Jack , David


My name is Jack, well John Jesse, but you can call me Jack, and this is the story of how I got with my now boyfriend. It is in fact, a love story and I want to focus much more in the love part of it, with no lack of the sexual aspect of it, though the buildup for it is a bit long (well, not ‘a bit’).

In order for you, my kind reader to understand somewhat more my situation, I’m going to describe myself first: by then I was 21 years old, white, 5 ft. 7 in., 135 lbs, I have light hazel eyes, with a “twink” body type, tho not solely bones and skin, and almost no muscles, I have natural chesnut hair but by then I just had have it dyed silver (picture more white-ish than gray); my hair is also curly, but as it gets difficult to handle when it grows I had it short, well like 2 inches long. I battled with my weight for a long time, since I was seriously overweight in my teen years, however I have had a better diet since I was 19 yo and I now have it under control. My two other great insecurities are my nose, which is a bit too big and hooked for what I would like, and my acne, which, even though is not that severe, I haven’t had a day without a red pimple in my face since I was twelve, and have some of them in my back and butt cheeks, which made me specially insecure since, even though I was a virgin back then I already knew that, I am a bottom.

I was living in a flat near college in a city that we’ll call San Sebastian (I googled up that he is kind of the Patron Saint of the Gays, plus it sounds californian with a “San” in it), I was studying back then political science, and it was an election that year, so along with my Drag Race obsession, I was busy enough, even making calls for a candidate I liked. However, my roommate Tom, with whom I started renting, is a bit of a nerd and had already finished his major, so he was ready to go and get a job in other state, thus I started looking for another roomate.

Now, all my insecurities up until then, had prevented me to have a more active sexual live, that along with the fact that I didn’t realize, or well, fully accept, my homosexuality until I was 19, in spite of the constant teasing in school. I am really lucky to have made really good friends tho, Kathryn, a blonde Canadian that is studying law, with a really hot body and the worst taste in men, then in a realationship with this jerk jock named Tristan; Angela, a black head-shaven communist badass studying math; and Rita a redhead studying biology that had a serious heartache because she was in a relationship with Tom and he was not willing to try distance.

One day Angela told me that her associate professor of topology (not even I have a clue of what that is), David, was looking for a place, that he was chill, that he was just 27, and that he is really good at helping them with the subject, so that she gave him my number, and since I so desperately needed the money, I was down to it. In the afternoon that same day I received a text, and in a rather formal tone we set a ‘date’ to meet each other before making any arrangements.

The day came and I arrived first at the Café, it was still 7 in the morning so I was wearing a coat and easy pants. Then he arrived, he was not much taller than me, an inch or two, so he was not tall at all. But he walked with his head up, as if he were not aware of that fact. He was bearded, and with short straight black hair, and brown eyes, slim lips and a straight pointy nose. He seemed white but was a light-skin latino, so he was in fact ‘dah-vid’ and not ‘day-vid’. He had jeans and a red sweater that was very tight to his body, and in fact seemed really comfy and soft. So, the thightness of his sweater let me see his two big strong arms, and his hard chest, which distracted me.

“Hi-i, Da-david, right?” I stuttered. I finally took my eyes off his arms, and looked him in his dark eyes. He first was serious, let a second past while keeping eye contact, and then smiled at me.

“That’s right, you should be Jack then,” he said confidently, with a very light, yet noticeable mexican accent. I responded smiling, possibly stupidly, trying to focus on the deal on the table for a roomate-ship, and not on getting railed by his strong arms. “Take a seat, and please talk about yourselt a bit, it’s important for me to get to know you if we’re going to live together,” I added.

“I’m here studying a PhD on maths, while I help my thesis advisor as an assistant professor in her more basic courses, that’s how I met Angela, she is a very bright student, by the way. I have been living in a place that’s about to be sold, I needed to find an apartment so I told the class that, and well, here we are”. He said, without losing his perfect smile.

“Yeah, I kinda already knew that, but… you know, what else should a prospect of roomate should know about you?” I interjected.

