby painted lips, and said “God, that’s dirty! I’ll bet she wishes you were still there – fuckin’ the shit outta her with this big fuckin’ hammer!” Jack told her the breakup”story and said “I’m sure she does – I know I wish I was! I miss her.” Vivian said, “Mmmmmmmmmm, you’re so sexy – I’m gonna give you some brand new memories, Jack!” She removed the violet bra, revealing her awe-inspiring jugs! It looked like the girl had a pair of Goodyear blimps for tits!!As he gawked at those holy-mother-of-God, massive tits, she took Jack’s 12″ prick in her hand again and sawed up and down on it, making sure to tease it with her big fingernails!! Jack grabbed his tool and held it in place, while Vivian corralled her huge boobs and smashed them around the long erection! She threw her hair back and said “Do it slow and nasty, you tit-lovin’ freak – I love it!” As she pressed and held those whoppers by the sides, Jack got good and comfortable then began to swivel his hips! With no urgency, he slow-thrusted his angry 12 inches of manhood between Vivian’s oversized melons! He moaned in sexual appreciation, as he slow-thrusted through the top of those big mounds of tit, then back down, stimulating his exposed coc khead! The feeling was excruciating! Vivian teased him, saying “FUCK those big, heavy tits – pound that long fuckin’ prick in there, baby!”Vivian’s dirty mouth excited the young stud, and he responded! bitlis escort She squeezed those tits so tight, he was surprised it didn’t cut off the circulation to his dick! Then, he began to just ram between ’em! Vivian teased him, slowly licking her dark-colored lips, as he got his rocks off on her huge tits! She started manipulating those melons up and down his big rod, as Jack passionately drilled her oh-so-huge tits! The size of the little woman’s massive tits was preposterous – Jack watched his 12″ fuck pole slide through the vast depths of her fantastic, mind-boggling tit canyon! A full 10 minutes of unadulterated tit-sex had Jack’s big erection on tilt – much more of this and he would be evacuating his balls! Vivian was hotter than a Tijuana strip-joint and she wanted that huge meat stick in her cunt! She told him, “I want you to ramrod my pussy – real hard and deep!”By that time, Jack was so turned on by the vixen, he WANTED to thoroughly ream her cunt with with that huge pain deliverer! With a plop, Jack’s raging pecker snapped out of Vivian’s mega tits and slapped against his abdomon. The firecracker climbed on his lap, skirt still on, and slid her pussy lips around Jack’s meat! The little lady wasn’t even wearing panties! Her eyes widened and she shuddered, as her cunt became filled with long, angry prick! It was obvious, that Vivian was on fire, even though she had no business, sitting on a cock so long and stiff! Logic be damned: she wanted Jack to give her pussy a deep hammering! She shouted, “God – damn – that fuckin’ thing is huge – Nnnnnnnnnn, yeahhhhhhhhh!” As her face contorted, Jack felt her cunt grip his lead-pipe-of-a-dick! He was gonna impale this young woman with his 12 inches!Vivian began riding that pussy-lip spreader, bucking her cunt all up and down that long staff, just riding Jack like a bitch in heat! The woman threw her hair around, as her stud just pounded away into her soaking twat, giving her a reaming! He had sweat rolling off his face and forehead, as he just hammered it home, with an endless barrage of thrusting with his foot-long! Jack’s cock was just slathered in pussy juice, as he watched Vivian’s tiny body writhe in bliss, as he ceaselessly pumped his pole into her womanhood! He grabbed Vivian’s tiny hips, and just relentlessly fired his oversized prick into her, thrashing her insides with his lead-pipe! She shouted, “Ohhhhh, FUCK! Fuck me, baby – jam that motherfucker home, baby! Ohhhh my God, you fuckin’ stud – fuck, fuck fuck – my fuckin’ pussy is on fire, baby!” Vivian’s pussy was convulsing, cunt-juice running down Jack’s long dong, as he furiously rammed her cock-squeezing twat! The stud was just piledriving Vivian – ramming his cock into cunt like he never had!The hot Latina felt like a rag-doll, being pounded into submission, with Jack’s nonstop, fuck tool! She was falling in love with that foot-long cunt-stretcher! That deep cunt was just drooling all over Jack’s hammer-it-into-oblivion prick! It was taking a toll on both the lovers, and Vivian began to beg for his huge load! She yelled, “Fuuuck, fuuuck, fuuuuuck! Jesus, that thing’s tearing me in 1/2! Put my fire out! Hose me down, goddammit – bust it in my cunt, baby!” Jack felt a preposterous explosion begin to fill in his balls! Once he could hold back no longer, Jack furiously thrusted upward and loudly groaned, as his big pecker let loose like a