It May Never Happen – Part 5


Sally O’Rourke and Jim Reed had a lot of serious thinking to do.They had been friends for about thirty years and had fancied each other for most of that time, but they had recently embarked on an affair. They had had sex on three different occasions in Sally’s house and, most recently, they had booked a hotel room for a daytime fuck and it had been sensational.They were both in marriages that no longer involved sex and they were so good together that breaking from their spouses and living together was a distinct possibility.Jim was aged sixty and Sally was a year older, and they were currently just living for any time that they could spend together.They communicated by text, Sally had purchased a pay-as-you-go mobile for each of them, and texts were sent on the understanding that the recipient might not see them for some time because of the need for the phones to be secret and therefore only looked at when the person was alone.They had to decide whether to continue as they were, having sex wherever and whenever possible although by definition, infrequent, or do away with the secrecy of their affair and make more frequent sex possible but also wreck two marriages and maybe lose some friends.The ultimate break would be to set up a home together.The day after their six hours in a hotel room, Jim sent Sally a text.I can’t stop thinking about you and our time in that hotel room yesterday, I want you, I need you. xxxxxIt was a while before Sally saw the text and replied, but her feelings were identical.Oh baby, I want and need you so much too. Next time that we are together we must decide where we go from here. xxxxxJim responded.I need to be with you soon, you are all that I think of. xxxxSally’s husband Pete worked part-time, and he would be working on Monday, today was Friday. The question was whether they got together in Sally’s house or had another daytime romp in a hotel. Sally knew which she preferred.I am home alone on Monday, do you want to come here or shall we book the hotel room again? I will pay for the hotel. xxxxxxSally used her debit card to pay for the hotel the first time, but Jim drew out cash and reimbursed her. Hotel room sex again sounded great to Jim.Let’s use the hotel again, but I will pay. You book it and I will draw the cash out of my account for you. xxxxxSally had some funds of her own and was insistent that she paid this time.I want to pay this time babe. I will book it online. Will you pick me up as before? xxxxxJim Escort would let Sally pay if she wanted to, he was not short of money because he got a large redundancy payment from his previous employment, but if Sally insisted, he would accept that.Okay, if you want to pay, but you know that I would be happy to pay. I will pick you up at the same time and place. xxxxxSally booked the room online, it would be a question of Jim telling his wife Sue that he would be out most of Monday, being told that her husband would be out for hours did not seem to bother Sue, or raise any suspicions. Sally would tell Pete that she might not be home when he got home, just to cover herself.Sally and Jim texted each other through the weekend, the previous Saturday they had been at a dance with their spouses and three other couples and both found it difficult being so close to their lover but not able to do anything about it. Jim, fueled by alcohol, did get dangerously close to causing embarrassment, but, to Sally’s relief, disaster was avoided.On Monday morning, Sally went to the end of her road to await Jim. She felt, and looked, very sexy but hoped that nobody noticed, other than Jim of course.Jim picked her up for the short drive to the hotel and lovemaking.”You look gorgeous, as always,” said Jim, when Sally got into his car.”Thank you; I have been counting the minutes until we got together,” replied Sally.”Me too, I think that every hour not spent with you is an hour wasted,” said Jim.”Yeah, we must try to decide where this is heading,” said Sally.”At the moment it is heading to a hotel room bed, but yes, we do need to talk,” agreed Jim.They arrived at the hotel, and as the previous week, Jim held back and Sally went to reception to check in. The same woman as the previous week was in reception and she smiled when Sally approached.”Back again Ms O’Rourke, I recognised your name earlier,” said the receptionist.”Yes, back again,” smiled Sally.”I will just complete your card transaction; I hope that I am not being too forward, but I assume that the gentleman that you are with is not your husband; I do similar with my lover, but not in this hotel,” said the receptionist.Sally was momentarily taken aback, but she rather liked this woman and her honesty.”I suppose you get a few couples using your rooms for such things,” said Sally, without admitting that she was having an affair.”A few, and as I say, I have experience of doing such things with my lover,” Escort Bayan said the receptionist, whose name tag indicated that she was named Cheryl.”You are a