“Of course, well, I normally stick to a tight schedule, waking up early in the morning, to work out and have breakfast, then I disappear from the house from 7 am to around 5 pm, between assiting in classes and making my own research. I like beşevler escort to hear music in my from time to time, for you to know, some of it in spanish, that can be a bit bothering, I imagine; but besides that I don’t really represent a hassle.” He said, while it was really hard to me to not check him out and keep paying attention. “Ohhh! I have a girlfriend, so… occasionally we’ll make some noise, I guess.” Shit.

The conversation continued with us discussing the more boring terms of the deal, and with me, I believe visibly, dissapointed with the straightness of the hot guy that will live with me for now on. So the time went by, and the day he moved in arrived. He had really few things: a foam matress that did not look comfortable at all, his clothes that were not much, his hygiene stuff, some math books and books in spanish, weights, an iPad, and a chalk board that I saw him paste to the wall with the tools of the moving freight.

“I know that you are an immigrant and stuff, but you have been here for a list a year, how can you have only this?” I asked him. He laughed

“I know that it seems like few things, but at the end these are the things that I need, and I like to, you know, have light luggage” he responded.

“Ha-ha, what? What for?” I insisted on a more elaborated response.

“Hmmm, I think that having too much of what you don’t need may distract you from the really important stuff, you know; besides, when you pay for stuff, you pay with money that you earn by working some time, so at the end you are paying time of your life, in change of, you know, just stuff.” He said, amusing me.

“So that’s why you get along so well with Angela, you are a commie,” I told the joke, to lighten things up, and he laughed.

“Hey, you have been so great with me, man; now you must let me prepare dinner for you in my new home, will you?” He asked, instantly making me remember myself that he got a girlfriend and that this was in fact, not an actual date.

“Yeah, if I ever refuse a free meal, please kill me,” I accepted.

So the next hours went by with me faking that I was working on some homework in my laptop, and checking out how he cooked, he prepared everything, making a vegetable soup and what he called real mexican tacos, with ‘tortillas’ and meat from a mexican market nearby.

So by 7 pm, dinner was ready and I have to admit that though the ‘salsa’ was really spicy, I enjoyed it a lot. He told me about his upbringing, how he is the only child of a single mother that raised him while being a middle school teacher. I told him about my childhood too, that I had a big sister that was a doctor, and that I was the gay son of a small town’s preacher, which made him laugh and remember me the Dusty Springfield song.

By 9 o’clock we finished our meals and he went on to wash the dishes. I then turned on the TV and start watching the DILF’s makeover episode of the 4th Season of RPDR. When he got near the TV, he sat on the couch near me.

“What? Is this too gay for Mr. Mathematician?” I said, causing in him a big laugh. God, I love watching him laughing.

“Last episode Latrice slayed Dida on the lipsync, it is my favourite lip-sync up until know.” He responded to my sarcasm.

“Excuse me? Does your girlfriend know you are gay?” I said, causing in him yet another laugh,

“Let’s watch.” I made space for him near my seat, and I took advantage of the situation by leaning on him, and he was really strong, so it felt really good. Also, he did not deny anything. Then we saw the best Aretha Franklin lipsync ever, and we argue if Sharon Needles or Chad Michaels should win the race, after time went, I got asleep in his arms, and I woke up in his chest when he was trying to get up to work out.

I faked that I was still asleep while watching him workout series of sit ups, push ups, squats and a bit of weights, I love to watch that sweaty man work out. Then he started making breakfast and made me two fried eggs he calls ‘huevos estrellados’, leaving them in the dining room’s table and leaving without ‘waking me up’ and by leaving me a note, with perfect handwriting.

So naturally, I ate my breakfast and called the girls to tell the what just happened. Kathryn told me that he was in fact gay and “totally dying for me”, which was clearly not the case. Rita was too busy still lamenting herself, and Angela was way more skeptical than Kath, saying that she has seen him with his girlfriend, but conceding the ‘sus’ of it all, while saying to me that he is a very naturally kind person and that he often goes out of his way to help the class, so it was most probably just kindness what flourished that day.

So time went by, and we both saw the rest of the episodes of that Drag Race Season, him lamenting the loss of first Latrice Royale and then Chad Michaels. His morning was in fact a routine, and since I had a perfect view of his room from mine when both doors are open, I had full acess to the morning show, and then he always made me some eggs, büyükesat escort in different forms, which I learnt to love. I always teased him for of his use of ketchup on egg. Gross.

