It Takes Time


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This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over.


After graduating college it was time for a new beginning in the real world. Of course, that meant finding a job, hopefully something I really wanted to do and would be at least a little fun. After applying for a number of positions I got an offer from a small engineering firm in Houston. They mostly did work for the space industry doing stress calculation on air frames and rocket bodies. It sounded like interesting and fun work so I accepted the position.

I moved to Houston and started looking for an apartment close to work. Anyone who knows Houston knows this is a primary concern when living in Houston. Traffic is just awful and any commute at all is like a daily nightmare. I finally found a two bedroom within four miles of work. I did not really need all that space but I figured I could use the extra bedroom as an office. The complex was relatively new and had all the modern conveniences. I would have to buy some furniture and a TV but if I was frugal I could afford it.

I started moving in right away with the furniture I had, which was not much. It was in the middle of July and the temperature was almost unbearable. But it didn’t take too long. On my last trip from my car to the apartment I met my next door neighbor. She was returning from checking her mail.

“Hi, I’m Bethany. But you can just call me Beth.”

“Hi, I’m Dennis.”

“You must be my new neighbor.”

“Yeah, just finishing up with my initial move.”

“Were are you from? You don’t sound like you are from around here.”

“Oh no. I’m from the Boston area originally. But I went to University of Michigan.”

“Northern boy all the way through, huh? Well, I won’t hold that against you. I’m originally from Atlanta but I went to the University of Chicago. So I guess can’t fault you too much.”

Beth had a wonderful smile, and the rest of her was not bad at all. She had really nice looking legs showing beneath her shorts. And a really nice looking bust showing beneath her T-shirt. Her hair was medium length and a light brown in color.

“Well, I’m here now, so I guess I will have to get used to some ribbing.”

“Do you need some help moving in. I have some time and would be more than willing to help.”

“Oh no. The is my last load for today. I don’t have much in the way of furniture right now. I have to go buy some before too long or sit on the floor.”

She chuckled at that. “Oh I know what that feels like. I started with less that you, probably. When you finish up, feel free to knock on my door. I can offer you a cold drink or a beer if you prefer.”

“Thanks, I would like that.”

“See you in a little while then.”

With that she turned and went to her apartment next door. My eyes followed her all the way. The back was just as good as the front. When she disappeared I finished taking my load in the door.

After unloading my arms I started putting what little possessions I had away. Just a few dishes and clothes, plus my toiletries. The apartment was big enough to hold all my stuff without any problems at all. I could accommodate a lot of furniture if I wanted and it would easily fit.

The room I liked best was the kitchen. I really loved cooking and a dorm room was no place to keep up you culinary skills. The kitchen was really nice with a pretty good sized oven and a really nice electric stove. There was lots of cabinet space and a really beautiful refrigerator. Of course there was nothing to put in it yet, but a trip to the supermarket would remedy that.

In the meantime, that drink offered by Beth sounded good. She looked to be nice and I have to say I was attracted to her. I had a few relationships in college but nothing ever worked out for very long for one reason or another. After a while I started to get really down over my dating experiences. I was a normal looking guy with a normal sex drive but nothing ever seem to click with any of my partners. It was a real bummer.

In any case, I was thirsty and a drink sounded nice. I knocked on Beth’s door and it only took a minute for hr to answer.

“Hi, Dennis. Come on in.”

I went in and was somewhat surprised by her apartment. The floor plan was a flipped version of my floor plan but the way that Beth had it furnished was really nice, not frilly in a feminine way but instead it was comfortable. That’s the only way to describe it. You felt at ease immediately.

“Wow, Beth. I really like the way you have furnished your apartment.”

“Thanks. It’s my specialty. I graduated with an Interior Design degree.”

“It shows.”

“What would you like to drink?”

“Just a soft drink. I’m too thirsty for anything with alcohol.”

“Coke all right?”


She went to the kitchen and returned with two canned cokes. She handed one to me and sat in the arm chair while I sat on the couch.

“So what do you do here in Houston, Beth.”

“I work for an interior design firm that specializes Antalya Escort in commercial interiors.”

