jack and amnada 2


you should know there will be incest in this story so if u dont like it then done read it. this is the 2nd one to the story so you should read the first one

Jack decided to head home because it was getting late and he didn’t want his mom to freak out although his head was anything but clear.

Amanda was on IM talking with her friend

“So what did he say when you made your move.”

“Well I chickened out.”


“Yea but then I went to the bathroom to masturbate and when I was I heard a noise and I figured that jack was behind the curtains.”

Amanda went on to tell him what happened…

“So how long was the drive?”

“Well he is still not home.”

“Oh well; you really made him think”

“Yea I did. Well I have school in the morning so good night”


Amanda got undressed and got into bed. She loved to sleep nude; all the cool sheets touching her bare skin… It felt just amazing. Then in her sleep the sheets would get bunched up in her crotch and would rub in her sleep. She laid there thinking of how she was going to keep it in Jack’s mind and get him to give in. She knew that Jack would often dream about the things he thinks of: ideas of how to build it. It would, as he said, just be right there and he would look around and see any problems. So her idea is she would put 2 sleeping pills in his hot coco which she was going to make

She got up and put a night gown on and walked down states and made 3 hot cocos one for her, her mom and jack. She did this to not arouse any suspicion. She got 2 sleeping pills and crunched them up and put it in his drink and stirred it up real good. The box said only take 1 pill, but for what she had planed she needed to be sure he wouldn’t wake up. She gave one cup to her mom, and they started to sip their drinks when they heard the garage door open and Jack came in there.

Mom said, “Hey hun Amanda made you some hot coco on the counter over there.”

“Oh thanks,”. Jack said happily to cover up for anything. Part of his good lies is that he always is setting a base for a lie to be built on. He took the cup and downed the drink so he could be alone. After he did, he thought, “What is that taste?” It wasn’t hot coco.

Amanda saw him down the drink, and then he had a look of WTF, and she saw a huge hole in her plan. She didn’t think about the taste of the pills.

Jack decided that it was nothing and said, “I am going to bed. ‘Night”

By the time jack had brushed his teeth, he was really tired, still thinking about what had happened, but when you go to sleep common sense is the first think to shut off before you got out and Jack was thinking, “You know Amanda is really hot I should just like fuck her. Yea that sounds good”

Jack fell onto his bed and fell asleep instantly.

Amanda talked with her mom for about an hour and then they retired for bed but Amanda wasn’t going to sleep she waited a good 2 more hours to be sure her mom was out, and she was sure Jack was.

She got up and took her night gown off and walked to Jack’s room. As she made her way, she thought, “maybe I gave him too much” because on the floor there was a tube of toothpaste and as she went to open the door she saw it hadn’t been closed all the way like normal she pushed it open and saw on the ground was Jack’s toothbrush. “Yep. I gave him too much. Oh we’ll he won’t wake up,” She thought, with an evil grin.

She got to his bed side and in the dark she saw that he had kinda just fell on to his bed face down.

“Damn,” Amanda mumbled.

She was going to give him a hand job, but she can’t do that with him face down, so she slowly rolled him over, and he was just out: didn’t even move.

She quickly got his pants down and his dick out of his shorts. He was already hard. She smiled knowing of what he must be dreaming of.

Jack’s dream started with what had happened that afternoon when his gf broke up with him; then to when he picked up Amanda. He was looking for anything that would suggest that she planned this, and he couldn’t find anything. She let him do the track because he was mad at he EX girlfriend, and she made dinner because it was her turn to do so, and the movie made sense because their mom would never let them watch it. Then his dream got to the part where they were in the bathroom, but, for some reason, it went differently in his dream because she told him she would give him a Blowjob if he returned the favor. She started with her hands then moved into a Blowjob.

Back in Jack’s room …

Amanda started with her hands. Then she thought, “What if he doesn’t ever give in, and I have a fantasy that never comes true?” So she decided that she was going to say fuck him first. She was going all out.

She then took his dick in her mouth and started to give him a BJ, and he was making noises that sounded like he was enjoying it. Amanda knew she was enjoying it. She had dreamed of this for so long: feeling his hard pulsing cock. In her mouth she would lick the underside of his dick and then take it back in her mouth. She then stopped; she could go on forever but she wasn’t going to have him finish in her mouth.

