It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 19


AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault.

It was intentionally written without names.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

She finishes the last few chapters of the story…

Monday morning… the first Monday I’ve looked forward to in years… no more classes. Finals over and passed, I don’t actually know that for sure, but I sailed through the tests so it’s just a mater of what the final score is.

I’m feeling ornery! Nice suit jacket and skirt… a short skirt! Stockings with the seam up the back and a wide cincher to hold hem up. The prettiest lace bra and thong I have… also the thinnest! A silky blouse to cover it up, but still thin enough to let the lace pattern and a lump of nipple show if I want… and the best part… my blue plug…and my yellow plug just in case!

With all the triumph I was feeling, work was nothing special that day. Briefs and research, research and briefs. I did get a call from one of the girls passing on my scores they posted just before noon. I did a little better than I thought I did, so my class ranking was still pretty good.

The surprise came the next day when I was called into the partners meeting. I hadn’t been working on anything big, so I was a bit apprehensive about it. Now usually a partners meeting only consisted of eight or ten partners, enough to form a quorum. Today all fifteen were there, and they were all looking at me…

I saw my boss and his wife, she was relaxed and smiling so it couldn’t be all bad.

The managing partner, and nice older man I had rarely had any dealing with, gaveled the meeting to order and then looked at me with a stern look. “So young lady, just what are we to do with you?”

I stared at him, probably my mouth hanging open, trying to figure out what he was talking about. What did I do?

Then he smiled at me and continued, “Number two in your class huh? Probably going to get us into a bidding war for your services… ” They all brought out champagne flutes, and one was thrust into my hand. I was shaking so bad I almost dropped it. “Congratulations!”

I pointed a finger at my boss. He just smiled and shrugged… asshole… ’bout gave me a heart attack!

After that is was a bit of hob nobbing with the partners, not something I should get used to, but nice anyway. I did get a chance to talk with the three female partners, getting some bits of advice and them asking what my plans were. They thought it was funny that I hadn’t planned on anything. My sole goal up until last Friday had been law school.

I wanted to do something with kids, but beyond that it was wide open. They all expressed a desire for me to consider staying on after the bar exam… kind of gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Being an ornery girl, that warm fuzzy feeling morphed into a stuffed feeling. I slipped into the ladies room and slipped my blue plug in for the rest of the afternoon.

So naughty walking around all these fancy attorneys with a plug in my ass! Up and down, back and forth in the offices. Feeling the little tug in my ass when my heels hit the floor. It wasn’t until later in the day I realized I had gotten used to it. Finding myself moving a bit so I could feel it moving in me. If it had been earlier in the day I might have swapped it for the yellow.

Wednesday I was feeling frisky, and managed to get the yellow plug in before I left for work, even if I did have to work my ass with the blue one first. Mmmmm, fully dressed with my panties pulled down to my knees, bent over watching that plug go in and out of my ass to open myself up for the yellow. And the way my ass sucked the yellow one in you’d have thought it was hungry! Every little bump in the road sent a shock from my ass to my clit. But walking into work was the rude awakening of how into school I had been. I walked into the office and had a Christmas card on my desk.

Friday was Christmas!… and I didn’t realize it was here. I mean I had seen the ads, and I had been putting dates on paperwork… but it just went by without noticing it. We hadn’t done anything with the apartment, I hadn’t gotten either of them a Christmas present…

I took the rest of the day off, but when I got to my car I just sat there. We had been seeing each other for a while, and we had talked about any number of things, but for the life of me I was behaving like a man… I had no clue what to get him for Christmas… and with only two days to go.

I drove up to his work, parking around the corner. Only the pot holes reminded me of my yellow plug in my ass. When I walked around the corner the arcade was decorated with big strands of garland and giant snowflakes… He knew it was Christmas, he had decorated the arcade, but I hadn’t done anything with the apartment… I thought about Christmas dinner… but Antalya Escort I can’t cook! I can make a cake or something like that, but beyond scrambling eggs and frying bacon I’m lost!

I just sat down on the bench crying. I don’t usually bawl, but it just came out, head in hands sobbing. Our first Christmas and I was going to ruin it!…

“It can’t be all that bad…” I heard from beside me.