“Do you like the job?”

“Oh yes. The people are really nice and the work is really interesting and challenging.”

“Sounds like a good gig.”

“So what do you do?”

“I will be staring a new job on Monday at a space engineering firm. They perform calculations for the designers of airplanes and space vehicles. It sounded like a really exciting job so I decided to make the move South and take it.”

“Wow, that does sound exciting. I sure hope it is everything you hope for. My job isn’t nearly that exciting but I do like making people feel comfortable in their environment.”

“Sounds satisfying.”

“So what do you like to do in your spare time?”

“Well, I like cooking. I’m no chef but I like making good food for myself and others to enjoy.”

“Do you have relatives or friends here in Houston to invite over?”

“Nope. The only people I know so far are a few from work and you.”

“So no girlfriend?”

“No. Nothing ever seemed to work out in college. I am hopeful that eventually I will find a long-term relationship here.”

“Well this is the town to do that in. There are a lot of available women in Houston, I know, I’m competing with them.”

“So you don’t have a significant other either?”

“Nope, at least not yet. I have a few prospects but nothing long term yet.”

“How long have you been in Houston?”

“About four months. I graduated a little early because I attended summer school in order to reduce my time in college. I was in a hurry.”

“I worked during my summers to make money for school. My parents are not wealthy so I had to help out where possible.”

“I can appreciate that. My parents are not wealthy either.”

“Any sisters or brothers?”

“One brother. He is four years younger and just about to start college this fall.”

“I have one older sister. She graduated college two years ago and lives in Philly. She is about to get married in a few months to a guy I really like.”

“That’s great!”

I had finished my Coke so I decided to make a discreet exit.

“Well, I guess I had better get going. I have some shopping to do to put food in the fridge.”

“Thanks for coming over. I liked our conversation, maybe we can do it again sometime.”

“I would like that.” And with that I left her to go shopping.

As I shopped for groceries I could not get Beth out of my mind. She was very friendly and nice. Plus she was very easy on the eyes and stirred my hormones more that just a little.

The next day was Sunday so I waited until the afternoon to go furniture shopping. I found a nice bedroom suite and a nice TV. The apartment had a cable hookup so I was probably good there. I set up the delivery for the following Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday would probably be really busy while I got set up with my new job. I still had living room, dining set, and study furniture to buy but could not do it all at once. I had to wait until I could afford it.

One thing I had brought with me was my hibachi. That night I decided to grill a steak and eat standing up at the little kitchen bar. I got out a steak big enough to provide some leftovers and warmed up the hibachi. While the grill was warming up I opened some green beans and warmed them up on the stove. Once the grill was hot I put the steak on.

About that time Beth must have seen me through her window on the patio out front and she came out to investigate.

“Hi Dennis. What are you grilling?”

“A steak.”

“Wow, that looks and smells good.”

“I would invite you to join me but I have no dining room furniture.”

“If you are willing to share how about if I invite you to my place. I can at least provide furniture.” she kidded.

“That sounds good. I wouldn’t mind the company. I have some green beans on the stove so we can split those as well.”

“Sounds good. Let me go set out some dishes.”

The steak was almost done. I like mine done to a medium. I hoped that was alright for Beth. I put the steak on a platter I had brought out and took it in to through Beth’s open door.

“The steak is done. I hope you like it medium?”

“That’s fine. Just put it on the counter.”

“I’m going back for the green beans. Back in a minute.”

I went back and just used the pot to take the beans to Beth’s.

“Just set that on the stove.” she said.

I cut the steak in half. I went and got the plates and put a piece of steak on both plates and then added some green beans. By the time I put the plates back on the table Beth had poured some iced tea for us.

“I hope iced tea is okay. I have gotten used to it since I moved to Houston and drink it all the time.”

“That’s fine.”

We sat down to eat. Beth had set out some potato salad and rolls so we had a complete dinner. I had a good time. The food and the conversation was really good. We conversed easily and even laughed together at a few jokes we each told. We continued Antalya Escort Bayan the conversation long after the food was gone.