Back in Jack’s dream Amanda was giving him the Blowjob of his life and Jack was wondering how she knew how to give such good BJs. She then stopped and got on all 4s and presented her holes to him and said to him pick a hole and “fuck me!” He couldn’t believe his ears, but he was way to horny to argue. He decide to put it in her ass because, he had no condom and he didn’t know if she was on the pill; plus he could tell himself later that it doesn’t count if it was in the ass.

Back in Jack’s room Amanda was getting on top of her brother. She took his dick and rubbed it on the outside her pussy, but she said. “No not this way.” Truth was Amanda was a virgin. She had been saving her self she for brother, but she wanted Jack to know he was her first. She had given a hand job to an old boyfriend, and she let him cum on her tits, and she loved the feeling of hot cum landing on her tits. That’s why she had to jump in front of Jack when he came she had to live just that much of her fantasy.

So after she rubbed his dick around her pussy she moved it back to her ass she had always loved the feeling of something keeping her ass full she slowly sat down on his dick bit by bit she took all 8 in. This was the biggest, longest thing she ever had in her ass. When she felt her cheeks make touch down she started to slowly rode her brother

Back in Jack’s dream….

Jack moved over to his sister and started by rubbing his dick on her pussy then he used her pussy juices as lube on the tip of his dick. Then he pushed his dick in her ass she moaned a little and Jack let out a little grunt as his hips made touch down on her ass cheeks. She then slowly started to pull in and out. Then she started to really fuck her, and he fucked her hard he could, feeling that this wasn’t going to take long. He was so turned on, plus he had already been masturbating then got a BJ. Amanda was screaming “YES! YES! FUCK MY TIGHT ASS! OH OH….FUUUCK!” Jack was holding back all he could to not show how much he was enjoying this. Amanda was about to cum; she was screaming. “YESSS I..I..M CUMMMING! AHAHAA OH SHIT!” Jack saw all her muscles start to clench as he felt her her ass tighten around his dick. This was too much; he was going to cum. But he wasn’t going to cum in her ass this was his sister so at the last second, he pulled out saying “I am going to cum ahhh!” and came all over her back Then his dream started to fade.

Back in Jack’s room…

Amanda was getting close to cumming when she felt Jack’s dick stiffen and get ready to cum. She jumped off his dick and put it in her mouth just as his first load of cum hit her tongue. He had at least 6 more loads of hot cum that Amanda took in her mouth. After he was done she wanted to badly to swallow his wonderful cum, but she had other plans for it. She spat it back out on on the tip of his softening cock as if he had blown a load in his pants. She quickly pulled his pants back up, and just as she finished she heard Jack starting to wake up. He took a deep breath and moved his arms up to push himself up. Amanda quickly rolled under his bed. She was completely nude under her brothers bed; her pussy was so wet and she still needed to cum so even though it was really risky, she felt her hand move down to her pussy and she started to rub herself getting closer and closer to a huge orgasm. She heard her brother sit up and shake his head then she heard a “really” and a snap of boxer shorts Then she heard him fall back down. Amanda was about to cum and hard she had to bite she lip to stop from making sound but as her orgasm hit her she arched her back, and her hips hit the underside of Jack’s bed she rolled over and shook all over. Then, in her afterglow she drifted off to sleep.

In Escort Jack’s dream…

All the colors and his sister faded into darkness. Then there was nothing and Jack felt reality start to come and his eyes opened. He looked at the floor right next to his bed, he swore there was something right there but he shook his head. He felt a wet spot in his shorts he pulled the elastic band on his shots up and saw he had came in his shorts in his sleep he only did that in extremely hot dreams that he would fantasize about. He breathed. “Really!?” He felt sleep taking over, and his arms collapsed, and he fell back down on the bed and into sleep

The next morning Jack’s alarm went off tearing Jack and Amanda from their sleep. Amanda, still nude and under her brothers bed, realized that she had fallen asleep there. She saw Jack sit up and turn off the alarm. He stretched and walked out of his room to the bathroom. Amanda quickly went to her room and got ready for school. Jack, when he got to the bathroom, remembered that he came in his sleep to him fucking his sister. It would have made him hard if he didn’t already have morning wood. He tried his best to pee, but it was hard to do so. He brushed his teeth and took a shower. He hated taking showers in the morning, but he got back too late the night before to take one, so he did so now. He ate breakfast, thinking about his dream and the night before. Their mom had already left for work. When he was just about done eating Amanda came down and asked how he slept with a wicked smile.

