It Could Be Fun


“Hey Dave. I’ve got a question for you. “

Jim and I had been sitting on the patio enjoying a few beers just relaxing and chatting. We are no different than most other guys our age, I wouldn’t think. Both of us in our early 50’s, married, kids off on their own. Myself, and my wife Jan had been friends with he and his wife Sue for at least twenty years. He and I fished together, did different projects together and the wives shopped and gossiped and did all those “girl” things together. The friendship surpassed the friend part and was more as if we were family.

“You have a question. I have an answer. ” I took another swallow of beer and laughed.

“Do you and Jan ever have any fantasies?”

I smiled, “Yeh for sure. We still would love to have a big old motorhome and just take off for parts unknown. ” I finished off my beer and reaching into the cooler handed Jim another and opened one for myself.

“No… I don’t mean like that. I mean… well… you know… sexual. ” He almost whispered the ending and quickly took a drink.

I paused and looked over at him. Over the years we had all done the usual jokes with some sexual innuendos and had joked around as most close couples do, but had never really done any serious talking about it. “Well, sure. I mean I thought everybody did… at one time or another. ” I wasn’t sure where he was going with this.

“Me too… but I was just wondering… ” He took another swallow of beer and stared out across the backyard.

Glancing over I noticed that he had a hard-on. I don’t always look at another guy’s cock, but my glance just happened to pass over his crotch. Jan and I had fantasized many times through the years and we even had some “toys” that we used from time to time. His question had me curious and I also felt my cock stir, thinking maybe this conversation would be interesting to share with Jan later this evening when we were in bed.

“What’s going through your mind, Jim? Why did you ask that?”

He hesitated for a moment, “Sue and I have for years… “

“… Jan and I have too. ” I interjected. I wanted to hear what he had to say and urged him to continue.

“Really? Have you and Jan ever… ahh… has Jan ever talked about doing it with another… well… umm… woman?”

I smiled and felt my cock harden in my shorts. “That is probably one of my favorites… and hers… ” I took another long draw on my brew.

“Has she ever thought about doing it with Sue?”

“Say WHAT?!” I damn near choked on my beer!

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to upset you… ” Jim pounded my back as I tried to stop coughing.

“You… di… did… n’t… didn’t… ” I was choking as bad as I was letting on but needed a few seconds to collect my thoughts. Jan and I had fantasized about that often, although Jim and Sue had no idea. We really enjoyed thoughts of Jim doing Jan while I watched or while I did Sue. Through our years of friendship I had seen Jim’s cock, not erect, but when we were out fishing and had to take a leak and times like that. Enough so that during our fantasies I could tell Jan what his cock looked like. It was the same with her from years of shopping with Şanlıurfa Escort Sue that she had seen Sue’s breasts and pussy so she could relate it to me. “You just really caught me off guard. ”

“Oh. Sorry. ” I noticed him glance at my hard-on as he sat back in his chair. “Well, I guess since I got the subject started I shouldn’t stop now… I’m having some trouble here. ” He laughed and shifted in his chair and reaching between his legs pulled his cock to a more comfortable position.

I figured what the hell and repositioned my own hard cock still wondering where this was going! I grabbed a couple more beers and handed Jack one. He took it with his free hand, his other one was cupping and squeezing his cock through his shorts.

“One of Sue’s favorite fantasies is to go down on Jan and get her off while you and I watch. “

“Guess we aren’t that much different then. That’s one of Jan’s and my favorites also. ” My cock throbbed! It was erotic thinking that they had had the same fantasy. Jan would really get off tonight when I told her.

“Sue says that turnabout is fair play though. ”

“Oh?” Jan had said almost the same thing from time to time, but I wasn’t sure what Jim meant.

“Yeh… ” he hesitated then went on slowly. “She says if she is going to do it with Jan and I didn’t think she was gay or anything for doing it, then she wanted to see you and I jack off at the same time. ” He quickly drained his can of beer and grabbed another.

I finished mine and grabbed another. “Jan has said almost the same exact thing. I don’t think it’s gay or like that. Hell I like pussy to much!” I laughed. “Actually it is kind of intriguing, and it really gets Jan off… she loves to watch me jack off and talks about how erotic it would be for her to watch you and I stroking our cocks. “

It was Jim’s turn to laugh. “I love pussy to much myself! Sue jacks off and really cums hard though when she fantasizes about that. ”

The beer was working good enough to loosen my inhibitions. “So does Jan. She jacks off while I fuck her with a dildo and then I jack off onto her tits. She says when I start cumming on her breasts she fantasizes it’s you and I shooting our loads and it makes her cum harder. “

“Damn! I’d love to put a load on her breasts!” He was practically stroking his cock through his shorts. “I have a strap on and get Sue up on her knees and while we enjoy the fantasy of her eating Jan’s pussy I fuck her with it and jack off onto her ass… she fingers her clit at the same time… “

Let me explain something here. We are all in our early 50’s, so we aren’t what you would call modeling material. Jim has short cropped gray hair with a receding hairline; stands about 5’8″ and 170 pounds. He is a burly guy and has owned a construction company for thirty years. Now that he spends more time behind the desk that in the field much of the muscle has begun to ‘relax’ and he has developed a small ‘beer belly. ‘ Now myself I’m six foot and have never gone over 165 pounds in my life; bald with dark brown hair left on the sides and a salt and pepper beard. Neither of us work-out but stay active with our Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan fishing and hunting. We’re just typical fifty-year-old guys.