I looked up and he was sitting there smiling at me. I just put my head on his shoulder and kept right on bawling, a sniveling shaking girl bawling on his shoulder…

I was still sniveling and sobbing when he got me up and into the arcade. He sat me down at one of the little tables and got me a cup of hot chocolate… he remembered I wasn’t a coffee drinker! And I couldn’t remember Christmas!

“So what’s all that bad?”

I looked up at him smiling at me. I probably looked like shit. What little makeup I wore was probably running down my chin, eyes all puffy and blood shot from crying… and he was smiling at me.

He cupped my chin, gave me a light kiss, and said, “Come on, fess up…”

I looked at him, my lip trembling…”I forgot Christmas…”

He looked at me for a few seconds, then broke into a grin. “That’s supposed to be my line…” and pulled me in for a hug.

I wrapped my arms around him, hanging on for dear life.

“gotta breath…” I heard him whisper.

I let him loose… a little… “Sorry.”

“It’s OK, no broken bones this time…”

I pulled back a bit more and gave him a light slap on the shoulder. “Not funny..”

He smiled at me…”Maybe a little…” and chuckled.

I had to chuckle back, “OK, maybe a little. But what are we going to do?”

“Well I know the blond picked up a few things to heat up for us. She has to work tonight, but then is off until Monday night. I got an extra string of lights left over from decorating the store, so I thought the three of us would go out and rescue one of the last remaining trees tomorrow before I come in to work.”

“But I didn’t get you or her anything… not even a card…”

“And I didn’t get you guys anything either, well kinda…”

“What did you do?…”

“Nothing spectacular. I got us something to share, all three of us. Just something for our first Christmas together.

“What is it?”

“It’s a Christmas surprise… but I think you guys will like it. If not it wasn’t that expensive, just something I spotted.”

“You’re not going to tell me are you…”

“Nope! Now since the second shift tech is here, let’s go home.”

He followed me home, I was grinning a bit now at the feeling of the plug in my ass moving as I drove. This might work out after all! Sure enough, there in the bottom of the frig was a pre-cooked ham, two pies and two huge containers of whipped cream. A bag of potatoes and another of dinner rolls was on the counter.


All I could do was turn to him and nod, anything more and I was going to ball again.

“OK, now how about we get my raccoon in the shower and clean her up?”

I gasped and dashed to the bathroom, oh god I looked terrible. Mascara running down my cheeks, everything all smudged and running. “How could you let me run around like this?!”

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the tip of my nose, probably the only place I had rubbed all the makeup off. “Because I was bringing you home…”

I let him undress me. Even as bad I I knew I looked, he gave me a warm feeling the way he undressed me. Caressing and kissing the parts he uncovered. God the way he makes me feel when he looks at me. Just barely touching me and I want to jump his bones!

“DAMN girl, you weren’t kidding about those were you?”

“HUH?” he tapped the plug in my ass sending tremors all the way to my pussy. SHIT! I only had a week to go before I wanted to be ready for his cock in me. I was going to walk across the stage for graduation ceremonies with his cum sloshing in my ass!

“Oh, I forgot it was there…” I bent over, my ass to him. “Care to assist?”

He just grinned, dropped to his knees, spun me around to face him and lifted my foot up to the toilet lid. Not quite what I was expecting, but then he dived into my pussy and began playing with the plug in my ass. Turning and tugging on it while he was trying to inhale my clit. I fell back against the wall, and then slid down in a very un-lady like manner holding his face in my pussy while screaming my head off…

He kept me going for I don’t know how long. Tugging and pushing on the plug while he feasted on my pussy. Then the asshole stopped… I mean stopped cold! Popped the plug out of my ass and just sat back staring at my dribbling pussy. How dare he do that! I grabbed his head and pulled him back to my pussy… WRONG MOVE!