He said “It was pretty good I was super tired though. How about you?” How could she just completely ignore what had happened last night?

“Oh it was ok. I have a sore neck tho as if I had slept on the floor.” She said with a chuckle.

The rest of the morning was a silent one. They drove to school, and when Jack dropped her off, he couldn’t help but notice that she dropped her lunch and bent over to pick it up. Jack caught himself staring and told himself “No, no” and drove to the high school. When he got there, his best friend, David, was already there. When he pulled up next to him, David got out of his car and got into Jack’s. They could talk for about 10 min ‘til school started and because David drove a piece of shit car compared to the MG. They decide it would look better for girls to see them get out of it than out of David’s car.

David said, “Hey man. What’s up?”

“Some messed up shit.” Jack said, sternly.

“What’s going on?”

“Well last night, I masturbated with my sister.”

“What!? Why? How?”

“Well I went to go jack off in the bathroom, but I forgot to lock the door and she walked in and I quickly jumped into the shower, and she started to masturbate too. Then she found me and said that we would finish together or she would tell mom I was watching her get undressed so I had to.”

“Well fuck… I guess there is nothing really wrong with it.”

“Wait. It gets worse.”


“Well she jumped in front of me as I came and she made it land all over her tits then she ate some of it and told me to get out so she could shower.”

“Oh shit. Really?”

“Yea, then I had a dream I fucked her.”

“Did you blow a load in your sleep?”

“Yea, I did. What do I do? Should I just go with it, or do I push her away, or do I tell mom? What do I do?”

“Man, I don’t know. It sounds like you’re fucked either way. If you push her away she might hate you forever. If you tell your mom, it might backfire, but if you roll with it that’s incest.”

“I know.”

“Ok, well I say roll with it. It’s the best outcome. Either way let’s face it. Your sister is hot, and she is getting more so every day she lives with you, so you could get pussy any time and-”

“Are u serious!?”

“Yea man. I’d say go for it.”

“You’re fucking crazy. I’m not doing it.”

“Alright. Suit yourself; I would do it.”

For the rest of the day Jack couldn’t stop thinking about Amanda. He tried to push her out of his mind, saying it was wrong.


Amanda was thinking up her next move. She needed to make a big move so that Jack doesn’t brush it off as a random thing. She had 3 ideas:

1- she would just come on to him hard and see if she catches on.

2- she would try seducing him again, but this time she wouldn’t chicken out.

3- she would knock him out somehow and tie him to a chars and would force him to fuck her.

She decided that the 3rd idea would be best because she would win, either way, and the idea of forcing him really turned her on, so she planned it all out and waited till school was out.

At 2:40 Jack drove up and picked her up. She wanted to make him really comfortable, so that her plan would work so she started talking to him about things he liked.

“So,” She started, “do u still want to put a V8 in this car?”

Jack replied excitedly: “Yea, I would love to but I need money and a good reason to get a new engine.”

“Why don’t you just do it as you get the money?”

Jack said, sadly: “Well mom said unless I have the cash for it mom doesn’t want me to start, but if the engine was bad then she would be ok with it going as I can afford it.”

“Oh cool.” Amanda was really interested because she knew how he could get some cash to do it. They talked about how Jack would do it if he had unlimited cash and how he would on a budget the money. They got home and they both got something to eat. Then Amanda started her plan.

“You know.” She started, “I remembered when I was in, like, 3rd grade. We use to see who could make there face the reddest and I always won. I bet I could beat you even.”

Jack was one who never turned down a challenge, and hated to lose so he said. “Bet you can’t.” Jack was thinking that the other night must have been a random thing and that Amanda was talking with him so freely, she must have meant nothing, so he brushed it off.

Amanda said “Oh really we’ll then prove it. Ready? Set. Go!” Amanda had done what she said in 3rd grade, and she won, but she put so much pressure to her head she fainted; so all she had to do was not faint.

Jack made his face as red as he could but he could tell Amanda was winning and he wasn’t about to lose, so he made it redder. As he did so, he was like “I feel dizzy.” Then nothing.

Amanda watched as Jack’s eyes closed, and he fell to the ground. she said, “Oh Maybe I should have had him get on the couch, and not the tall bar stool. Oh well.”

