iSummer, chapter 6


iSummer, chapter 6iCarly – iSummer, chapter 630 minutes later, Carly was still in the shower. She stood, looking up, letting the water hit her in the face and run down her body. She thought that she probably could have handled Melanie’s news slightly better. It was just that she was so shocked. It was the last thing she expected to ever hear, even more unexpected than hearing Sam admit to sl*eping with Freddie. She grabbed the shampoo bottle and started putting shampoo in her hair even though she didn’t need to. Her mind was elsewhere.Melanie had feelings for her. Did she have feelings for Melanie? Sooner or later that thought was going to come and it finally did when she was rinsing her hair of shampoo. Back on the couch when Mel said that Carly looked gorgeous playing basketball, there was a second there that Carly could almost…She shook her head. There was no way Carly was gay. Was there? She had never really thought about it before. It just never came up. Melanie was sweet, smart, and beautiful and a lot like Carly herself. Any girl would be lucky to have Melanie… did Carly wish that she would have said something different on the couch? But what was she supposed to say. Even if she had been tempted at the time, what could şişli escort she say?”Really? You want to go out sometime?” Carly mouthed to herself as the water continue to flow down her.She had dated more than a few boys in her time, but never another girl. She didn’t have the slightest idea about having to approach such a relationship.Wait. Why was she thinking about this? ‘Do I want to go out with Melanie?’ She asked herself. ‘Aside from Sam and Freddie, Melanie was one of my better friends. I love her but could I love her in that way?’ Carly rubbed her temples as she began to get a headache. She sat down in the shower and put her head between her knees and let the water hit the back of her head. She let out a low, sad sigh.* * *Melanie left Bushwell Plaza and sat down on one of the benches outside of the building, still fighting back tears. She was just getting ready to get up when Sam came out.”How goes it?” Sam asked.”How goes it? Really, Sam?” Melanie asked.”You’re mad at me?””I’m not thrilled with you.” Melanie said as she stood up and started walking away.”Listen I thought about what Freddie said and he is right, it’s better that Carly knows. Now you guys can either get together or move past it.””We won’t be getting şişli escort bayan together, she has already said as much.””Did she say those words exactly?” Sam asked.”No, not exactly.””Then don’t give up on it if she is what you want.” Sam told her.”She is what I want but it’s not happening.””Carly is my best friend and a little spazzy. You have to give her some time to absorb this information. You know, she’s upstairs right now taking one of her long showers.” Sam told her.Melanie took a step toward Sam. “Oh no, I made her depressed.””No she’s just soaking in what she learned. Trust me.” Sam assured her.”I made her depressed, I know it.” Melanie started. “I didn’t want to make her depressed. I should have just denied it, denied it to the end.”Sam groaned. “Melanie. She’s not depressed. She just has a lot to think about.””She only takes long showers when she’s depressed.””Usually.” Sam agreed. “But when she is worried and has something that is weighing on her mind, she takes those same long showers.””Well what should I do?” Melanie asked. “Should I go back up there and talk to her some more?””Let’s wait. Give her some time.” Sam smirked. “And if you really want to be with her, you will pretend like today never happened.”Melanie mecidiyeköy escort bayan gave Sam a confused look.”I know Carly. The cooler you act about this, the more it will drive her crazy.””I don’t know if I can do that.””Come on. Let’s go see mom and I will tell you what to do to make Carly go crazy over you.” Sam said as she took her s*ster’s arm and started walking.”Why would you help me?””Because I’m your s*ster and Carly’s best friend. I know both of you and believe me when I say, you two need each other.”* * *Over the next couple of weeks, Melanie took Sam’s advice despite being difficult to do so. She acted as if she had never told Carly that she was attracted to her. Melanie talked to her about other things like whether or not Carly was going to go to the WNBA or about how life was for her at NYU. Whenever she felt like Carly was going to bring it up, Melanie quickly said something else or excused herself and Carly had tried several times.Sam was right, it was driving Carly crazy.‘Melanie is avoiding the subject,’ Carly thought. ‘I’ve tried talking to her about it a hundred times.’ Since Carly couldn’t get Melanie talked to her about it, she did the only reasonable thing there was to do. Talk to Sam about it.Sam. Can I talk to you about something? Carly texted.What’s up? Sam replied.Where are you?I’m with Freddork at the Groovy Smoothie.Can you come by the apt.? Just you? Carly asked.There were a few minutes before Sam replied back.Be there in a few.

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