I met his girlfriend, Chloe, one day, she was a thin girl, of about 24 years, studying her masters on linguistics, with chesnut hair and round eyeglasses, maybe she was a good person overall, but with me I always felt this sort of shadiness, I imagine it was there because she felt that I had a crush on him, which was, well, not untrue. I really didn’t stand the sound of her moans those nights.

So, one day he told me that Chloe and him broke up, she felt that he was not placing her enough attention, he tried to defend himself by saying that the thesis and the classes really take all his time. So I hugged him. And he hugged me back, letting a few tears go by. I was really happy for him being single, I hate to admit, but, well, I really felt his sorrow.

A couple of weeks later, I invited the girls to the apartment, and David was working inside, that was, in fact the time Kath and Rita met him, normally we saw each other not in the house. So we were insisting Rita to go out and have fun with some stranger, after all she was beautiful, and she had to get over Tom, well Kath and me where the ones trying to convince her, for Angela was really amused with what David was doing in his chalk board, and since nobody else in the room were able to understand it, she kinda was alone with him.

So finally Rita said yes, and when we went to tell Angela the plan, she invited David, tho starting refusal because he didn’t want to be seen going out to a bar with a student, he agreed. In the bar, Kath spotted Tristan, so he joined us, and since Kath and Tristan were on each other lips and Angela and David were still talking math, Rita and me were kind of on our own, there I told Rita that I really had a hard crush on David, and she started teasing me with that, so we decided to make Rita talk to boys, but since we were both introvertes, it was a big challenge and soon we run out of ideas to approach a stranger, and we called out the table to join a conversation together or play something, and then we agreed to play Truth or Dare.

So first, Kath dared Rita to ask the cute bartender his number, and so she did, but he say that he could not tell that information while working, though he thought she was sexy. Angela asked Tristan who, besides Kath, was the sexiest in the bar, question that Tristan answered with “you” referring to her, making Kath seriously angry. By then we all have drinked a good amount of alcohol, and were pretty drunk, specially Tristan, and given the fact that the person who had drink the most was David, it was surprising that he was not showing it up at all.

However, when it was our turn, I asked David what was the real reason Chloe break up with him, and a bit mocking Tristan’s answer, he just said “you”, which made the whole table shut up for a bit, until the game continued, with no serious minded questions from that point.

Then Kath and Tristan abandon the bar in favor of going to someone’s apartment, Angela started to make out with some random dude in a corner, and Rita was falling asleep so we cheked out Angela was ok, and we got Rita to her apartment in David’s car. Rita, wasted in the car, started the following conversation:

“Guys, I want to have something like Kath and Tristan, I don’t like him but he and Kath are one for each other,” she said. “They have something real, worldly, mundane maybe, not something composed of two pretentious pricks that are not willing to even try long distance, but by those who are as dumb to believe in love”. At this point both of us, David and I, let out a little chuckle at her expenses. And I was just watching him, admiring how sexy is a man driving a car.

“I wish I had the strength to forget Thomas and have something mundane. I wish you also have the courage to tell David you love him” she said and felt asleep immediately after. I wanted to die, I was really ashamed of myself, how to deny what is that obvious? Silence reined, up until he lifted her to her apartment and he returned to the car.

“So… do you want to talk?” he said

“Do you?” I responded.

“I do,” he responded, “is that true, do you love me?”

“Shut up, Mr. ‘You’,” I said.

“Please answer the question, Jack,” he insisted. A long pause.

“What is seen should not be asked,” I said.

“God, John, say it,” he almost pleaded, and I shut up all the way up until we got home.

“Why? Why do you want to hear it?”, I said, asking for mercy in the sort of safety of our apartment. “Is it to boost your ego? Or to have an upper card?”

“Because Chloe didn’t break up with me, I did with her,” he said. “She is a great person, and maybe the most perfect girl in the world, but I met the perfect boy for me.” My heart skipped a beat. “I had the realisation of it some time ago, I had to be truthful to myself, and that is the reason, çankaya escort even when I was with her I couldn’t stop thinking of watching TV with you, the time you got asleep in my arms, or discusing meaningless stuff with you, or how you sneak just to watch me work out, I mean, I don’t know if I love you yet, but you had become a fundamental part of my world”.