She brought him upstairs, which was really hard. In her room, she tied him to her bed: his arms at the head board, and the feet to the foot board. He was still out which surprised her because she was only out for 3 min and he had been out for almost 10 so she decided to get into seductive clothing. She got her Halloween costume out: she went as a playboy bunny. Her mom didn’t know this, though. It was a mistress outfit that used to cover her up, so she could wear it without people seeing her tits and pussy, but she had modified it so her tits and pussy were exposed. Now she thought it looked sexy, and she would wear it, when she was feeling dirty sometimes, under her clothes all day. She then put on some black boots that matched the black costume. She sat down in her desk chair, and waited for Jack to wake up. After 20 minutes since he passed out he started to wake up his eyes opened and he started blinking trying to focus on something then he realized he couldn’t move he then heard “Have a good nap?”

Jack’s head shot over to where he heard the voice come from. Trying to focus on her, he could see that she was sitting cross-legged. His vision finally cleared and he could the person that the owned the voice: “Amanda!” Jack screamed. She stood up and walked over to him very sexually.

“Amanda, what are u wearing!?!”

“Oh, this? It’s my dirty girl outfit,” She said with a evil smile. “Do u like it?”

Jack had to admit it look sexy as hell on her.

“Amanda what’s going on? Why am I tied up?”

Amanda got up on the bed straddling Jack and sitting down so her pussy was resting on his dick through his pants. He was still soft, she thought.

“Well brother, you are tied up because” She leaned down and whispered in his ear and said. “you won’t give me what I want.” She reached to her boot and grabbed the knife she had clipped to her boot she brought it up to his neck and said “You see, I want you really bad. I want your dick inside me. I want your cum in my pussy.” She felt his dick twitch in his pants against her pussy. She smiled a wicked smile, and sat up. She dragged the knife’s blunt end down but the point was leaving a little scratch as she moved it to his collar, and there, she cut a small slit in his shirt. “She put the knife back, and took both of her hands and said “Let’s get this out of the way.” and she ripped his shirt off revealing his chest. Escort Bayan She leaned down again and slid her tits over his nipples and she held his head as she went in for a kiss. Jack tried to avoid her lips but she had a good grip on his head. She gave him a little peck and said “What’s wrong? Don’t you want me to kiss you?”

Jack said. “No!” But when he did so, she stole that moment to grab his lips with hers and get her tongue in his mouth. Jack was thinking “Shit! Shit! I can’t avoid her kiss now,” and then a voice in his head repeated what David said that morning:

“Just roll with it lets face it your sister is hot.”

And she was, easily, now in that outfit. She was in but Jack pushed it out of his head. But he was now almost completely hard, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Amanda broke the kiss and moved down to his pants dragging her fingers down his body which felt amazing and looked hot as hell with her blue eyes looking up at him and that wicked grin. When she got to his pants, she used her teeth to pull the bitten off and unzip his pants. She then yanked them down and then using her teeth again she pulled down his boxers. Jack struggled to break free but it was useless he would have to break the ropes before the knots gave way.

Amanda said, “Well, well, well. What do we have here? Your little sister is making you hard? Tisk, tisk, tisk. Well, we are just going to have to do something about that now won’t we,” she said with a grin.

Amanda started at his balls; she kissed each one. Then she licked in between them and followed that lick all the way up the underside of his dick. Then when she got to the head, she gave it a little kiss which made Jack’s dick jump. Amanda giggled and said, “Hold on there a minute. I will get there sooner or later.”

Jack didn’t want her to get there; he just stared in horror as his sister gave him a BJ. “Now where was I?” Amanda started. “Oh yes; your head.”

She then kissed down the left side of his dick then kissed up the right side. She then made an ‘O’ with her lips and sucked and Jack’s dick went into her mouth like as if she was a vacuum cleaner. Jack gasped, but trying not to enjoy this too much. No. Not at all, but that voice was there again.

“Roll with it lets face it your sister is hot,”

“And she gives great BJs,” he thought. No, wait. No she didn’t! This was just too much for him.