He dived back to my clit all right, about the same time he slid two fingers in my pussy and played my g-spot like a master… how I managed to stay sitting on the toilet Antalya Escort Bayan I have NO idea. Then again he did have his finger up me keeping me in place… god I love it when he does that…

I cracked my eyes to see him licking my juices from his fingers with a grin. “You just wait mister, I’ll get you yet…”

He sat up and leaned over me to kiss me, his face covered in my juices. “Anytime gorgeous…”

He did manage to get me standing and into the shower. It was kind of nice to have the room to play and cuddle, even if I did enjoy the slut sandwich. ‘grin’

So here we were, still damp from the shower, the night before Christmas Eve, having our gourmet dinner naked in the living room… baloney sandwiches, cottage cheese, and potato chips…but we were together…

Christmas Eve day… we woke alone… no blond…in bed with us anyway. I could smell bacon… and she KNEW he would wake up and go hunting that smell! I turned in time to see him opening his eyes. “BACON!”

He rolled out of bed and stuck his head through the door, followed by the rest of him… I wasn’t getting laid this morning! But the smell of bacon was getting me hungry too.

I had to laugh, there he was in his birthday suit trying to steal bacon from the plate while poking her in the ass with his hard on… and she was fully dressed!

I came up behind her plastering myself against her. “You’re over dressed…” I whispered in her ear as I groped her tits through her sweater.

“Uh uh, we have tree shopping to do before he has to go in to work.”

I turned to him, “You have to work on Christmas Eve?”

“We’re all taking half shifts. I have noon to four…”

I did remember him saying something about that while I was crying my eyes out. “Well then we better get moving…” we ate quick, bundled up, and headed out the door. I was even able to make a quick pit stop while they were out in the living room to slip my blue plug in. it went in so easily I almost went for the yellow, but there wasn’t time…

If I didn’t know better I would have thought he was hitting every bump he could to jostle my plug. But even if he didn’t it was still a wonderful feeling…

We went by four lots before we found one still open, even if the pickings were slim. We found a small one, only five feet tall, but it was nicely shaped, and only had a small bare spot. They also had one box of small gold decorations left, so with that and a tree stand we were set, and it was being run by a nice charity, so we even left a nice tip in the kettle.

He barely got it re-cut and in the stand before he had to leave for work, leaving us to do the decorating.

We were decorating and goofing around as usual, when the blond grinned and hooked two of the ornaments in her sweater… at the tip of her bra like they were in her nipples!

“Oh I can beat that!”

I stripped my clothes off, grabbed two of the ornaments, tightened the hooks, and hooked them around my nipples. “Ta da!” and gave them a little shake.

“Oh that is just HOT!” she pealed her clothes off almost as quick and hung decorations on her nipples as well. She turned to look at her reflection in the patio door, then at me. “I’d say I know what we should give him for Christmas… but he’d be getting it even if it wasn’t Christmas…”

I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss, the decorations on our nipples coming together with a slight ‘tink’ and some nice vibrations in my nipples! We decorated the rest of the apartment that way…

As we were decorating I liked the feeling of the ornaments on my nipples, and it was beginning to make me horny. Then I saw the glint of the blue plug in my ass and I just had to do it. I ran to the bathroom while she was still hanging lights and slipped the blue plug out. Pressing the yellow to my ass I was in a bit of a hurry and hadn’t applied any extra lube. Mmmmm, feeling it push in on my ass istead of slide, stretching me, filling me, getting the bulge just in me and working it back and forth a bit. I was getting close when the blond hollered out for help. I inhaled to holler back and my ass sucked that plug in making me squeak when I answered her. The interesting part would be when I was able to take the green…and clean myself for him!

That was part of what the rep and I talked about too. I’d only had an enema twice before, once as a kid and once in high school for a doctors exam.

I remember it was a weird feeling with the water filling me. But the rep said if I really wanted to get my ass fucked right, it was something I had to do. To be able to have him in my ass without a rubber…to feel his cum in my ass as I walked… I wanted to walk down the runway at graduation with him still in me…

I looked at the green plug…damn that thing was huge. As big if not a bit bigger than him, but if I could take that, then I could take him…

The thought of a cock in my ass again gave me the shivers. The last time I had one in my ass Escort Antalya was back in high school. We were out at the park after the game… he convinced me that it would be better if we did it that way so I wouldn’t get pregnant… we didn’t have the arm implants like we do now.