When the conversation began to run out I said “Well, I guess we should clean up so I can leave you to get ready for tomorrow. Do you need help with the dishes?”

“No, I can get them.”

“Okay then. I guess I will see you later. Have a nice evening.”

“You, too.”

I gathered up my platter and pot and took them back to my apartment. When bedtime arrived I did my nightly thing and crawled into the sack. But I could not drop off to sleep. Beth was on my mind. She was a nice person and I was very attracted to her. I hoped we could become good friends, and maybe much more. Soon enough I did get to sleep.

Monday and Tuesday were about what I expected. Lots of forms to fill out, people to meet, an office to arrange, and assignments to get familiar with. The people were especially nice and helpful and the assignments looked really interesting. I was looking forward to getting to work.

I explained to my new boss that I needed Wednesday afternoon off for my furniture delivery and he was more than generous telling me that any time I needed off to get settled in to my new apartment we could arrange something. I thanked him for his generous offer.

On Wednesday afternoon the furniture arrived and I helped the delivery men set up my new bedroom. I had bought some new sheets the day before along with a light bedspread and some new pillows. I opted for a king size bed, I was really tired of single dormitory beds and wanted some room to spread out.

The rest of the week went by in a hurry. Before I knew it the weekend had arrived. I didn’t see Beth until Sunday afternoon. I was lazing out on the patio when she arrived home with groceries in her arms.

“Here, let me help you with that.”

“Oh, thanks. I have more in the car.”

I helped her inside with some bags and then we went down to her car for the rest. She had quite a lot.

“Thanks a lot, Dennis. I try to shop just once a month mostly so I usually have a pretty big load when I do shop.”

“Need some help putting this all away.”

“No thanks, it will not take but a few minutes. But stay if you want.”

So I did. She was quick and had everything put away in a few minutes.

“Whew, that’s done for another month. I hate shopping in this heat and humidity. But it’s either that or waste money eating out.”

“Yeah, I got my fill of eating out during school. It sure has been nice having my own kitchen. I can eat decent food for a change without breaking my budget.”

“No kidding. You want a beer?”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I got hot sitting out on the patio.”

“Houston summers are not for those who do not like the heat. Here you go.”

She passed me a cold beer and took one for herself. I popped the top and took a good swig. It tasted especially good after being out in the heat.

I said “Ahhh, almost as good as sex. Except I can get a beer any time.”

Beth smiled. “I could almost agree with that. It has been a while for me as well.”

“Well, if you need help in that area I am available just about any time.”

She smiled again. “I might just take you up on that offer if I thought you were serious.”

“I’m always serious about sex. It is about the only thing I am serious about at all times.”

“I will keep your offer in mind if I am in a pinch sometime.”

“Okay. Thanks for the beer but I should get back to my apartment and look online at some more furniture.”

“Don’t be a stranger. Knock on my door any time.”

I returned to my apartment with a big smile on my face. Things were looking up with Beth.

The next week went by in a hurry. I got assigned to a project and settled in to running calculations for stresses on a wing design for a new commercial jet. It was very interesting and quite involved. By Thursday I had finished the calculations and I turned them over to another member of the team for checking. I went home at my usual 5:30 very satisfied with what I had accomplished that week.

As I approached my apartment I found Beth out on the patio with her head in her hands.

“What’s up, Beth?”

She lifted her head and she was in tears. “Oh God, Dennis. My apartment is a disaster!”

“What happened?”

“Let me show you.”

She led me to her door which had a notice tapped to it announcing that the power was off and to see the manager.

We went in and I could smell the odor of something that was all wet. We went into her bedroom and the smell was really strong. I suddenly noticed that the carpet was squishy.

“Just look at this mess.”

“What happened?”

“A pipe next door burst and flooded that apartment. The water flooded through my bathroom and into my bedroom. What am I going to do?”

“Wow, what a mess. It even got your bed wet.”

“The covers were touching the floor and they soaked up the water from the carpet. My mattress is ruined along my pillows and the bedding!”

“Do Escort Antalya you have insurance?”

“Yes, thank God. But where will I sleep? The management says they are completely full up and do not have a spare apartment I can temporarily move into. I don’t know what I am going to do!”