Amanda was bobbing her head up and down making sure she was doing good. She would go down pressing her tongue on the underside of his dick. Then she would twirl, on the up-stroke, her tongue on his tip and go back down and repeat. She then took a deep breath and went all the way down. All 8 inches of Jack’s dick was in her mouth and through. Jack moaned. He had never had someone deep throat him before. Amanda smiled the best you can with 8 inches of cock in your mouth. She came back up taking a deep breath again. She giggled and relished that Jack couldn’t see her very well. With his head flat on the bed all he could see was the ceiling.

“Well hold on here, Jack. You don’t have a view, do you?” She got off of the bed and go a pillow folded it in half and picked his head up and put the pillow under his head, which forced jack to look right where Amanda would be working. “That’s better; isn’t it?” She said, mischievous. She got back on the bed like before but she then decided that she wanted jack to have a view of it all, so she flipped around so that her ass and pussy was in front of his face, and he could see under her to watch her blow him. She said “Feel free to eat me out if you like.”

She then went back to the BJ but this time every 3rd or 4th stroke she would take him all and she made her ass dance from side to side to add to the view Jack had.

Jack couldn’t believe what was happening. Amanda, his sister, was giving him the best BJ he had ever had. All though he hadn’t had many, this one was by far the best. Then the view he had of his sister’s ass and pussy was amazing. Equally amazing was that he wasn’t like paralyzed that he might be eating her out. Jack notices that she was really wet too; her pussy was glistening in the light, and he could smell her too. She smelled amazing: much better than his ex. It was probably the best thing he had ever smelled: like chocolate chip cookies out of the oven but 10 times better than that. She didn’t smell like cookies; it just smelled better than that. He also saw that she shaved. He hated hair, in fact. He shaved it all off too; he would use the big bottle of hair removal cream that was in the bathroom. He thought Amanda only used that on her legs and arms. He was wrong, but he sure didn’t mind. About 10 minutes had passed since Amanda had startled him, and he was starting to get close and Amanda must have known because she stopped and said. “Hey when I told u that you feel free to eat me out if you, like I meant eat me out now!”

So she sat down on his face placing her pussy right above his mouth. This took jack by surprise. He hadn’t expected for her to just sit down on his face. Amanda said, sharply, “I am waiting.”

This brought Jack out of his trance and that voice said “roll with it” and he was like, “well it’s on my face and I can tell myself later, she forced me if I feel guilty.” So jack opened up his mouth and started to eat her out. He started by licking up and down her slit and she tasted better than she smelled if that was possible.

Amanda was starting to moan, “Oh yes Jack that’s it right there.” Amanda had never been eaten out before and so far she loved it. Then Jack started tongue fucking, her which shot shivers up Amanda’s spine. “Oh FUCK that’s good. That’s right tongue fuck my pussy! Oh yes! Deep! Mmhh oh yea right there that’s it!!” Amanda moaned.

Jack found her clit and when he hit that Amanda jumped and screamed as a shock of electricity shot through every part of her body. “SHIT…OH FUCK YES RIGHT THERE LICK MY CLIT REAL GOOD.”

Then the rest was gibberish as she was about to cum she lifted her legs off the bed and all her weight pushing down on Jack’s mouth trying to force her clit more in his mouth. As she came all her insides clenched and released as she squirted in Jack’s mouth. Jack had no choice but to swallow it all as there was a really tight seal around his mouth with his sister sitting on his face. He swallowed what felt like a gallon of Amanda’s cum even though some still spread out his nose and around his mouth. Amanda had stopped all noses as she came so hard all she could think about was how good this felt and as the rest of her went numb. Her pussy was on fire and to her that was all that existed right. Then was her pussy exploding with intense pleasure. Wave after wave of her orgasm made it feel like it was never going to end but then when it finally did, she fell down laying on Jack’s chest and laid her head next to his cock which had only softened a little now. As she fell, her pussy came away from Jack’s mouth making a soft pop then Jack started coughing, trying to clear his nose and lungs from Amanda’s pussy juice.

Amanda still breathing heavily managed to say. “Thanks… Jack…. That… Was….” She struggle to find a word to really describe what it was but it was useless; there was no words to describe what she felt so she just said, “Amazing.”

Jack just said, “Yea…” and nodded his head. As soon as Amanda had recovered enough to sit up a bit she did and took Jack’s cock back on her mouth and sucked and licked him till he was hard, but this time jack moaned and said things like “Yea that’s it.” Which made Amanda happy because before he wasn’t making any noises. Then when he was hard, she moved around so she was facing him again startling him she lowered herself down, so that her pussy was resting on the underside of Jack’s dick. She sled her pussy up and down Jack’s dick, making it wet with her pussy juices. Jack’s head went back and he said, “Oh fuck man.”