“David, what do you want from me?” I started to softly cry.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean, you come here, letting me watch you work out, and cuddling me, and feeding me daily, and giving me so much, and when you see me, you don’t see me, you see some kind of precious treasure, a person that you treat with tenderness, not me, the one who has only receive from you and that has given you nothing, and when you see me with those dark eyes of yours, you give me calm with only a stare, and you make me feel like a brother of yours, a child of yours, someone that while loved, will never be your boyfriend, and then you let me in ridicule for an hour asking me to admit that I love you, for what? For what!” I started to full on sobbing and run to hug him. “David?”

“Yes, Jack,” he responded, breaking his voice a bit.

“I love the crazy philosophies you have on having stuff, and the way you cook, the way you sing songs in spanish despite your awful singing voice, and I love your arms, and how they hug me, I love your eyes and how they see me, I love that just accepting that you are here and that you see something in me as good as you do, make to accept that I am that someone, at list partially, and love me for that, I love you,” I finally concede.

He pulls me apart a bit, grabs my jaw with his right hand, starts to caress my cheek and my curls, and he forces me to look him at the eyes. He is deadly earnest for a second, the he smiles, and then he kisses me, he starts slowly like if it was only going to me a little peck, but then he gets passionate, and gives me a really tender but firm kiss that last for about 5 seconds, while I can feel how his beard makes me itch a little. This was it, my fantasy of the last months. Then he goes to my neck and starts kissing my neck, I let a few moans out while receiving those kisses climbing up to my face, then he arrives to my lips again and starts kissing me passionately, he grabs my ass and squezes it, then he lifts me by my butt and I get my legs attached to his trunk, then he starts to clean the tears in my face with his kisses and when he returns to my lips, his mouth feels saltly. He stops a bit after a long kiss in the cheek.

“Are you okay?” He asks.

“Yes. Don’t stop,” I tell him, like in a hurry.

“Where do you want me to get?” He asks playfully.

“All the way,” I whisper in his ear.

“Are you sure?” He asks, yet again.

“Yes, I have never craved something more than you inside me,” I said to him watching him in the eye.

“Let me get the stuff, then,” he says, returning with a condom and some lube.

He finds me sitted in my bed, he kneels in front of me, unbottons my shirt and thows it away, he sees for the first time my acne there and my heart stops, he ignores it and goes on to caress my nipples, then he pinches them, which hurts but feels so right, while whispering to my ear that tonight he will make me his. My erection grows at it biggest, and I take his shirt away, God, his arms are so filled with muscles and so strong, his chest is very firm, and even though he doesn’t have abs, he has a very strong and firm abdomen, and is very hairy everywhere.

He then takes my pants off, and then slowly and steadly he takes off my undies, reveling my 6 inches long cut shaft, he goes down, saying that this is his first time so better not to be too judgy. He orders me to lay down, then he first go after my sack, where he licks the middle line from behind to upfront, then with his fingertips he massage the skin of the balls, and slowly rises from the base of the cock to the top, making circles with his tongue when he arrives to the glans. Then he tries his luck taking my cock, but he gets only up to arguably 4 or 5 inches, however, I feel in heaven and am actively trying not to cum just from the oral. He then focus on the glans more and makes me sit down and kisses me again.

He then takes his trousers off and reveals his hard cock of about 7 inches and much more thick than mine. He places his condom on him, makes me lay down again and takes lube on his fingers, first with the index finger, he enters my hole just 2 or 3 inches up until his first anckle, and starts to massage like saying to come with his finger, I feel the touch and start to squirm, on a second he stops my twisting and continous with two fingers, with his other hand he starts jacking me off, and no more than 3 minutes after, I splode in cum all over my belly and chest. He lays down besides me, and whispers: “Hey little boy, I’m glad you have enjoyed this, now is my turn to have fun.”

Then he turns me laying in my chest, applies lube to the condom, and enters me slowly. One, two, three inches, I groan while he pulls my back to the bed with his right hand and shuttes me up with his left. I feel so overpowered, yet so safe. Four, five inches, I try shout of pleasure and pain. Six, seven and he stops, totally impaling me. He takes his hand off my mouth and my back and places them in my own, leans in me enough to kiss me in the mouth, and whispers: “are you ready?” I nod.

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