Our wives are much the same, just typical middle age women. I wouldn’t hesitate, if Jan would allow me, to submit a picture of her naked to one of those amateur sites on the Internet. We had three kids early in our marriage so her hips are broader now than thirty years ago; her 38D breasts aren’t as firm and her belly isn’t as flat. But still, at 5’8″ and 145 pounds with shoulder length light brown hair and blue eyes she is damn attractive. Sue, I would love to see posed spread eagle, and naked on a bed! I had often told Jan that Sue reminded me of Jamie Lee Curtis with blonde hair. She is tall with small breasts and slender, you would never know that she and Jim had had four children.

“Damn, Jimmy! We really need to change this conversation, or else I’m going to have to excuse myself for a few minutes!” There was no hiding the fact my cock was hard, as it was outlined in my shorts and near the top of the zipper was a wet spot from the precum that had leaked through my boxers and the shorts!

“Yeh, me too! I need to take care of something myself. ” He laughed. “It’s a shame Jan and Sue aren’t home, they would definitely get some hard cock!” He took another swallow of his beer and I saw him squeeze the shaft of his hard cock. “I have to admit though, the thought of cumming on Jan’s tits is really erotic. “

The girls had driven to the city, which was a couple hour trip, to do some shopping and weren’t due back until late evening. “Jan sure would! Harder than what she’s seen in twenty years!” We both laughed. With what Jim had told me about using the strap-on I knew I was going to be jacking off as soon as he left, but I thought I’d give him some more mental images. I smiled to myself, as my cock throbbed, picturing him hurrying home and probably not getting in the kitchen door before he was jerking his cock. “Jan likes to picture you and I at her shoulders, close enough so she can see us jacking off with our cocks pointed at her breasts… “

“Oh man!… damn!” Jim had set his beer down and was blatantly staring at my hard cock. His hand was moving up and down the outside of his pants.

It was erotic to see him staring at my cock, and all the beer we had consumed probably wasn’t helping any. I ‘pushed’ him farther. “… she would take our balls in her hands so she could feel the cum build… her dark nipples would be hard awaiting our cum load to cover them… “

“Ahhhfuck-k-k-k… ” I stared wide-eyed! Jim suddenly undid his shorts and pulled his cock and balls from his boxers. His fist closed over the shaft and he began pumping. “Fuck! Dark nipples… naked breasts… hard… I… can’t… ohhh… damn!” He alternated squeezing his balls and stroking his cock.

I couldn’t believe it! His cock hard was at least the same eight inches mine was, but it was thick! So thick his finger and thumb didn’t meet as he stroked! Without thinking I undid my shorts and pushed them around my ankles. Grabbing my throbbing prick I stared as his fist pounded the length of Escort Şanlıurfa his hard rod. “Sue would be between Jan’s legs sucking her pussy and licking her clit… until… until… she… came… ” I couldn’t believe how horny I was and how erotic to watch Jim stroke his thick cock. It only added to the lust to know he was watching me.

“No-o-o… Sue could be using the strap-on and doing Jan’s… pussy… her fingers… would… be… uggghhh… mmmmm… ” Jim had taken the finger and thumb of one hand and beginning at the crown of his cock had pulled the flesh down tight towards his balls and held it securely. Using the index and middle finger with the thumb of his other hand he circled the knob just below the now swollen dark purple head and began with quick short strokes. “… would… be… rubbing her… clit… and… and… Jan’s… ohh-h-h-h… damnnn… ohhh… damn… “

I took my hard prick and copied what he was doing. I had never tried it like that before and the feeling was fantastic. It heightened the senses at the cockhead and the slick sound of my precum that was leaking over the knob joined the sound of his wet fingers pumping his prick. The cum was building and I could feel my balls tighten. “Yes! Yes!… and they would both be watching… us… jack… off”

“Cum… all over… Jan’s… ohhhh-H-H-H-H… belly-y-y-y-y… ” Jim’s cum began erupting, shooting straight up in the air it fell back over his fingers as he continued to jack his cock. “DAMN… DAMN… DAMN!!” Holding his cock forward load after load shot onto the patio deck until it dripped from the tip. His movements slowed until he gently milked the remains from his now softening member.

As his second load had erupted my own orgasm had begun. I’m not sure whether it was what we were talking about, or watching him jack off, or seeing him cum. Maybe a combination of all three, but there was no stopping the hot cum that filled my balls! “Ahh hh-h-h-h-fuck-k-k-K-K-K-K-K!!!!” I felt the heat of the cum travel the shaft. Cum shot out onto the deck, and taking my cock in my entire fist I jerked my shaft until I had emptied my load. “Holy fuckkkk… that feels good… ” Cum dripped onto my thigh as I gently massaged the soft shaft. Slowly my body began to relax and I sank back into my chair.

“Sorry Dave. I just couldn’t wait any longer. ” Jim glanced over at me with an embarrassed half-smile.

“It’s ok, I couldn’t either… must have been the heat of the moment… ” I chuckled.

“Or the booze!” We both laughed and sat there wondering what we were going to do next. Finally I stood up and stepped out of my shorts that were still around my ankles.

“Guess I better get us a couple towels, huh?” And headed towards the kitchen. The phone rang as I walked back towards the patio, so I picked it up on the way out.

“I take it that was Jan. ” Jim asked as I hung up. I had tossed him a towel and he had wiped the cum off his limp cock and was zipping up.

“Actually it was Sue… ” I cleaned the cum off my thigh and cock. “They are back and over at your house. ” I tossed the towel onto the deck covering our cum loads. “They said for us to come over when we’re done bullshitting. ”

Jim wiped the mess up on the deck. “Good thing they went there and not here, huh?” He laughed.

“Ain’t THAT the truth! Here lets have another… ” I grabbed a couple more beers and handed him one. “… then we’ll go over. “

… to be continued…

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