It Was Really Just Once


I am long removed from college, so this is not recent. It is the only sexual memory I can close my eyes and relive so vividly though.

I went to one of the larger universities in Florida. I couldn’t afford to live on campus and took a room in a house in the suburbs.

The house was a 3 bedroom rambler that needed serious upgrades. It had those yellow appliances that I think were only manufactured in the early 70s. It good they were yellow because that’s the color the wallpaper was now after the previous owner of 15 years, who chain-smoked incessantly, moved out.

The house already had 3 other guys there, all of which went to the same school as me. I was going to be sharing a room for 6 months or so but the price was right, the guys were cool, and it was the closest I could afford to be to the campus.

The neighborhood was mostly older couples with a few younger families. The ‘frat house’ as it was called, was generally accepted. There were no big parties thrown there, there weren’t people coming and going at all hours either. We were friendly with most of the neighborhood.

Straight across the street lived a couple in their mid-to-late 50s. Carol, the wife, and Dave, the husband, were semi-retired. They both had part-time work to stay busy but they were clearly comfortable financially. Both had newer BMWs 7 series cars, took vacations, threw nice parties.

Shortly after moving in, Dave asked if I wanted to earn a few bucks helping around the yard. They had pretty lush landscaping in the back so it seemed like a great opportunity.

I helped in the yard and around the house for my first 2 semesters. I would usually stay and chat for a while and we were sitting on their back porch after finishing up gölbaşı escort one day, I looked over at Dave and his shorts were moved to the side enough that I could clearly see everything. I quickly diverted my gaze and thought Carol was definitely on the verge of giggling.

See Dave exposed was all I could think about. Were they messing with me? Was that a joke? It didn’t seem accidental.

The following weekend Dave asked if I could help him a few hours. When we were just about finished, he went inside and told me to come in when I was done so he could pay me.

I walked through the sliding doors that led into their living room. Off to my left I seen Dave peek out from their mud room, which led out to their garage. A couple moments later Dave comes out completely naked, semi-erect, and looking completely surprised.

He acted like he was caught off guard but didn’t really try to cover himself up. He apologized and kind of hurried across the house still with his dick flopping around.

This time I was fully convinced it was intentional. When Dave came out I could tell he was trying to guage my reaction. I remained straight-faced and said nothing. He probed, “Really sorry about that. I know that’s not something you wanna see”. I told him I knew it was an accident and we should just forget it.

Like most guys that age, I had homoerotic flashes, a curiousness I guess but I never really thought about acting on it though. That would change.

For the next few weeks I thought a lot about what had happened with Dave. These thoughts were generally pleasant. Dave was big. I had never seen a big cock before and it was kind of exciting. If I’m being keçiören escort honest, I fascinated quite a bit about playing with Dave’s cock or having a cock like his.

Dave didn’t need help for the next 2 weeks. That sucked because I was going to say something but now felt my confidence waining. Luckily, that Monday I seen Dave outside and he asked if I could come over.

I went over and we went around the back. He was asking if we could trim a larger tree or if he needed to call someone to do it. My confidence surged. I was going to do it.

I told him we could do it but if he was going to get naked again we should do it before we trim the tree. I did not even wait to see his reaction. I headed toward the sliding doors without looking back. I entered the house and waited for Dave.

I could see the bulge in Dave’s pants as he crossed the porch and came inside. I didn’t really want to talk about anything as I feared I would lose my nerve.

I immediately unzipped his pants and pulled him out. I remember how warm it felt. How it was firm but so soft. How I was happy to have it in my hands.

I didn’t know what I was going to do and just held it for a moment. Marveled at it. I slowly started to move up and down his shaft, thinking the whole time that I wish I had a thick, long cock like Dave and how much I would play with it.

It was perfectly straight and smooth with a trimmed tuft of white hair at the base. As I slowly stroked him I contemplated to myself whether I would be able to suck it. I wanted to try.

I continued stroking Dave as he rubbed my cock through my jeans. I was trying to talk myself into getting on my knees when kızılay escort Dave invited me to follow him to the bedroom.

When we walked in he crossed the room, took off his clothes, and climbed onto the bed, ordering me to take my pants off too. I did and he layed with his head off the edge of the bed and opened his mouth.

I slid my dick inside Dave’s mouth until my body pressed against him. I was as deep as I could go. I just took a few seconds and stayed still before taking a few long, slow strokes, pushing in as far as I could each time, keenly aware of the wet warmth Dave’s mouth provided.

Dave’s huge cocked bounced around as I sped up. I grabbed it and leaned forward, my tounge covering the head as I closed my lips around it. The tension placed on my lips as they stretched over this fat cock was near mesmerizing. I don’t know how something like that could feel so good but it did.

I could feel Dave lifting his hips, trying to push further inside my mouth. I took what I could while using my hands to do the rest. I shortened the strokes and started going faster, ocassionally taking one deep bend to get as much of him in my mouth as I could.

It didn’t take long and I was getting close. I closed my eyes and went as far down his shaft as I could go. I pumped his face as fast as I could until I had the hardest, longest orgasm I ever had up to that point in my life. I felt extrememe relief.

It took me a good 30 seconds to settle myself and continue. I wasn’t ready to have someone finish in my mouth so I licked up and down Dave’s cock while stroking it with both hands.

I felt him start to tense up and again he lifted his hips off the bed, fucking my hands as he did. I knew he was going to come so I was jerking him as fast as I could when he erupted a fountain of come. It was 4 big ropes of come followed by 4 smaller ejaculations. It was so much come.

He started laughing, almost uncontrollably. He looked spent. I got dressed and went out to the back yard. When Dave came out, like nothing hapened, he started talking about trimming the tree.

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