I felt really sorry for her I had to do something for her.

“Look, you can stay with me until they get your apartment restored. I hardly have any furniture so we could move some of you stuff to my apartment while they fix yours. You can use the second bathroom and bedroom for as long as you need it.”

“Dennis, I don’t want to put you to any trouble. It would be a terrible imposition.”

“Not at all. I still don’t have any furniture in the living room or the spare bedroom. They are all yours for as long as you need them.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. We just have to get another key made for you, but you are welcome to stay as long as you need. And besides, it will be nice to have some company. It gets awfully quiet over there and I am used to have a roommate to talk to.”

She thought about it for a minute. “Well, okay. But you should feel free to kick me out if I become too much trouble.”

“Not likely. I like you.”

“Okay, I guess the first thing we need to do is move everything in my fridge to yours so nothing spoils.”

“Good thinking.”

We both gathered up an arm load from the fridge and started to take it all to my fridge. As soon as we were done I made a suggestion.

“Before we start moving anything else I suggest we change clothes. We should be wearing something more suitable. Especially if we start sweating.”

“Yeah, I’m already starting to get hot.”

“Don’t try to change in your place. Just bring some clothes back here and change in the second bathroom.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I went into my bedroom to change. I heard Beth return while I was putting my shoes on. I waited for her to reappear.

“Let’s get my clothes first just to make sure they are dry and stay that way.”

“Lead the way.”

And that started an evening of moving Beth to my apartment. We moved all her clothes and toiletries first to get everything that was not wet to my place. The we started on the furniture. She did not have a spare bed so we moved the couch into my spare bedroom. Beth said she could manage sleeping on that for a while.

We also removed the food from the cabinets and took it to my kitchen. She had some nice items that I thought I could make use of for our meals. We finished the initial move around eight o’clock. We both were really hungry by that so I whipped us up some sandwiches to eat.

“Beth, I want you to feel at home here. So just pretend this is your apartment while you are here. I promise to be a gentleman while you are here. And if not, feel free to let me know and I will change whatever needs to be changed.”

“Thanks, Dennis. It is so nice of you to do this for me. I promise not to be a burden on you or disturb your routine too much.”

“Don’t worry about that. I am used to sharing a place with someone so it’s no imposition at all.”

She reached out her hand and placed it over mine. “Just the same, I am grateful.”

After we cleaned up the kitchen Beth went to her room and started putting things away. She pulled out some sheets and covered the couch with them. Then added a small quilt.

“Are you sure you will be able to sleep on that?”

“Oh yeah. I slept on it a few time before. It should not be a problem.”

“Well, if it becomes a problem let me know and we can make other arrangements.”

She looked up and smiled. “And what kind of arrangements might that be?”

I grinned. “I will let you consider the possibilities.”

“Dream on, Dennis.”

“Oh, I will.”

And with that I left her to finish making up her bed. At least her sense of humor had not deserted her.

The next morning Beth and I got up about the same time. By the time I was dressed Beth emerged from her room fully dressed and headed for the kitchen. I was right behind her.

“Want some orange juice?” she asked.

“Yeah, how about some eggs and toast?”

“Just toast for me. And I don’t mind making it.”

I got out a pan an began to make some eggs over easy over for myself.

“I will phone the office here and let them know you will need a key to the apartment. You should be able to pick it up when you get here after work.”

“Thanks, Dennis.”

After breakfast we both left at about the same time. I gave her my number so she could reach me and she did the same for me.

Friday turned out to be busy. I assisted a colleague on some calculations so the day went fast. I did remember to call about the key. The manager said she appreciated my being able to help Beth. She said the key would be ready when Beth got home. I text messaged Beth and let her know the key would be ready for her. She messaged a ‘thanks’ to me.

I got home before Beth arrived. I had plenty of time so I started planning dinner. I was just about to get started making dinner when Beth arrived.

“You didn’t start dinner yet, did you?”

“I was just about to start.”

“Don’t. I’m going to take us out. You have been so helpful that you deserve a special treat. And I know just the place to take you.”

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