Amanda smiled and then lifted herself up on her knees and picked Jack’s dick up and aimed it for her pussy. She rubbed his tip around her pussy and said. “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this.”

Jack who had given in to everything else thought, “That son of a bitch! I have been knocked out tied up, and I have gotten a BJ I didn’t chose to get, I had to eat her out which I didn’t chose to do, and now I am going to have to fuck my sisters pussy? No! I am not going to let her choose what hole I fuck! I get to chose this.” Jack quickly pulled his legs up and used all the slack in the ropes to adjust the aim of his dick to her ass, and then as Amanda lowered her self, expecting a dick in her pussy felt as Jack through his hips up plowing his all 8 in. of his cock deep into her ass. Amanda gasped and screamed as her ass cramped up she collapsed on to her hands and knees as Jack started to mercilessly fuck her ass. Amanda grasped the sheets of her bed, tears running down her cheeks. Bayan Escort Jack was thinking, “Good this will teach her to not mess with me.”

But then Amanda took a deep breath And relaxed all the muscles in her body and her ass stopped cramping and the pain turned into pleasure as she started to scream., “YESSS FUCK MY TIGHT ASS! OH I LOVE IT! YES! YESSS! OH FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD JACK CUM INSIDE MY ASS DEEP INSIDE ME!!!”

Jack was confused. Had she been fucked in the ass before? The one time he and his ex tried it, she cramped up and said they were not going to do that again because it hurt way too much, so what is going on with his sister? She was loving it, but then that voice came back for the last time: “roll with it”

Jack was like “Yea. You know what? I am just going to roll with it she is hot she gives the best BJs, and she tastes amazing, she squirts, she does anal, and she came to me, so I can get pussy any time now.” Jack then started to really enjoy this and started to say, “Yea you like your brothers cock in your ass. You are a dirty little slut aren’t you?


“Whose dirty little slut are u?”


“That’s right now play with your pussy while I fuck your ass.”

“MMHHH YESSS MASTER.” Amanda was thrilled jack was giving in; he was talking dirty back to her.

Jack was surprised when she said master it was empowering, and he loved it. The idea of having his own sex slave was hot and what made it better was that it was his sister and she lived with him!


Jack had to cum too. Her BJ had already pushed him close to the edge and Amanda’s ass was really tight too. Jack replayed. “You want to cum?”


“Well then you have to promise to be my sex slave.” Amanda had wanted to be his sex slave anyways so when Jack asked her to be that almost made her cum without permission.


That just about pushed Jack over the edge.

“I am going to cum to slut. Where do u want it?


That was all Jack needed. He felt his dick start to tense up and his cum flowing from his balls to his cock. “YES YOU MAY CUM SLUT.”

“THANK YOU MASTER!” Amanda started to cum as well. She shook as an earth shattering orgasm hit her. Then Jack started to shoot his hot cum deep inside his sisters ass.

“I AM CUMMING SLUT.” When Amanda felt Jack’s cock explode cum in her ass she was sent over the 2nd edge which made her squirt just as Jack finished an amazing orgasm. Amanda fell off the 2nd edge and started shaking as she started to squirt just as intense as the 1st stage had on Jack’s mouth falling on to Jack’s chest as she went into a series of spasms every muscle in her body was twitching uncontrollably with Jack’s dick still in her ass. As all her muscles spasmed it felt amazing on Jack’s dick her intestines twitching every which way, mainly up and down and her sphincter muscle tightening and loosening which Brought Jack to a 2nd, much more intense orgasm.It felt like his balls where going to implode. As they were sucked dry, he felt all his remaining cum exploding out of his dick in a continuous stream of cum. Suddenly Jack had the strength of 10 times his normal strength. Jack’s arms and legs pulled in braking the ropes which held him to the bed. His legs pushed him and Amanda up in the air as his arms tightly grasped Amanda as the last of his cum shot out but his orgasm continued. He pulled his dick out almost all the way and slammed it back in all the way he did this 3 more times and during those 3 all that existed was him, his dick, and Amanda’s ass. Amanda’s orgasm had just ended.