volcano! Balls-deep in that sore cunt, Jack’s prick began blasting away, just hosing Vivian’s insides down, in a huge, wad-spewing explosion! Endless ropes of cum skyrocketed outward from Jack’s hellbent fuck hose, as he just violently hammered it into Vivian’s tiny womb with his inhumane, 12″ power tool!”Oh my God – Ohhhhh God – Naaahhhhh!”, Vivian groaned, as Jack eased his nonstop pounding, still enjoying how her cunt sucked on his cum-covered ramrod! “Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck yeahhhhhhh!”, Jack bodrum escort yelled “God Almighty, baby – fuuuuuuck!” Vivian leaned down, and the two began to liplock, as Jack slowly pumped his big, iron-clad cock into her twat – the thing was still stiff as granite! Vivian was groaning “God, baby – it’s sooooo good!” The two laid there, kissing and grinding on each other! Jack was a tit-guy, but this little lady’s cunt was a real killer – how the fuck could she handle 12″s of prick? And to top it off, those massive 46GG’s! What a perfectly put-together little lady! Jack’s explosion was staggering! After being put through a truly violent sex session, his massive erection began to subside.The two lovers enjoyed the moment! Vivian was still wearing her skirt – so turned on by the fucking that she hadn’t even bothered to remove it! Jack had never had his cock in such a tight, hot pussy! This woman had just worn him out! Neither one of them had the strength to continue with sex – Jack was a sweaty mess! Vivian kissed him and said “That’s the best goddamn dick I’ve had in 2 years!” Jack was still flabbergasted! He said, “I can’t figure out how you can handle that much dick! You shouldn’t be able to walk, after a fucking like THAT! I got nothing left, baby!” She smiled and kissed Jack’s forehead, while he caressed her giant titties! As their session drew to a close, Jack wanted to know more about this enticing lady! Her body was a killer, but there was another allure to her that he couldn’t figure out.He said, “You interest me so much – you’re so fuckin’ sexy – do you have a “steady”? Vivian smiled and said “Actually, hunny – I’m a divorced woman, trying to resurrect her stock-market career! Thanks to my former husband, I walked away from 6-figure income job. I’m trying to start over now.” She added “I married a very wealthy guy 3 years ago. I thought he loved me – and for the first few months, he acted that way. We were both highly-sexed. He enjoyed my body so much. He paid for my tit-job. He said that it made me a perfect woman! But as time went by, he became more interested in work, then what went on in our bedroom. I dealt with his attitude for a full year. At that point, I’d had enough. I found an apartment to stay at temporarily and told him to kiss my ass!”Jack said, “How the fuck could a guy worry more about a goddamn job, then a real firecracker like you? I understand how much it means to have a lucrative job, but…” She smiled, and said “For one, he lost his sex-drive – but I didn’t! I need some cock from time to time! I heard about H10 last year, and thought “Fuck that idiot! Call it what you want – I need my COCK!” Having acquired some pull at Forbes, Jack said “You know, I work for Forbes-Manhattan. I’ve got a friend that told me we’re hiring in the editing department! We could use some help – what do you think?” Vivian was stunned! It was as if a prayer was being answered. She’d been hoping for a big break – maybe this was it! She said “I – I don’t know what to say… I’ve been working at a Hooters in Jersey City – but I’m only getting 30 hours a week! I’ve basically been living off the divorce settlement – but I can’t keep getting by, like that! That’s an incredibly nice thing, Jack – really, really sweet!”Although he generally let his cock do the thinking, Jack also had a big heart. He felt sorry for Vivian and what she’d gone through. He said, “I hope you’re doing okay – I’ve heard divorce settlements get messy!” Vivian raised her eyebrows and said “Yeah – you could say that. I didn’t wanna raid his closet – I just wanted out! He wasn’t happy about it at all! He acted like an ass, and it cost him! I got 30% of his money – and yeah, it was a pretty big haul! I got to keep my clothes – my shoes – and my TITS – all $4,500 of ’em!” Jack grinned, and “You know, you’re really incredible! I wish we could go out, or something – after I talk to the people at Forbes! I wonder – would you like to go to dinner, some time? Maybe in a couple of weeks?” Vivian blushed, and said “Are you serious? I’m really tied up for the next two weeks, but I’d like that a lot!” As they got dressed, they exchanged cell numbers and agreed that they would go out on a Saturday night, rather than go to H10!

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