naughty girl…, Cheryl,” smiled Sally, as her card transaction was completed.”You would not believe how naughty,” smiled Cheryl.”I might,” said Sally, not wanting to infringe on her room time with Jim too much.”If this upsets you, it might cost me my job, but last week when you were here I had a little listen at your room door,” confessed Cheryl.”And what did you hear?” asked Sally, intrigued rather than upset.”You very much enjoying yourself as you came, I had to go and masturbate after that,” said Cheryl.”I did get a bit noisy, but doing it in a hotel room made it so erotic,” replied Sally.Jim was wondering why it was taking Sally so long to check-in.”Yes, I find that too; I hope that you are not going to report me,” said Cheryl.”I will not report you, Cheryl, I find it exciting thinking of you listening to me getting fucked; I am not inviting you to join us though, we do not get enough time together as it is,” smiled Sally.”Pity that I can’t join you, maybe another time,” laughed Cheryl.”You never know,” grinned Sally, leaving the reception desk.”Have fun,” said Cheryl, to the departing Sally.”Thanks, will do,” said Sally, over her shoulder.”What was all that about?” asked Jim, about the long conversation that his lover had had with the receptionist.”I will tell you later,” said Sally, thinking that Jim might not take as kindly as she did to knowing that his fucking had been listened to. Sally did wonder if Cheryl might listen again later, she also wondered about a threesome but wanted Jim to herself.They had the same room at the end of the corridor as they had had the previous week.They had a long and passionate kiss once they were inside the room, several hours of lovemaking were in prospect.”If only we had got together thirty years ago,” said Jim.”Yeah, but we were both happy in our marriages at one time, weren’t we?” responded Sally.”I suppose, but I do not remember when I was last really happy with Sue,” said Jim.”Pete and I have just jogged along for years, I suppose,” conceded Sally.”Anyway, that is the past, we have now and the future,” said Jim.”And talking of now, I am going to have your trousers off,” laughed Sally, undoing Jim’s belt and unzipping his trousers.Sally pulled down Jim’s trousers and he stepped out of them, Sally giggled as she nuzzled Bayan Escort her face against the bulge in Jim’s underpants.”I am going to spank you today, Mrs O’Rourke,” said Jim.”Before or after we fuck?” asked Sally, looking up at Jim.”Which would you prefer?” responded Jim.”Um, before, I fancy getting a good fucking whilst I have a sore arse,” replied Sally.”In that case, you had better bare your arse now,” said Jim.”Yes sir,” chuckled Sally, scrambling to her feet and removing her skirt and knickers.Jim sat on a chair, still with his stiff cock inside his underpants, and Sally lay across his lap.Jim thought of telling Sally what a wonderful arse she had, but he had already told her that a few times before. He commenced spanking her, quite hard from cheek to cheek.Jim spanked on, and Sally’s buttocks were becoming red, and her cunt was becoming saturated.Sally’s buttocks were stinging as Jim slapped hard and fast, Sally was squirming and writhing.—————Not much was happening in reception at this time of day, and Cheryl had wandered down the corridor and was outside the door to the room booked by Sally. She thought that she might hear the sounds of fucking, but she heard the unmistakable sound of an arse getting spanked.Cheryl liked a good spanking as a prelude to sex with her lover, and her cunt was wet as she listened to what was going on on the other side of the door.—————–The spanking suddenly stopped, and Cheryl was excited as Sally was at what would happen next.”Get on the bed, quick,” said a very aroused Jim.Sally scrambled off his lap, her arse on fire, as was her cunt. Sally was on the bed with her legs spread as Jim took off his underpants and approached her, his penis rigid.Cheryl had her ear to the door and one hand in her vagina region over her skirt, she could not hear anything but surmised that fucking was about to start.”Oh fuck, yes,” said Sally, as Jim’s penis slid into her.The fucking was hard and fast and Sally was very vocal, Cheryl could hear and longed to be able to enter the room, but she hurried away in the opposite direction to relieve her sexual needs in a cubicle in the toilets.Sally had suspected that Cheryl would listen at the door at some point, but her thoughts were not of the receptionist right now as Jim’s cock slid rapidly in and out of her cunt fucking her towards orgasm.”Shit, Jim, oh fucking hell, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Sally shouted as she came, if Cheryl had still been listening she would probably have cum in her knickers at that point.Jim was so turned on by the spanking and the fucking that he could not last, he felt his spunk rising up his cock.”Oh god,” groaned Jim, as he spurted his cum into Sally’s cunt yet again.

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