He got me all hot and bothered, nibbling on my nipples, playing with my pussy…AND NIBBLING ON MY EAR LOBE! I didn’t know I could get that wound up! He slid into my pussy a few times to wet his cock, and then pressed against my ass, still saying it would be good.

I was face down in the back seat, and all I knew was I wanted him in me after he had nibbled on my ear lopbe… he pressed against my ass, and it wasn’t bad, but when he pushed his cock in me it hurt like a son of a bitch. He took my screams for pleasure and gave me a few strokes to make it worse. The only good part was we were young and he popped in me after only four strokes.

Once I managed to get him off me I shoved him out the door, good thing I insisted on taking my parents car. I managed to drive over to my best friends place…that is when I discovered women.

I cried and we hugged, I cried some more… and then she kissed me and told me everything would be OK. All of a sudden I was hugging her and we were rolling around hugging and groping…and kissing…and kissing…damn that woman could kiss. And a whole lot more… I learned a lot that evening, and several evenings over the next few months. The differences between making love with a woman instead of a man. Knowing just how to lick and play with my pussy. The tender kisses on my nipples and tits, or just how to bite at the tips of my nipples. The sensation of laying on her with her tits in mine, feeling her nipples poking right back into mine… The heat of her pussy against mine…

What was wild was no one said a thing about my staying over at her house… we spent many a night exploring each other…the only good thing that came out of that night…and I don’t even remember his name!

A pinch from the blond got me out of my daze, and we finished the decorating. She popped half of the ham in the oven to warm. We peeled potatoes and had everything ready when he came in the door.

“Something smells good in here…” We came out of the kitchen, shaking the decorations on our nipples. He held out his arms to us, “And looks delicious…” He ran a hand down our hips to squeeze our ass cheeks as he gave each of us a kiss.

We pushed him to the bathroom, “Go rinse off, then we can eat.” I followed him in and ‘assisted’ in getting him undressed. He reached for my new jewelry, but I swatted his hand away, “Later, I’m hungry… for FOOD!” but I did give his cock a squeeze, turned to show him the plug in my ass, and went back to the kitchen.

He came out nice and damp, smelling like my guy…his plate was set across from us, and we just happened to be sitting cross legged… wonder why?

I looked at the blond and my guy, “So how do we do Christmas? Since we all planned so far ahead…”

My guy raised an eyebrow at me, but didn’t say anything about my forgetting. “Well when I was with someone, we usually waited until Christmas morning.”

The blond was next, “We had a big family, and we were spread out. Usually it was one weekend at one grandparents, another weekend at the other. We opened one present Christmas Eve before we went to bed, and everything else Christmas morning. What about you?”

“A lot depended on who was working when, but usually it was Christmas morning.” I turned to the blond. “So when are you going to visit family this year…”

“Um, they’re all out east. I hadn’t planned on making the trip this year. I thought…” She looked back and forth between us.

I put an arm around her and pulled her close. “We’re all together this Christmas.” and gave her a quick peck before diving back into my ham. She looked over at my guy, and he nodded at her making her smile.

He grabbed the remote and pulled up a Christmas channel, and we listened to some nice music while we ate, not a word being said.

“OK,” the blond hopped up, “Desert time!” she took our plates, and reappeared with pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

She went to put his plate in front of him, and he took her hand and set all three plates on his side. “Sit with me…”

We shifted over, and were going to start in on the pie when he looked back and forth between us. He took each of our hands in his, “We could be eating TV dinners with plastic silverware in a dinky run down apartment and this is still the best Christmas I can ever remember.” He kissed the back of our hands and then picked up his fork and began eating.

My eyes were tearing, and the blonds were too. We leaned over and gave him a kiss at the same time. “me too” I whispered.

The blond got a grin, “me three!” she held the smile for a second then burst out laughing. We couldn’t contain it and all of us were laughing and hugging.

“So when do we do the present thing?” I asked.

The blond froze, “I didn’t…”

“I didn’t either…but he did…”

We looked at him, and I thrust my chest out and jiggled my Christmas jewelry.

The blond smiled, thrust her chest out and jiggled her jewelry as well. “What did you do?” she said.

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