It’s a Date, Part 6: Determined Drilling


Wait, is this going to be a “date” date?We recognize each other on the airport concourse instantly, despite having not seen each other since high school, and having not been more than acquaintances even then.Despite the imminent closure of both our departure gates, we linger a minute in catching up, quickly establishing that we are both married with no kids, work in the same industry, and live just a few miles apart. It would be good to Yakacık Escort catch up.Checking our schedules and exchanging info, we figure out the next night we both have free back in town, agreeing to meet for burgers and beer. I suggest Red’s Tavern, a popular spot.And that’s when you look me in the eye with a hint of a smile, one hand on my shoulder, and declare, “It’s a date, Joe.”“See you then, Mike,” I reply.Did Yakacık Escort Bayan you just ask me out on an actual date? My dick seems to think so, positively tingling in response. You are the first man to ever provoke that response in me.My mind, and my meat stick, buzz with excitement thinking about the possibilities. If this is to be a real date, might it lead to manly pleasures? I’d sure like that.I am Escort Yakacık technically available or will be soon. My marriage is coming to an end. It was my wife cheating on me that finally catalyzed our separation. In retrospect, I recognize that Connie and I have been growing apart, and this has been a long time coming.With newfound singlehood approaching, I have been pondering the idea of sex with men and not just women. Or, perhaps more provocatively, even dating men. Wining and dining, the whole bit. Why not? Might as well cast a wide net, and I have to admit to quite a bit of curiosity. But so far I haven’t spent much time thinking about how to go about finding people for either of those endeavors.

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