As jack thrusted his dick in her for the 2nd time she let out a satisfied “AHH AHH OOOO,” for the last two; then wrapped her arms around Jack, and went in for a deep passionate kiss. She was scared for a second because Jack didn’t kiss her back, but after Jack came down from his orgasm, he realized that she was kissing him he wonders how long she had been, but he immediately kissed her back with just as much passion. Jack’s legs lowered them both back down and they lay there enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms making out.

Jack broke the kiss to catch a breath Jack said. “I can’t pull it out.” Jack, after his orgasm, was drained or energy and so was Amanda.

She replied simply. “Just leave it there. I like it.” Jack smiled thinking this is the beginning of a really good thing. He didn’t know what it was but right now he didn’t care. Amanda whispered in his ear, “I love you.” She then fell asleep and Jack fell asleep shortly after.


Amanda woke up to Jack’s hardening cock in her ass. “Hmm that’s a wonderful feeling and a hell of a way to wake up.” She thought. She woke jack when she started bouncing on his dick she said, “Hey master. How was your nap?”

“Good but we should probably shower.”

“Do we have to take it out?”

“You really love dick don’t you?”

“Yes I do; especially yours.”

“Haha well we do have to take it out.”

Aww. Amanda reluctantly got off jacks dick. It made a soft pop as it slid out and a line of jacks cum connected them for a moment longer. When Amanda was standing she said. “Wow you came a lot; I can feel it.” She also realized that her ass hole felt as if it had just been mashed and it felt relaxed.

“Yea, you made me cum twice!”

“Did I? I only remember feeling it once.”

“Well when u squirted all your muscles twitched and it felt really good and I came, like, right after the first time but a lot more intense.”


Jack could see some of his cum running down Amanda’s inner thigh. She felt it and wiped it off with her finger and put it in her mouth.

“Still hot.” She said with a smile.

“Haha well let’s get to the shower.” Jack pulled his pants up and his boxers up.

Amanda went in front of Jack first and Jack watched her ass as they walked to the shower. Amanda must have known he would be watching because she added a little wiggle as they walked. They got to the shower and Amanda got the water running and turned to jack and said.

“Sorry for tying you up.”

“It’s ok. It was so worth it. Haha.” Jack tried to untie the rope still on his legs and arms.

“Oh here get me get that.” Amanda pulled the knife off her boots and flicked it open. She moved close and took his hand close and cut the rope off then the other hand the she got down on her knees and cut the other ones off his ankles. Putting the knife back, she undid his pants letting them fall. Jack stepped out of them and then began to remove Amanda’s costume. As he undid her corset he asked, “Where did you get this?”

“Remember when at Halloween when I went to that party?”


“Well I went and got this Costume for the party, but mom would never let me wear it so I left as a cat and when I got there I put this on, but it used to cover me I just cut the stitching so that it would be more sexual.”

“Haha well I like it.” Jack said, as he took off her leggings.

“I knew you would.” Amanda kicked off her boots and jumped in the shower Jack followed. Jack started to clean Amanda; first he started with her hair and worked his way down. He lathered her shoulders and arms. Then he payed extra close attention to her tits, slowly massaging them at the base. He took one of her nipples in his mouth, lightly nibbling on it and twirling his tongue around it. As he did this Amanda would moan, and she ran her fingers through his hair. He then did the same to the other till they were hard. He had them a little more massage before continuing to kiss down down her stomach. As he lathered her back and sides when he got to her waist he lathered her ass up taking in the firmness of it and the flare of her hips. He wrapped his fingers around her ass so the tips of his fingers were in her crack. When he got to her ass hole he stopped and rubbed it for a moment; then he licked her clit as he pushed his finger inside her ass Amanda gasped and let out a moan: “Jack~”

Then jack started to eat her out again, licking up and down her slit and flicking her clit with his tongue after about a minute or two, Jack stood up with his finger still in her ass and kissed her. Two quick pecks and then one longer deeper kiss Amanda could taste herself on his lips. He then went back down and began to lather up her legs he would brush her pussy lips with his hands each time he went up. Then Jack moved her over to the shower head to rinse off and it was Amanda’s turn to wash Jack.

ok i hope u like it i had this one edited so there sould be less problems this time let me know what u think and i will get to work on the 3rd one [u]

this was edited by Funkduder on EP thanks man

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